No Equipment Full Body Vacation Workout #10, 2nd time

Did a no-equipment WO, one of Julia’s vacation series. I think I’ve hit them all at least once by now. Repeated one already…. I should try her others, but I knew I’d liked these so… My right knee is still gimpy and I can’t be trusted to go light when using weights w/ lower body moves so…


No Equipment Full Body Vacation Workout #10

  • First time was 9/5/17. Was dealing with bad air quality at that time. The fire season lasted longer last year! I’d forgotten.

SET 1: HIIT 50:10 2x

1. 4 squat jump + 4 pushups 4 plank hops
2. RL curtsy lunge + pulse tap to squat pulse
3. Yoga tricep pushup to dolphin
4. LL curtsy lunge pulse tap to squat pulse
5. Double star burpees 2 jack push-ups, 2 hops fwd, 2 star jacks

SET 2: Tabata Pair 20:10 8x
1. Split lunge front toe hops
2. Toe touch plank jacks

SET 3: HIIT TABATA 20:10 4x each move
1. Commando jacks and star jumps
2. Switch foot mtn climbers and 2 lunge hops
3. Plank 3 way knee tuck to pike glute raise
4. Rollback jump for height
5. 4 oblique hops & low jack From 4th oblique hop, hopped to ctr & came up to low squat, bunny hop. This was my least liked move. Might change it if I do this WO a 3rd time.

SET 4: HIIT 30:5 3x
1. Crab kicks
2. RL rocket lunges and lunge pulses
3. RL plank glute raise to scorpion hip dip
4. Jugglers
5. LL rocket lunges and lunge pulses
6. LL plank glute raise to scorpion hip dip

SET 5: TABATA pair 20:10 8x
1. Toe touch jacks 2 star jumps
2. Handstand shoulder tap Modified this move slightly last time & changed it again. I’m liking working on the handstand shoulder taps lately, and shorter intervals are better-er!

Paused 4 the first time here, last time. This time I didn’t pause the video at ALL, even when J said to take a break. I think that’s a first!

SET 6: HIIT TABATA 20:10 4x each move
1. Commando jacks and star jumps
2. Switch foot mtn climbers and 2 lunge hops
3. Plank 3 way knee tuck to pike glute raise
4. Rollback jump for height
5. 4 oblique hops 2 squat pulses

SET 7: HIIT 50:10 2x This was kind of a resting set, which was nice.
1. Frog pushup jump fwd and back
2. Frog pumps
3. Hip up leg lifts
4. 3 pivot squats and 3 sumo hops
5. Ab leg lifts

SET 8: Tabata pair 20:10 8x
1. In and out squat jumps
2. Mat hops

SET 9: HIIT TABATA 20:10 4x each move
1. Commando jacks and star jumps
2. Switch foot mtn climbers and 2 lunge hops
3. Plank 3 way knee tuck to pike glute raise
4. Rollback jump for height
5. 4 oblique hops 2 squat pulses

Time = 1:16 (last time was 1:21)


Shoulder Burst WO & Low Impact Booty Burnout

I got my watercolours out today and I got a workout in, at the hotel gym.

Unforunately right knee is still sore & possibly more-so. It’s a “thing”.  I had to be really careful picking my way around on the beach rocks, earlier today. Also I was wearing Danskos! NOT the shoes you want for that kind of thing. When your foot turns to the side it crunches your metatarsals nicely, lol.



Warm-up: Jump rope 10/30×6=4min

Shoulder Burst Workout

Set 1: Tabata pair 20:10 8x 4 mins
1. Shoulder Press SSD 20s. Harder than expected & then remembered yesterdays SA clean & press-ups w/ the 26lb kettlebell.
2. Ball Reg pushup to pike push-up

Set 2:
1. Lateral Raise 15, 12, 8 10s. For round 8 picked up the 3s too, hanging on them w/ thumbs, for 13lbs ea hand. Thought I’d finally have a chance to use 12s here but f-ing hotel had only one dumbbell in that weight.
2. Burpee Upright row 15, 12, 8 15s Julia was almost done the burpees in 12 round by the time I finished the 15, so I paused the vid & put on my music, lol.

