Bottoms Up Workout Video

I looked at this & thought, Wow! This’ll take me 2 hours!, lol. That’s fine though. There are so many parts to a Michele WO. Love her burnouts. I’ve added them onto my short, weekday evening routines already.


Bottoms Up Workout Video

Skipped the warm-up, warm-up @ 2:30 because I knew this one would take me awhile & I was going to do at least the first set w/ breakdown rather than video.

Warm-Up 10/50 2x’s @ 7:00. Switched order of moves 5 & 6 so I could leave my band on for move 5 & take it off for the swings.
1. Overhead Swing to Alternating Front Bench Lunge 10s 
2. Bicep Curl to Overhead Press to Overhead Tricep Extension 10s. Emphasised the tricep part of this, pausing @ bottom of OH tri – since 10 ea arm is light for me for bi/s but not tri/s.
3. Sqaut w/Alternating Side Leg Lift 10s, resting weight on the lifting leg
4. Low Squat Position – Step Touch (Banded) ppl band, touching floor w/ alt fingertips
5. Goblet Squat ppl band, 1st rnd – 35lbs bell. 2nd rnd – dropped weight to 26lb bell. First weight was too intense w/ the band & w/ swings right after. Dropped elbows all the way down to touch knees & paused @ bottom.
6. Kettlebell Swing 35lbs bell
7. Straight Abs, up to 75%, toes under weights Weighted Crunch I just really like straight abs 🙂

3 Minute AMRAP @21:25
Single Arm Overhead Snatch/Lower to Shoulder & Side Lunge to Rev Lunge (Weight to floor inside of foot) Squat and repeat with Opposite Leg 15lbs – plenty enough weight. Note to self: ur forearms were incredibly sore the next day, even after yoga, and shoulders also tired enough u didn’t do a regular astanga – went lighter on upper body instead. Consider using 10s here. Maybe add 8lb vest tho.

10/30 9 Rounds
1. Right Leg SL Bulgarian w/OH Press 1st rnd – 15 lbs ea hand, 2nd rnd – 13, 3rd rnd – 10
2. Other side
3. Alternate Rev Lunge – Twist weight to outside front knee 15lb, held in both hands @ chest, arms bent, staying low.

3 Minute Countdown @ 31:51. I’m so glad I didn’t go for the 20s for these! Even 15 really maxed me out.
(Right Hand Weight) Left Deadlift – Squat – Left Front Lunge (hold & twist weight over front knee) – Left Side Lunge to Knee Lift (Repeat same side) 15lbs

10/30 9 Rounds
1.Right Leg SL Bulgarian – Squat low & reach down to tap floor in front of foot then pressing OH 10lbs
2. Other side
3. Stay low, deep lunge 10lbs

3 Minute Countdown
(Left Hand Weight) Right Deadlift – Squat – Right Front Lunge (hold & twist weight
Over front knee) – Right Side Lunge to Knee Lift (Repeat Same side) 15lbs

10/30 9 Rounds
1. Glute Bridge Lift w/overhead pull 1st rnd – 15lbs for this & 2nd move. Paused vid to get sandbag (about 48lbs) to rest on legs b/c I could feel the OH pull in the wonky spot behind left elbow. So 2nd two rounds I used my upper body only to keep the bag in the right place for moves 1 & 2 – keeping emphasis on glutes.
2. Weight Pulse up
3. Heel tap high to toe tap low On belly

Lean Leg Finisher: 5/35 12 rounds +2lb ankle weights
1. Left Side – Right toe behind leg – Left leg straight & lift up (Heel up/toe down)
2. Left Side – Right toe behind leg – Left Leg straight & pulse up
3. Left Side – Right leg single lift up & pull knee in
4. Left Side – Right Leg lift Clam Shell Holding 10lb weight on lifting leg. I prefer bottom leg on floor, probably b/c I like using ankle weights lol.
5. Left side – Right Leg Straight (point toe down) Single leg lift. Shoulders were so tired I laid down flat on my side for the outer thigh stuff.
6. Left side – Right Leg Lift to knee pull in to chest
7. Right side – Left toe behind leg – Right leg straight & lift up (heel up/toe down)
8. Right side – Left toe behind leg – Right leg straight & pulse up
9. Right side – Left leg single leg lift to knee pull in
10. Right side – Left Leg Lift Clam shell
11. Right side – Left Leg Straight (point toe down) Single Leg lift
12. Right side – Left leg lift to knee pull in to chest

