9,000 Subs Celebration Workout by Jen A

I shortened this! My appreciation for shorter WO’s started when I had a busier schedule in the late spring. I joined Zuzka’s online gym for quick, evening WOs, was more careful about my diet and actually lost weight. Not that I needed to lose any, but I was all of a sudden just a little “extra toned”. And I’m like, Huh. Sometimes less is more.

So…. the people in Julia’s Fitness Friends group are all amazing, but many of them are way more hardcore than I am, at this point in my life. And that’s ok! I had something super frustrating happen last night, and the item involved had been thrown in my face many times, over the course of months. I have to say that my state last night and today could best be described as “simmering rage”. So… what to do? Don’t skip that workout!!!


9,000 Subs Celebration Workout by Jen A

9 HIIT exercises 50:10 X2 I did this set w/ the video & then did my (mostly shortened) rep based sets from the breakdown, rejoining Julia for the core burnout at the end.
1. Step up right leg 20s, leaving foot on bench.
2. Box jumps
3. Step up left leg 20s
4. Db touch down lateral lunge and shoulder press right 20
5. Alt pistol squats Oblique plank hop / lateral box jumps Changed this move.
6. Db touch down lateral Lunge and shoulder press left 20
7. SLDL right 45lb kettlebell
8. SLDL left
9. Switch Lunge clean and press 26lb kettlebell, weight stays on floor between switch lunges

So each superset, then the burpees after all sets complete…. Since I only did half the rounds of all but the first, my sets were not “super” and were merely “sets”, lol. 

Set 1: Thrusts 4x  J uses a 174 bar & then a 52lb bag. All I’ve got is the bag, so… But I can move a shit ton of weight w/ my legs, if I have access to said weight. I found this out way before I ever did strength training on legs, when I got one of those free training sessions at my old gym, and I pushed 323lbs.
1. Weighted thrust x10 Ppl band & sandbag.
2. BW pulse x10

10 deadlift burpees sandbag

  • Decided to do the rest of the rounds only 2x through, cutting the rounds in half, and see if that’d be PLENTY enough for me, with the burnout.

Set 2: Shoulders 2x
1. Shoulder press x10 20s, seated. Took J’s suggestion to increase the challenge this way, since I don’t have a good option for heavier dumbbells. I wouldn’t have done all 4 rnds this way tho, if I hadn’t cut sets 2-4 in half.
2. Push ups x10

10 decline pike push up burpees

Set 3: Squats 2x (orng Xband)
1. Backload side step squat x10 2=1 BL sandbag, 10 one side & then 10 the other
2. 3 squat pulse 1 squat jump x10 26lb kettlebell, held goblet style @ chest

10 box jump burpees

Set 4: Shoulders 2x + 2lb wrist weights. Sure made move 2 more challenging.
1. Clean and press x10 20s
2. Lateral raise to upright row x10 10s

10 one leg burpee with Arnold press 15s 5 one leg & then switch

Got here @ about 55min. Yep was enough. Took a break & moved equipment around & then found my place in the vid.

Slider core burnout 90 second burst – 60 second work/ 30 second plank  2x @59:30, in the vid, so ya I’m slower by about 50%, lol. And I hadda pause half way thru this set!
1. Slider Mountain climber 60 second//Elbow plank 30 second
2. Slider push up cross body knee tuck 60 second//
Elbow plank 30 second
3. Slider knee to same elbow windshield wiper 60 second //Elbow plank 30 second


A small bit of yoga to close.













Change is Hard Workout

So I had another two rest days in a row! I’m back on this medication that makes my joints extra sensitive and I did something above the left knee Sunday, though I had a great time working out anyway. That happened about midway through…

I generally take two rest days a week anyway, so we’ll see how this week goes. I’m planning to do a yoga practice tomorrow. Might need another over the weekend.


Change is Hard Workout

Warm-up is at 58. When I’m a little tweaky, I don’t skip these gentle warm-ups!

