The force is not with me today – partial yoga & other stuff


Was a little dizzy this morning. We went to Rogue in the Pearl last night & both had the halibut fish & chips. (Also beer, and then some whiskey.) Very nice food only they seem to have ruined their vibe with the recent renovation. We got there a bit past 6pm on a Friday night, and the main room was mostly empty. When we left there were only two other tables occupied. The bar side wasn’t that crowded either.

They put in these super wide tables for the booths. It’s a bit weird… It used to get crowded and loud in there, and the tables seemed too wide, so we sat on the same side, but then it stayed quiet enough where we could’ve chatted comfortably across the divide.

And they took the kobe beef burger off the menu. Mistake!

It’s a good thing I wrote “Paint” in pencil

Still nope

Took me until 2pm yesterday to look at the panel that I painted on Monday. I guess it’s not as bad as the beach sketches I started, from photographs, in early October. But I still couldn’t bring myself to work on it. I set up the space a bit, downstairs, and then didn’t touch it. There’s something about this flat, gray light, “the darkness”… And perhaps there’s the fact that I climbed back into bed – after the morning’s upright caffeination, meditation and chanting – to finish The Road. Nuclear winter! The sky has now lightened though. It started gradually mid afternoon and now there’s even some pale blue sunshine.

I appreciated how spare and quick the book was, compared to the Nabokov I’d just read. I wasn’t so sure about the tidy, little ending.

Partial yoga practice

I did most of it, but I was weak in the upper body. I went to back bending right after setu bandhasana & then quit in the middle of back bending. I managed to stand up from wheel but then after I dropped back the first, and only time for today, my will deserted me. Did finishing mostly, except for the last three, closing poses.

I’d had a thought, before starting, just that I should just do the beginning part – standing, fundamentals & first 3 of primary – and a Bender set. That’s what I should’ve done. But it’s no big deal. At least I got off the bed for a few minutes to do it!



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