Books, writing, memoirs and musing

Here’s a rare, conversational post on my exercise blog, one that’s not just a workout breakdown with stats & comments. I’ve moved most of the personal stuff to my private blog, because it’s detailed, voluminous, completely frank and darkly comic. I’ve realised I’m writing a book, my memoirs of the vast cultural differences between NYC and PDX, and about my experiences since swapping one existence for another. I’ve been inspired along the way by two other memoirs steeped in biting commentary: Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble and Live Work Work Work Die.

Now that I have the ability to leave, I’m quite content to hang around on The Hill all weekend

I got out of the house early today. I needed to get a package to UPS, off to my mom for her birthday. I was ready early and allow myself one visit to my favorite bakery a week, so this morning I decided to bring my laptop and hang out there for awhile. Just that simple pleasure was profound, actually. Just like when I stopped at Zupan’s and then Starbucks, after my last plein air attempt. I still haven’t looked at the initial sketch! I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed, like the last time. Granted I was in a much more public place & I’d gotten there a bit too late, for the light situation. I was also distracted by people determined to engage me in conversation, the first a homeless woman who wanted to talk to me about some physical, sexual harassment she’d suffered under one of the bridges, and an indifferent cop. She was then distracted by the fact that I dared to be grey. (!!!)

If more people had the balls to defy oppressive societal norms, perhaps they’d fade, ya think?

Even for a homeless woman in dire circumstances, another woman openly grey is a traffic stopping marvel. There’s always some area where people still feel free to be openly asshole-y. In today’s world, the places I’ve chosen to live anyway, no one in educated circles would ever dream of mocking someone’s sexuality, but grey hair on a woman? Fair game.

Granted the current president has regressed societal norms to an alarming degree, especially if we’re talking about internet vs real life exchanges.

I saw a comeback red hat that made me smile. It said, “MAKE RACISTS AFRAID AGAIN”.

I’d intended to (try to) face up to the bridge thing this weekend

That’s the point I was trying to get to. The plan was to ride with Charlie across the Broadway Bridge to the I-5, at least, so I could see the intersections & whatnot, and then to try to get myself to do it solo on early Sunday morning, when the traffic is super light. I wasn’t going to tell my friend Tom I was doing it either, in case I decided I’d rather turn right around & go home & not try to amuse myself until lunch time. I still get so nervous driving each new place. It’s incredibly irritating! But at least I’m giving myself and accomplishing the regular baby task of driving one new place a week. Last week I took myself out for lunch one day #imtheonlygayeskimoinmytribe. The week before that I stopped at Mud Bay on the way home to pick up some more Rad Cat for the princess, Lady Theodora. This is small stuff I know, but my New Yorker friends all get it. They’re the only ones who do! Almost everyone else pretty much drives from their teens to incapacitation.

Anyway I don’t feel like doing the bridge thing this weekend, and given the events yesterday I’m not all that convinced I’ll need to drive to Overlook any time soon. The last time I’d done any prepress was print stuff – “deliverables” they call it now – for the carpet company. We never went on press though. We were in New York and the printer was in Tennessee. The products were all promotional paper materials, and colors didn’t shift much at all in production. (Or if they did then quality control took care of it!) They’d send us proofs. We almost always got satisfactory color adjustments in three rounds at most, for just some of the images. (Granted, carpets are probably a lot easier to light and photograph than other subjects, like glass.)

There’s been drama at home too and I need to take care of myself and relax. Saturdays I like to read, work out late afternoon rather than early evening and generally chill. It’s a nice, cool day out today too, and the forest fire smoke & hotter temperatures are predicted back on Monday. That’s even more incentive to just enjoy the day and not introduce any personal stress into it!

Meditation and witchy stuff

I’m hanging out in the magic circle with Henry right now. One of the things I did was plan a prayer / ritual / spell for tomorrow. I already knew Jupiter is trining Neptune, which is supposed to be good for Pisceans in particular. Wanted to look up the most convenient hour ruled by Jupiter and plan a thing. My mother sent me the King James version of Psalm 91! I’d never heard of it & was going to just delete the email, but then I noticed she mentioned it is “for protection” and I remembered the pagan qualities of older Christianity. Why not get all Golden Dawn about it?