Part 1: 30/10/1:00/5 (3x’s) 30 Seconds Jump Rope / 1:00 @ 7:00

  1. Fwd Cross Over Lunge 15s
  2. Left Knee Crunch In/Right Leg Lift First rnd I did full sit-ups both sides & it was too hard!
  3. Right Knee Crunch In/Left Leg Lift
  4. Squat BL sandbag

30 Second Work – 3x’s  @28:40
V-Up 3lbs bet feet.
Mountain Climbers

Long pause here b/c I had to go help w/ the 20+ year old fridge.

Part 2: 10/30 2x’s @ 32:45
1. Swings Overhead Slam 45lb kettlebell
2. Squat/Right Foot on & off block 26lb kettlebell / 35lb 2nd rnd
3. Frog Hop to 2x’s Plank Jack
4. Squat/Left Foot on & off block 26lb kettlebell
5. Mat Jumps
6. RL Side lunge 26lb kettlebell / 35lb 2nd rnd
7. RL elevated. LL, knee to elbow & glute lift
8. LL Side lunge 26lb kettlebell / 35lb 2nd rnd
9. LL elevated. RL, knee to elbow & glute lift
10. Box Squat BL sandbag

15 Reps Each – 2x’s @46:34
1. Knee Drive Plank (like a slow mt climber) 2=1
2. Glute Bridge Hip Raise sandbag

Part 3: 30/10/1:00/5 (3x’s) @ 52:55
30 Seconds – Jump Rope
Reverse Lunge Twist Elbow to Front Knee 26lb kettlebell
Left Leg Kneel – Right Foot Planted – Snatch up and twist Right 1st rnd – 26lb kettlebell. Did NOT flip it over as I was using more than twice as much weight as M. I would like a 15lb bell… Might have tried the flip if I had one / 2nd rnd – SL DL w/ 35lb kettlebell / 3rd rnd – bulgarians w 15s
Right Leg Kneel – Left foot Planted – Snatch up and twist Left
(Tube or Dumbbells) Front Flye to Bicep Curl Yellow BeachBody band. O.ne foot on band b/c the flyes.

Bonus: Floor Work 5/35 (2x’s) +2lb ankle weights. Changed a few of these just b/c I don’t have a ball
1. Glute Bridge Lift
2. Left Leg Up – Right foot Glute Lift – Knee Tuck Left Leg
3. Ball Behind Left Knee Reverse Crunch
4. Right Leg Up – Left Foot Glute Lift – Knee Tuck Right Leg
5. Right Knee Reverse Crunch
6. Feet together, legs in frog position – crunch
7. Rev Curl
8. Clam Shell Left Leg Lift Up
9. Side Bicycle – Left Leg in Right Elbow to knee/Right knee In & Elbow twist back
10. Clam Shell Right Leg Lift Up
11. Side Bicycle – Right Leg in Left Elbow to Knee/Left Knee in & elbow twist back
12. Flutter kicks
13. Slider pike abs

Some yoga asana on my own.

Go With The Flow! A KB Workout for Olivia

Hadn’t done a Velvet Hammer in a little while, and I needed a WO that I wasn’t going to have time to preview. Sometimes this takes me even longer, b/c I insist upon stopping after sets to note what weights I’ve chosen. If I preview, I have a good idea of what’ll be good to start off with, at least.

I think this is my fave WO I’ve done from Mackenzie! It was designed for mostly lighter bells, so I challenged myself a lot w/ my 26, which is the lightest I own. I used single dumbbells otherwise.


Go With The Flow! A KB Workout for Olivia

15lb dumbbell w/ warm-up

Flows- 1:00/15 2 rounds

  1. Squat Clean and Pivot Press with Curtsy L 26lb kettlebell
  2. Other side
  3. SA Deadlift + Row + Clean and Press L 26lb kettlebell
  4. Other side
  5. Low Squat Bicep Curl Back Lunge (Alt) 26lb kettlebell
  6. Row & Back Lunge (opp leg to rowing arm) / Front Curtsy Lunge (keep same supporting leg) alt sides 26lb kettlebell. Confusing 1st rnd trying to follow along. I decided on my own thing for 2nd rnd & didn’t look at the screen.

