Plateau Busting Strength Workout

I’m finding it very difficult to accomplish my (previously usual) 5x a week workout count lately, ever since I got thrown off track at the end of January, with the 4-days at the Portland cat show & the two, consecutive 3x weeks, one due to the show itself and the next due to the bad cold I caught there. Last week I managed five days, but the last three were all a struggle and I managed to tweak out my left side during Sunday’s, the last one of the week. It started with my neck, then moved to my shoulder. Yesterday I could feel it in my lower back.

So it’s funny that I picked this WO because, in keeping this title, there’s a pep talk at the beginning about what plateaus can tell you. In my case it’s “Lighten up!”, I’m pretty sure. I tend to get a really low burn when I do a Velvet Hammer & today was no exception, though it surprised me b/c it’s lower than my last couple Astangas, even the one w/ no jump rope warm-up! Maybe I do one of those tomorrow.


Plateau Busting Strength Workout

EMOM Upper-Body Strength 7 Mins 10s + 2lb wrist weights

Hammer Curl
Hammer Curl to Row
Hammer Curl to Row to Tricep Ext.
Hammer Curl to Row to Tricep Ext. to Upright Row
Row to Tricep Extension to Upright Row
Tricep Extension to Upright Row
Upright Row

Chest Set Tabata (20/10)
Chest Presses 20s
Narrow SA Chest Presses 20s

Back Set Tabata (20/10)
Flys 10s
SA Wide Rows 15

EMOM Lower Body Strength 7 Mins 8lb vest & 20s I have 2 admit I was gonna use 15s but Mackenzie started off w/ 25s. (I don’t have dumbbells that heavy). Grudgingly I picked up my 20s. Hard on the grip strength! Set the weights down for the 5sec pause bet moved.
Squat + Curtsy L
Squat + Curtsy L + Curtsy R
Squat + Curtsy L + Curtsy R + DL
Curtsy L + Curtsy R + DL
Curtsy R + DL

Quads Tabata (20/10) BL sandbag
Bulgarians L
Bulgarians R

Hamstrings Tabata (20/10) 20s

UB Rep Set 2 sets x 12 reps  + 2lb wrist weights ea move 2x before moving on
Hammer Curl 10s
Row 15s
OH Tricep Extensions 10s Changed this b/c I’d felt the extensions in my sore spot on the left, during the EMOM. OH was better.
Upright Row 10s
Chest Presses 20s
Narrow SA Chest Presses 15s I did these 12x per arm both sets but was using a light weight
Flys 10s
Wide Rows 15s

LB Rep Set 2 sets x 12 reps Legs Turned off vid & put on music here
Squats BL sandbag Kept weight on shoulders first 3 move – did curtsies alternating to eliminate breaks after ea set. Did bulgarians & SLDLs the same way, but I hadda take a break after doing both legs, in the middle of the combined sets.
Curtsy L BL sandbag
Curtsy R BL sandbag
DL 20s
Bulgarians L 15s
Bulgarians R
SLDL L 15s

Time = 1:12:29


Non-vinyasa, for the remaining time