Bonus: Abs 10/45 2x’s @ 1:01 Excellent!
1. Regular Crunch
2. Boat Pose – Pull right knee in & twist arms to outside of knee
3. Roll to Left – V-up Crunch to Knee pull in
4. Roll to Right Side Plank – Elbow twist
5. Boat Pose – Pull left knee in & twist arms to outside of knee
6. Roll to Right – V-up to Knee pull in
7. Roll to Left side Plank – Elbow twist
8. Reverse Crunch
9. Boat Pose Bicycle Crunch – twist opposite elbow to opposite knee
10. Hyperextension


Started stretching w/ vid & then veered off to do my own thing as per usual.


2 sets HIIT & a stretching session

Woke up with a stiff neck!
Got a shitload of stuff done though.

  1. Daily cat care & got ’em both outside for a long stretch (since there’s no one here to get them out during the weekdays for the next 3½ weeks.
  2. Did a load of laundry. I’ll put that away tomorrow probably.
  3. Fed fish.
  4. Cleared recycling in bathroom & kitchen & took bag to bin & bin to end of drive.
  5. Watered – greenhouse, herb garden, roses & strip of grass on that side of house.
  6. Scanned & posted (3 places) latest window film compositional sketch. I had to scan it anyway to use it for drawing at work! We haven’t gotten a flatbed scanner yet & printer scanners just don’t capture nuance. They’re ok if you’ve inked something before scanning, but are terrible for sketches in pencil or charcoal.
  7. Started a new album on Flickr, Surface Design, PDX. I realised it’s really good for me to do this, so I can add periodically, because if few designs make it to production and that takes a long time, it’s easy to feel as if you’re not doing anything! But if I continuously make process images, then I can see my design & thought processes together. I can get a sort of overview idea of my current body of work.
  8. Had a magical find, in the form of something physical. Put it in a safe place for further evolution.


BodyRock – Full Body HIIT

  • Previewed, made a few changes & did from breakdown.
  • WO starts after 11:20. I did it (15/50), broken up into 2 sets of 16 w/ a 2min rest in the middle = 36:40 min (plus however long I took w/ one pause to get wrist weights on)

Full Body HIIT-1.jpg

Flexible Strength #5

  • This was intermediate & she goes much slower than usual. But it was good. I’ll do next time w/ breakdown (probably skipping the warm-up)

Warm Up Flow x 2

  1.  Pass under squat (x5) / Clean & Press X 6 sets 26lb kettlebell – did this faster than vid & had time to make notes. Could use forearm guards!
  2. Clean / Archer’s Squat Slide x 4 alt. sides 26lb kettlebell – very challenging to get back up w/ only strength of the legs but I could do it! Maybe do 3x ea side next time.
  3. Hanging Leg Raise to Push Up x10 5
  4. Uttanasana  2min This’d be better as uttana 1min & ustrasana for 1min
  5. Kneeling Chest to Floor Stretch – 2 min
  6. Hanuman, front heel elevated on block  – 90 sec / 90 sec
  7. Vertical Shin Quad and hip Flexor Stretch 90 sec / 90 sec
  8. Handstand Front Split x 3 5 breaths ea leg
  9. Laying Spine Twist



Mish-mash workout: yoga, AMRAP, HIIT and reps

Had a rest day yesterday. Was thinking to maybe do an Astanga today, but PMS, so I only did about a half hour of it & then other stuff.


Warmup: 29-min Yoga 
Suryas, fundamentals & the first 3 poses of primary (dandasana, paschimo, purvottana). Was going to do my 4min jump rope warm-up but then I realised during my meditation I wanted a light stretch more.

Paused to type this & put on sneakers.

