Planks, Pyramids, and Abs Oh My! by Jori

Couldn’t think of anything yesterday that’d leave my quads alone enough & thus had another rest day yesterday. My legs were still burning during 3rd move for Rounds 1 & 2 today.

I’d previewed this up until the middle of the HIIT set & made notes & somehow lost the draft. I’m pretty sure that I wanted to make at least one slight modification but no biggie. Sometimes I’ll think I want to do something different from a breakdown & then exercise w/ the video, following along with the move & liking it.

In this case I was planning to follow along w/ the first three rounds of plank focused moves b/c they are long intervals & the feeling of having an exercise buddy would be helpful, the bit of banter and encouragement.

Total time = 1hr, 37min. And I only left off 1 round of abs @ the end, which is pretty good for me w/ a Julia WO these days, even if it’s a 2016 post. This was great tho & the core part at the front would be good as a standalone. I didn’t stretch at all after tho & have a feeling I might “pay” for this!

Planks, Pyramids, and Abs Oh My! by Jori

Round #1 @ 1:14
1. Plank Hold on Elbows (1 min)
2. Plank Walk Laterally on Elbows the length of your Mat, low inchworm to low squat, power jump up, low inchworm back down to elbow plank, walk over to other side of mat, then walk back to the other side and repeat (jumping at only one side of the mat) (2 min)
3. Side to Side Lateral Mogul low squat jumps (1 min)

Round #2
1. Elbow Plank Jacks (1 min) Stayed sane by counting reps – 57
2. Plank Walk on Elbows forward up to the top of the Mat + x 2 Chest to Mat Burpees then plank walk back down the mat in reverse (backwards), then back up the mat again , x 2 Chest to Mat Burpees at the top of the mat (2 min)
3. Power Switch Jump Lunges (1 min) stay low

Round #3
1. Mat jumps (1 min) Failure all over the place – 30 reps only.
2. Plank Suicides (Commandoes) start on elbows alt R/L with each up/down + alt shoulder taps and alt toe taps in up position. (2 min)
3. Side to Side Lateral Mogul low squat jumps and on one side do a power switch lung R/L (1 min)

Mini Pyramid, reps1-5 : Total time = 48min for these “mini” pyramids.

1. Elevated (feet elevated) Manmakers 15s. Bench set @ 16″. The rounded middles of this set of dumbbells actually hurts my hands for elevated feet, SA rows. By 3rd rnd would put supporting hand on floor before rowing & then switch it to do the other side every rep. Slowed me down but was more comfortable by far. Can’t remember the last time doing elevated. Even w/ 15s rather than 20s I wouldn’t make it thru Jori’s version of this up to 10 reps! 
2. Straight Arm tricep press-backs. Palms facing up.

3. DL hands on dumbbells Rainbow glute raise Right +5lb ankle weights. 35lb KB.
4. OH Press w/ LL Knee Lift + Leg Extension. 20. For me it worked better to extend opp leg. 

5. DL Rainbows Left. Mildly higher hand resting position, but changed to 45lb KB
6. Other side. A little more wobbly on LL supporting, but I’m right dominant. If I repeat this set or WO I should DL w/ the 35 & 26lb KBs together. 

7. Push Up
8. Kneeling Clean + Press. 20s. Loved these two together, and the kneeling C&P was super challenging. I’d been planning on using 20s w/ move 9 and changed my mind, lol.

9. Reverse Lunge Right on Slider + Hammer Curl. 15s
10. Pull-ups. Bent Over RowHere was the move I changed! I’d thought it was one of the planks but nope. I moved my weights into the hall for this so I’d be closer to my bar. No assist but admittedly shallow on last 2 rnds.

11. Reverse Lunge Left on Slider + Bicep Curl. 15s
12. OH Tricep Extension. 15s

13. Right Figure 4 Squat (1/2 Chair Pose) Hold w/ Front Raise. 10s. These were killer on the standing leg! Especially standing up straight at end of reps to set up for next move. Picking moves that’ll be really challenging w/ 5 reps & low weight is an art!
14. Narrow Squat DB Fly. 10s

15. Left Figure 4 Squat Hold w/ Lateral Raise. 10s
15. 1/2 Burpee Upright Row. 10s. Normally I’d probably do 35lb KB but for time’s sake…

HIIT Cardio: 50/10 (2x through) @ 48:30. My legs were so beat to start w/ this I went as slow as I wanted & was thinking I’d probably experience another “leg death” day!
1. Angry Donkey Wall Kicks x3 (land in low squat) + Squat Jump x1. I did my donkeys like always, about a foot and ½ in front of wall to work on catching my balance w/ no pressure.
2. Squat Jump x3 + Push Ups x3
3. Pike up “V” Abs x2 + Lift body in “L” sit off of DB’s
4. Dynamic Squat Touchdowns x 3 + Chest to Floor Burpee Tuck Jump x 1
5. Switch Lunges x 3 + SL Spiderman Push Up x 1
6. 10 Mtn Climbers (I did 2=1) + X-jump x1 Tuck Jump Hop Over DB or Mat x3

Abs: Repeat 1x. I was 91min by the time I did one round
1. Elbow Plank Mat Hops R/L (20 reps)
2. Crunch Up Twist Right + Crunch Up Twist Left (20 reps) Julia lost me here but I somehow caught up in bicep curls in V-sit.
3. Elbow Plank – Jack Legs (20 rep)
4. Bicycle Abs (20 reps) (1=1)
5. Tuck Jumps (standing) 20 reps
6. Crab Toe Touch Right Side Only (20 reps) Would change to a side plank oblique move next time.
7. Crab Toe Touch Left Side Only (20 reps)
8. Bicep Curl in “V” Sit (20 reps). 10s
9. Weighted Windshield Wipers: wt. between feet, wt. in left arm, feet go to right, arm goes to left (20 reps – 1=1) 5lbs bet feet. I’d change this move b/c it had to be too shallow to do up to speed. I did all alt. After rep 10 I didn’t hold a 5 w/ hands & tented fingers on floor


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