Lat pulls – 70lbs – 8 reps

Set 3 30:10 3x 6 mins Could’ve really used those goddamn 12s!!!
1. Rev grip row 1st rnd 20s, then 25s, just b/c I finally had access to some. Bulky for rev grip. 2nd round did palms in, then switched back.
2. SSD Front raise 10s
3. Shrug to back fly on bench ball 10s

Set 4: 50:10 2x 10 mins
1. 6 way shoulders
2. divebomber pushup burpees
3. plank rows 20s
4. manmakers 15s – changed push-ups here to tricep style
5. handstand tap Hit failure here maybe 5sec before end of 2nd round, but I’ve been hitting the shoulders hard last couple days

Low Impact Booty Burnout

  • Have done this one at least once before. Was going to do another low impact Julia, but it was push-up heavy & I thought I’d had enough of those for today.

1. Clams/clam pulses RL
2. Clam kicks RL
3. Clams/clam pulses LL
4. Clam kicks LL
5. Side leg circles clockwise RL OMFG!!! I know I’ve done this routine before, but even w/out ankle weights these leg circles were BRUTAL for me today.
6. Side leg circles counter clockwise RL
7. Side leg circles clockwise LL
8. Side leg circles counter clockwise LL
9. Side leg pluses RL
10. Side leg rainbows RL
11. Side leg plulses LL
12. Side leg rainbows LL
13. Glute Diamond leg raises
14. Glute Scissor legs
15. SL bridge glute raise + lift and lower leg RL
16. SL bridge glute raise + lift and lower leg LL
17. Tabletop cross over knees RL
18. Tabletop cross over knees LL
19. Fire hydrants RL
20. Fire hydrants LL

BodyRock – Full Body Burn, some abs & yoga

Can’t seem to shake this cough I’ve got going. Nonetheless I had a really good cardio set.


BodyRock – Full Body Burn

15/50×33=35:45 (50sec rest interval in the middle)

  • Jump rope. Repeat before every #d move.
  1. Clean & press – starting w/ weights bet knees in a squat. 20s
  2. Decline push-up, row both side, jump fwd, clean & press, 20s
  3. Shot-put abs, kind of like a wood chop. Swing weight outside one leg & up & over other shoulder. Can sort of “catch” the weight w/ the other hand – swing it into it. 20
  4. Shot-put abs, other side
  5. 1/2 burpee w/ tuck jump Wanted to do the push-up
  6. Lunge fwd, bicep curl, rotate out, back in & step back. Alt. 15s
  7. Tricep dips
  8. Feet elevated, touch toe to opp hand
  • Bench jumps (side to side For those of us who remember step aerobics). Repeat before every #d move.
  1. Clean & press – starting w/ weights bet knees in a squat
  2. Decline push-up, row both side, jump fwd, clean & press, 20s
  3. SA swing 26lb kettlebell
  4. Other side shot-put
  5. Tuck jump burpee
  6. Lunge fwd, bicep curl, rotate out, back in & step back. Alt.
  7. Tricep dips
  8. Feet elevated, touch toe to opp hand


  • A somewhat ad lib 10/45×8=7:20min set. I pulled up a recent Michele burnout but couldn’t really remember it, so did some random abs I liked.


  • Got in eka pada sirsasana/s, or as we ashtangis & former ashtangis like to call those kinds of poses, and “LBH”, short for leg-behind-head.















#TitanUpin30 + HIIT Week 1 Challenge, some tabata & some yoga

I don’t normally film my WOs anymore, b/c I exercise in a very small & cluttered space, but Julia’s having a contest & the prize is $600 to spend at a fitness site. Not that I’m counting on being lucky enough to win – given the way my luck’s been in Provincial Podunk – but it’s the only way my broke ass would have access to things I’ve been craving, like a barbell, some plates and an adjustable plyo bench.

I’ve been devoted to fitness for decades, and I don’t have a coach, a gym or yoga studio or even real life exercise buddies. You’d think the universe might throw me a bone? LOL.

My strictly ghetto “incline bench”.

After the contest set I did an 8min Tabata from Zuzka, seeing as now even $9 a month is too expensive and not only can I not join Julia’s Patreon, but I’m going to have to cancel my Zgym tomorrow too!


