#TitanUpin30 Week 3 Workout + Booty HIIT with Julia, some jump rope & yoga.

Here’s my 3rd contest entry. I really want that $600 worth of new fitness equipment! That said, this kicked my ass. Granted I was a bit veklempt when I started the WO. Then I followed it up w/ 3-hours of house painting. I stop when I get fumed out. Charlie bought me a respirator, but I can’t stand wearing it.


Warm-up: 10/30×6=4min jump rope.

#TitanUpin30 Week 3 Workout + Booty HIIT with Julia

TitanUpin30 circuit: 3x
1. 10 Back Squats with a 3 pulses in squat position BL sandbag
2. 10 KB Single Leg RDL with row one, 35lb kettlebell
3. 10 Goodmornings BL sandbag 

NO Rest Tabata 20:10 8x 4 minutes @11:49
HipThrust +seated abductors (during the 10sec) sandbag & ppl band. Shoulders on (padded) bench.

Booty HIIT: 30:15 6x I hadda increase transition time for moving stuff around in my small corner. And the swings w/ my heaviest KB really wiped me out! Had to pause set ½ way thru. Messed up intervals starting back up so threw in 4 more skater pistols & fell over once. LOL. I can’t rush those!
1. burpee hang clean 20s
2. alt curtsy step downs 15s
3. swings 45lb kettle bell
4. skater low lateral lunge and pistols

NO Rest Tabata
Bulgarian to SL pushup + decline plank glute raises 15s

Time including warm-up, 59min


Full Body with Core by Kristin R & a bit of yoga

OK that killed me. Was doing house painting most of the morning & to mid afternoon, minus a quick lunch break.


Full Body with Core by Kristin R

  • I changed the order all around here, starting with the last move (the finisher) and then doing the 2nd to the last move.

Finisher: 4x √, √, √, √ (time = 16:30)
1. Dropset Manmakers: 3 diff weights, 2 reps per weight 3 reps w/ 20s & 3 reps w/ 15s. I don’t have enough dumbbell weights for 3 drops. 
2. 10 Knee tucks to low boat 2lb ankle weights
3. 10 Leg lifts w/ a twist @ the top (5/side) 2lb ankle weights

Combo Move Pyramids / Evens: 10-2 (all reps on each move before going on to next move) I did this 10s, moves 1-3, then 8s, then 6s etc. Seemed like it’d be less painful that way. (Time = about 23:10)
1. Repeater kickthroughs (Start in lunge. All reps on one leg & then stay in lunge & rows w/ opp arm to fwd leg) to sa row in lunge 26lb kettlebell
2. Bulgarian to SL Pushup 15s, 10 Bulgarians & 10 SL push-ups
3. Ball Squeeze Feet Elevated Shoulder Taps to Slider Ball Pikes

Circuit – 3x √, √, √ Really dragging by the time I got here! I took a break after every round (w/out pausing timer. HR still high so… it counts!)
15 Pullover to Press 15s I love lat pullovers, but it was hitting the wonky spot in left tricep, so I swapped flies for pullovers rounds 2 & 3.
12 Back Squat BL sandbag
10 Staggered Burpee Snatch (5/side) 20. Figured out in the 3rd rnd it’s much faster to pass one weight back & forth, rather than using 2. Man, J does 40lbs!!! I was going to use my 26lb kettlebell & forearm guards, but my left forearm is still sore from I’m not sure what. Plus I was tired, with painting all morning & a bit in the afternoon, more from the fumes than activity. 
8 Hang Clean & to Press-ups 20s Less than ¼ of what J’s doing (84). I do suspect that a barbell is easier than dumbbells for heavy weight. More stable. BUT THIS MOVE STILL F-ING KILLED ME!!!

