2017 Holiday HIIT #12: Sweaty Xmas Present by Kristin R

Well, I got the Polar going again via putting a new battery in the watch, and that might’ve been it. I can see where it’s going to be extremely difficult to make any more than a couple battery changes on the strap though, and while I’d ordered batteries for it, I also got a Wahoo TICKR. First of all, it’s cheaper than the cheapest Polar, and I’m sick of repurchasing them. Secondly it was recommended by my triathlete former boss, Trish, and I trust her judgment. That’s what she uses. Last of all, you don’t have to wear a watch on your wrist, and it sometimes gets in the way working out, mostly in yoga but also if I want to wear wrist weights to bump up some arm moves a little bit.

So I’m going to try it out, but not for yoga. I know! I know. I could use it, but I’m doing the last of this Julia holiday series. Seems like it’ll be a little less intense than #11, thankfully.

That’s an inflated calorie burn estimate for SURE. It’d be hard impossible to compare to the Polar though b/c you’d have to wear two straps at once.

I’d guess that I burned 700-800ish.

2017 Holiday HIIT #12: Sweaty Xmas Present by Kristin R

50:10 Warm Up (5 min)
1. Plank Walk out Pushup
2. Lunge and Twist
3. Prisoner Jacks
4. Skaters
5. 1 box squat 1 box Squat Jump

Weighted HIIT: 50:10 3x (12 min)
1. Burpee Split Lunge Snatch (keep alt legs) 15s
2. Backload Alt Step up to Squat sandbag
3. Alt Fallen triangle + 2 dips +t-stand 2 dips Didn’t come back to plank bet dip styles. I did 2 dips in fallen triangle, then moved my bottom foot & stacked the top to do 2 more reg t-stand dips.
4. Broad Jump Clean & Press Bunny Hop back 20s I did 4x bunny hops & then stayed low b4 the broad jump, so standing up straight in the clean was a rest 4 my legs!

Circuit: 5 reps – 5x (little rest between moves) √, √, √, √, √ Surprised when I caught up w/ the vid I was only 7min behind. So I procrastinated more!
1. Hang Cleans 20s
2. Double DB Rows (5 renegade rows 2=1 / 5 Double wide rows 1=1) 20s
3. Burpee Clean & Press 20s first round then dropped to 15s. There’s enuff clean & press in this WO! lol
4. DB Split Lunge to Switch Lunge (2=1) 15s first round then dropped to 10s

Bodyweight HIIT: 50:10 x2 (8 min)
1. SL Downdog to Spiderman to updog (switch on 2nd round)
2. Squat 3 Pulse + box Squat Jumps These were KILLER w/o standing up straight after landing from box jump, but sinking immediately to a hover before the 3 pulses. My hip flexors have been really sore lately too, particularly the left.
3. Incline Tricep Pushup burpee box jump
4. Rocket Step Up to Switch Lunge

Paused for a minute hanumanasana (split) on ea side. I needed to stretch my legs!

Tabata Pairs: (8 min)
1. Rev Grip Pushup wide bi curl 15s
2. SL DL to Bicep Curl 15s

1. Spiderman-maker
2. Squat Hammer Front Raise 10s

Finisher: Combo Move Pyramid Finisher 5-1
1. Staggered Pushup, Plank Row, SA Clean and Press, SA Snatch, SA Swing 20 LOVED this. Hard on the swings! That was the last move & I usually use 15 for SA. Since I use 35 for kettlebell tho, I guess it’s time to bump up (tho I can’t afford a heavier kettlebell or a barbell….)
2. Bulgarian – DL – SL Pushup – SL glute raise 15s


Happy New Goals!!

Wasn’t in the mood for the intensity of a Julia WO today. I think I want to make more of my days moderate, right now at least. I’m looking pretty fit I think, but I’m too stiff & sore too often, and I’m not aiming for gimpy. So this is less than a warmed-up Astanga burn but that is a-ok.  (I should really do the yoga tomorrow though. I substituted one of the moves below w/ a yoga move & it was so much fun.

