Workout #95 of 2020, Body Weight Workout

My mother’s stroke… I have another pounding headache. I’d had one yesterday, before hearing the news about my mother. Since the onset of Covid19 I’ve been taking regular aspirin instead of Ibuprofen, just in case I’m exposed or carrying, since Ibuprofen is supposed to be bad with the virus and I cannot take Tylenol. Yesterday though, once I found out the news about my mom, … Continue reading Workout #95 of 2020, Body Weight Workout

Olivia’s Birthday Surprise WO & honesty in holidays

My holidays are different and sadder than many I’m going to blog about it too, I’ve decided. If those of us in less fortunate to disastrous financial circumstances have to hear about what a great time everyone else is having, with traveling, giving and receiving, well then I’m going to tell everyone about what it’s like on the other end of the spectrum. Anyway I … Continue reading Olivia’s Birthday Surprise WO & honesty in holidays

JB, Legs 2 & Yoga

I’ve decided to check JB’s Insta daily & mostly follow along for a bit, days I exercise anyway.  She posted a legs today. I decided to do one she posted last month, that I’d saved but procrastinated on. I added a warm-up, my 4min of jump rope intervals. Jamie’s routine took 47min, without my added warm-up. I followed it with about 20min yoga. I really … Continue reading JB, Legs 2 & Yoga

No Equipment Full Body Vacation Workout # 5 AMRAP workout, x2

I’ve had a really light workout week… Even though when I used to travel I always made sure it’d be to locations where I could get my exercise, I will just pretend I’m travelling, which is the closest I get to doing so. Today we’re taking Theodora up to meet her intended bf in the hopes that reawakens her mysteriously disappeared heat. We’ll see. I’d really … Continue reading No Equipment Full Body Vacation Workout # 5 AMRAP workout, x2

NEW FALL SPLIT 2018: Full Body & Glutes 

Yesterday was a rest day. Tried to restrain eating. There’s no doubt about it that an English Muffin diet combined with a steady IPA intake makes me fat. My brief stint of full-time got me out of that habit, and though I was not at all in a good “food neighborhood”, I lost weight immediately. I was already totally sick of Cafe Voila, and Portland … Continue reading NEW FALL SPLIT 2018: Full Body & Glutes 

Olivia’s Special Birthday Workout

This was just what I needed for today.     Warm-up: 10/30×6=4min jump rope Olivia’s Special Birthday Workout Part 1: 10/45 (2x’s) @ 7:24 1. RL Roundhouse to Wide Squat (Hold)/ LL Rev Cross over Lunge 2 Pulses 2x’s, Alt 2nd rnd added 26lb kettlebell 2. Rows  & press-ups (M does 2 rows, no push-ups. Jump fwd & press up) 20s 3. Surrender / box jump, alt 4. Bicep … Continue reading Olivia’s Special Birthday Workout

Bottoms Up Workout Video

I looked at this & thought, Wow! This’ll take me 2 hours!, lol. That’s fine though. There are so many parts to a Michele WO. Love her burnouts. I’ve added them onto my short, weekday evening routines already. Bottoms Up Workout Video Skipped the warm-up, warm-up @ 2:30 because I knew this one would take me awhile & I was going to do at least the … Continue reading Bottoms Up Workout Video

2 sets HIIT & a stretching session

Woke up with a stiff neck! Got a shitload of stuff done though. Daily cat care & got ’em both outside for a long stretch (since there’s no one here to get them out during the weekdays for the next 3½ weeks. Did a load of laundry. I’ll put that away tomorrow probably. Fed fish. Cleared recycling in bathroom & kitchen & took bag to … Continue reading 2 sets HIIT & a stretching session

Mish-mash workout: yoga, AMRAP, HIIT and reps

Had a rest day yesterday. Was thinking to maybe do an Astanga today, but PMS, so I only did about a half hour of it & then other stuff. Warmup: 29-min Yoga  Suryas, fundamentals & the first 3 poses of primary (dandasana, paschimo, purvottana). Was going to do my 4min jump rope warm-up but then I realised during my meditation I wanted a light stretch more. … Continue reading Mish-mash workout: yoga, AMRAP, HIIT and reps