Tabata Pairs: @ 19:30 Strongly considered skipping these! Instead I took another non-paused break. And dropped the idea of the little bit of added weight for the first move of first pair.
1. Rocket Step up Rev Lunge Switch 10s
2. Switch Lunge & SA clean & press (in lunge) (jtm_fit Move) 20

1. Windmills Narrow trikonasana position. 26lb kettlebell in lowered hand (which moves down a bit in front of the out-turned leg) / 15lbs in OH hand. One side per round.
2. Pushup T-Stand & Press (switch tstand arm each round) 15s. Julia does 2 tstand presses each rep. Wasn’t going to but I was sick of all the push-ups!!!

Time = 1:18

Easy yoga to close. Should’ve done more but…














Yoga, Summer Body Scorcher Pt 2 & more Yoga

My right knee felt a lot better this morning, after having been careful of it the past few days. At first I was going to do a lower body BodyRock I’d recently detailed, but no. Too stiff! So stiff that I wanted to start off with stretching, but not do any more than the introductory part of Ashtanga. I’ve neglected it completely for months now.



  • Suryas, w/ standing backbends, & fundamentals, w/ a Hanuman / Samakona in there, and the two, 5-breath handstands @ the end. First 3 poses of primary.
  • Time = 29:06

Summer Body Scorcher Pt 2

  • Time for this set: 32:03
  • The first set of this routine, which I did last Friday, is definitely the hardest, but it took Julia 37min to my 56. Granted I was using clunkier, slow-ya-down equipment & a heavy weight, for me, for one SA move.

Regular pyramid 5-1 full reps each move. (Do 5 reps moves 1-3, then 4 etc.)
1. Clean and press + star jump 20s (one clean & press & one jump = 1 rep)
2. Decline shoulder taps + face melters 2 shlder taps & 2 melters (alt feet) = 1
3. Pike push-up + plank jack + bear row 20s Bear position was ok on the knee, tho I found this move super awkward

Tabata pairs @ 45:45
1. Pushups + bent rows 20s
2. Alt SA clean & press-up snatches 26lb kettlebell

1. Weighted heel clicks + lateral raises 10s + 2lb wrist weights
2. Dive bombers + box jumps

Leg finisher from JTM Fit 3x @55
DL 10 reps 35lb & 26lb kettlebells, switching hands ½ way thru
Rev lunges x10, alt legs 1=1 BL sandbag
Weighted squat jump 10 reps 26lb kettlebell This was tough w/ only the lightest bell!!!


Virasana, Supta V, Malasana & a few other things.

No Equipment Full Body Vacation Workout #10, 2nd time

Did a no-equipment WO, one of Julia’s vacation series. I think I’ve hit them all at least once by now. Repeated one already…. I should try her others, but I knew I’d liked these so… My right knee is still gimpy and I can’t be trusted to go light when using weights w/ lower body moves so…


No Equipment Full Body Vacation Workout #10

  • First time was 9/5/17. Was dealing with bad air quality at that time. The fire season lasted longer last year! I’d forgotten.

SET 1: HIIT 50:10 2x

1. 4 squat jump + 4 pushups 4 plank hops
2. RL curtsy lunge + pulse tap to squat pulse
3. Yoga tricep pushup to dolphin
4. LL curtsy lunge pulse tap to squat pulse
5. Double star burpees 2 jack push-ups, 2 hops fwd, 2 star jacks

SET 2: Tabata Pair 20:10 8x
1. Split lunge front toe hops
2. Toe touch plank jacks

SET 3: HIIT TABATA 20:10 4x each move
1. Commando jacks and star jumps
2. Switch foot mtn climbers and 2 lunge hops
3. Plank 3 way knee tuck to pike glute raise
4. Rollback jump for height
5. 4 oblique hops & low jack From 4th oblique hop, hopped to ctr & came up to low squat, bunny hop. This was my least liked move. Might change it if I do this WO a 3rd time.

SET 4: HIIT 30:5 3x
1. Crab kicks
2. RL rocket lunges and lunge pulses
3. RL plank glute raise to scorpion hip dip
4. Jugglers
5. LL rocket lunges and lunge pulses
6. LL plank glute raise to scorpion hip dip

SET 5: TABATA pair 20:10 8x
1. Toe touch jacks 2 star jumps
2. Handstand shoulder tap Modified this move slightly last time & changed it again. I’m liking working on the handstand shoulder taps lately, and shorter intervals are better-er!

