Meditation and Creative Inspiration

I slept in today, which I really needed. Got out of bed at 8:30. Of course this comes with earlier wake-ups from dreams and the kitties, but I dropped back off again every time. Meditation is the bomb I get the best ideas while I’m sitting, when of course I am attempting to focus on an inward, non-verbal attention. A particular meditation practice in Bardon’s Initiation … Continue reading Meditation and Creative Inspiration

I’ve become a master of getting back to sleep in the morning

Multiple times! This morning it was four. When I wake from a dream in the early morning, before daybreak, Theodora will usually sense it & come over meowing for pets and attention. If it’s later in the morning, she’ll just come wailing in the room in outrage and wake me up. Henry’s more subtle. He’ll circle the bed clockwise, usually stepping on and pulling my … Continue reading I’ve become a master of getting back to sleep in the morning

Friday morning musings

On aging and injuries I was planning to do the last WO in Julia’s contest series yesterday, but when I got out of bed (a Casper mattress still on the floor, because Podunk), both knees were sore. And I’d done a nice, easy one the day before! Not only that, but my left elbow was especially pissy, even aching when not exercising, and hitting the problem … Continue reading Friday morning musings