#TitanUpin30 + HIIT Week 1 Challenge

  • My time was 37. I gave myself 5 extra seconds transition time in the HIIT, as I like to do to not miss seconds from the working intervals, and it took me a bit to set up the camera & move shit around in my small space. Second round of chest press I realized I must’ve scooted my bench a bit closer to the wall doing the decline burpees, b/d I kept hitting it! Had to angle the weights way in & still tapped the wall. Remembered to adjust for the 3rd round.

Circuit 1: 10 reps 4x Added 2lb wrist weights for 3rd & 4th rounds
1. Incline dumbbell press 15s. Picked up 20s for 4th rnd.
2. Incline SA chest fly 1st rnd – 13lbs ea hand (a 10 and a 3lb weight), 2=1. 2nd rnd – dropped to 10s, but 3rd & 4th had wrist weights on
3. SA kneeling DL clean to press 20 – turn to the side in lunge, knee coming to floor. Come fwd & squat, stand & press up. 5&5 (1=1)

HIIT: 50:15 3x, 16:15min

1. Plank hop Ninja jump to alt SA snatch 20. I can’t do ninja jumps. Closest I can get is rolling over my feet, but it’s not that dynamic and, more importantly, often tweaks out my knees.
2. Decline clean and press burpee 20s
3. Chest press leg lift 20s
4. Switch lunge SA clean and press 20s
5. Push press + alt curtsy lunge 20s. 

8 Minute Tabata #8

1. Jump Lunge
2. Bent Over Rows
3. Criss Cross Jump Squats
4. Burpee Jump Tuck
4 rounds


About 12min of my favorite restorative poses.

BodyRock Strength & Fat Burn 40 & a very quick Zuzka set

I really think my Wahoo TICKR is on its way out. Granted this was another very moderate, “just to get the blood moving a bit” WO, but a 108 average?

Without a gym, a coach, or workout buddies, I’ve really relied on my stats and blogging notes to keep myself motivated. Wonder if I’ll be able to keep going without a monitor. Guess it doesn’t matter that much.


BodyRock Strength & Fat Burn 40

  • 15/50×10 w/ 1min rest in midde = 22:40min
  1. Low squat jacks
  2. ½ burpee off end of bench & then box jump up & down
  3. Side lunge, one side 35lb kettlebell. Lisa does a pivot & press out here. 
  4. Other side
  5. Rev lunge w/ bicep curl alternated w/ pushing weights out in front / DL 15s
  6. Other leg
  7. Elevated side plank, bottom leg lifting Lisa does a SA side plank jump.
  8. Other side
  9. Alt SA swings 26lb kettlebell
  10. One arm tricep / one arm wide-reg push-up w/ knee in (same side as tricep arm)

    (1min rest)

  11. Other side
  12. Rev lunge w/ bicep curl. Do lateral raise back in lunge. Step fwd w/ knee-up. 10s
  13. Other side / leg.
  14. Curtsy lunge on bench w/ knee up (elbow to knee), out to the side a bit 15s
  15. Other side
  16. Rev lunge. Come back, keeping leg off floor & then drop to a tricep sort of pike push-up. Walk hands back to foot & repeat.
  17. Other side
  18. Squat, reaching up OH, w/ alt rev lunge 5s
  19. Woodchop 15s. Lisa does a rev alt fwd lunge w/ chops & OH weight. I cut out a the moving / pivoting lunges to be more careful w/ my right knee.
  20. Other side

Did the nice abs burnout along w/ the video. I think the intervals are 10/30 but she doesn’t say. I’d had them detailed out but forgot to save the draft before I closed my other computer.

Upper Body & Abs Inferno #8

  • Hadn’t previewed this beyond the first move so there was some stops & starts. I only did the first part, not the stretching part she repeats in this series. This one wasn’t the best w/out the ball. 

1. Dynamic push up / elbows bend plank hip side to side / elbows bend plank leg lift (each leg) x6

2. Leg raise / side to side knee tuck / pull up x5 I had to put my feet down on the floor before the pull-up. (At least I can do pull-ups w/ no assistance band I guess.)