Paused 4 the first time here, last time. This time I didn’t pause the video at ALL, even when J said to take a break. I think that’s a first!

SET 6: HIIT TABATA 20:10 4x each move
1. Commando jacks and star jumps
2. Switch foot mtn climbers and 2 lunge hops
3. Plank 3 way knee tuck to pike glute raise
4. Rollback jump for height
5. 4 oblique hops 2 squat pulses

SET 7: HIIT 50:10 2x This was kind of a resting set, which was nice.
1. Frog pushup jump fwd and back
2. Frog pumps
3. Hip up leg lifts
4. 3 pivot squats and 3 sumo hops
5. Ab leg lifts

SET 8: Tabata pair 20:10 8x
1. In and out squat jumps
2. Mat hops

SET 9: HIIT TABATA 20:10 4x each move
1. Commando jacks and star jumps
2. Switch foot mtn climbers and 2 lunge hops
3. Plank 3 way knee tuck to pike glute raise
4. Rollback jump for height
5. 4 oblique hops 2 squat pulses

Time = 1:16 (last time was 1:21)

Shoulder Burst WO & Low Impact Booty Burnout

I got my watercolours out today and I got a workout in, at the hotel gym.

Unforunately right knee is still sore & possibly more-so. It’s a “thing”.  I had to be really careful picking my way around on the beach rocks, earlier today. Also I was wearing Danskos! NOT the shoes you want for that kind of thing. When your foot turns to the side it crunches your metatarsals nicely, lol.



Warm-up: Jump rope 10/30×6=4min

Shoulder Burst Workout

Set 1: Tabata pair 20:10 8x 4 mins
1. Shoulder Press SSD 20s. Harder than expected & then remembered yesterdays SA clean & press-ups w/ the 26lb kettlebell.
2. Ball Reg pushup to pike push-up

Set 2:
1. Lateral Raise 15, 12, 8 10s. For round 8 picked up the 3s too, hanging on them w/ thumbs, for 13lbs ea hand. Thought I’d finally have a chance to use 12s here but f-ing hotel had only one dumbbell in that weight.
2. Burpee Upright row 15, 12, 8 15s Julia was almost done the burpees in 12 round by the time I finished the 15, so I paused the vid & put on my music, lol.

Lat pulls – 70lbs – 8 reps

Set 3 30:10 3x 6 mins Could’ve really used those goddamn 12s!!!
1. Rev grip row 1st rnd 20s, then 25s, just b/c I finally had access to some. Bulky for rev grip. 2nd round did palms in, then switched back.
2. SSD Front raise 10s
3. Shrug to back fly on bench ball 10s

Set 4: 50:10 2x 10 mins
1. 6 way shoulders
2. divebomber pushup burpees
3. plank rows 20s
4. manmakers 15s – changed push-ups here to tricep style
5. handstand tap Hit failure here maybe 5sec before end of 2nd round, but I’ve been hitting the shoulders hard last couple days

Low Impact Booty Burnout

  • Have done this one at least once before. Was going to do another low impact Julia, but it was push-up heavy & I thought I’d had enough of those for today.

1. Clams/clam pulses RL
2. Clam kicks RL
3. Clams/clam pulses LL
4. Clam kicks LL
5. Side leg circles clockwise RL OMFG!!! I know I’ve done this routine before, but even w/out ankle weights these leg circles were BRUTAL for me today.
6. Side leg circles counter clockwise RL
7. Side leg circles clockwise LL
8. Side leg circles counter clockwise LL
9. Side leg pluses RL
10. Side leg rainbows RL
11. Side leg plulses LL
12. Side leg rainbows LL
13. Glute Diamond leg raises
14. Glute Scissor legs
15. SL bridge glute raise + lift and lower leg RL
16. SL bridge glute raise + lift and lower leg LL
17. Tabletop cross over knees RL
18. Tabletop cross over knees LL
19. Fire hydrants RL
20. Fire hydrants LL

Summer Body Supersets & Tabata pt 2

Picked up from where I left off yesterday, basically. Was tired though, because of that “when in Rome”, or in this case Podunk, think last night.