Intervals 45:15 2 rounds

  1. Shuffle + Upright Row 26lb kettlebell
  2. Cross-Body Snatch (Alt) 20
  3. Scissor + Hammer Curl L 20
  4. Burpee SLDL (w/ push-up, both legs DL @ top) 35lb kettlebell
  5. Scissor + Hammer Curl R 20
  6. SA Pivot Clean and Press 26lb kettlebell

Reps 2 (or more!) sets of 10 reps I was using heavy weights (for me) & started taking a lotta rests here. Did 2nd rnd from breakdown. Sat down for a bit after both sides of surrender!! HR kept hitting 170.

  1. Clean and Curtsy L-10 26lb kettlebell
  2. Surrenders-L 10 26lb kettlebell
  3. Clean and Curtsy R-10 26lb kettlebell
  4. Surrenders-R 10 26lb kettlebell
  5. Rows L-10 26lb kettlebell
  6. Iso Leg Lunges L-10 35lb kettlebell (weight opp hand back leg)
  7. Rows R-10
  8. Iso Leg Lunges R-10

Interval Finisher 40/10 2 rounds

  1. Squat Swing to Reverse Lunge 26lb kettlebell (I could’ve done 35 here but I was tired)
  2. T-arm Raise Hip Dip L 10
  3. KB Burpee with 2bl Knee Tuck 35lb kettlebell
  4. T-arm Raise Hip Dip R
  5. SA Power Clean L 20. Tried picking up my 26lb bell, the lightest I have, but I’d done a lot of cleans & SA presses w/ it already & nope.
  6. Pass Under Lunges Alt 26lb kettlebell
  7. SA Power Clean R
  8. DL I’d done the pass unders alt the 1st rnd so kept it, so I could use my heaviest bell someplace in this routine. Was good to do less back lunges anyway b/c my LL had done something a little weird at one point during the previous set.

Cool down

Did it w/ the video! I’m turning over a new leaf, lol. One the one hand it’s lazier than figuring out my own stretches / asana. On the other it’s not if I’d neglect stretching otherwise.

The Circuit I missed yesterday & some yoga

Though maybe I’ll also try doing the whole WO but just 2 rounds of each circuit, and visit the routine a 3rd time. I really like the moves! I’ve really gotten into Michele’s particular style, long and steady with moderate weights – even if I do take small bites sometimes. Exercise is like food. Eat until you’re not hungry anymore and then stop.

I was going to do just a tiny bit of the beginning of astanga but took me so long. Low burns too, now that the monitor is working again, at least for the moment. But ya, sometimes you just really need a rest day. I remember this from as early as my Crunch days, when sometimes I’d see how long I could go without taking a single day off… I’ll be happy to sit in a car for a couple hours tomorrow.

Was helped by this ACDC playlist I decided to check out on Prime. Hadn’t heard a bunch of those songs (and I didn’t even get through the whole thing.



Freestyle Leg Blast Workout Video

Circuit 3 Only: 4 Rounds @54:00. This was my warm-up & my intention was a moderate WO so I really took my time. First rnd was just over 11min & I paused for a break! LOL. √, √, √,   Time = 52:36. FOR ONE CIRCUIT!!! I gotta be honest. Doing 4 rounds of just this one circuit was difficult for me today.
1. Alternate Side Lunge w/Squat in Center 12x/Side (2=1) 1st rnd – 26lb kettlebell. This was hard from the get-go! 2nd rnd I accidentally did one of the center squats as a DL. Decided to do all DL in center squat for 3rd & 4th rnds. The DLs w/ just 26lbs were challenging!
2. Fwd Lunge w/ OH pull-down to Step Behind (Plies Squat), Bow & Arrow Arms 12x 1st rnd – Blue Egnergy band, held in hands works best, palms facing out for the OH pull-down. 2nd rnd added 8lb vest. Took it off for last move tho! Wasn’t about to have that bouncing around on my back in Mt. Climbers. 3rd rnd – Tried out vest w/ just 5s, and even that was challenging w/ 24 of them. LOL. What is happening to me?? 4th rnd – Decided to try 2lb wrist weights & yellow Egnergy band, the lightest.