HIIT and Run! Express HIIT Workout

Crazy 8’s AMRAP (single 10sec/8min interval) I swapped out 2 of the moves for stuff I happened to feel like doing today. Score = 2 full rounds, 8 squat jumps & 7 squats. I’d have finished two full rounds if I hadn’t made it when the timer went off.

  1. 8 Squat Jumps
  2. 8 Squats
  3. 8 Switch Lunges
  4. 8 Right Runner’s Crouch to Warrior III  Lunges also an idea that came to me during practice, but I successfully left it & remembered it later. Seemed like something I’d rather do than FWD lunges
  5. Other side
  6. 8 Stars Jumps
  7. SL Box Squat 8 Rev Lunges L Same inspiration! Hey it doesn’t really matter. Movin’ yer body is what really counts.
  8. Other side

HIIT at 45/15 2x’s = 8min

  1. Spiderman Kick Thrus spider push-up & kick-thru 1 side & alt
  2. 3-Way Lunge to Switch fwd-side-back
  3. Full Release Push+ Knee Tuck Burpee I did only 2 push-ups & knee tucks b4 jumping fwd
  4. Sit-Thru Cardio Burpees no push-up, like kick thru but tap hip to floor. Tuck jump @ the top.

Butt Shaper Workout

  • 20 reps +2lb ankle weights
  • This is a 2014 WO that popped up in my recommended.
  • Time = about 24min
  1. Lunge Kick Switch
  2. Warrior Deadlift (right) 20s going to flat back I did 2&3 in sets of 10/10 w/ grip breaks after each set of 10.
  3. Warrior Deadlift (left)
  4. Pretzel (right)
  5. Pretzel (left)
  6. Side Squat Lift (right) feet a bit wider than hip width, touch fingertips to floor near RL. Come to standing & raise left leg to the side.
  7. Side Squat Lift (left)
  8. Kneeling Side Kick (right) Kneel & then lean to left side, palm on floor. RL come out to side & stays lifted – Kick fwd Did these before the side squat lift by accident & had added a straight leg pulse while straight out to the side, then was sorry!
  9. Other side
  10. Down Dog Hop (right) Plank knee tuck to SL down dog, then hop. These were hard w/ ankle weights so did them the same way as the SL DLs, 2 sets, 10/10
  11. Other side
  12. Plie Jump
  13. Prone Leg Lift (right) Lie on belly on bench. Lift & hold a beat, each rep.
  14. Prone Leg Lift (left)
  15. Goddess Heel Lift Bl sandbag

2017 Holiday HIIT #11: 12 AMRAP of Christmas By Jen A

This was be my 2nd “unmeasured” WO. I guess it’s useful as an experiment in detachment, but shit… Most people depend on gyms or yoga studios, workout buddies and often coaches. I have none of that shit to keep me motivated, not even a regularly updated supply of current exercise clothes. If you work out with other people, this is inspiring.

And so I have a new monitor on the way, even though I shouldn’t because I’m not earning any money, at this point. I was shocked to see the cheapest I can get a Polar strap replacement is $72, and I just got the last one May 26, 2017. I went ahead and ordered the new battery, and then today ordered the other monitor, which is cheaper and newer. It seems like that entire market has really died off though.

Without stats I knew I was going to be unmotivated, but an AMRAP appeals. I can go slow & not extend my WO time too much, other than when I take my breaks! (After every set usually, lol.)

11:08am – 12:55pm, so 1 hour 47min for WO part, plus equipment stowing & stretching….

1hr 54min

2017 Holiday HIIT #11: 12 AMRAP of Christmas By Jen A

  • Rounds 1 (12 min / reps) – 5 (8min / reps) with breakdown, as that was as far as I’d previewed yesterday.

