Mornings are good though

Such an aimless existence. Every morning I wake up slowly, but my first interactions are always positive. Cats! I usually get pillow cuddles from at least one of them, then I get up and get my coffee fixings. I feed them upstairs. I’d have to sit on the toilet in the downstairs bathroom with them if I didn’t, to keep track of who eats what … Continue reading Mornings are good though

Writing exercise, super blood moon, Gigantic Brewing

Man, I feel creeky and sore this morning, about 100 years old. I had to start taking some dioxycycline again though, for the old dental problem. I felt like writing… I’ve been doing the Abraham Hicks, “Create the Climate” exercise, in the form of tweets, which I screenshot. Was it the 4%? I’ll admit today’s was harder. As of last week, I was supposed to … Continue reading Writing exercise, super blood moon, Gigantic Brewing

Sloth of New Year’s

It’s a rest day? Welp, I think I need a day off exercise. New Year’s Eve was low key. We cooked and there was no bickering and that was fantastic. Actually we got steaks to grill, which is definitely not  a weekly event so that was a treat. Watched some Grimm on Prime. Watched some Lucifer on Netflix. Went to sleep before midnight. And apparently … Continue reading Sloth of New Year’s

express Astanga & another movie review, “Devil”

I actually got in a chop-chop, really uncomfortable & slightly nauseous (during the LBH – with all those cookies in my stomach) yoga practice yesterday. Just before going out, for a little bit. Gigantic Brewing. So Portland! The SE around there is just past railroad storage wastelands. Then there’s this little brewery, with delivery from the food cart next door, 808 Grinds. Used to be … Continue reading express Astanga & another movie review, “Devil”