Hermetic Reading & Practices & planning ahead for 2018

I’ve been catching up on reading, sans laptop

Been buying all kinds of esoteric stuff on Amazon too, because I’m not free to get the one thing I’ve really been wanting, an iMac, which might well have helped me with proofreading, thus keeping my single, probably gone now client happy. I’m like C- level at proofing, especially since I can’t print multiple drafts of everything I work on. You see misalignments right away on the printed art boards. If you’ve got 5 desktop layouts & you’re working on a 15″ laptop you spend all of your working time zoomed waaaaay the fuck in.

Focusing on the magic

Just attempting all the work in the book below will take another year or so, if I put 10-20 hours consistent effort in every week.

I was just about to finish the first half of the 2nd exercise of step one. It’s such a hard one I delayed nearly a year before starting. Then Thursday happened. It was a Holiday Buzzkill for sure… But I finished my Qabalah book and started reading Initiation again.

Lots of stuff got delayed because I have been sans laptop

I’ll only have a little time before the weekend to work on the “black” portion of the soul mirror. I’ll need to get back to all the other things that got postponed for lack of computer, the south waterfront painting and learning how to build my first puppet in Adobe Character Animator. Then there’s the cat show, which I’m sure will be exhausting, and NYE. Suddenly what would’ve been accomplished before the end of the year will instead finish closer to mid January.

So fuck it! I’ve gone ahead and ordered the next Bardon at $57 from Amazon. Used to be $48, I think, but that seller is out. On eBay the cheapest is $114.

I should be able to finish step 1 of Initiation in January and work on step 2 in February and so on. I should be able to shatter a glass jar with my mind by step 5, lol.

If I look st the Stoic side of this I can say that obviously I’m not meant to be a designer who earns money via her computer, not any more. But I’ve got a ton of art supplies.

Fuck sending out resumes that get ignored due to my age and location! I’ll do magic and work on art.

Oh I also got myself this new planner. Decided to try a new type.

Nice, cheery hardcover.

My vision board, lol. Why not I guess?

I started writing. Hey I’m camped in bed this holiday. May as well make the best of it.

It’s undated so you can start whenever you want, but I’m going for good, old fashioned New Year’s Day. All of my currently delayed projects can be targeted for January.

Tomorrow should be safe for driving (as long as it’s not me at the wheel) so we can go pick up my laptop and maybe either meet our poet friend for lunch. I’m going to work out earlier than usual and already prepped the coffee maker & brought it upstairs. I guess you could say I can’t wait to get out of the house for a little bit. Not only am I inside; I’m mostly upstairs, with one or two cats.Theodora is the one who stays by my side. What a little treasure she is.


Man & Dog, Clackamas River #artforsale

Man & Dog, Clackamas River.jpg
Man & Dog, Clackamas River
  • $300 + s/h (est. $20 US)
  • 9×12 inches¹, on Arches Cold Press, 140lb.




¹Inner mat size: 8½x11½ inches & will need to be placed very slightly lower on bottom edge to not partially cover signature.

Well… I got paid & immediately bought some artist quality paints

Rembrandt professional quality watercolor pans, a set of 24. I’d watched a James Gurney video earlier in which he shows you what’s in his super condensed sketch bag, and he had watercolor pans.

my pan arrangement.JPG
She’s right! They are expensive. This set of 24 was $200 & the set of 48 is $476. (Not shown – the carry pan & box.)

I hadn’t been happy with any of my carry methods for the tubes. For one thing, some of them ooze the binding ingredients a bit, and whether they’re in a zip bag or a plastic box they get jostled around. The pans will stay in place! That makes it infinitely easier to find the color you want faster, important when working outside in changing conditions.

You can see that the colors are dark in the pans, and some of them look really close. I’d remembered that from the video. James makes a little paint chart to carry around. I went one further & made an Illustrator file so I could change the order of the pans a bit from shipping, separating the close colors. I’ll make a wash chart to go in the box after. #virgorising

But hey, if you don’t have a job & you get some especially good paint, in teeny-tiny sizes, you be damned careful with it.

Rembrandt 24-color watercolor pan-01
So I will remember for sure what’s what
Rembrandt 24-color watercolor pan-02
Downloaded the complete Rembrandt color chart so I could make sure I was getting the #s right (for re-orders.

So ya… I’ll be trying to sell some art. Help an artist! Buy a painting! I should probably make my new, separate art blog here on WordPress again. I tried to go back to Blogger but it’s too hard to get any traffic at all going there. I’m sure there’s a way to start the blog & then export any posts from here that are art related. We’ll see. For now I’ve got too many other things to do.

All my art is also posted on my Instagram.

I want ALL the art supplies (& to start selling my work)


  1. Those brush pens you can fill up with either water or a prepared wash. I need at least three to start off with.
  2. Gouache, with an extra jumbo tube of white.
  3. Better notebooks. Apparently Moleskin is the kind that J Gurney was using in that last video & he was able to get a really good finish. I could sell stuff painted on that if I wanted.
  4. One or two artist lighting stands. Good, easily adjustable lighting is sooooo important.
  5. More of the large Arches hot press paper. That shit is like $50 a package I think. I miss the art stores in NYC. I wonder how many of them are left. NY Central on 2nd Avenue was amazing for sketchbooks and was a fun place to shop. There was Utrecht on 4th Ave, which I didn’t shop at much, and the big place on Bond Street that changed names… I know it as The Art Store.

I am a famous artist

It could happen. I’m certainly good enough. Worked on “Delicate Pinks” today. Will change this name later. It’s a type of rhodie. The old cold press paper doesn’t lift well!!! Doesn’t come off the block well either. In spite of both of those things it stays flat & could be sold as a sketch, for $150 plus the cost of packaging and shipping, probably $20.

I also stretched a piece of my really old hot press for Hawthorne Bridge. I am going to prep it with that easy lifting solution too. I haven’t tried that yet & it might be useful for painting the water especially.

I need to start selling some stuff

So that I can afford to invest that back in supplies and, gods willing, some new clothes occasionally. I’d dearly love to get back into oils. I have to womanifest.


Oil Pastels are so weird

Leaves, cropped

This is a sketch on the back of a spell I’ve been preparing for a couple weeks. It’s not that much work, but the timing is very specific. I chose the back of a pastel drawing to write on, so this is just dispensable play. It’s going to get buried in the dirt so it dissolves slowly.

I’ve wondered what people actually use oil pastels for, lol, other than playing around occasionally.