Working out early def has its advantages. Got a few minutes before I’m due to be “on” at my desk, and already I:

  1. got endorphins
  2. showered and dressed (a BFD in Portland)
  3. took care of the kitties’ bathroom situation
  4. had breakfast
  5. put away dishes, loaded dirties in sink & took out some recycling

The main DISSadvantage is that there’s very little hot water after the other three adults here have already taken showers. It’s ok for a quick rinse off & very minimal shaving.

I did add some weight to a couple moves, which is much different from the beast mode all the way through.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope – skipped the vid warm-up.

  • Quad stretch, hanuman, paschimo, ustrasana

Happy New Goals!!

Donkey Kick Sit-Thru 5 back to wall so went up to 90% handstand 4 the donkies
Squat Jacks-5
Front Crossover Lunge to Angled Lunge L-5
Calf Raise Squats-5 butt to calves in the squat
Front Crossover Lunge to Angled Lunge R-5

Tabata Pairs 20/10 4x’s add 2lb wrist weights next time
Rev Lunge to SLDL L 15s
Lateral Squat Jumps

Rev Lunge to SLDL R 15s
Snowboard Hops

Triangle Skaters I like to concentrate on the wideness of the lateral jump & leg & balance involved in the toe touch, so after first round I did reg skaters.
Side Shuffle Up Down

Upper-Body HIIT at 45:15 1x
Corn Cob Push-Ups
Tricep Push Up L Introduced to these in P90X & never did again once I found HIIT, but M gave a good tip to bend legs. Makes it harder. Was fun in this WO.
Plank Hand, Elbow, Shoulder Tap Elevated feet to bench for 2nd round. Next time do ½ square w/ feet on wall & straight shoulder taps. Maybe 1st round handstand shoulder taps.
Side to Side Mtn Climbers Next time, change to slider pike abs or mat jumps.
Lying Scapular Rows On elbows, pulling shoulder blades in. I added a st. leg lift to this for abs. She forgot it 2nd round! Next time I might do swimmers
Tricep Push-Up R

HIIT at 30:5 2x’s
Squat to Squat Jump 10s
Side Lunge to Lateral Glute Raise L
Toe Squats
Side Lunge to Lateral Glute Raise R

Repeat 45:15 Upper-Body HIIT

HIIT at 45/15 1x Next time: 10/50×2
Double Mountain Climbers Commando knee tuck & back up, knee tuck. Next time elevate feet
Rocking Horses (Stork Lunge to GLute Raise) L Liked this one! Stationary lunge. Hop foot up & clap under, then put weight in that leg & do a glute lift w/ right
Commando Push-Ups
Alt. Rev Plank Leg Lift Plyo Hip Thrusts
Rocking Horses R
Banana Splits
Plank to Pinca Mayurasana, bend legs, come down Inchworm Plank
Plank Jacks Next time change to jugglers

Short HIIT & Tabata & easy yoga

Well… was thinking to maybe do astanga but it’s just so cold inside, here in Portland. Plus I’m stiff and sore. I’m breaking out of order in the Julia WOs to do this no equipment one she just posted. It’s a short “burst” WO of 35min. No preview at all. Last night I had a solo Grimm binge, rather than planning any exercise.


No Equipment Full Body Cardio and Strength Burst Workout

  • Did the burst straight thru w/out pausing for once. Was good cardio strain & certainly got me warmed up in 35min! Course I cooled right off immediately, once I stopped jumping around, and had to turn on the space heater.

HIIT 50:10 2x 10 mins
1. Roll back switch lunge burpee
2. Plank hand walk 10 and walk out hold 5 seconds
3. Low lateral lunge to pistol squat
4. Donkey kicks up and over
5. Bear shoulder tap to plyo pushup

Tabata Pair time pyramid 6 minutes:
1. Dive bomber to angry donkey up and star jump
2. Walk out staggered hand pushup walk back heel grab

HIIT 50:10 2x 10 minutes
1. Ninja broad jump bunny hop back
2. Pushup alt t-stand and dip/reach under
3. Double tricep burpee did my 2 jumps as tuck jumps
4. 5 squat jumps 5 plank hops
5. 3 groiners 2 front kicks

 Time pyramid 6 minutes:
1. 3 switch lunges touch down and rocket up
2. increasing heel clicks


