My cats are the first people I see every day

Up at 6am Back when I got the temporary gig at The Office, Portlandia, I bought a compact coffeemaker with a timer, and installed it in the corner of the sink in my bathroom, next to the inexplicably only outlet. I’d set it up in the evening, before every weekday morning, to start brewing at 5:55. Today I’m not going to sit in an office … Continue reading My cats are the first people I see every day

Feeling a bit better now

I just needed to 1) self isolate and 2) vent. It’ll be good to see my friend too, tomorrow, even if I’d been hoping to eat turkey. She’s unlike most of the locals in that she both plans and communicates clearly. She is also doing an all vegan holiday. My friend Maria, in Connecticut, already has her table set, and beautifully, a day ahead of … Continue reading Feeling a bit better now

Friday morning musings

On aging and injuries I was planning to do the last WO in Julia’s contest series yesterday, but when I got out of bed (a Casper mattress still on the floor, because Podunk), both knees were sore. And I’d done a nice, easy one the day before! Not only that, but my left elbow was especially pissy, even aching when not exercising, and hitting the problem … Continue reading Friday morning musings