Summer Body Supersets & Tabata pt 2

  • Wonder if I’ll ever be in the mood to finish a Julia or Michele in one go again! Time on this 2nd part 31:39.

1. Box squat forward Lunge 6/leg BL sandbag.
2. Decline plank hop shoulder tap

Tabata HIIT (10/20×20=10min) Do each move 4x before moving on.
1. (19-18-17-16) Squat drop weight box jump 26 & 35lb kettlebells = changing their sides 1/2 way thru 
2. (15-14-13-12) DL plank hop squat jump sandbag – the handles are really too long for me with DLs but thought I’d give it a try.
3. (11-10-9-8) Weighted heel clicks + bi curl 15s Heel click upright & with hands on floor, then bicep curl
4. (7-6-5-4) Clean and press burpee 20s
5. (3-2-1-0 )Bench lateral up and over + leg lift

SS4: 4x 12 reps √, √, √, √
1. Tricep push-up + plank jack and plank tuck jump
2. Chest press leg drop 20s. Here’s a place I wouldn’t want to go any heavier! On bench w/ full range of “down motion”, 4 sets of 12 was challenging.


10/30×14 – 2x w/ 20sec extra break in bet – 19min

  1. Forearm plank w/ pelvis tuck
  2. Plank Bear crawl donkey kicks, alt My right knee is more sore than I’d thought! It hurt to support my body weight with one leg in a bear crawl so I had to change to plank. Guess I’m going to have to rest it up a bit.
  3. Side plank hip dips & reach unders 5lbs
  4. other side
  5. Russian twists 15lbs. Keep feet on floor
  6. Reverse curls 3lbs / 5lbs
  7. Straight abs, toes under weights
  8. Oblique crunches
  9. Other side
  10. Crab elbow to knee & then touch foot, alt
  11. Rev plank leg lifts
  12. Crunch C-sit, sort of, hands on floor, crunch raising slightly bent legs, not touching down
  13. Pendulum, on floor, 3lbs
  14. Elevated feet, alt foot touchdowns

Did like 2min of stretching after. Ya, ya I know…














Summer Body Supersets & Tabata pt 1, followed by some yoga

I have one more round of HIIT to do from this and 2 ½ of the supersets.


Summer Body super sets & Tabata

was  gonna do just 1/2 the rounds of each super set, but I realized that I’m going SO MUCH LIGHTER than J, it was ok to do 4x at the beginning.

Tabata HIIT (10/20×20=10min) Do each move 4x before moving on.
1. (19-18-17-16) Squat drop weight box jump 20s first two sets. 3rd set I grabbed my 26 & 35lb kettlebells & changed their sides 1/2 way thru (J / 40s – everyone’s got these power blocks these days!)
2. (15-14-13-12) DL plank hop squat jump 20s (J / 82!!! I’m not sure if I want those huge, clunky powerblocks, but I’d love a barbell.)
3. (11-10-9-8) Weighted heel clicks + bi curl 15s Heel click upright & with hands on floor, then bicep curl
4. (7-6-5-4) Clean and press burpee 20s  (J / 82)
5. (3-2-1-0 )Bench lateral up and over + leg lift

SS1 4x: 12 reps
1. Plank rows 6/arm
2.Weighted chair lunges 2=1, x12 10lbs

Repeat Tabata HIIT

SS2: 4x
1. Bulgarian drop set 6 20s, 6 15s/leg (J / 30s & then 25s)
2. Swings Halo slams 6 each direction 45lb bell (but both hands holding x12) A 20 is a bit light for me for halo slams, but a 45lb bell is still challenging for swings, so I chose that. (J / 40)

Repeat Tabata HIIT

SS3: 2x
1. Box squat forward Lunge 6/leg BL sandbag. OK this move w/ my heavier sandbag was like, ya… I’m getting done, for me. Plus I was an hour in after the 1st round, so I decided to just do one more an call it a day on this WO.
2. Decline plank hop shoulder tap Somehow I ended up doing the chair lunges for the 2nd move of the first SS! Not sure how that happened, but just swapped it out here for the one I’d missed.