3. One leg on the slider ball forward pike roll to back roll shoulder stretch x 6 alt. legs Couldn’t really do the shoulder stretch part w/out the ball.

4.  Three chin ups x 3

5. Plank slide forward to tippy toe wide legged forward bend / Reptile push up x8

6. Ball supported roll forward one leg lift into a handstand x 2 alt. legs x3


















Recovery WO

Wish I’d chosen an upper body & abs inferno by Z for my 2nd set, but whatever. I got something in for today and that’s all that matters.


21 Minute HIIT: Full Body Workout

  • 10/50×21=21min. Liked this a lot except for the yoga moves. I’d rather do the yoga @ the end. But this was all I was up for anyways, as I’m still a bit under the weather. Melissa said she aims for 120 jumps in a set! I mess up more feet together, but the most I did was like 90-something. Did jogging style a few of the sets too b/c easier for me.
  1. Jump Rope
  2. Deadlift
  3. Quadruped Leg Raise
  4. Jump Rope
  5. Warrior Deadlift (right) 35lb kettlebell
  6. Warrior Deadlift (left)
  7. Dive Bombers
  8. Jump Rope
  9. Bulgarian (right) 35lb kettlebell, same arm as elevated foot
  10. Other side
  11. Plank Walkouts Added a push-up
  12. Jump Rope
  13. Lunge Pulse Press (right) 20s
  14. Lunge Pulse Press Curl (left) Had grabbed the 20s which are too heavy for curls, for me.
  15. Superman
  16. Jump Rope
  17. Plank Cross Row with Floor Tap 20
  18. Folded Twist
  19. Jump Rope
  20. Curtsy Lunge (alternating) 20s
  21. Pigeon Stretch (alternating)

Standing Core + Glutes Workout

  • 10/50×12=12min. This was really too easy, even for a recovery WO. Considered doing a Zuzka set after & paused the timer. Then decided to just call today a recovery WO & do a few stretches. 
  1. Swaying Goddess-Right
  2. Swaying Goddess-Left
  3. Tip Toe Single Leg Pulse-Right
  4. Tip Toe Single Leg Pulse-Left
  5. Tick Tock Goddess-Right
  6. Tick Tock Goddess-Left
  7. Trunk Rotation
  8. Back Stretch to Flat Back
  9. Star Tap-Right
  10. Star Tap-Left
  11. Leg Abduction/Rotation-Right I really felt this one, in the thighs, b/c of the last two days’ WOs. 
  12. Leg Abduction/Rotation-Left

A few minutes of yoga to close.

Cardio Shred #24 & Killer Legs #11

No stats today! I started & realized after the buy-in I’d forgotten to put on my monitor. Since I was undecided about working out tonight at all I thought “NBD”.

About 75min total.

Cardio Shred #24

I think I started right at 6:05, only an hour after eating, lol. Still fine.

Buy in:

  1. 1min high knees with jump rope
  2. 1min Pinca Mayurasana handstand


  1. Renegade Push Up Ladder: 10, 9, 8. 20s. Row each arm. Push-up. Jump fwd to clean & press up.
  2. Jump Tuck x10
  3. Pistol Squat 10 alt. Was worried the knees would’t want this, but just w/ body weight was ok.
  4. Competition Burpees Ladder: 10, 15, 20 I did 15, 15, 15.

Buy out:

  1. 1min high knees with jump rope
  2. 1min Pinca Mayurasana handstand

Killer Legs #11

+2lb ankle weights

1. Fondue Arabesque Attitude Battement x 16 / Arabesque Attitude One Leg Demi Plie Eleve x 16 / Arabesque Battement x 16 – on each leg
2. First Position Releve (x8) / Grand Plie Pulses (x8) X 4 sets on each leg
3. One Leg Curtsy to Releve / A La Sebesque Kick X 16 reps on each leg

~Cardio & Weights~

1. OBulgarian x 10 / 10 26lb bell, held on same side as elevated leg
2. Jump Lunge (x2) Side Kick x 10/10
3. Deadlift to Side Step Squat x 10 45lb bell & orng band, but ppl band would’ve been better
4. Jump Jack Squat Heel Lift x 20 Moved orng band below knees as per vid, but next time do w/ orng band above knees – no slipping & is enough resistance, or if not ppl would be.

