Super Circuit HIIT Workout

Well, I had to postpone my outdoor painting session I’d intended on for today, but it’s ok. I was really happy to see a new WO from Michele. Lately I’ve been grooving on the lower weight / lots of reps thing, here in my little vacuum.


Super Circuit HIIT Workout

Part 1: 5/25 4 rounds each group
1a. Jump Rope
1b. Mountain Climbers

2a. Burpee Chair Sit
2b. Plank Jack

3a. Skier Swings 10s
3b. Oblique Mountain Climbers

4a. Side to Side Jump Lunge
4b. Pendulums

5a. Jump Squat (Wide – Close)
5b. Flutter Kicks

Part 2: Circuits √, √, √
Circuit 1: 3 rounds
1. Right Reverse Lunge – on floor, lunge back & bicep curl, SL push up, DL up  10x 15s
2. Other side
3. Plies Step Out Right (bicep curl)/ Step out Left (Up-right row) 10x 10s I’d maxed biceps yesterday, so rounds 2 & 3 here I did step outs w/ orange band, no added weight 2=1

(hold dumbbell) Reverse Side Lunge – twist to outside of front knee w/Bicep Curl/Squat & repeat on other side 12x 10

Circuit 2: 3 rounds √, √
1. Right Side Lunge (weight to right foot on floor)/Right Reverse X-Over lunge (weight to outside knee) /Right Knee up &twist over knee 10x 10 Almost picked up a 15 for 3rd round, but my right knee is still a little sore & this is just a “because I can, for now” kind of workout. Some of us less privileged types have to choose between money or fitness! I managed to work it in in NYC w/ my short commute, even withOUT mommy or daddy subsidising my rent. That’s increasingly rare these days btw, especially with BFAs from art school, not that I’ll get a medal for it, lol.
2. Other side
3. (Bar) Bicep Curl to Press Overhead (Hold at chest)/Alternate Reverse Lunge – twist bar to outside of front knee, Right then Left (Repeat) 10x 10s

Snatch Right & lower to shoulder (hold)/Left Front Lunge & twist to front Knee/Step back & Sumo Squat Deadlift (alt) 10x 15 Eliminated that little sumo b/c it felt “extra” and not enough weight to be worth making myself slower

Bonus: Abs 5/30 3 Rounds
1. Lay on Back – bent knees in air – lower right then left to floor
2. Crunch Knees in & Press Out
3. Reverse Crunch
4. Right Side Plank – Bottom knee crunch in
5. Left Side Plank – Bottom knee crunch in
6. Lay on Stomach – heel clicks w/legs off ground
7. Hyperextension

Did my own stretch, not quite as long as M but I’ll try to get in another Astanga this week.


Lenula’s Killer Legs and Buns

This is a 2016 WO that someone posted about on the FB group recently, which I’d been meaning to get around to. Holy shit! They’re not kidding with the “killer” in the description. Kicked my ASS, which I needed. And I haven’t done a full yoga practice yet this week, so that’ll have to be the last WO of the week, tomorrow.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Lenula’s Killer Legs and Buns

Burn-in: 10 of each: This is the 1st ½ of the burn-out, but I hate long reps sets @ the end.
1. Yoga tricep pushups
2. Jack shoulder tap pushups Jump feet out on the down & tap opp shoulder on the up.
3. Dive bomber pushups
4. Pike slider abs Elv ball pushups slide feet in from plank – pike push-up
5. One arm pushups Tried from knees, alt arms. V awkward! I’d do staggered push-ups if repeating

Part I: 15/60 x3 I pushed pause after all 3rounds! LOL. “Don’t sit down,” Julia says, as I’m sitting down. Sweating like crazy.

