2017 Holiday HIIT #12: Sweaty Xmas Present by Kristin R

Well, I got the Polar going again via putting a new battery in the watch, and that might’ve been it. I can see where it’s going to be extremely difficult to make any more than a couple battery changes on the strap though, and while I’d ordered batteries for it, I also got a Wahoo TICKR. First of all, it’s cheaper than the cheapest Polar, and I’m sick of repurchasing them. Secondly it was recommended by my triathlete former boss, Trish, and I trust her judgment. That’s what she uses. Last of all, you don’t have to wear a watch on your wrist, and it sometimes gets in the way working out, mostly in yoga but also if I want to wear wrist weights to bump up some arm moves a little bit.

So I’m going to try it out, but not for yoga. I know! I know. I could use it, but I’m doing the last of this Julia holiday series. Seems like it’ll be a little less intense than #11, thankfully.

That’s an inflated calorie burn estimate for SURE. It’d be hard impossible to compare to the Polar though b/c you’d have to wear two straps at once.

I’d guess that I burned 700-800ish.

2017 Holiday HIIT #12: Sweaty Xmas Present by Kristin R

50:10 Warm Up (5 min)
1. Plank Walk out Pushup
2. Lunge and Twist
3. Prisoner Jacks
4. Skaters
5. 1 box squat 1 box Squat Jump

Weighted HIIT: 50:10 3x (12 min)
1. Burpee Split Lunge Snatch (keep alt legs) 15s
2. Backload Alt Step up to Squat sandbag
3. Alt Fallen triangle + 2 dips +t-stand 2 dips Didn’t come back to plank bet dip styles. I did 2 dips in fallen triangle, then moved my bottom foot & stacked the top to do 2 more reg t-stand dips.
4. Broad Jump Clean & Press Bunny Hop back 20s I did 4x bunny hops & then stayed low b4 the broad jump, so standing up straight in the clean was a rest 4 my legs!

Circuit: 5 reps – 5x (little rest between moves) √, √, √, √, √ Surprised when I caught up w/ the vid I was only 7min behind. So I procrastinated more!
1. Hang Cleans 20s
2. Double DB Rows (5 renegade rows 2=1 / 5 Double wide rows 1=1) 20s
3. Burpee Clean & Press 20s first round then dropped to 15s. There’s enuff clean & press in this WO! lol
4. DB Split Lunge to Switch Lunge (2=1) 15s first round then dropped to 10s

Bodyweight HIIT: 50:10 x2 (8 min)
1. SL Downdog to Spiderman to updog (switch on 2nd round)
2. Squat 3 Pulse + box Squat Jumps These were KILLER w/o standing up straight after landing from box jump, but sinking immediately to a hover before the 3 pulses. My hip flexors have been really sore lately too, particularly the left.
3. Incline Tricep Pushup burpee box jump
4. Rocket Step Up to Switch Lunge

Paused for a minute hanumanasana (split) on ea side. I needed to stretch my legs!

Tabata Pairs: (8 min)
1. Rev Grip Pushup wide bi curl 15s
2. SL DL to Bicep Curl 15s

1. Spiderman-maker
2. Squat Hammer Front Raise 10s

Finisher: Combo Move Pyramid Finisher 5-1
1. Staggered Pushup, Plank Row, SA Clean and Press, SA Snatch, SA Swing 20 LOVED this. Hard on the swings! That was the last move & I usually use 15 for SA. Since I use 35 for kettlebell tho, I guess it’s time to bump up (tho I can’t afford a heavier kettlebell or a barbell….)
2. Bulgarian – DL – SL Pushup – SL glute raise 15s


Short HIIT & Tabata & easy yoga

Well… was thinking to maybe do astanga but it’s just so cold inside, here in Portland. Plus I’m stiff and sore. I’m breaking out of order in the Julia WOs to do this no equipment one she just posted. It’s a short “burst” WO of 35min. No preview at all. Last night I had a solo Grimm binge, rather than planning any exercise.


No Equipment Full Body Cardio and Strength Burst Workout

  • Did the burst straight thru w/out pausing for once. Was good cardio strain & certainly got me warmed up in 35min! Course I cooled right off immediately, once I stopped jumping around, and had to turn on the space heater.

HIIT 50:10 2x 10 mins
1. Roll back switch lunge burpee
2. Plank hand walk 10 and walk out hold 5 seconds
3. Low lateral lunge to pistol squat
4. Donkey kicks up and over
5. Bear shoulder tap to plyo pushup

Tabata Pair time pyramid 6 minutes:
1. Dive bomber to angry donkey up and star jump
2. Walk out staggered hand pushup walk back heel grab

HIIT 50:10 2x 10 minutes
1. Ninja broad jump bunny hop back
2. Pushup alt t-stand and dip/reach under
3. Double tricep burpee did my 2 jumps as tuck jumps
4. 5 squat jumps 5 plank hops
5. 3 groiners 2 front kicks

 Time pyramid 6 minutes:
1. 3 switch lunges touch down and rocket up
2. increasing heel clicks


  • 41min

2017 Holiday HIIT #10: All I want for Christmas is Buns and Guns! By Christine C

This was a good full body WO. I’m going to feel all the OH sandbag stuff later in my arms & shoulders, I think…


2017 Holiday HIIT #10: All I want for Christmas is Buns and Guns! By Christine C

Bodyweight Buy in: 4:11
1. 25 squats ppl band
2. 50 split squats left (25/leg)
3. 25 sumo squats
4. 25 squat jumps ppl band

