Tabata Challenge by Christine Comeau

I swear this one looks familiar – I might’ve posted it in that blog I deleted entirely… That incarnation wasn’t very long-lived. I’d gotten mad at WordPress for effectively closing me out of an old blog with the double authentication and my phone number change, but then I couldn’t deal with blogging on Blogspot again. Total time = 1hr, 39min. I might pay for this but … Continue reading Tabata Challenge by Christine Comeau

Part of Superset Legs & freestyle Yoga

One interesting thing about not wearing a HR monitor, which I’ve been doing a little while now already, is that well I have to focus on something in logging the WO – putting its place in my personal history – and as a side effect I’m focusing more on how I feel during and then total time. One hour 26min today. And I notice I’m really ready … Continue reading Part of Superset Legs & freestyle Yoga

(Part of )2019 Weight Lifting Workout #1: Full Body & Glutes

Ended up having a rest day yesterday. Started previewing this last night. Wow! Julia is so crazy fit, lol. Love that woman. But for me? Circuit 2 alone & some yoga would be good, probably. She did circuits 2 & 3 in about 34min, but seriously especially the way I like to work lately I thought 45min – 1hr probably. Adapted from 2019 Weight Lifting … Continue reading (Part of )2019 Weight Lifting Workout #1: Full Body & Glutes

Got my yoga practice in!

I had the space heater on & the room actually warmer than I wanted (I’ve gotten used to cooler interiors) since I was in there with a wet, outraged, post bath Theodora. So I did my normal practice of late, with the added eka pada sirsasana. My interlude between series poses & back bending was single 10/60 intervals of hanumanasana, the rack and urdhva D … Continue reading Got my yoga practice in!

Total Body Quick Shred #3 & some yoga

This popped up in my recommended and seemed great for yesterday when I wanted a shorter WO after 2 fun hours the prior day. But in the end, I didn’t get to it & had a rest day. Obsessed with design lately. Reasons I loved this routine? 1) It’s all timed and 2)  it’s shorter so I didn’t neglect my stretching. It’s also one of … Continue reading Total Body Quick Shred #3 & some yoga

(full) The Valentine’s Day Workout Video

Lately I’m loving the WOs I do! That’s a good and refreshing sign. I can’t think of a time I’ve ever repeated a YouTube routine on consecutive days though. Maybe I just need some more continuity again. With Astanga you practiced the same routines the say ways multiple days for years. Sure that’s how the chronic overuse problems, but working on the same things repeatedly … Continue reading (full) The Valentine’s Day Workout Video

Easy yoga & a quick upper body

Ended up taking a rest day yesterday, though I did get some sock designing and other stuff done. I couldn’t believe how sore my lower back was though, on the right. I kept stretching and rollering it periodically, during the day. Decided to do the very easiest part of Astanga, for the full body tuning, and something without any jumping whatsoever for today. If wearing … Continue reading Easy yoga & a quick upper body

Velvet Buzzsaw & today’s workout

Well… I’ve been a few days without using the Wahoo. I’ve gotta say I am still way less motivated. Like, every time I do exercise it’s an epic struggle just to do anything whatsoever. But you know, I had a healthy slice of lasagna for lunch, along with some buttered spinach I steamed. I kind of want to make cookies… We didn’t get that much snow, … Continue reading Velvet Buzzsaw & today’s workout