I’m gonna just count this as a rest day

This was one of those days my upper body was too spent to make for an enjoyable vinyasa practice. I was amazed to find I could really feel yesterday’s WO. It’s amazing but sometimes shorter WOs can be harder on me b/c I’m more willing to lift heavier. Of course it’s only in the kinds of routines I’ve got the equipment for! If I ever … Continue reading I’m gonna just count this as a rest day

Today – driving practice, design, art, brownies

Was about 12 (probably at least 14 in my case, since I mostly like to go just a smidge under the speed limit, especially on new and/or windy routes) minutes, going to Live Laugh Love Art, a business in Beaverton. I nearly blew it off, partly because I suspected it’d be another “not worth it” Podunkertunity, but the main reason was I didn’t want to … Continue reading Today – driving practice, design, art, brownies

Sloth of New Year’s

It’s a rest day? Welp, I think I need a day off exercise. New Year’s Eve was low key. We cooked and there was no bickering and that was fantastic. Actually we got steaks to grill, which is definitely not  a weekly event so that was a treat. Watched some Grimm on Prime. Watched some Lucifer on Netflix. Went to sleep before midnight. And apparently … Continue reading Sloth of New Year’s

Coaxing oneself along with planned rewards & Meditation

Here’s a night time post. That’s three today! I need a break from The Road though. First day in and I’m already at 53%. This book was published in 2006. I was surprised! Thought it was older than that. The movie was only three years later, which is pretty rapid turnaround. I looked it up on Amazon but it’s not available for streaming, not that … Continue reading Coaxing oneself along with planned rewards & Meditation

Blog name change & plans for Saturday

I changed the name of the blog, b/c now we’re not at all politically correct, just doing the normal “conceal your true self” thing in the name of job hunting. After four years in Podunk I can confidently say it will NOT help. I totally agree w/ the tip about the University of Oregon, especially if you can find an interviewer’s profile and LinkedIn. This is … Continue reading Blog name change & plans for Saturday

Downloading books, lying around

Watched the clip below. One person said she thinks the majority of those on the streets want to be there. Granted I haven’t been in that situation, although I’m unmarried and without any assets. I’m living with someone who’s eleven years my senior and, as he’s said on more than one occasion – already past his life span. I highly doubt she’s right, though I … Continue reading Downloading books, lying around

Lazy rest days – at least Podunk has good beer

One of the very few things Podunk has over the east coast is beer Course I didn’t give a fuck about that when I was installed in my rent stabilised, Manhattan hovel. I could afford decent wine and cocktails! Lounging around. What did I do today? I finally took the clothes out of my big suitcase, from when I was pretending I was going to … Continue reading Lazy rest days – at least Podunk has good beer

My cats are the first people I see every day

Up at 6am Back when I got the temporary gig at The Office, Portlandia, I bought a compact coffeemaker with a timer, and installed it in the corner of the sink in my bathroom, next to the inexplicably only outlet. I’d set it up in the evening, before every weekday morning, to start brewing at 5:55. Today I’m not going to sit in an office … Continue reading My cats are the first people I see every day

Feeling a bit better now

I just needed to 1) self isolate and 2) vent. It’ll be good to see my friend too, tomorrow, even if I’d been hoping to eat turkey. She’s unlike most of the locals in that she both plans and communicates clearly. She is also doing an all vegan holiday. My friend Maria, in Connecticut, already has her table set, and beautifully, a day ahead of … Continue reading Feeling a bit better now