12 minute (12 reps) 1 full round, then move 1 & 2 dragon lunges
1. Standard burpee w/ push-up
2. Dragon lunge burpee 6/6, sandbag
3. Plank jack Burpee step up 6/leg 15s, no push-up Next time, up weights to 20s and do the push-up.
4. T stand (SA press up) 3 bunny hop burpee @ the top, 6/side 1st rnd – 15s

11 minute (11 reps) +8lb vest 1 full round, 2nd round to 2nd move & 4 on each side for curtsies
1. Deadlift to squat 20s +2lb wrist weights
2. 1&3/4 box squat BL sandbag All the way down, 3/4 up, back down, fully up.
3. Right curtesy to lat leg lift 15s +5lb ankle weights Left these on 4 2nd round to save time. Next time put on @ beginning
4. Left curtesy to lat leg lift

10 minutes (10 reps) 2 full rounds, box jumps, ½ round face melters
1. Plank hop box jump
2. Face melters 10/leg Feet elevated, jogging on & off bench.
3. Lateral box jump oblique plank hop 5/side Hop up. Hop down. Lateral plank hop.
4. Weighted Chair lunges 2=1 20

9 minute (9 reps) 1 full round, 2nd round full on move 1
1. Plank row to t stand 9/side, 10s +2lb wrist weights
2. Reverse lunge and curl 9/side, 10s +2lb wrist weights +8lb vest
3. Hang clean 20s +2lb wrist weights +8lb vest
4. Reverse grip push-ups bi curl 15s

8 minute (8 reps) 2 full rounds. For 3rd round cut all but the swings to 4 b/c wasn’t sure I’d finish. Did the double moves both sides, then 4 more SA swings ea side, then 20 kettlebell swings to the beep.
1. SA swing right 15
2. SA clean and press right 20
3. Swings Slams 35lb kettle bell
4. SA swing left 15
5. SA clean and press left 20

7 minute (7 reps) Almost 2 rounds. Finished ½ way thru 6th rep of move 4.
1. Rotational chest press 20s
2. Yoga tricep pushup
3. Get up press up tricep extension 10s
4. Tricep pushup tricep kickback 10s

6 minute (6 reps) 1 full round, moves 1,2 & 1 rep of the criss-cross burpee
1. 6 high knee /1 drop and pop= 1 rep
2. Broad jump snatch 20s
3. Criss cross burpees
4. 3 switch lunge handstand

5 minute (5 reps) 1 full round, up to 4 ea side on the split lunge snatches
1. Clean and press 20s
2. Traffic director lunges 5/leg, 10s
3. Split lunge snatches 5/leg, 15s
4. Arnold press 15s

4 minute 4 full rounds, the 5 push-ups & 5 rows ea side (so minus 5 push-ups, NOT full range of motion either, or nose tip to mat)
1. Increasing reps manmaker to step ups 20s Really wanted to drop weight here but satisfied self w/ a note break before starting

3 minute (3 reps) 1 full round & 2 turkish (1 ea side)
1. Turkish Get up right 10
2. Turkish Get up left
3. Clean and press to oh Squat sandbag, but I’d have dropped to 15s if I’d made it thru to here a 2nd time.

2 minute
1. Bulgarian to bulg hop to Sl push-up 1 min per leg

1 minute
Plank hold

Very minimal yoga after

Full Body Bicep Triceps Shoulders Abs by Kristin R

Ya I took a quick look at the breakdown of the 2nd, post announcement video & thought, Too hard. She’s gotten too tough for me at the moment! lol. That’s ok. I’ve still got a little crick in my neck and I know I should do just a yoga but… it’s cold and it’s the Pacific Northwest kind.

This popped up in “recommended” & it looked like more my speed.


I hadn’t looked at any of the pix Charlie took Monday, when we went to the coast (for the one and only time this year!), until yesterday. At one point he was trying to get puppy Penny next to Rocco for a picture. She kept getting up to go to him, so I held her in place for a bit. I wish my muscles were always popping, lol, but at least when I’m using them even a little bit they show.

My dad once called me “the world’s mightiest midget”, lol

Full Body Bicep Triceps Shoulders Abs by Kristin R

Tabata Pairs: (I alternated moves 1 & 2 for both sets)
1. Touchdowns Bicep Curl 15 / Squat Curl & Press 15s feet sort of close together.
2. Squat Thrust Tricep Extensions squat all the way down / Alt Rev Lunge Tricep Kickbacks 10s +2lb wrist weights 4 both.