+8lb vest rnds 2&3, except for during the pistols. Even alternating, those are challenging enough 4 me that I don’t want to add any extra weight.
2. SL BOX JUMPS & ½ BURPEE  Ya f that single leg bizness. (If there weren’t already pistol squats I might’ve done lateral SL box jumps to pistol – is a bit easier from the side, for me to jump up)

1. DEADLIFT L (10) 15s
2. DEADLIFT R (10)
3. BACK LUNGE + step up + 4 SIDE LEG LIFTS L (10) stand parallel 2 bench. Lunge & step up IMMEDIATELY 2 bench, w/ leg closest to bench – the the leg lifts This was SO HARD! Second round I shortened to 5x per leg b/c I couldn’t see timer. Moved onto 5th move. Was gonna finish but there was like 5 seconds left. Moved on!
4. BACK LUNGE + step up + 4 SIDE LEG LIFTS R (10)
5. PLIE HEEL CLICKS (10) No weight! Was thinking when previewing maybe 10 max

Burn-out: 10 of each:
6. SL pushup to T stand
7. Kickthrough froggy pushups
8. Tricep hold + toe taps
9. Pushup + plank tuck jumps
10. Explosive pushups

Time = 1:08


Timed, non-vinyasa

4 Benders

I was in the mood for some Melissa Bender. She’s not posting new WOs much lately, but she does do weekly plans on her blog. I’d thought I might repeat some of the sets, but in the end I decided to just do a bunch of different stuff.


It’s funny… thinking about Julia one time saying, If it isn’t hard it’s not worth doing right? and I’ve often agreed, however, sometimes the only goal is to get moving a little, to have a definite reason to take a shower. Seriously.


1. Mountain Climbers
2. Side Lunge Kick (right)
3. Side Lunge Kick (left)
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Tricep Extension Squat
6. Tuck Jump / Bench hop-overs – 2nd round
7. Mountain Climbers
8. Temple Tap Abs
9. Plank Walk Out
10. High Knees
11. Side Plank Hip/Leg Lift (right) ppl band (orange would’ve been better for this move – ppl was a bit too heavy)
12. Side Plank Hip/Leg Lift (left)
13. High Knees
14. Rotating Hip Dips (from plank) Knee Drop Plank
15. Hip Lift Hook 3lbs bet feet
16. High Knees

  • +2lb ankle weights & 8lb vest
  • Pretty sure I did this one before, in the past. Would’ve been on an old blog.

-In/Out Squat two 20s
1. Knee Crunch Extension
-In/Out Squat
2. Squat to Forward Reach
-In/Out Squat
3. Bridge March
-In/Out Squat
4. Squat to Side Leg Lift (right)
-In/Out Squat
5. Squat to Side Leg Lift (left)
-Lunge Rotation 20
6. Side Plank Knee Rotation (right) This was hard w/ the vest & ankle weights! 
-Lunge Rotation
7. Side Plank Knee Rotation (left)
-Lunge Rotation
8. High Knee Step
-Lunge Rotation
9. Standing Hydrant (right)
-Lunge Rotation
10. Standing Hydrant (left)
-Romanian Deadlift two 20s
11. Split Leg Lift (right)
-Romanian Deadlift
12. Split Leg Lift (left)
-Romanian Deadlift
13. Side Lunge Dumbbell Reach (alternating) 20
-Romanian Deadlift
14. Back Raise/Extension
-Romanian Deadlift
15. Butt Lift

W/ 2lb ankle weights & I got out two 20s, like Melissa. Loved this one! Could’ve used 5lb weights maybe, but since my right knee is a little sore (still), and I had to be really careful not to feel it in some moves today, I was happy just wearing the 2s.