  • 41min

2017 Holiday HIIT #10: All I want for Christmas is Buns and Guns! By Christine C

This was a good full body WO. I’m going to feel all the OH sandbag stuff later in my arms & shoulders, I think…


2017 Holiday HIIT #10: All I want for Christmas is Buns and Guns! By Christine C

Bodyweight Buy in: 4:11
1. 25 squats ppl band
2. 50 split squats left (25/leg)
3. 25 sumo squats
4. 25 squat jumps ppl band

HIIT round #1 (50:10 x2) 12 mins  This set & next w/ video
1. clean press to OH box squat sandbag (vertical straps b/c others too long)
2. Deadlift + bent over row (sandbag standing on block)
3. Alt rev lunge + good morning BL sandbag
4. Deadlift + alt plank row 20s jumping back to plank, no push-up
5. Squat and press + surrender 15s
6. SA snatch + SL deadlift 20s

Swing circuit (30:10 x4, 2 per side) 8 mins @17:54
1. Curtsy swing + SA press 15
2. Halo swing + staggered pushup snatch burpee 20 one side. Snatch weight up & then grab w/ both hands, slam & halo. Then put it down on that arm’s side for staggared push-up.
3. SA swing +SA plank hop + concentration curl in squat Maybe just kettlebell swing next time, or take out the swing. Couldn’t get a good flow in this one.

Mat set (1x) @27 This & next 2 sets from breakdown.
10 pushups
12 chest press + leg lowers 20s on bench
10 pull-ups pushups 4 unassisted I like to vary the pushing & pulling, a bit more. Switched to the lighter (less help) red band for the assisted reps too.
12 chest fly + bridge 15s
10 pushups
12 lat pull over 15s
10 pull-ups pushups x unassisted
12 T stand presses (6/side) 15
10 pushups

Squat tabata set (20:10 x4 each move 8 minutes)
Option of body weight squats during the 10 seconds Did this except for b4 last move where I hadda get my band on.
1. OH squat to good morning x4. Keeping weight on shoulders.
2. ski squat + front raise SSD 10s
3. Sumo squat with t-curl + stand to Y presses 10s
4. Squat jumps ppl band

Lunge set (2x) √,
20 weighted chair lunges 1=1 20
10 Bulgarian/leg BL sandbag
10 curtsy lunge/leg BL sandbag
20 rocket step ups 10/leg
10 deficit rev lunges/leg BL sandbag rnd 1, then dropped to 20s. It was a lot for me to do Bulgarians w/ the sandbag & then the next one! Plus I’d done more clean & press w/ the sandbag than usual, with that first move in the first HIIT set.
10 lunge back touchdown kick /leg

HIIT round #2 (50:10:30:10 x1) 10 mins Back w/ video.
1. SA plank hop +SA clean and press 20
a. Mountain climbers
2. Dragon lunge burpees sandbag
a. Oblique burpees
3. Goblet side lunge + toe touch 20
a. 3 skaters
4. Switch mountain climber + arnold press 15s
a. Wide leg mountain climbers
5. SL tricep push up + step up
a. Lateral box jumps
6. Manmakers 20s
a. Burpees

Time = 1:17. Only 12min more than video w/ breaks & note time included! That’s pretty good for me, but then I had a rest day yesterday. (I could’ve managed a yoga but I wanted to focus on art.)


About 15min

2017 Holiday HIIT #9: Shoulder Boulder Builder & yoga

Well… Got going slowly today for no real reason. Hemmed & haw-d about what WO to do. I could take a rest day but I don’t want to. In the mood for another moderate WO. So no jump rope before hand. Just a little stretching. Then I did more after. Quads really sore!