Descending Pyramid Combo (10, 8, 6) 8:58min
1. Rev Grip Burpee + Weighted Squat Jumps 15s
2. Straddle Box jump + 2x Tricep Pushups Jump off end of bench

Tri-set: 3x (7:42)
1. 12 Arnold Press 15s w/ bicep curl but I think this was a mistake
2. 20 Goblet Chair Lunges 1=1 20
3. 8 Elevated Pike Pushups

Tri-set: 3x (8:42)
1. 10 Weighted Russian Twist Bicycles (2=1) 15 twisting to the side of the foot that’s going out
2. 10 Plank Tricep Extensions (2=1) 10s
3. 10 Slider Ball Pikes

30:10 x4 (8 min)
1 Kneeling to Stand to SL DL Back lunge, knee to floor & sit back (holding dumbbell w/ both hands) Come to stand lifting knee up, DL (one hand holding) 20
2 Hitch Kick Pistols 2-4th rounds challenged myself to keep my leg out to 90-deg at the end of the switch kick, ie bending & pulling knee in just to extend it again b4 the next pistol.
3 Pendulum Lunges 20s, stay on one leg

DB Complex Finisher: 6 reps – 4x 15s
1. Sumo Squat + Hammer Curls (Curl at top of sumo squat)
2. Curtsy + Shoulder Press (drop one weight after this move) Press weights up as leg goes back. This was challenging by the 4th round!!!
3. OH Swing to Tricep Ext one 15lb weight too light here, so rounds 2-4 changed to OH tricep w/ 10s for 16 reps

3 Min AMRAP – Banded Finisher ppl band, 2lb wrist weights, 10s
Banded DL, come 1/2 way up Tricep kickback, Squat, Curl & Press

Time = 1:03 Only 10min longer than the video w/ my breaks & note taking ain’t bad.


About 26min

  • Suryas & fundamentals, with the hand standing in the As
  • Paschimo & finishing to matsyanasana, savasana


Julia’s Birthday Workout

Woke up with one of those annoying cricks in my neck. Bah! So I decided to do this WO with my 4min jump rope warm-up. Still ended up being a shorter workout than usual for me. I really liked the format though.

And now I must hustle into the shower so I can get some breakfast before I’m due to start working.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

HIIT set 50:10 2x 20min
1. Decline burpee Split Lunge snatch 15s, alt legs Still SO CLUMSY with this move.
2. Pistol handstand shoulder tap switch Lunge Pistol. Come up & handstand. I did just 2 shoulder taps b4 coming down for the switch lunge.
3. Manmakers 20s
4. Bulgarian to DL 3-way knee tuck 1leg. Bulgarian. Deadlift down & place weights. Knee tuck same side / middle / opp arm. Put foot down & repeat
5. Backload Squat to good morning 20s! This & move 8 were bump-ups for me b/c I normally use 15s. I could feel my neck tweak behind left shoulder blade a couple times in the good morning but was able to wiggle around it.
6. SA plank hop / clean and press 20 alt arms
7. Decline 180 box jump burpee
8. Step up curtsy Lunge 20ss Step up w/ one foot. Other knee up. Same foot that steps curtsies back.
9. Slider Ball pike ball push-up
10. Sarvangasana / Halasana / Urdhva D LOVED THIS!!!

Tabata pair time pyramid 1
1. Decline burpee snatch 15s, alt legs
2. Pistol handstand shoulder tap switch Lunge Kept it 2 handstand shoulder-taps per rep again. It’s better for me to be slower here than to flail around!

Tabata pair time pyramid 2 w ppl band
1. Squat to good morning 15s Kept lighter weight b/c of neck.
2. SA plank hop clean and press 20 alt arms

Tabata pair time pyramid 3:
1. Decline 180 box jump burpee Did it Julia’s way today, making ½ circles instead of full. Still don’t like this move, lol. 
2. Alt Step up curtsy Lunge 20s Kept the higher weight here. As long as my knees are feeling good, this is a good way to continue to work legs when my weights aren’t heavy enough for both legs moves (like a reg deadlift). Single leg moves w/ 40lbs is still challenging.