Repeat Tabata HIIT

SS4: 4x 12 reps
1. Tricep push-up + plank jack and plank tuck jump
2. Chest press leg drop 20s


Non vinyasa

Recovery day WO

When everything’s a little to a lotta sore

Discovered immediately this morning, walking around to get my coffee on & cats fed, that my glutes got really sore from yesterday’s WO. Excellent! It’s hard to get at them without heavy weight, but using the heavier sandbag for all those fwd & rev lunges did it. If I had a gym membership, once in awhile I’d use one of those barbell stations. You can do much heavier weight if you don’t have to snatch, overhead press and backload it!

Just do something / anything / a little bit

My upper body is still a bit fatigued & stiff too, as in I looked at a the Zgym routine I’d been thinking to do today & realised I am NOT into doing 100 swings w/ my 45lb bell today. I needed an easy routine for today, without a lot of added weight anywhere. Didn’t want to skip another Sunday, after having done that two weekends in a row. So I needed another moderate & short set to add to finishing the rest of Michele’s WO I started yesterday. Melissa!!

Anyway the best part about getting something done today is that I get to take Monday evening off.


16 Minute HIIT

  1. High Knees
  2. Pushup to Lunge (alternating)
  3. Jugglers Jumping Jacks
  4. Dead Bug Situp
  5. Surfer Burpee
  6. Leg Raise/Hip Lift
  7. Mountain Climber I hate Mt Climbers & always have. I’d have changed this if there were more than one of ’em, lol.
  8. Lunge Kick-Right
  9. Lunge Kick-Left
  10. Supergirl Pushups (or Plank)
  11. Tuck Jump
  12. Kick Back-Right
  13. Kick Back-Left
  14. Pendulum Squat
  15. Wood Chopper-Right’
  16. Wood Chopper-Left

Full Body Circuit Workout, pt 2

Michele had pointed out that I could do less rounds of each circuit if I’m short of time, even just one. I might try it that way, just for fun, unless next time I do one of her sets it’s a weekend and I wanna slam out the whole thing.

Circuit 3: 15/45×12=12min @45:37
1. Overhead Pull to Wide Flye (w/ pulse) On bench. 10s. Normally would do 15s here but this is a recovery WO.
2. (Bench on Right) Right Kneel Down up to Cross Over Step Knee Lift/Down Wide Squat to Criss Cross Jack (inside leg moving behind) no added weight
3. Bicep Curl to press up to OH tricep Overhead Circle Lateral 10s
4. (Bench on Left) Left Kneel Down up to Cross Over Step Knee Lift/Down Wide Squat to Criss Cross Jack

10/30×6=4min @1:01:45
Tuck Jump Burpee I decided to add the push-up. Less tuck jumps! And my tired body had done a 50-sec interval, hitting failure once.

Bonus: Inner & Outer Thighs 30 seconds work @1:04 +2lb ankle weights. I hadn’t previewed this yet but my thighs can handle 2lbs without too much strain, for most ass & thigh, mat exercises.
1. Right Leg – Straight Leg Lift (Toe down/heel up)
2. Right Knee in to Straight Leg Lift
3. Small Circle Clockwise
4. Small Circle Counter Clockwise
5. Right Leg Straight – Tap Heel Front/Toe Behind
6. Right Leg Behind – Left Leg Lift (toe down/heel up)
7. Left Leg Pull in & lift up
8. Inner thigh pulse Clam Shell Only b/c inner thighs less sore than much of the rest of me!
9. Tap Top Knee behind/toe to bottom knee
10. Kick ups
(Repeat all 10 on the left side – lay on right side)


I left the vid going but did my own thing. I guess I wanted to pretend I had a WO buddy with me!


