Other things that can’t happen without a computer

Was ready to start categorizing character flaws according to elements & then prevalence, (aka the black half of my “soul mirror).

Funny but I began by looking up the negative traits of the water signs. Since I’m a triple Pisces it makes sense a lot of my flaws seem watery:

  1. melancholy
  2. inability to handle corporate structures (I need to be the one forming the systems & processes so I only do well in small companies or small, “start-up” departments)
  3. escapism & addictive behaviors

I sure saw the emotional hysteria of Cancer last night…

I was going to move on to earth today, since that’s the next most prominent element of my astrological chart. I’d have probably finished the project next week & could then move on to the white mirror, my positive traits.

Oh well.

So… my South Waterfront piece will have to wait. I could start something new but I don’t have the space to set up a still life & leave it in place for the duration and it’s too cold to work outside.

Stand in my messy bathroom & draw what’s on the counter? I guess… maybe. I could bring leaves inside & do studies maybe. But not today.


Man & Dog, Clackamas River #artforsale

Man & Dog, Clackamas River.jpg
Man & Dog, Clackamas River
  • $300 + s/h (est. $20 US)
  • 9×12 inches¹, on Arches Cold Press, 140lb.




¹Inner mat size: 8½x11½ inches & will need to be placed very slightly lower on bottom edge to not partially cover signature.