1. Squat 20
2. Squatting Calf Raise
3. Pretzel (right)
4. Pretzel (left)
5. Forward Fold Leg Raise (right)
6. Forward Fold Leg Raise (left)
7. Split Squat to Warrior (right) 10s
8. Split Squat to Warrior (left)
9. Butt Lift Squat 10s (I did a bicep curl on the bottom – 15s would be better)
10. Hydrant Extension (right)
11. Hydrant Extension (left)
12. Leg Series (right)
13. Leg Series (left)
14. Sit to Stand (right) Even tho I can now do pistols I’m still really weak here. Most I normally hold in hands is 10, but since the knee thing I didn’t pick up any dumbbells, tho of course I had the ankle weights on still.
15. Sit to Stand (left)

And then, since I was only an hour in & didn’t want to think for myself, I did something I never do & followed along w/ a yoga vid, also in this week’s Bender plan. I added four astanga finishing poses after the end of it, before my savasana.




Today’s WO, back to the low heart rate

Was going to do another Julia but right knee is slightly sore, so… It’s good I did something b/c I depressed myself by looking at the local job market (or lack thereof) this morning. This was a no cardio WO… Maybe tomorrow a yoga. Dunno.


Bootylicious + Lean Legs Workout


  • (10/50 – 1st round) (plus a few seconds pause where I put on my ankle weights & 4min b/c I added 2 inner thigh lift moves per leg)
  • (15/50 – 2nd round 30:20min set)
  1. Back Lunge to Front Kick (R) 15s / sandbag
  2. Single Leg Deadlift (R) 15s
  3. Back Lunge to Front Kick (L) 15s / sandbag
  4. Single Leg Deadlift (L) 15s
  5. 3 Sumo Squat Pulses 20s / sandbag
  6. Sumo Squat Deadlift 20s
  7. Bulgarian Split Squat (L) 15s
  8. Bulgarian Split Squat (R)
  9. Goodmornings 15s
  10. Curtsy Lunge (L) 20s / sandbag
  11. Single Leg Squat + Tip Toe (L) 15s
  12. Curtsy Lunge (R)
  13. Single Leg Squat + Tip Toe (R)
  14. Goblet Squat 20 1st round, two 20s 2nd round
  15. Side Lunge (L) 15s
  16. Side Lunge (R)
  17. Squat + DB Knee Twist 20
  18. Warrior 2 to Half Moon (L) 2nd round changed this to runner’s start (crouch) / Dighasana A
  19. Low Squat to Curtsy
  20. Warrior 2 to Half Moon (R) pause here to put on 5lb ankle weights

  21. Side Lying Lateral Leg Lift (L)

  22. Inner thigh 1
  23. Side Lying Circles (L)
  24. Inner thigh 2
  25. Side Lying Lateral Leg Lift (R)
  26. Inner thigh 1
  27. Side Lying Circles (R)
  28. Inner thigh 2

Abs & Yoga

Ad-lib for the rest of the time

Yoga / Shoulder Focus WO / more Yoga

Excellent WO today, woot!! I guess the solution to my low energy spell awhile back was indeed exactly what I chose to do, keep it regular but with more moderate WO intensity for a bit. I was choosing to not go 100% for awhile, but today I felt up to it.


Strength and Cardio HIIT #2: Shoulder Focus

Warm Up: Timed asana = 7.5min
Since I’d already decided to do the one reps set on my own it made sense to skip the warm-up & just joined in for the first Tabata. I woke up w/ a little tweak in my neck & my hip flexors are always sore lately. Wanted to stretch it out.

Strength Set: Shoulders :
Set 1: decreasing Evens Pyramind combo moves 10-2
1. Wide push-ups and weighted press up jacks 15, weight held goblet style
2. T-stand presses and commandos 10s +2lb wrist weights. Get into t-stand & do 10 presses ea arm / commandos are 1=1 W gonna do 15lbs but left shoulder / neck stiffness…  Commandos were clunky w/ bulky wrist weights on but it was ok.
3. Ski squat swings 35lb kettle bell and ssd military presses 15s, palms facing in
4. plank hops and front raises 10s, I did my front raises palms facing down Yogified the plank hops round 6 on, by having hands just a bit further apart & aiming to jump from bear crawl to toes lined up with fingertips, or at least past the toes. LOVE this new move…

