The Cardio Strength Circuit Workout

Man, Michele must have the best legging collection. Seems like every other time she films she’s showing off a new pair. I’m wearing a pair I bought in 2006, thirteen years ago. I remember the day! I was shopping in Soho.

Tired, but I still had a great WO

I had an exhausted rest day yesterday. It was one of those days I felt like I’d walked off an overnight redeye, when I know that it’s going to feel like I’m under water for the duration, not that I fly anywhere anymore. Too much celebrating this week and staying up late, which is absolutely ruinous, since I’m unable to nap in this life. [There’s a sharp divide in my existences, NYC to PDX. My childhood and college locations don’t count. They were just prep.]

Once again I’ve gotten too little sleep, because I didn’t go to bed early enough and the meek light of day but robust play of kittens had me awake just before 6. I’ve got people coming to look at Nasi this afternoon though & didn’t want to take a second, consecutive rest day. I got out of bed. Knew I’d need time to wake up slowly and pick up a little. Gotta make sure to have time to do a little grooming too! This is hard though. I’ve raised them as pets and gotten attached to them as pets. Not too many purebreds are raised to selling age in the breeder’s bedroom.

Nasi, Looking Beautiful 1
Nasi, Looking Beautiful

The Cardio Strength Circuit Workout

  • WO @ 1:07. This is another WO in 3 parts, but I only linked to the first one this time. I also skipped the vid warm-up b/c I didn’t want to be too long exercising.
  • Skipped both warm-up & any stretching, but I was warm already from running around & a little cleaning. I’ll have to stretch tomorrow. Maybe a yoga.
  • Total time = 1hr, 47min

Cardio Kettlebell Warm-up: 5/45 3x’s, @ 9:09. Time = 16min. This was a hell of a warm-up! I didn’t take any notes breaks until I was done all three rounds. Repeating I’ll def do at least 10 seconds bet moves, maybe 15 if one, continual set.
1. Alternate Kettlebell Swing. 26lb KB.
2. Single Arm Burpee w/Snatch (Alternate). 20. Didn’t pick up my 26lb bell here b/c I bruised my left forearm again last time. Been too lazy to get out my forearm guards b/c not stored in a convenient place @ the moment. Also this was my warm-up.
3. Squat & pass under w/ leg lift & bicep curl. 26lb KB.
4. Single Arm Clean & press burpees, w/ push-up. 20s.
5. DL, clean up & squat. 45lb KB. This is still new for me, practicing the clean w/ my heaviest bell. It’s doable tho! Learned that in a recent Julia WO. Thought I’d give it a go.
6. Russian Twist w/OH press15lbs, holding w/ both hands. Did 2 press-ups 1st rnd, but that felt like a break so then left them out. Kept heels on floor tho.

Circuits: 3x’s each circuit for reps. Previewed all but the last circuit. Total time = 1hr (8min of that breaks bet rounds)

Circuit 1: 3x’s, @ 0:42. 9min.

  1. Prisoner squat (hold weight weight ball at chest/elbows out) alternate twist 20x. 1=1. 10lbs.
  2. Squat (heels elevated) weights @ chest, elbows out, 10x. 1st rnd – 26. Next 2 – 35lb KB, heels on the middle of 10lb dumbbells.
  3. Staggered push-up, frog hop in, alt sides 10x. 1=1. 1st rnd – rolled a 20lb dumbbell. Too clunky! Next two rolled a 15. Would’ve used the back roller but forgot it downstairs. This was the hard one, probably b/c I did SO MANY PUSH-UPS the last Julia WO, even if I didn’t do the whole thing. Also I went super light on first 2 moves.

Circuit 2: 3x’s. @ 9:23. From breakdown. 14min.

  1. Seated OH press & squeeze. Elbows back to shoulder level, bring the front & center, squeezing in. 10x. 10s + 2lb wrist weights. I did seated, watching form in mirror.
  2. DL Snatch to weight OH & rev lunge one side. Lower weight to shoulder level & squat. Press up OH & rev lunge. Alt sides you start with. 10x. 1st rnd – 15s. This was a LONG move. 2nd rnd dropped to 10s & 2lb wrist weights, then kept them on thru the remainder of the circuit. This is one of those that’d be so much better with a bar.
  3. Switch lunges, 2=1. 10x.

Circuit 3: 3x’s. @ 19:55. From breakdown. 16min.

  1. Squat (stay low) turn to side for lunge- turn front & squat. Stand. 10x. 1st rnd – 10lbs. 2nd & 3rd rnds – 15. holding both hands. I hate pivoting things b/c I have to WO on carpet, but this was surprisingly fun w/ a light weight.
  2. Box jump burpee. Squat jump fwd & then back. Hop to plank & push-up. 8x. Put box @ 16″ before starting 2nd rnd to do box jumps. Was more fun that way.
  3. Arms cross fnt, shoulder level 2x. Open out & touch behind. Circle OH. 10x. 5s w/ 2lb wrist weights. Easy to cheat on this in the open arms out (supposed to be shoulder level) part. Felt myself doing it in 1st rnd so then stood in front of mirror, even if I hate counting reps in front of the mirror b/c I have to open my mouth!

Circuit 4: 3x’s @ 32:55. I hadn’t previewed this one, so did the 1st rnd w/ vid. Had to reload page & refind my spot tho b/c connectivity glitch. 13min.

  1. Pulse squat 10x. 35lb KB, held goblet style
  2. (hold low squat) Alternate Reverse Lunge 10x. 35lb KB, held goblet style
  3. Ski squat swing w/ OH tricep rev lunge, both sides. 10x. 10s. Good I did in front of mirror 2nd time cause I could see my elbows were flaring out. Wanted to put my red Xband around my arms & then realized I wouldn’t be able to swing my arms outside of my hips. Tried opening up legs a bit & swinging arms bet legs, weights pressed together. Helped on the elbows but was less fun…

Bonus: Legs 3 moves 3x’s for reps

  1. Left foot on box – SL glute lift, then foot on slider for hamstring slide out, 20x I’d been planning to use my sliders, since I don’t have a ball, but decided to just stay in place this time & do extra reps. My 20 of the one part move was about the same time as M’s 10x with two parts.
  2. Other side
  3. Frog leg glute squeezes 10x

Bonus: Abs 10/50 1 x then 5/45 1x. @ 7:17.
1. Right Side Plank – 1st rnd leg lift & then crunch in. 2nd rnd – hip dip then crunch in. Top knee Crunch in then to front
2. Right Side Knee Crunch to V-Up – Bottom leg hover. Realized most of the way thru this side, 1st rnd, that I like the v-up better w/ both legs lifting. Just one feels too easy.
3. Right Side (left foot over right Knee) Crunch Left elbow to knee
4. Anna’s Move – Left Side Plank Glute lift Elbow to straight leg & Reach over. This is a little clunky for my right shoulder! That’s the one w/ the old Astanga injuries that don’t really bother me, but often if I do clean & press (like 1x today) it’ll get a little “off track”, like a drawer, when I do the clean. I have to jiggle it back on track before I do the OH press.
5. Left Side Plank – 1st rnd leg lift & then crunch in. 2nd rnd – hip dip then crunch in.
6. Left Side Knee Crunch to V-Up – Bottom Leg hover
7. Left Side (right foot over left knee) Crunch Right elbow to knee
8. Anna’s Move – Right Side plank Glute lift to Elbow Straight leg & Reach over


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