My lackadaisical life

Gets up about 8:30. The cats were furious! No, just kidding. That’s not super late. If they were waiting for the female millennial for breakfast they’d wait until 9:30 usually, sometimes an hour later (11:30am!). It got cold though, and the heat’s turned off overnight. I’d stick a bare arm out from under the covers and think, “Nope.”

Beauty standards of Podunk

Charlie just went to get a hair cut at Bishop’s. I could use one, but honestly, half the time I get a cut there it looks like I did it myself with my old, office scissors anyway. Last time I tipped the girl $10 and then felt like an asshole, when I realized she’d given me an uneven cut. The sides were different lengths! And that was $43. It’s not like he offered. I wouldn’t have accepted anyway. For what do I need to be presentable? I don’t need to add that to my debt tally!

I’m even washing my hair less and less, just to avoid having to buy more shampoo and conditioner! LOL. I fit in though. The last time we went to Living Room Theater, the guy who was working in the bar area had SO MUCH OIL, or product, or whatever in his hair, that it hung limply from his face in a sort of wet curtain. When it swung forward I was surprised a drop didn’t splash on the counter.

My cat family

Lady Theodora. Her nickname is, for whatever reason, “Meatball”.
Sir Henry

Considered trying to get an artsy shot of my messy, gray hair, but nah. Anyway, I’m going to have a puff and continue to sit here, sipping coffee. Then I’ll do my 22min seated meditation, followed by a chant. After that I’ll figure out what time I’m exercising.



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