5 min AMRAP
Manmaker step up rev lunge, both legs 20s

5 min AMRAP
Increasing reps: bulg. DL, glute raise knee tucks

This workout ends @ 54min. Was going to skip the yoga cool down, but I decided to give it a try. Yes I threw in a few of my regular ashtanga finishing poses and my own yoga is better for me, generally, since I’ve been doing it such a long time. I’m happy to see it’s been improving J’s workouts and mindset tho!


GET PUMPED for Fall #1

I’ve been anxious all day. I’d just had a week where it seemed like things could happen for me, and then fuck-all, nothing, like usual. Course there are some good things going on too, but the creative income front colors everything. I should’ve done a morning meditation and did not.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope (My own thing. Skipped the video warm-up.)

HIIT: 30:10 2x (5:20) did 2 rounds rather than repeating moves back 2 back each move
1. Plank tuck to DL 20s
2. Swings to slam 35lb kettlebell
3. Hang clean 1st round / clean and press 2nd round 20s
4. Dragon lunge burpee 20s

6 Minute UPPER body/abs AMRAP 2 full rounds. Went over a few seconds, count4-8 of russian twists
8 ab hold SSD chest press 20s on bench, legs out straight & slightly raised
8 SSD front raises 10s
8 sumo squat to upright row 15s
8 russian twist 15lbs 2=1

Joined the video here b/c that was where I’d left off previewing.

TABATA pair 20:10 8x + 2lb wrist weights
1. Yoga tricep pushups
2. Bulgarians and bicep curls 10s, so 12lbs per arm. I did alt legs each round, two reg bicep curl rounds & two wide curl rounds.

Complex 3X 20s +2lb ankle weights, 2nd & 3rd rounds, for the leg raise. Could’ve used the 5s. Was able to keep weights in hands the whole of each round.
8 bent rows SSD
8 Chest press
8 weighted leg raises and butt up

REPEAT HIIT: 30:10 2x Back to list here still.

6 Minute Lower body/abs AMRAP I kept right up & followed along but I was NOT wearing a vest – it’s just too big & floppy – and only holding 30lbs for the weighted moves.
8 deficit rev lunges (4/leg) 15s
8 goodmornings 15s
8 decline plank glute raise+knee tucks (4/leg)
8 rocket step ups lunge back switches

Tabata Pair 20:10 8x 4 minutes
1. Weighted chair lunges two 10s – boy was this hard!
2. Alt forward lunges toe touch 20s

Complex 3x 20s
8 sumo DL
8 back load Rev lunges and knee up/leg
8 shoulder hold box squat to alt forward lunge (4/leg)

My time was about 55min. (Didn’t start stop watch once I was set up after warm-up.)

And I really should’ve done more yoga afterward than I did. I just… did something stupid and let my ego get into the game, nothing that could’ve hurt me physically, but something that did depress me emotionally, a bit.

Full Body AMRAP Workout: 7 Deadly Rounds #2

SO not in the mood to work out today, but then I needed the endorphins b/c depressed again. Thought I had a sure fire, regular part-time job coming, but then discovered it’s more of a stretch than originally supposed. This is really bumming me out. I ought to know better than to get my hopes up, by now.

I also really screwed myself by not checking my phone last Monday night. If I had, I’d have gotten in a session before work Tuesday. Five days in a row while also doing physical work is brutal. Lastly there’s this heatwave accompanied by the worst air quality in the nation (forest fires). So… no warm up because fuck that.

To my surprise I sort of enjoyed the AMRAP format, not rushing, just movement. Unfortunately the workout, while decent, did not improve my mood.


Full Body AMRAP Workout: 7 Deadly Rounds #2

Each set is 7:10. I set my timer for seven rounds of 10sec / 7min with 1½min rest in between, which turned out to the perfect amount of time for notes & equipment rearranging. 59:10

Part 1: 7 reps each Went about 10sec over to do 3 full rounds
1. Clean and press 20s
2. Incline box jump burpee hands on bench
3. Bear hold commandos 1=1

Part 2: 7 reps each 4 full rounds w/ a couple seconds rest @ end (would’ve taken that to transition back to move 1)
1. Alt Plank rows 20s 2=1
2. Yoga tricep pushups
3. Chair lunges on bench, holding 10s, 2=1

