BodyRock – Full Body Skipping Fat Burn HIIT Circuit, 3rd time

Wasn’t sure if I wanted to do another Astanga today or a WO.  Did this one twice before, posted on my 3rd before now blog. The 2nd one I deleted entirely for whatever reason. Anyway, this one was a perfect length for a warming up of the body & then a quick stretch.

I also wasn’t sure about how my legs would handle this after 100 box squats with my sandbag yesterday. That thing is half my body weight & water-wobbly after all.

Time – about 1 hour w/ cleanup, and I didn’t stretch! I must wanna be sore.

adapted from: BodyRock – Full Body Skipping Fat Burn HIIT Circuit

  • From list on my own timing, (15/50)=49:40 for 2 sets. Time ended up about 55min b/c I needed extra rest time bet the two sets
  • Last done 2/4/17, 2nd time 12/17/16 & is further adapted here
  • Repeat cardio: Jump rope. Anything I changed or weight I’ve upped is in blue. 
  1. Squat 45lb KB / Jump Squat
  2. Push-up, clean & press, squat & press, 40lbs
  3. Side to side squat, 45lb KB (alt leg stepping out to the side, holding weight in middle)
  4. 180˚ jump squats (touching floor @ bottom)
  5. Heel Click / Donkey Kick
  6. Wood chops, 20 (subbed for side to side swings)
  7. Other side
  8. Alt Pistol Squats
  9. Tricep Push-ups to reverse plank ½ dip, hands on blocks. Couldn’t remember how I’d done this in the past, but w/ the blocks narrow enough for tricep push-up, I did an astanga jump thru to land on my heels, the mini dip, and then I hopped feet to between hands & hopped into plank to return. No jump back in other words. Wasn’t the space! Especially w/ sneakers on.
  10. Bulgarian RL 35lb KB
  11. Other side
  • I’d had my timer set for 2min rest, but I decided around move #8 that I was going to increase my rest time to 5min.
  1. Dips
  2. RL Overhead tricep & stationery lunge, 10s & 2lb wrist weights
  3. LL Bicep curl pulse & stationery lunge
  4. Plie squat & Y press-swing up, 10s & 2lb wrist weights (weights swing down bet legs on the down)
  5. Elevated side plank, lift bottom leg & then bring top knee in to elbowFoot on 12.5″ bench. This move is hands down the best inner thigh exercise IMO. You work the top supporting leg and the bottom lifting leg. A single 50sec interval ea side is challenging for me.
  6. Other side
  7. Candlestick burpee. Half burpee & hop lunge back alt sides. No way I was going to switch lunge right now.
  8. Deadlift, pulse @ the bottom 45lb KB, standing on blocks.
  9. Leg lift, table top on up, then swing hips back toward L-sit on the down(Bender style)
  10. Other side
  11. Swings 35lb kettlebell. Didn’t move up here! My legs were TOAST by the time I got to this point. If I do this a 4th time I’ll make sure to not follow another leg day!

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