Doing absolutely nothing

Have not done pranayama or media. Have not exercised. Forget art or working on trying to monetize BoobieBa. Nothing matters & nothing works. I was I was getting paid $15 an hour to assemble Covid19 testing kits now. I wouldn’t have to cancel my Creative Cloud subscription on Monday. I’m just lying around in various places, doing a little reading. Of all the books to … Continue reading Doing absolutely nothing

Magick, Mediation, Motivation – or lack thereof

Magick & Meditation Month was pretty much a bust I don’t feel like I accomplished anything and, in fact, I have regressed terribly in terms of other kinds of personal discipline, like exercise. What I was most hoping was that daily ritual would – yes “magically” – help my real life efforts in the interminable struggle to make ANY sort of money in Godforsaken Podunk. That … Continue reading Magick, Mediation, Motivation – or lack thereof

More on Mudras – Magick & Meditation Month

I mentioned a few days ago I’d started reading this book on mudras. I’ve pretty much finished it, the relevant parts anyway. I’ll return it on my next visit to the library As I mentioned on Insta 3 days ago, I started practicing a new hand mudra during my seated meditation, Pran Mudra. View this post on Instagram Card of the Day: 4 of disks, … Continue reading More on Mudras – Magick & Meditation Month

“Lazy” is a symptom of a larger apathy

Exercise just isn’t a priority right now Well, it’s true, that even after a couple decades of self-motivated effort that any break in the discipline can take root in a short period of time. This is why it wasn’t at all a waste of money to keep purchasing HR monitors when the old ones failed, especially if you consider the difference in costs between that and a … Continue reading “Lazy” is a symptom of a larger apathy

Mornings are good though

Such an aimless existence. Every morning I wake up slowly, but my first interactions are always positive. Cats! I usually get pillow cuddles from at least one of them, then I get up and get my coffee fixings. I feed them upstairs. I’d have to sit on the toilet in the downstairs bathroom with them if I didn’t, to keep track of who eats what … Continue reading Mornings are good though

Sloth of New Year’s

It’s a rest day? Welp, I think I need a day off exercise. New Year’s Eve was low key. We cooked and there was no bickering and that was fantastic. Actually we got steaks to grill, which is definitely not  a weekly event so that was a treat. Watched some Grimm on Prime. Watched some Lucifer on Netflix. Went to sleep before midnight. And apparently … Continue reading Sloth of New Year’s

The force is not with me today – partial yoga & other stuff

Rogue Was a little dizzy this morning. We went to Rogue in the Pearl last night & both had the halibut fish & chips. (Also beer, and then some whiskey.) Very nice food only they seem to have ruined their vibe with the recent renovation. We got there a bit past 6pm on a Friday night, and the main room was mostly empty. When we … Continue reading The force is not with me today – partial yoga & other stuff

Coaxing oneself along with planned rewards & Meditation

Here’s a night time post. That’s three today! I need a break from The Road though. First day in and I’m already at 53%. This book was published in 2006. I was surprised! Thought it was older than that. The movie was only three years later, which is pretty rapid turnaround. I looked it up on Amazon but it’s not available for streaming, not that … Continue reading Coaxing oneself along with planned rewards & Meditation

Reading at Starbucks

The kitschy building across the street is Casa Colima, a sort of serviceable, whitewashed Mexican restaurant. They do make really good margaritas, served in those big goblets, too heavy to pick up single handedly. I can’t afford to be a cocktail person anymore though, and I rarely suggest it, as I’m enough of a freeloader already. Not by choice! But then that doesn’t matter. Finished … Continue reading Reading at Starbucks

Christmas, dreams, what to do today

Merry Christmas! I replaced the Amazon can you feel it commercial music with the theme from Winter Soldier — Omar Najam (@OmarNajam) November 24, 2018 I had some wacky dreams last night The most memorable involved being in the same room with a gargantuan Drumpf and a swarthy, bearded, sort of West Village type sycophant, assisting the orange one in some way that was not … Continue reading Christmas, dreams, what to do today