2017 Holiday HIIT #9: Shoulder Boulder Builder

Hiit set 50:10 2x 10 mins Great warm-up set
1. Weighted walk out plank front raises walk back 10s
2. Traffic director lunges 10s
3. Squat hold Burpee with front raise in squat 10s
4. SSD seated Arnold press 20s
5. Commando jack to pike push-up

Paused for 10breath quad stretch ea side

Tabata cardio circuit 20:10 do as a circuit 4x 8 mins
1. Squat jack weight touch down and press 10s 
2. Dumbbell battle ropes (light weights)1st rnd – 10s, then 5s which was too light. Next time hold the 5s & 3s together.
3. Hands and knees (table top) front raise to fly 10 GREAT core work in trying to keep the body tight while doing those 2 moves.
4. Wall runners shoulder taps

Superset: 3x √, √, √  10:44 Hadda take a break after ea round to rest quads. Seriously grateful breakdown doesn’t call for 4. I HATE four rounds, lol.
1. 8 OH rev lunges/leg sandbag Discovered that I CAN keep handles on lengthwise handles & clean, but the handles are so long & I am so petite I can’t really get much of a press UP there, lol. Started over on last round to change grips to do the OH lunges. I have to use the ones w/ the shorter straps.
2. 5 Bear crawl fwd (4 “steps) to box commando up incline pushup bear craw back 2 squat jumps The push-up is the rest here! Quad rest. Realized I’m  not sure if opp hand from foot is how bear crawl is supposed to go. That’s the way I settled on.

Superset: 3x √, √, √ 8:55
1. 8 front raise and drive 15 Front raise. Twist 1 way, then the other way & down.
2. 8 Decline tricep pike push-up Burpee bent arm lateral raise 10s On weights for pike push-up. Changed the push-up style b/c of left tri weak spot. Couldn’t get any decent range of pike motion @ that angle w/out it complaining.

Burnout: 50:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10 @34:25
1. Clean and press + to OH squat 20s +ppl band, I should try to learn how to clean & press the sandbag withOUT changing grips, so I can do a continual move like this, b/c also that’s the only way I can squat safely w/ weight OH. I’ve tried! It’s better w/ a sandbag than even as light as 15s. Didn’t want to bother w/ it today tho.
2. Alt SA snatches 20
3. Weighted jab/cross/hook/elbow 5s
4. Commando jack + commando up angry donkey
5. Squat & press up palms facing in + eccentric lateral lower 10s

1:06 Maybe Julia was “efficient & fast” lol.


About 35min. Suryas & fundamentals. (As with handstands & standing back bends). Also the hanuman & samakona in there b/c not saving anything up.) Then dandasana & paschimo, finishing to fish. Why is that pose the one Sanskrit name I can NEVER remember? Usually I look it up but screw it.

I could feel that left tricep thing in the surya Bs and really tried to bounce my weight past it. Was gonna maybe do Astanga tomorrow but we’ll see. Either that or a rest day I’d say.

1/2 full body reps & 1/2 yoga

Jamie is one of the fitness friends & she posts her WOs in the Facebook group pretty often. I’ve saved a few of them before, meaning to try, but a bit nervous about it. A lot of these women are more extreme than I, which might surprise any old friends from my yoga days. Today though, she posted this one & some people asked about how long it takes her. The consensus was an hour if lifting heavy, maybe 45min if not. But for me? You never know if it’s going to be close to 2 hours! (My endurance is high anyway :))

I wasn’t sure how hard I wanted to workout today. I need to exercise, but I also need to cook for jam night, and my body is still feeling Sunday’s glutes routine. I take stretching breaks while drawing… Anyhow I decided to change up the order of the workout and cut it way down. I’d like to do the full thing some time; I just needed a good amount of stretching today, and I didn’t have time to go for two, full hours.



Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Full body by Jamie 2, halved

  • I halved everything except the ladder, which was 2/3rd. Decided to leave it open whether at that point I wanted to 1) move on to some yoga, 2) do one more round or 3) do two more rounds (of supersets & triset, to make it same rep count as breakdown). Doubtful on the last option. I didn’t want to work out too hard today. Sometimes moderate is good.