Part 3: 7 reps each 2 full sets. 3rd was up to 4 deadlifts (3 reps from a 3rd full round)
1. RL Curtsy Lunge step downs 15s
2. LL curtsy Lunge step downs
3. Decline burpee DL 20s

Part 4: 7 reps each 3 full rounds + 5 tricep step backs
1. Bi curl Arnold press 15s
2. Alt tricep kickbacks and step backs 10s, 2=1. As you kickback w/ one arm step back w/ opposite leg
3. Switch lunges 2=1

Part 5: 7 reps each 3 full rounds + the deadlifts, which I did alternating the last time in case I ran out of time, but finished even.
1. RL curtsy DL 15s. Leg is moving back to a curtsy & tapping out to the side, not stationary.
2. LL curtsy DL
3. Sumo DL to sumo hop 20s

Part 6: 7 reps each 2 full rounds to 4th rep of chest press on 3rd round
1. Dolphin pushup hip dips Plank. Lower to elbows. Hip dips & back up to high plank.
2. Roll back tuck jumps
3. Chest press leg lift 20s

Part 7: 7 reps each 4 full rounds
1. Russian Twist 15lbs, feet off floor, 2=1
2. RL Bulgarian to fwd Lunge 15s
3. LL Bulgarian to fwd Lunge

Yoga: about 28min
















5000 Seconds for 5000 Subs Workout: Cross Fit HIIT and Pyramids

As it turns out, yesterday’s “moving work” wasn’t all that strenuous, but since I hadn’t known exactly what to expect I took my rest, got other (art) stuff done & saved this beast for today. Decided not to preview any of it beyond looking at the list, resolving to try to at least get through the first two sections before pausing the video for notes.

This was so much fun! Didn’t drag at all.


Crotch Heart in Sweat

5000 Seconds for 5000 Subs Workout: Cross Fit HIIT and Pyramids 

Adapted Zach Filer bodyweight challenge:
10 minute Amrap I kept right up here!
1. Roll back to 3 pulse Lunges 5/leg Both feet down on the ground to come up tho; no pistol-ing it up
2. Russian push-ups 10 reps Didn’t put elbows all the way down for left arm, but went from catarunga to lowered elbows & kept pace
3. Pike glute raise to full kickthroughs 6/leg
4. Plank tuck to Tuck jumps 10 reps

 Cross Fit moves HIIT set: 20:10 4x each move 10 minutes
1. Hang cleans 2, 20lb weights
2. SA snatch lat tuck jump 2, 20lb weights, doing lateral jump over mat
3. Handstand to pistol LOVE!
4. Split Lunge snatch to SL DL 2, 15lb weights
5. Roll back box jump burpee.

Strength HIIT pyramid 60:10/ 50:10/40:10 I took a break before the last interval, like J.
24 minutes
1. Squat alt step ups 2, 15lb weights
2. Decline spider knee burpee
3. Alt SL box squat + alt forward lunge 2, 10lb weights For the tender right knee.
4. FAST Inchworm out +push-up plank hop up + 180 tuck
5. Alt curtsy step downs 2, 20lb weights Going light on stepping up or down (right knee)
6. Plank tuck alt kick thru to crab toe touch
7. Body weight bulg to fwd lunge and switch LOVE! Body weight & balance moves are very yogic in flavor.
8. Decline push up clean and press 2, 20lb weights

 Cross Fit moves HIIT set: 20:10 4x each move 10 minutes
1. Hang cleans
2. SA snatch lat tuck jump
3. Handstand to pistol
4. Split Lunge snatch to SL DL
5. Roll back box jump burpee. So wet at this point that my upper back made squishy noises on my Manduka during the roll back.

Cardio and core tabata pair time pyramids:
18 minutes Getting tired here & took breaks after every 6min set. If u don’t preview it’s useful to know where ur equipment needs to be anyway.

1. OH high knee toe taps 6 and chair lunges 6 2, 10lb weights
2. Weight plate ab pass 5lb dumbbell This was plenty enough weight on the hip flexors!