Set 2: tabata pair 1: 20:10 8x 4 minutes @ 18:45
1. push press 20s
2. turkish get ups 10

Set 3: Tabata Pair 2: 20:10 8x 4 minutes
1. Decline pike pushup clean and press 20s moved to floor after 1st interval to try to get more of the move in. (Setting dumbbells down just the right way 4 decline takes extra seconds.)
2. Lateral raises 10s

Body weight Cardio Hiit set: Set 1: 50:10 2x
1. High knees & mtn climbers (increasing)
2. Decline tricep burpee switch lunge squat jump
3. Heel clicks (increasing)
4. Donkey kick up and over 2 curtsy hops
5. Down dog glute raise to spider knee pushup 2nd round I tried a def stop in plank & then doing the spider-knee push-up w/ chest facing straight down (not turned to that spider knee like usual) & knee- touching / getting a little bit of support by that arm. Interesting!

Set 2: Tabata Pair time pyramid: 6 mins
1. lateral box jump 180 Felt my “slept wrong” stiffness in the back just a little here but it forced me to really pay attention to my landing, jumping down as soft as possible to the balls of my feet.
2. 3 Groiners and 2 front kicks

Set 3: Tabata Pair: 4 mins
1. Plank frog hops bunny hops (increasing)
2. SL burpees hitch kick 15s

Skipped the yoga flow cool-down, as per usual.

I wish there were breakdowns on this channel, but there aren’t so I did from video. (I’d been planning on trying a 30min HIIT, but since I’d already gotten a great WO (sweat dripping down back & shoulders as I type this) I decided an ab burnout (again) and a bit of closing stretching.

I think she said her name is Crystal! Was looking 4 that info last time. Anyway I like her abs sets. It occurred to me awhile back that, perimenopausal abdominal softness none-withstanding, when I got ripped abs it was initially through lots of targeted ab work. No WO felt complete without it. Also shitloads of cardio and (I’ll admit it) a boost from small doses of ephedra, when it was legal & you could get it.

easy HIIT, a booty burnout & stretch

And the anxiety continues! I’d desperately like to get on the first afternoon 51 at 2:34, but I promised I’d be here with Charlie to talk to one of the (nervous) participants in the Grand Canyon trip beforehand. I still wish we were going to some walkable city for a week, Prague or Barcelona for example, for art, architectural and culinary meanderings.

So…. my birthday present to myself will arrive maybe today. Sephora. I love a good Sephora box, and I’m a sucker for those extra, birthday samples. I’d also gotten myself beads for a mala necklace, but the cord I ordered is too small to thread on two out of three stones, and the little threader things I ordered for my blind ass don’t help. I will try to get to a bead shop before Friday, but then I suppose it doesn’t matter. I dunno. It’s just another day. Given my lack of other accolades I’d like to honor it but I’ll try not to stress if that mostly entails sitting in the backyard in my magick circle.


(extra) Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope Since I rested yesterday & wasn’t planning on doing any other cardio today, I figured 4-minutes would be ok.

20min strength HIIT


  • (10/50)x2= still a very moderate WO, but this is ok because that’s my MO for the moment. 
  • 1st round +2lb wrist weights. 2nd round, moved the 2lbs to ankles
  1. Front Raise + Side Raise 10s / 2nd round w/ front lunges
  2. Regular Curls + 3 Wide Grip 10s / 13s
  3. Back Lunge, Curl & Press (alt) 15s
  4. Single Leg Deadlift (L) 15s / 20s
  5. Single Leg Bridge Dips (L) 2nd round did these in table top, w/ the moving leg straight & lowering to just above floor before aiming foot twd ceiling
  6. Single Leg Deadlift (R) 15s / 20s
  7. Single Leg Bridge Dips (R)
  8. Alt Hammer Curls 15s 
  9. Push-Up + Side Plank Star
  10. Sumo Squat to Sumo Deadlift 20s
  11. 3 Static Lunge Pulses + Row (L) 20s
  12. 3 Static Lunge Pulses + Row (R)
  13. Alt Arnold Presses 15s
  14. Curtsy Lunges 20s I did mine single-single-dbl
  15. Lying Triceps Press Ups (L) 2nd round tricep dips
  16. Lying Triceps Press Ups (R) 2nd round OH triceps, 10s
  17. Zottman Curls 10s / Accidentally skipped this the 2nd round so did a tricep push-up alt w/ frog hops for last interval.
  18. Close Grip Chest Presses 15s
  19. Leg Climb (L) 2nd rnd rev curls on bench
  20. Leg Climb (R) 2nd rnd star & tuck abs on floor