Did some of Z’s stretching after and veered off into my own thing.


Summer Body Supersets & Tabata pt 1, followed by some yoga

I have one more round of HIIT to do from this and 2 ½ of the supersets.


Summer Body super sets & Tabata

was  gonna do just 1/2 the rounds of each super set, but I realized that I’m going SO MUCH LIGHTER than J, it was ok to do 4x at the beginning.

Tabata HIIT (10/20×20=10min) Do each move 4x before moving on.
1. (19-18-17-16) Squat drop weight box jump 20s first two sets. 3rd set I grabbed my 26 & 35lb kettlebells & changed their sides 1/2 way thru (J / 40s – everyone’s got these power blocks these days!)
2. (15-14-13-12) DL plank hop squat jump 20s (J / 82!!! I’m not sure if I want those huge, clunky powerblocks, but I’d love a barbell.)
3. (11-10-9-8) Weighted heel clicks + bi curl 15s Heel click upright & with hands on floor, then bicep curl
4. (7-6-5-4) Clean and press burpee 20s  (J / 82)
5. (3-2-1-0 )Bench lateral up and over + leg lift

SS1 4x: 12 reps
1. Plank rows 6/arm
2.Weighted chair lunges 2=1, x12 10lbs

Repeat Tabata HIIT

SS2: 4x
1. Bulgarian drop set 6 20s, 6 15s/leg (J / 30s & then 25s)
2. Swings Halo slams 6 each direction 45lb bell (but both hands holding x12) A 20 is a bit light for me for halo slams, but a 45lb bell is still challenging for swings, so I chose that. (J / 40)

Repeat Tabata HIIT

SS3: 2x
1. Box squat forward Lunge 6/leg BL sandbag. OK this move w/ my heavier sandbag was like, ya… I’m getting done, for me. Plus I was an hour in after the 1st round, so I decided to just do one more an call it a day on this WO.
2. Decline plank hop shoulder tap Somehow I ended up doing the chair lunges for the 2nd move of the first SS! Not sure how that happened, but just swapped it out here for the one I’d missed.

Repeat Tabata HIIT

SS4: 4x 12 reps
1. Tricep push-up + plank jack and plank tuck jump
2. Chest press leg drop 20s


Non vinyasa

Two sets of HIIT and the beginning part of Astanga

Ya that was enough for today. Note to self: consuming a large bag of swedish fish in 5min, immediately before a workout, is probably not the best idea.


15 Minute Fat Burn #2

  • Vid is 15/45. Did once along w/ the video, to learn the moves, just b/c it quickly seemed like too much work to make good-enough notes to do from breakdown. Was going to do another round and then I thought, Why not revisit some HIITmax?
  1. Sumo squat jump and clap Start in sumo w/ arms straight out to the side. Jump up & clap hands together OH.
  2. Commando burpees Lower to belly. Come up & knee in. Repeat other side. Lower to belly a 3rd time, jump fwd & then up.
  3. Lunge jump / sumo squat / rockstar jump alt. legs
  4. Flying Scorpio Push Ups
  5. Single Leg V- Ups
  6. One Leg Surrender Jump Squat – left
  7. One Leg Surrender Jump Squat – right
  8. Everest Climbers (x3) to one leg push up
  9. Side jump lunge (x3) to front kick
  10. Side Plank Knee Tuck Burpees
  11. Jump Lunge to Side Kick
  12. Knee hug to plank jump
  13. Mat jumps
  14. Reverse Burpees
  15. Ab Splitters

HIITmax 1


  • Jump rope before every #d move
  1. Squat jumps 
  2. Dead lift, squat, alt lunges – 20s
  3. 10 high knees, 4 switch lunges – 10s
  4. Stationary lunge (down & up but don’t step forward – keep feet in one place) & shoulder press (same arm as leg) – 15s
  5. Other side
  6. Frogger
  7. Burpee / surfer – jump up from burpee into squat, jump up & change direction
  8. Tricep dips
  9. Step up on rack with one leg & kick straight out to the back with the other 10s Super cheat-y & light. Should’ve used at least 15s. 
  10. Other side
  11. Clean kettlebell to one shoulder, squat, put it down, push-up, tuck jump – changing sides 26lb bell Move too complex for 30sec. Change to alt clean & squat / stand.
  12. Swings 45lb bell


Suryas & standing fundamentals, first 3 poses of primary.


