This is one of those moves you’ve gotta try out a couple of bands before you do it, to get it right. I bought this set of bands before getting the ones Julia had recommended. They were cheaper! However even the heaviest band (black XX-HEAVY) is too light for most leg work, at least the kinds of moves Julia favors. However they ARE good for some upper body work, in the kinds of moves Michele comes up with. It’s nice for me to play with some of my stuff I don’t really use a lot as well, particularly as I don’t get to acquire new equipment very often! I did get two new kettlebells this year though. It’s nice to have a little range of them.

Egnergy bands.JPG
3. Other side
4. R. Foot (Elevate on Bench) 5x Plies Pulse to 10x Mt Climbers to L. Foot (Elevate on Bench) 5x Plies Pulse to 10x Oblique Mt Climbers 10x Hands on bench for Mt climbers. I’m pretty sure I got the 1=1 count on the climbers right, b/c even that way the 3rd rnd took about 4min, 38 seconds for this one move! 2nd rnd on I had a piece of paper on the bench so I could mark when I’d done 5 reps. For some reason I tend to get lost bet 7 & 9, lol. Knowing I had the halfway point right for sure somehow helped.


  • Single, 10/60 intervals: Virasana, supta v,
  • 10 breaths uttana & my quad stretch. 10/60 Urdvha D by wall, w/ block, another 2 intervals in paschimo & sarvangasana, 10 breaths in the next 2 finishing & a min savasana.

(Part of ) Freestyle Leg Blast Workout Video

I have stats today. I tried another battery. Maybe I just have old batteries? We’ll see. If I’m not buying a new monitor I may as well use them up.

Probably could’ve used a rest but then I’m at a loose end… I was lying in bed with my laptop eating candy and I asked the magic, online coin toss if I should get up & exercise or continue to lie in bed. It picked “get up”, but I really didn’t have much gas! I pooped out ½ way through the 2nd circuit.

Even if I’m tired, I probably needed it. We’re back to Passive Aggressive War Zone around here again. But I do get a break! Two days away, in the middle of the week. Hooray! Maybe I’ll do the 3rd Circuit @ the hotel. I’ll do one short WO there, probably. I pack my sneakers and a jump rope & even if there’s no equipment I can figure out something.



Freestyle Leg Blast Workout Video

Warm Up: 5:00 Countdown @4:15
5x Row 20s
10x Push-up
15x Squat 45lb kb

Circuit 1: 4 Rounds @ 9:56 √, √, √, √ Kept vest on rnds 2–4
1. Alternate Reverse Lunge w/Bicep Curl 12x, 2=1. 1st rnd – sliders & 10s, 2nd rnd – 8lb vest & 13 in ea hand. 3rd & 4th – vest & 10s.
2. R. Leg Circle Foot Around to R. Reverse Cross Over Lunge 12x slider all rounds. +8lb vest from rnd 2 on. Picked up a 26lb bell (in opp from moving leg) for rnd 3. Rnd 4 – just vest for added weight.
3. Other side
4. Plank Jacks 20x
5. Swing to Alternate fwd Lunge w/ OH tricep 10x/Side, 2=1 10s Cut two off the reps count. I wasn’t even going to exercise today.

Circuit 2: 2 Rounds @29:54. I’d hoped to convince myself to do @ least one round of the 3rd circuit but nope. Then I hit pause b/c I’d done my 2nd round sans vid & stopped it. Wanted to find beg of Circuit 3 and then scroll to the abs. Sometimes the orange section breaks are hard to find!
1. (Band Optional) R. Leg Squat to Plies to Rev Lunge 12x orng Xband
2. Other side
3. R. Reverse Lunge (Under Hand) Front Raise – Knee Lift to OH Press 10x 10s. Cut two off the reps count again b/c already flagging.
4. Other side, Flip palm to opp direction
5. (Kettlebell pass under) Squat & Side Leg Lift 10/12x/Side 1st rnd – 26lb bell & only 10, 2=1 reps. 2nd rnd – just ppl band & vest no pass under, but did 2 more dlb sided reps.