Skipped the cool down & moved on to part 2.

Low Impact Booty Burnout

  • 2nd time doing this burnout. First time was last year, Nov 30thLove this routine. Next time I might do it w/ breakdown only & add 1 or 2 inner thigh specific lifts
  • (10/50) 5lb ankle weights

1. Clams/clam pulses RL
2. Clam kicks RL
3. Clams/clam pulses LL
4. Clam kicks LL
5. Side leg circles clockwise RL
6. Side leg circles counter clockwise RL
7. Side leg circles clockwise LL
8. Side leg circles counter clockwise LL
9. Side leg pluses RL
10. Side leg rainbows RL
11. Side leg plulses LL
12. Side leg rainbows LL
13. Glute Diamond leg raises
14. Glute Scissor legs
15. SL bridge glute raise + lift and lower leg RL
16. SL bridge glute raise + lift and lower leg LL
17. Tabletop cross over knees RL
18. Tabletop cross over knees LL
19. Fire hydrants RL
20. Fire hydrants LL


About 10min

HIIT & Yoga

Had to talk myself into it again, but even unwilling is ok.


Resistance, Bodyweight & Strength

  • I previewed the whole thing, changing moves as desired (those are bolded). Also changed timing to 15/50 and split it up into two sets w/ a 2min rest in the middle = 1:00:30.
  1. Banded squats orange band, around thighs, not calves as per vid & 2lb ankle weights
  2. Step out & butt kick
  3. Same moving leg, staying low, pulse down squat & side squat pulse
  4. Step out & butt kick (other side)
  5. Same moving leg, staying low, pulse down squat & side squat pulse (other side)
  6. Curtsy tap back & out
  7. Elevated side plank, bottom leg inner thigh lift changed this move b/c video was a hip flexor killer and mine didn’t need the attention today
  8. Curtsy tap back & out (other side)
  9. Elevated side plank, bottom leg inner thigh lift (other side)
  10. Low jack
  11. Lateral walk 4x ea way (better in my small room than what Lisa did here)
  12. Side shuffle – 2 low jacks touching floor
  13. Side shuffle – 1/2 burpee, plank jack, jump fwd & jump up

  14. Butt kicks take off band & ankle weights

  15. Tuck jump burpees
  16. Mtn climbers x10 / wide tuck jump
  17. Plank. Commando down & up – tricep push-up
  18. Fast shuffle football style, pop & drop (push-up), jump up
  19. Switch lunge simplified t
  20. Plie pulse
  21. Bear crawl hold, donkey kick
  22. Rev curl (on bench) / v-up 3lb weight bet feet
  23. SA snatch, weight OH & step up, same leg leading 20
  24. Other side
  25. Alt leg step-up / knee-up BL sandbag (changed this move)
  26. Bum to bench pulse squats BL sandbag (changed this move)
  27. Wide plie, squat up, put down & stay down while you swing arms forward for a pause @ the bottom 35lb kettlebell