Weighted Total Body Circuit Workout, pt 1

HIIT Circuit: 5/30 (2x) @ 5:08
1. Criss Cross Jacks 10lbs
2. Squat w/Alternating Knee Lift Hands behind head, twisting.
3. Walk Out to Plank Push-up
4. Roll Up w/Overhead pull 10lbs, starting on butt on floor. 2nd rnd – Changed this to OH pull, coming fwd to feet & jumping up.
5. Alternate Jump Side Lunges
6. Staggered Hand Burpees w/ jump change (BodyRock style) Push-up to Push Back Got the staggered push-up but just made the move a little more dynamic & plyo.

Circuit 1: 3 Rounds @ 12:22. Excellent, challenging set
1. Right Leg Plank – L. Knee Crunch to Glute Lift 12x feet elevated, 5lb ankle weights
Then Left Leg Bulgarian 12x 15s. 1st rnd – SA press up, same arm as elevated foot. This was a really challenging, double-faceted set of moves, w/ the 5lbs on extended legs. Also balance is also challenging on Bulgarians. 2nd & 3rd rnds didn’t do the SA press-ups.
2. Left Leg Plank – R. Knee Crunch to Glute Lift 12x
Then Right Leg Bulgarian 12x 15s. 
3. Plank row both sides to squat & OH press 10x 20s Even w/out the dble push-up that Julia would include in each manmaker rep, this move still takes me a long time w/ 20s.
4. Overhead Slam to Burpee Plank Jack 10x 1st rnd – 26lb kettlebell / 2nd & 3rd rnds – 20lb dumbbell

Circuit 2: 3 Rounds @ 28:23 Loved this set too.
1. Bicep Curl – V twist down turn to thigh 15x 10s
2. Heels Elevated – Squat (Band on Thighs) 12x BL sandbag Really interesting w/ heels elevated! I used the backs of my 10lb dumbbells.
3. Deadlift to Up-Right Row (Heels Elevated) 10x 15s
4. Kettlebell Swing 15x 45lbs

Circuit 3: 3 Rounds @38:39
1. Bicep Curl to Overhead Press to Tricep Extension 12x 10s w/ 2lb wrist weights
2. Right Heel Elevated – Deadlift to SL box sit back squat 10x 20lbs I can do pistols but they’re still hard and I wouldn’t want to add any weight, not even 10lbs.
3. Left Heel Elevated – Deadlift to sit back squat 10x 20lbs
4. Light Good Morning to Barbell Squat 10x 15s

Circuit 4: 3 Rounds @52:25
1. Runners Stomp Right (10x)/Runners Stomp Left (10x) Deep lunge, tap back foot in & back
2. 10x Plank Jack to Frog Hop
3. Right Side (twisted like suitcase lunge) Up-right row/Clean to chest – 10x. Press OH & surrender down & back up. Alt sides. 15s
4. (Alternate) Overhead Snatch – Weight to Floor 10x. Squat Hold to Glute Raise
5. Deep Squat to Alternate Reverse Cross Over Lunge 10x no weight

Bonus: Ab: 3 Circuits – 5/45 3 Rounds
Circuit 1:
1. 5lb weight Behind Right Knee – Reverse Crunch hold & Left knee crunch down
2.5lb weight Behind Left Knee – Reverse Crunch hold & right knee crunch down
3. Oblique Mountain Climbers

Circuit 2:
1. Right Foot Front Lunge – Crunch Elbow to Left Side
2. Left Foot Front Lunge – Crunch Elbow to Right Side
3. Plank Jack So beat here that I took M up on her suggestion to do plank tap outs rnds 2 & 3, b/c no! I didn’t really feel like anymore jumping! And I did them from forearms. And I didn’t do the 3rd circuit, lol.

Circuit 3.
1. Hold Back off Floor – Arms Overhead & row back squeeze
2. Hold Back off Floor – Arms to Sides Squeeze and raise
3. Legs off Floor – Glute Lift


About 16min