Circuit 3: 4 Rounds @54
1. Alternate Side Lunge w/Squat in Center 12x/Side
2. R. Front Bench Lunge to Step Behind (Plies Squat)
Bow & Arrow Arms 12x
3. L. Front Bench Lunge to Step Behind (Plies Squat)
Bow & Arrow Arms 12x
4. R. Foot (Elevate on Bench) 5x Plies Pulse to 10x Mountain
Climbers to L. Foot (Elevate on Bench) 5x Plies Pulse to 10x
Oblique Mountain Climbers 10x

Bonus: Abs 10/50 8 Rounds (2x’s) @ 1:18
1. Reverse Table Top Position – Lower feet to floor 1st rnd had ppl band arnd feet but didn’t do much so dropped it
2. Crunch knees to Chest then Straighten & Lift into Air
3. Crunch Feet in & Press Out w/Alternate Twist (Ball or Band at Feet & Wrap Around Hands)
4. Bicycle, alt R. Foot on Ball – Roll in & L. Elbow to R. Knee
5. Straight Abs / Rev curl w/ 3lb bet feet
6. 1st rnd – laid on side & crunched top knee in (no ball). 2nd rnd did side plank hip dips & leg lifts w/ orng band
7. Other side
8. Crunches / Straight abs

Didn’t really stretch after, but I’m thinking to do another Astanga tomorrow.

Lift Like a Bro #1: Upper Body

Well… I’m sure I will have another HR monitor at some point, but since they do have a limited life span and I need to save money, I thought I’d at least try to make it through November without one. So far… I can say my workouts have been 1) shorter, 2) uninspired and 3) less frequent.

And yes, J says – right after the last tabata pyramid – that the “finisher” is a larger part of the WO

It’s not like I’m lifting to look great in that fantastic, new outfit that’s waiting now is it? I read through the breakdown. Julie likes to put hard & long sets at the end, lol. When I’d see a 5×5 round at the end, I’d maybe split it up & put ½ at the beginning. I read through to the end of this routine & she does the last set eight times. No thank you!

As I was talking myself into merely finishing the last triset, I decided I was doing NONE of the finisher. Took me just over an hour to finish that. If I had my monitor, I’d probably have been inspired to take a break and do ½ of it.

1hr, 12min – skipping the major chunk of it

It’s not like Astanga, where all the parts are crucial, so even if you’re not measuring you wanna finish. I mean, the back bends are the most therapeutic part of it, and they’re close to the end. And then of course you want the blissful finishing poses.

NOTE TO SELF: If u repeat this ever, start w/ 4 rounds of the “finisher”

Lift Like a Bro #1: Upper Body

Tabata Pair Pyramid
1. Alt SA clean and presses 26lb kettlebell
2. Burpee clean and press 20s. I could prolly do 55/60 if I had a bar.

Triset complex 8 reps 3x
1. Lateral raises 10s
2. Hammer front raises (palms facing in) 10s
3. Modified bent rear felt flys palms up (start w/ palms facing back – they end up facing ceiling) 10s

Tabata pair @13
1. Handstand shoulder taps
2. Bear hold shoulder tap angry donkey

Triset drop set 5 reps x3 – 2x thru. Do all the reps for each move before moving on, both rounds.
1. Incline chest press SSD 20s Start w/ weights up. Second round I did a set of 10 & a 5 instead of taking a break after ea 5.
2. Incline Chest fly 15s 1st rnd this as one set of 15. 2nd rnd needed a quick break after 10.
3. Arnold press 20s, 15s 1st rnd a set of 10 w/ 20s & dropped to 15s for last 5. 2nd rnd did 8 w/ the 20s & then dropped to 15s.

Tabata Pair pyramid @30:49
1. Alt staggered Burpee snatch 20
2. 6 way shoulders

Triset: 3x  @38:45

1. 8 Decline push-up plank row 1st rnd – 20s. 2nd rnd – dropped to 15s
2. 10 Chest press flutter kicks 20s, on floor to make it easier (less range of motion)
3. 5 DB hang clean + alt rev Lunge with sa clean 20s

Time = 62min.