Busy Morning Burst: Full Body Workout

OMG Julia is just… superhuman.


Busy Morning Burst: Full Body Workout

5×5 I’d glanced @ the breakdown & thought, “Yay, it’s all for time!”. But NO. She throws this on @ the end (27:06). I hate 5x5s too, so I thought I’d start with it, doing this section w/ the video to keep me more honest & then switching over to breakdown & playing music. ALSO NEEDED TO DO THIS AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE IN 81 DEG ROOM!
1. Burpee + 2 weighted chair Lunges (stepping up to the bench for the quick lunges) 10s Was gonna do 15s for this & move 3 & then downgraded, before starting, looking @ the breakdown
2. SA curtsy swings/arm 15, start w/ weight OH, same arm as lunging leg
3. pull over leg lift + crunch 10s
4. Tricep jack push-up 10
5. SA plank hop + round house kick + hook/side

HIIT set 1: 30:10 x4 (8 min)
1. Box jump Burpees
2. Decline Pushup Toe Touch
3. Squat & Press 20s (You just know I want 25s now. Course power blocks would be nice instead of weights absolutely everywhere.)

Tabata Pair 1: (4 min)
1. Surrender Ninja alt SA snatch 20s, snatching w/ one arm. OMG Julia does 30. I held 2 weights & did a surrender down & up b/c trying to do ninjas often tweaks out my knees. That’s the one thing I’ve made no progress on, but I’m not too attached to it.
2. Commando Plank hip dips Commando down & side to side hip dips, aiming hip twd floor. Commando up & dip. Alt arms to start w/.

Hit set 2: 30:10 4x (8 mins)
1. 5 mtn climber 5 high knees 1=1
2. DL + Hang clean 20s
3. Pushup belly to ground + Plank hop Hop feet as far fwd as u can & tap feet w/ hands b4 jumping back

Tabata pair 2: (4 mins)
1. Arnold press 15s So many push-ups!! Was gonna try 20s here. Probably be fine like in a Zuzka set – 1 or 2 short rounds max. Tonight I’m like, Nah.
2. Goblet press out jacks 10. Press weight fwd & then up as u jack.

Time 49:46

Like a 2min stretch, lol.


22 Minute No Equipment Cardio Burst & 1 round abs

Something is better than nothing I guess. I can’t exercise tomorrow so…



22 Minute No Equipment Cardio Burst

50:10 HIIT 1x
1. Lateral Touch down switch lunges + switch kicks
2. Jack push-up star jump burpee
3. Tricep push-ups fast knee tucks
4. Heel clicks (increasing reps 1 heel click in pike and standing then two heel clicks in pike and two standing, then three and so on)
5. Roll back burpee double tuck jump

Tabata 20:10 8x 4 mins each move Didn’t do the no rest challenge. It was enough for me just to work out at all, frankly. 82 muggy degrees in the room when I started, exhausted & discouraged.

1. Kick through + crab toe touch push-up and twisted piston

2. Alt curtsy Lunge hops

Tabata pair:
1. Quadzillas
1 way knee tucks push-up

Repeat HIIT

Repeat of abs burnout from a Michele WO:

Bonus: Abs 10/45×10=9:10 1x’s @ 1:01 +2lb ankle weights. Was gonna do 2 rounds but… Wanted to get to shower & beer since tomorrow is one long motherfucking day for me.
1. Regular Crunch
2. Boat Pose – Pull right knee in & twist arms to outside of knee
3. Roll to Left – V-up Crunch to Knee pull in
4. Roll to Right Side Plank – Elbow twist
5. Boat Pose – Pull left knee in & twist arms to outside of knee
6. Roll to Right – V-up to Knee pull in
7. Roll to Left side Plank – Elbow twist
8. Reverse Crunch
9. Boat Pose Bicycle Crunch – twist opposite elbow to opposite knee
10. Hyperextension