Ladder: 1x, time = 6:44

  • Breakdown calls for 3 full sets of this @ the end. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it more than once or twice. I decided to start w/ one round & time it.
    • Rnds 1-4 continuous, then breaks after ea round. Round 7 changed hammer to bicep curl, even tho harder @15 for me, to change it up
  • 15s Movement fluid thru ea exercise.
    Continue adding 1 more rep w/out rest until x8 = 1 set
  1. Plank Thruster
  2. Hammer Curl
  3. Front Squat
  4. Shoulder Press


Superset 1: 2x time = 6:16

  1. Squat (butt to bench) + Good Morning x10 BL sandbag
  2. 1 and 3/4 Lateral Rail x8 10s Raise arms up to lateral, lower 3/4, raise fully again & then lower = 1 rep LOVED this move! I was only lowering like 1/2 way tho, if that, to be able to do the 8 reps w/ 10s, lol.

Superset 2: 2x time = 7

  1. Static Lunge & SA Tricep Kickback x10 ea arm 10s + 2lb wrist weights
  2. InchWorm + Push-up x10 (Kept wrist weights.) Added standing arch even tho it took extra time Replace next time, maybe w/ elevated pike, pike jump burpee.

Triset: 2x time = 5:54

  1. Arnold Shoulder Press x8 15s for all
  2. Upright Row x8
  3. SL DL X12 ea leg

Ladder: 1x, time = forgot 2 set

  • Repeat of 1st set. This time I did hammer alt w/ bicep curls for move 2. That was the only change.

(46:18 when I stopped after 2nd ladder, including warm-up.)

Non-Vinyasa Yoga

About 45min. Threw in a 5min sirsasana & 3min sarvangasana. Felt good.



full body by Jamie 2-01.jpg

2017 Holiday HIIT #8: Glute Growing

I was going to do yoga today, but after a marathon of sitting on my ass the last two days, driving to the cat show, participating 2 days and then driving back, I was in the mood for something more active, more ass-tastic.

The big show in Portland next month is going to kill my WO schedule for two weeks, but after that I believe I’ll be done with showing for awhile (fingers crosses). Was telling Charlie that if I were a wealthy cat lady I’d do two things: 1) buy my own stud cat and get him his two additional partners and 2) delegate the shows (mostly) to some cat loving, responsible high school lady.

Didn’t even stretch after this, Bad Lady.


(extra) Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

2017 Holiday HIIT #8: Glute Growing

Warm-up: 2x
25 Frog Pumps
25 Banded Lateral Squat Walks
10/leg leg lift hip up

SET 1: 2x
1. Bulgarian drop set (8 reps each weight, 3 weights) BL sandbag, 20s & 8lb vest, 15s I did alt legs to fin ea weight before dropping weight, as I wasn’t doing so by simply picking up dif dumbbells. Rnd 2 – kept on vest for 15s round.
2. 12 box squats to alt forward lunge sandbag
3. 10 1 and ½ RDL rnd 1 – 20s, rnd 2 sandbag, on blocks, w/ 8lb vest thrown over middle

SET 2: HIIT superset 50:10 4x 8 mins + 8lb vest
1. DL drop weight jump and squat to stand 20s 
2. lateral step up & knee up to side lunge/leg BL sandbag Heavy for me for a SL, stepping up move! Let my mind wander & almost fell off bench during 2nd round of it, LOL. After that paid closer attention to form.

SET 3: 4x √, √, √,  √   Hadda take a break after each round. After 2nd I was thinking, “FOUR times???” Note to self: Next time, break this up into two smaller sets, put one @ the very beginning & u can eliminate the jump rope warm-up.
1. 10 alt curtsy lunge plank hop 20s
2. 20 swings 35lb kettlebell
3. 10 rev lunge toe touch/leg 20

SET 4: HIIT superset 50:10 2x 4 mins 8lb vest, sandbag & ppl band
1. banded Sumo DL + 2 lateral side steps
2. banded hip thrusts

SET 5: HIIT: 30:10 x4 (10:40 min) (5lb Ankle Weights) Challenging for me on the 8 backloads but I did well. Was thinking to change the order next time but actually I’ll keep as is. The downdog glute raises were REALLY challenging, by this point, w/ the 5lbs each leg.
1. backload static Rev Lunge leg lift sandbag
2. Down dog glute raises
3. Backload curtsy +leg lift  sandbag
4. RDL + hang clean 20s

Glute Isolation: each leg 2x all moves on one leg then the other 5lb ankle weights. 
20 Donkey pulses I did mini pulses, I know, b/c I was even faster than Julia here, lol. Cheating! Definitely cheating. Didn’t matter as the burn was good.
10 Straight leg lifts
10 fire hydrants
10 donkeys
20 Donkey Pulses

2017 Holiday HIIT #7: Chest, Triceps & Cardio

Well, my back feels much better for the rest day yesterday. Just that tiny bit of stretching (mostly twisting) that I did before meditation & pranayama really helped. Unfortunately it meant that if I wanted to get even four WOs in this week I hadda get up at 6 today, when I’m going to be working until past 9pm. Cat show!