Finisher full body complex 5 reps 8x
1. Power clean
2. Front squat
3. Push press
4. Burpee DL

Complete Legs – Jamie Bryan & some yoga

OK… feeling a bit (a lot) unmotivated, sans monitor. Jamie posted this on the FB group… I’d looked at it. I went to just eat a bowl of cereal, even though I wasn’t hungry yet, but the almond milk was moldy.

So I’m like, “I guess I should exercise a little then.” I took the mirror from the end of the hallway. I thought perhaps watching my form might help. I think it did a tiny bit, if only for the novelty.

J’s breakdown is on the left, my weights, comments, modifications on the right.


I surprised myself by finishing in under the estimated time she’d posted, an hour. Took me 35min… That can’t be right!!! See? I don’t know what’s going on w/out the monitor, LOL. Normally I keep an eye on my HR during breaks, for example.

Did some yoga poses after. Exercised about 51min total. Better than nothing. The routine was certainly work! Like I thought the last set would be nothing and it was killer.

#TitanUpin30 Week 4 Workout + HIIT & Yoga

I finally got around to this one! (I ought to have known better than to decide I had a chance of wining an Instagram contest. That’s for people with followers, lol.)

Anyway – Yay the battery change seemed to work! Monitor didn’t drop out!!!! It might seem silly, but working out in the buddy-less, gym-less, studio-less, new clothes-less vacuum as I do, tracking my output is one thing that gives me some motivation.


TitanUpin30 Week 4 Workout + HIIT with Julia

TitanUpin30 circuit 3x J’s time is just a bit over 10min. I looked at this set & thought, “Oh that’s a half hour right there”, lol. Time = 19:21, so better than I’d thought, especially w/ my lowbrow, clunky equipment changes.
1. 12 DB Snatches (6 each arm) 26lb kettlebell – I got a few of these straight up into snatches, @ end of first round. Got 3 again in 2nd round and 2 in 3rd round.
2. 12 Front Squats with shoulder press 20s. Palms facing fwd. I was totally gonna be lazy & do 15s but then I’m like, “Na… You’re just doing this & that’s it.”
3. 10, 8, 6 DB Push Ups with Tricep Extension 10s + 2lb wrist weights. 2 tri push-ups w/ a kickback ea side at bottom. Both arms kickback @ top. ie: this’ll take foEVAH, lol. 

HIIT: 50:15 2x @ 10:50
1. Clean and press to surrender 20s I lowered weights to shoulders for the surrenders
2. Staggered pushup, bent row and snatch 20s
3. Rollback burpee star jump
4. Box squat + forward lunge 35lb & 26lb kettlebells, changing hands for 2nd round. Challenging w/ heavier AND unbalanced weights.
5. Burpee to split lunge snatch 15s Need to be cautious on the right knee w/ this move.

20:10 4x each move+No REST moves
1. DB Snatches (6 each arm) 20 + plank shoulder taps
2. Front Squats with shoulder press 20s + body weight squat pulses
3. 2 tricep pushup + 2 Tricep kickbacks (standing) +jabs and crosses 10s
4. Broad jump box jump bunny back + alt t-stand

Time = 44:39

Yoga Asana

For the remaining time.

Anna’s Birthday Workout


Midway thru WO. The stats are a prime motivating factor, but I can’t justify replacing the monitor right now. I exercised an hour and 43min. Didn’t stretch at all after b/c no stats.

  • Just occurred to me the battery might need replacing so I’ll try that…

Anna’s Birthday Workout

Warm-up Bonus: Abs (@58:55 in video)
10x Turkish Get Up Right 10lbs One of the few places I’ll go lighter than M. Really not a fan of this move but I’ll do it once in awhile (only in M’s WOs!). It was almost at the end in the vid. I decided to move it to the very beginning, to get it over with. 
10x Turkish Get Up Left

Warm-up: 10/30 2x’s @5:32. ppl band on @ beginning. Pause to remove before 10th move. Changed order of the moves to make the band thing easier.