1. 4 groiners 3 switch lunges
2. Side plank toe touch and reach under to rev plank leg lifts

1. Switch foot mtn climber and 2 Lunge hops
2. Sarvanga to halasana (and reverse curl or leg drop)! Happy to see (a variation of) this move again so soon. With my renewed interest in ashtanga these are poses I practice nearly every single day. No stretch in the hammies for me here tho b/c mine are really open.

Cross fit moves HIIT set: 20:10 4x each move 10 minutes (82 minutes total)
1. Hang cleans
2. SA snatch lat tuck jump
3. Handstand to pistol
4. Split Lunge snatch to SL DL
5. Roll back box jump burpee.

2 minute yoga vinyasa flow cool down
Down dog
Knee tuck to crescent Lunge

No Equipment full body Vacation Workout #6


I kicked some serious ass! Wasn’t sure I’d be able to get through a Julia, especially as this is the 5th consecutive day of working out, but I did it! I just feel so much crappier, psychologically, if I don’t work out… Tomorrow will either be a rest day or astanga.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

No Equipment full body Vacation Workout #6

Tabata 1: 20:10 8x 4 minutes
Two switch foot lunges two front kicks

AMRAP 1: 6 minutes
10 switch lunges, 2=1, OH arms
10 front kick jab/cross, ea side
10 runners Lunge toe taps/leg
10 push-ups

Superset 1: 4x @ 12:20 Did 1 round along with & then paused video.
1. 8 Roll back burpee 3 bunny hop
2. 10 repeater kick throughs/side front foot stays planted between reps / u don’t go back to plank, only kicking foot returns

Tabata 2: pair @ 22:00 (finished the former at 22:22!! But behind to type notes & then find my place again.)
1. Bunny hops fwd and back
2. Alt hip dips and knee drives forearm, rotate to one side & same side knee-in

AMRAP 2: 6 minutes
10 squat jumps
10 oblique plank hops 2=1
10 sumo squat heel up and stomp
10 pull-ups (with strap) push-ups

Superset 2: 4x @ 33:45 Kept up here (modified).
1. SL DL rocket up 10/ leg
2. airplane (like dighasana, but u can keep arms back if u want) to ½ SL pistol squat 5/ leg Bend hovering leg for levitating lunge Didn’t want to attempt to rush the pistols. Can be tricky on my knees and the right one is a tiny bit sensitive lately. I was able to keep up by modifying & it felt good to emphasis more the even hips on the dighasana-like first part.

Tabata 3: @ 44:30
1. Split Lunge clap under SL push-up

AMRAP 3: 6 minutes
10 touchdowns low jumping jacks, touching floor w/ fingertips on in & out 2=1
10 plank jack shoulder taps 2=1
10 t-stand dip and leg lifts 5/side
10 chin-ups push-ups

Superset 3: 4x @ 56:00 Ya I turned off the video after round 1 again for this one! EVIL, EVIL, DOUBLE BURPEES!!!!!
1. Double star burpees 6 2 jack push-ups @ bottom, 2 plank hops, 2 star jumps
2. Jab cross hook Knee drive 10/ side

Tabata 4: pair @ 1:04
1. Lateral lunges hops touch downs +tuck jump Split lunge, leg back on inside of mat. Lunge hop to end, bring back foot forward & touch fingertips to ground. Tuck jump.
2. Sarvangasana to Halasana

AMRAP 4: 6 minutes @ 1:10 OK I changed 3 of 4 moves here, but I’m keeping in the spirit of the workout (even if adding a little equipment, but that’s allowed for those who cannot afford to go on vacation & thus possibly exercising w/out equipment. (Let’s face it, if I could go on a vacation I’d make sure it’d include gym access lol.)
10 box jumps wide tuck jumps
10 swings, 35lb kettlebell tricep push-ups & plank tuck jumps
10 boat abs
10 slider pike abs push-ups

Superset 4: 4x 1:17
1. Plyo lunges 10/ leg
2. 5x Dolphin vinyasa flow Down dog, elbows down & back up, jump forward to utkatasana, uttanasana, catarunga, updog

Total time 1:39, including all breaks / interruptions.

Very quick stretch….