2017 Holiday HIIT #7: Chest, Triceps & Cardio

HIIT circuit 4x  50:10 OMG this killed me! I went super light & at my own pace. My slowest was the last move. I was going maybe ½ Julia’s pace. But it’s enough for me that I got my ass out of bed early to do this.
1. Decline bosu burpee (If I repeat this WO I’d do it 15/50 and maybe add a ppl band here, but as I’ll be shorter on time than usual I decided nay.)
2. Incline pushup 2 bench hops 5
3. alt Forward lunge tricep kickback
4. 4 goblet sumo squat jump + 4 sumo hold and alt 2 dumbbell toe touches (twist and touch toes with plate)
5. 6 OH high knee toes taps (2=1) + 6 weighted chair lunges (bring weight to goblet hold for chair lunges)

Set 1: Tabata pair 20:10 8x 4 mins
1. dumbbell incline Chest Press 20s
2. Decline bosu pushups + plank straddle hop off shoulder tap have body parallel to long way bench

Super Set 2: 15 of ea move, then 12 of each etc 5:35
1. Close press 15, 12, 8 (15s, 20s, 22s)
2. incline fly 15, 12, 8 (10, 12, 15) (on dinosaur in backbend – 15s)

Giant Set 3: 30:10 3x 6 mins @33:15 +2lb ankle weights
1. Incline Press (on dinosaur in backbend – 15s)
2. SL bosu pushups on ground, alt legs up
3. Decline tricep burpees

Giant set 4: 2x Stayed w/ vid & went lite to keep up.
1. bench dip leg lift 10
2. 3 groiner to bent kickbacks 8 reps
3. T-stand headbangers 8/arm

Super set 5: tabata pair 20:10 8×4 mins I need to get some 12s!
1. down dog spider knee tricep pushup up dog and back
2. Bridge headbangers

HIIT 20:10 4x each move 8 minutes
1. pull over chest press 15s
2. handstand shoulder tap (4) plank jacks shoulder taps 4
3. weighted walkout pushup pulse
4. Staggered hands burpee (one hand forward one hand back-2 pushups per burpee)


Then some yoga

2017 Holiday HIIT #6

Note to self: repeat this WO.

Paused the vid for the first time after Triplet 2. Took me like five min to delete a couple paragraphs & type this one because iPhone. But I left my 5lb ankle weights on for that last move. Holy shit!

Tabata 3: changed the 1st move to broad jump fwd/ bunny hop back just because it’s a favorite.

Last set killed me! So many sets she can cruise through back to back….She lost me in the middle of the 3rd & then I finished that move & took a nice long break, lol. Move 4, changed bench hops to mat jumps. Also did 1st round of squats with 20s but then changed to BL sandbag. Made it through moves 5-7 before pausing again. Went light with 15s for the Bulgarians but was glad for it on the 2nd side, my weaker left leg.

I’d strongly prefer last 2 moves way slower and catching balance. Will do that way next time. Loved this last set though. Killer.

Time = 1:33. Some minimal yoga after.

Average of 140 ya I was working hard. Haven’t got my sit in yet though. That’ll have to happen in the evening.

2017 Holiday HIIT #5

Couldn’t copy & paste the text so couldn’t do an effective preview (jotting down intended weights for example) so didn’t bother previewing at all.

I guess I don’t mind that I couldn’t do a breakdown because this one, while enjoyable & good for a low energy, tweaky day, isn’t as good of a workout as my baby Astanga (with a warmup).

It got my blood moving though and went by super fast, like Julia says at the end, so I’m glad I did it.