First of all I need to do a seated meditation. Even once in awhile would be better than never! The the LBRP. Those are always the prelims, which take about a half hour. Whatever follows is the specifics, which are always geared to the purpose. A protection spell is just the ticket! I think I’ll use the “dead things” ingredients: wasps for the sting of course, with their queen, the vanquished matriarch. The bird skeleton for the freedom of flight. I even have some human teeth! Courtesy of dating an oral surgeon. They do not apply for this spell though. The animal, non-ego / thinking spirit is what I want involved here.

Perhaps I’ll just read the psalm, burn some incense and make an offering. Perhaps I’ll draw the symbol of Abbetira, but no serious attempt at invocation. Whatever I do it’ll be an hour max, so a proper “thing” but not a huge deal that lasts half the day.

Maybe I’ll get my haircut in the morning instead of the bridge thing.

It’d still be driving practice and a new place and thus nudging my comfort zone boundaries a bit. Also it might make me feel better! I’ve been desperately needing one for awhile but I was afraid to lose my baby ponytail in August.


My Saturday & today’s workout

Well! I’ve had a very productive Saturday so far.

  1. A Saturn / Mars spell outside in the magic circle (after my daily chant to Ganesh & LBRP), because is the deck is stacked against you, sometimes you just need to give it a little, metaphysical nudge.
  2. Laundry.
  3. Typography, for the album cover I also illustrated. Did 6 different text treatments & DropBoxed them to client.
  4. Watering: greenhouse, herb garden, southern side strip of roses & grass. Got the cats outside for it & did some Insta.
  5. Harvested some wild garlic from the magic circle.
  6. Did some reading. Am really enjoying my current read. So well written. And by a PDX based author!

I can’t tell if I’m getting lazier or smarter, but knowing that I’m going to Astanga tomorrow (which takes close to 2 hours) & the beautiful weather… I was gonna do another, milder looking Zgym set, but the two kicked my ass & I thought “Suryas & fundamentals (yoga)!” and then, meh, let’s stretch for like 5 min & take a shower.



2 3 Zgyms

15 Minute Fat Burn #1

15/45 +8lb vest 

  1. 180 Jump to Competition Burpee
  2. Mat Jumps Plank Jack Transformers I just hate this move for whatever reason & she includes them a lot! LOL. Switch.
  3. Split Jump To Sumo Squat
  4. Mountain Climber (x4) to Clapping Push Up
  5. Backward Lunge Front Kick to Curtsy Lunge Side Kick alt.
  6. One Arm Plank Jump Burpee to Round Kick alt.
  7. Knee Slider to Cross Plank jump alt.
  8. Kick – Knee _ Plank Jack Push Ups alt.
  9. Dive Bomber to Jump Tuck I have to stop making the connection bet elbow & thigh b/c I hit too hard! LOL. Could feel it all the way thru rest of set after only one connect.
  10. Forward / Back lunge – jump lunge
  11. Side Lunge Knee tuck (x3) / side lunge jump
  12. Kneeling Back bends to Jump Squats
  13. Donkey kick / kick through
  14. Side Step Push Up to Jump Tuck
  15. Side Jump Lunge (x3) to Pistol First time doing pistols w/ a weighted vest. Was ok! But probably would be too much w/out the side jump lunge “filler”.

(inspired by) Summer Shred #3 X

Workout Breakdown My time in my pumped up version was 36min, start to finish.

buy in: 8 4 min Tabata – Pull-ups / chin-ups & pike abs on sliders Split Jumps / Mountain Climbers I doubled the time to be a full length tabata & changed the moves, to suit what I felt like working on. 


x6 I changed this entire WO! This routine I gave 3 different moves for the first two moves, to repeat each a single time, rather than six times. Was regretting my decision to double this, sidling up the half-way mark, but I made it, with no assistance band.

√, √, √, √, √, √

• Step up, knee up x 20 15s
• Box squat BL sandbag
• SL DL, 10 ea 20s

• Elevated feet – knee to same side elbow then opp elbow alt Plank Hold – 1 min
• Straight abs – feet under weights
• Rev curls – 3lbs bet feet
Do each of these ab moves 2x for the minute. I used my gymboss set in the single 10/60 interval I typically use for my non-vinyasa yoga poses

DBUs – 10/30 seconds After 6 bounces. Great progress here! I go along & then choke in the last 10 seconds, but that just means that 25 counts or so is current max.


Buy out: Handstand – 1 minute I decided to do mine full balance. This means I was near enough to a wall not to flip but I didn’t touch it w/ my feet once. Caught my balance & held, often feet apart, as long as possible. Came down 3x & got right back up