2min break

  1. SL Bulgarian & hammer curl up & OH press 15s (changed the order up w/ these SL elevated foot moves, to separate the rounds of OH press)
  2. Same leg, SL DL 15s
  3. Other side Bulgarian & OH press 15s
  4. Same leg, SL DL 15s
  5. Swings 2, Let go on floor in front of wide feet, squat up 2x 35lb kettlebell
  6. Straight swings 35lb kettlebell
  7. Slams 20 starting w/ weight OH
  8. Alt halo slams 20
  9. Fast squat 15s
  10. Wide plie. Pick up kettlebell from floor & jump shift hands to bottom of handle for OH press 35lb kettlebell
  11. Handstand shoulder taps changed this move
  12. SA squat & press up 20
  13. Other side
  14. Arms in 1/2 bicep curl. Rotate out to 1 side. Back to center & OH for tricep move. Come back down & go to other side 10s
  15. Pull-overs, on bench, hips held in bridge 10s
  16. Bicep curls 15s
  17. Squat & front raise @ the top 10s
  18. Alt fwd lunge w/ traffic director arms 10s changed this move
  19. Tricep dips w/ pause @ the bottom
  20. Rev plank w/ alt leg lift changed this move
  21. Wide leg tricep dips, bum to floor & pause & then back up
  22. On bench. Legs extend out, back in & crunch 3lb weight bet feet
  23. Just legs extending out & back in – arms OH & shoulders raised if possible 3lb weight bet feet
  24. V-ups w/ 10 w/ both hands
  25. Russian twist 15
  26. Straight abs
  27. Banana hold, legs up & shoulders up


Timed, non-vinyasa


Meh mood, lackadaisical, 1/4 normal effort mash-up

I really didn’t want to do much of anything exercise-wise today.

Someone posted the first video in Julia’s group, asking if anyone had tried any of her WOs. Seems like a new channel. I previewed round one of this “for time” routine. Took her 17min 9. I decided to do my version as slow as possible, lol. Seriously, when I’m consulting a list w/ new moves, not being pushed along by a demonstrator’s pace, I can get really lackadaisical. I blame my yoga background. Slowing down, mindfulness, extreme attention to detail – these are all good things when you’re practicing asana.

Odd things of late

  • The yoga makes my glutes more sore than other kinds of WOs.
  • I’m just not as into lifting heavy right now, for whatever reason.


  1. Lateral jump. (jump over mat) Rev lunge w/ outside leg & then side kick 12x
  2. Running man jump shuffle, 2=1 10x punch fwd, 10x punch up (3x ea direction) 5s
  3. Hang clean to deep squat & stand, 20s 12x
  4. Half-way push-ups 8x followed by 5 full push-ups (2x)
  5. Lateral Switch lunge to pistol 12x 1=1 Changed this move Regretted making this harder! Managed one continual round of reps first time thru but took a little break ½way thru 2nd set.
  6. Lie down arms pull OH & press up 15s 10x Kept dumbbells pressed together during 2nd round. Weight was a little heavy but I lived.
  7. Plie squat, lift heels & come up, BL sandbag, 12x
  8. Plank, knee to opp elbow & same side elbow 1=1, 12x

Time = 25:03

Then I did 3 of 4 rounds of the abs routine below. Pretty funny to realise I’d sort of tweaked my left arm during the first set I did, and then I started off this last set w/ ankle weights, swapped them for one 3lb bet feet for 2nd round but hit failure during the first move. And then when I got to an hour’s WO time I’m like, You know what? I’m done. Wasn’t curious enough about the following tabata to even look at it.


about 50min HIIT & 40min yoga

This was one of those days I really had to talk myself into it. Even though I just had a rest day Sunday, this is a new week & I could take my first rest day off anywhere. Left tricep weakness complained in the yoga… More than usual. Perhaps I ought not to have lifted today at all, but…  (I’d made an earlier note to do astanga today, meaning a full practice but of course it’s so much harder to step up the plate for that. Maybe tomorrow.)