  1. Clean & Press 20s
  2. Curl to Overhead Press 15s
  3. Chest Flye pulse 15s I did on my back on the bench. Since wearing a band I did an aductor pulse w/ the flye pulse.
  4. Plank Down/Up to 2x Shoulder Tap 2nd hand to press up goes straight to tap
  5. (Arms Parallel) Cross In Front – Extend out & open wide 8lbs ea hand
  6. Band on Legs – Plank Jack to 2x Thigh Burner Squat
  7. Band on Legs – 2x Squat Walk right to Jack/2x SquatWalk left to Jack
  8. OH tricep w/ pulse 10s
  9. Squat, pass under (w/Alternate Leg Lift) 26lb kettlebell. Totally could’ve done 35 but ‘eh…
  10. Kettlebell Swing 35lbs Didn’t do any pre warm-up so…

2 Minute Countdown Right: Around & behind Right – Turn over Right Shoulder to Plies Squat – (Hold) Criss Cross Jack. Step in Right Reverse Lunge (Twist to outside knee) @20:00. Orng Xband & 10lb weight

2Minute Countdown Left: Around & behind Left – Turn over Left Shoulder to Plies Squat – (Hold) Criss Cross Jack. Step in Left Reverse Lunge (Twist to outside knee)

30/30 4 Rounds @25:15 10s
1. Pull Down to Side – Chest Press/Pull down & Press to Twist overhead The outward rotation 2 the top of the OH press, requiring a clink of “outside edges” of dumbbells, was the most challenging part of this no-rest set for me.
2. Wide Bicep Curl twist Back to Tricep Kickback

Circuit 2: 10/1:00 2 Rounds  @30:45
1. (Banded) Right side Lunge (Left hand to foot) Turn over Left to Right Reverse Lunge w/Overhead Press 10s & orng Xband. I omitted the turn b/c on carpeting.
2. (Banded) Left Side Lunge (Right hand to foot) Turn over Right to Left Reverse Lunge w/Front Raise
3. Plank Push-up to Alternate Side Raise – Hop feet in – Bicep Curl/Bend at Waist/Deadlift to Up-right row 15s. Grabbed 10s 1st rnd by accident. Better w/ 15s.
4. Chair Sit Burpee – Hop to Plank Hold 4x Strict Mountain Climbers 10s. Swing weights up & mini squat for chair sit. Hop back to plank. I did a push-up. Strict mt climbers are tapping front toes down.

Circuit 3: 10/1:00 3 Rounds @41:20
1. (Banded) Right Side Lunge to Right fwd lunge (hold). Other knee starts commando down to up. Wide Jack. 1st rnd – orng Xband. 2nd rnd – 8lb vest & 10s, no band. 3rd rnd – just vest
2. Other side
3. (Reverse Lunge w/Overhead Press – to SL Deadlift then Squat Wide w/Bicep Curl 10s

30/30 4 Rounds @53:02 This is an evil, tricky, 4min plank. Hit FAILURE during 2nd rnd. Started tapping foot down on mt climbers. Had to break here & there. WAS SO HAPPY I DIDN’T HAVE TO DO TURKISH GET-UPS RIGHT AFTER THIS!!!
1. Plank Tap Opposite Hand to Opposite Foot
2. Oblique Mountain Climbers

10/40 8 Rounds (2x’s) @1:04. Quick cut here.
1. Slider under Left Foot. Right Hand  holding 5lb weight– Left foot under & right to ceiling/Turn front Plank & press right arm out
2. Band on Right Foot/Hold Left Hand – Right foot under & left to ceiling/Turn Front Plank & press left arm out
3. Band in Feet & Hands – Crunch in & Press out w/Arms overhead
4. (Boat Pose)) Right Knee Crunch in & Twist Left Elbow to knee
5. (Boat Pose) Left Knee Crunch in & Twist Right Elbow to Knee
6. Slow Bicycle
7. Flutter Kick
8. Hyperextension