Strength and Cardio HIIT #1:Full Body

5 minute warm up: 30:30 2x
1. Air squats
2. Walk out pushup
3. Lateral lunge and reach
4. Butt kicks
5. Slow burpees

SET 1: Katelynn B Instagram post:
HIIT at 50:10 2x 10 minutes
1. Lunge and twist + kneel to stand and press 15s
2. Criss cross pushup + alt t-stand press 15s
3. Squat bicurl stand twist and press 15s
4. Curtsy lunge +elbow to knee 15s
5. Spider knee plank to around the world 10s I like the old Bodyrock version of around the world, front raise up to OH, side lat lower, palms facing fwd

SET 2: time pyramid 6 minutes
1. Clean and press to squat & press OH squat 20s
2. Bear row to decline row 15s

SET 3: HIIT superset 50:10 2x 4 minutes
1. Alt step up bicep curl 15s
2. Tricep burpee front raise 10s

Cardio HIIT: 50:10 2x I have to admit, I was so beat today I paused ½ way thru this set for like 3-4min
1. Decline burpee Prisoner Jacks
2. touchdowns pulse pop squats
3. commando plank hop, down plank jack
4. Skaters + hop in curtsy
5. Star Burpees
6. 3 groiners 2 switch lunges
7. handstand kickups I did mine kick up w/ both feet, catching balance & holding. Didn’t touch wall once. First time it took 2 tries to catch bal tho. Got one long hold & another shorter on the first set.
8. chair lunges YUCK!!!!
9. plank hop + box jumps
10. face melter 4 + 2 Jugglers tire run

Skipped the video’s 5min yoga amrap cool down for my own yoga.


  • Suryas & fundamentals, first 2 poses of primary, some of my fave non-vinyasa restorative, some finishing

60min cardio HIIT & some Yoga

Took a rest day yesterday. I’d done five workouts already for the week, and while it’d have been nice to get in a 6-day after all those light weeks (cat shows / cold), my upper body was still really sore, especially the front of both shoulders. It hurt to roll over!

But it’s funny how when I’m making the decision to rest there’s a bit of maudlin regret, but the very next morning I’m all, Man I’d like another rest day. 


20 Minute Boot Camp Sculpt Workout

Round 1: Video is a 20min no-rest set of 30/50, with high knees as the 30sec cardio before every #d move
Round 2: 15/50 with jump rope before every #d move for a 32:30min set

  1. Wood Chopper RL 15lbs
  2. Wood Chopper LL
  3. Side Lunge Kick RL two 15s
  4. Side Lunge Kick LL
  5. Plie Squat Jump 2nd round added 3lb weights
  6. Alternating Utkatasana to Dighasana A 2nd round added 3lb weights – made a lot harder!
  7. Hip Thrust (right) Brought my sandbag into the room thinking to do it the Julia way, but actually, doing it from table top & really trying to lift hips at the top & I feel it more, just bodyweight the Melissa way.
  8. Hip Thrust (left)
  9. Mountain Climber / Mat jumps for 2nd round
  10. Toe Tap Push-up push up to alt side ankle tap in downdog
  11. OH abs, 10lbs / Regular Sit-ups  Plank Crunch
  12. Side Plank Hip Lift (right) 2nd round add ppl band & leg lift
  13. Side Plank Hip Lift (left)
  14. Commando / Mat Jumps Plank to Dolphin Changed only b/c moving from dolphin back up to plank can irritate my left tricep weak spot
  15. Plank to Lunge I did mine lifting arms straight up OH 2nd round added 10lb weights



Single intervals of 10/60

  • Virasana, Supta V weighted, 50lbs
  • Malasana, Paschimo
  • Anjenayasana ½ arms straight OH and ½ backbend, holding 3lb weights
  • Hanuman strapped, 20sec upright 40sec backbend
  • Urdhva D @ wall, on blocks, tall way
  • Sirsasana & Sarvangasana – 10/3min each, halsasana & karna pida, 10 breathes, 1min savasana