Bonus: Birthday Butt – 30 Second Work 8 Right/8 Left 2nd rnd +2lb ankle weights
1. Runner’s Stomp Right
2. Kneel on Left – Right Single Leg Lift
3. Kneel on Left – Right Single Leg Pulse
4. Pul right knee to Right Elbow then Right foot to left Elbow
5. Right Leg Bent & Pulse Up
6. Right Leg Cross Behind Left Knee & Kick Out
7. Lay on Left Side – Single right leg lift & lower
8. Lay on Left Side – Right leg out in front – Lift then pull knee to chest
(Repeat on Left side)

HIIT Pairs & Burpees by Meghan K, pt 1 & some yoga

Tailoring things to my current level

Yesterday I took a rest day… I’d intended to do yoga but so far I can’t get myself to it more than once a week, despite my best intentions. I did take a walk up the hill to Council Crest carrying Theo though. (I’d thought she felt more substantial but no, still only 5.8lbs.)

And still I only wanted ½ of a Julia WO. I previewed that much of it yesterday and had already decided I didn’t want to do the whole thing at once. I’d rather move as slow as I wanna. And ya, 106 push-ups is enough for one WO!!


Warm-up: 10/30×6=4min jump rope

HIIT Pairs & Burpees by Meghan K, pt 1

All Pairs 50/10 2x through with Burpees between EACH Round so ends up being 20 burpees per SET

Set #1Sets 1 & 2 I used my interval timer to give myself an extra 5sec to get backloaded. Sets 2, 4 & 5 I used gymboss so I could see my HR. 
1) Backload Curtsy Lunge RL sandbag
2) Backload Curtsy Lunge LL
15 Tricep Kickback Burpees one tricep push-up & one bent over kickback @ top / And 2nd round 5 tricep kickback burpees. 10s

Set #2:
1) Wt Squat Pulse to Squat Jump 26lb kettlebell. Go down for the pulse. Jump & land. Straighten & squeeze = 1 rep.
2) Swings Halo Slams 35lb kettlebell. Since my heaviest dumbbell is 20lbs. Swings w/ 35lbs are still challenging, in 50sec intervals. I could’ve used my 45 here but… I wanted to work only medium-hard intensity, which is halving the WO to start and choosing my weights accordingly.
10 Iron Leg Burpees Normal push-up @ the bottom. Come up & 2 switch lunges / 2 jump squat cross

Set #3:
1) Reverse Lunge RL BL sandbag
2) Reverse Lunge LL
15 Frog Pushup Burpee and 2nd round 5 frog pushup burpees. Back, fwd, back.

Set #4:
1) ManMaker 20s. I’d totally have punked out & done 15s if these were for reps! Got 6 push-ups in first time. 
2) Pendulum Forward & hop!/Backward Jump & hop, then Switch Lunge, bodyweight Forgot the hops (except the switch lunges) when I did.
10 Bicep Burpees 15s. Palms face fwd. Bicep push-up @ bottom & come up for bicep curl

Set #5:
1) Plank hop / clean and press 20s
2) Deep Squat 45lb kettlebell. This would’ve been better as BL sandbag but I didn’t wanna backload by this point.
15 star jump and jack pushup burpees and then 5 star burpees

Time here 1:01. Ya the only thing that got me thru set 5 was knowing it was my last for the day’s session. If I was just closing in on ½ way thru I’d have wanted to kill myself, lol.

Yoga Asana

About 28min

For next time:

Set #6:
1)Fwd Lunge to DL to Bk Lunge RL
2) Forward Lunge to DL to Reverse Lunge LL
10 dive bomber burpeesSet

Set #7:
1) Alt SA snatch
2) Decline clean and press burpee
15 Back Fly Burpee and 2nd round 5 back fly burpees

Set #8:
1)Chest press leg lift
2) Switch lunge SA clean and press
10 decline burpees

Set #9 :
1) DB Push press + Alt curtsy lunge
2) Alt. increasing Renegade Row plank and bent
15 burpee box jump and 2nd round 5 burpee box jumps

Set #10
1) RL step up lunge back
2) LL Step up lunge back
10 burpee DL 20s