HIIT round #1 (50:10 x2) 12 mins  This set & next w/ video
1. clean press to OH box squat sandbag (vertical straps b/c others too long)
2. Deadlift + bent over row (sandbag standing on block)
3. Alt rev lunge + good morning BL sandbag
4. Deadlift + alt plank row 20s jumping back to plank, no push-up
5. Squat and press + surrender 15s
6. SA snatch + SL deadlift 20s

Swing circuit (30:10 x4, 2 per side) 8 mins @17:54
1. Curtsy swing + SA press 15
2. Halo swing + staggered pushup snatch burpee 20 one side. Snatch weight up & then grab w/ both hands, slam & halo. Then put it down on that arm’s side for staggared push-up.
3. SA swing +SA plank hop + concentration curl in squat Maybe just kettlebell swing next time, or take out the swing. Couldn’t get a good flow in this one.

Mat set (1x) @27 This & next 2 sets from breakdown.
10 pushups
12 chest press + leg lowers 20s on bench
10 pull-ups pushups 4 unassisted I like to vary the pushing & pulling, a bit more. Switched to the lighter (less help) red band for the assisted reps too.
12 chest fly + bridge 15s
10 pushups
12 lat pull over 15s
10 pull-ups pushups x unassisted
12 T stand presses (6/side) 15
10 pushups

Squat tabata set (20:10 x4 each move 8 minutes)
Option of body weight squats during the 10 seconds Did this except for b4 last move where I hadda get my band on.
1. OH squat to good morning x4. Keeping weight on shoulders.
2. ski squat + front raise SSD 10s
3. Sumo squat with t-curl + stand to Y presses 10s
4. Squat jumps ppl band

Lunge set (2x) √,
20 weighted chair lunges 1=1 20
10 Bulgarian/leg BL sandbag
10 curtsy lunge/leg BL sandbag
20 rocket step ups 10/leg
10 deficit rev lunges/leg BL sandbag rnd 1, then dropped to 20s. It was a lot for me to do Bulgarians w/ the sandbag & then the next one! Plus I’d done more clean & press w/ the sandbag than usual, with that first move in the first HIIT set.
10 lunge back touchdown kick /leg

HIIT round #2 (50:10:30:10 x1) 10 mins Back w/ video.
1. SA plank hop +SA clean and press 20
a. Mountain climbers
2. Dragon lunge burpees sandbag
a. Oblique burpees
3. Goblet side lunge + toe touch 20
a. 3 skaters
4. Switch mountain climber + arnold press 15s
a. Wide leg mountain climbers
5. SL tricep push up + step up
a. Lateral box jumps
6. Manmakers 20s
a. Burpees

Time = 1:17. Only 12min more than video w/ breaks & note time included! That’s pretty good for me, but then I had a rest day yesterday. (I could’ve managed a yoga but I wanted to focus on art.)


About 15min

2017 Holiday HIIT #9: Shoulder Boulder Builder & yoga

Well… Got going slowly today for no real reason. Hemmed & haw-d about what WO to do. I could take a rest day but I don’t want to. In the mood for another moderate WO. So no jump rope before hand. Just a little stretching. Then I did more after. Quads really sore!


2017 Holiday HIIT #9: Shoulder Boulder Builder

Hiit set 50:10 2x 10 mins Great warm-up set
1. Weighted walk out plank front raises walk back 10s
2. Traffic director lunges 10s
3. Squat hold Burpee with front raise in squat 10s
4. SSD seated Arnold press 20s
5. Commando jack to pike push-up

Paused for 10breath quad stretch ea side

Tabata cardio circuit 20:10 do as a circuit 4x 8 mins
1. Squat jack weight touch down and press 10s 
2. Dumbbell battle ropes (light weights)1st rnd – 10s, then 5s which was too light. Next time hold the 5s & 3s together.
3. Hands and knees (table top) front raise to fly 10 GREAT core work in trying to keep the body tight while doing those 2 moves.
4. Wall runners shoulder taps

Superset: 3x √, √, √  10:44 Hadda take a break after ea round to rest quads. Seriously grateful breakdown doesn’t call for 4. I HATE four rounds, lol.
1. 8 OH rev lunges/leg sandbag Discovered that I CAN keep handles on lengthwise handles & clean, but the handles are so long & I am so petite I can’t really get much of a press UP there, lol. Started over on last round to change grips to do the OH lunges. I have to use the ones w/ the shorter straps.
2. 5 Bear crawl fwd (4 “steps) to box commando up incline pushup bear craw back 2 squat jumps The push-up is the rest here! Quad rest. Realized I’m  not sure if opp hand from foot is how bear crawl is supposed to go. That’s the way I settled on.

Superset: 3x √, √, √ 8:55
1. 8 front raise and drive 15 Front raise. Twist 1 way, then the other way & down.
2. 8 Decline tricep pike push-up Burpee bent arm lateral raise 10s On weights for pike push-up. Changed the push-up style b/c of left tri weak spot. Couldn’t get any decent range of pike motion @ that angle w/out it complaining.

Burnout: 50:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10 @34:25
1. Clean and press + to OH squat 20s +ppl band, I should try to learn how to clean & press the sandbag withOUT changing grips, so I can do a continual move like this, b/c also that’s the only way I can squat safely w/ weight OH. I’ve tried! It’s better w/ a sandbag than even as light as 15s. Didn’t want to bother w/ it today tho.
2. Alt SA snatches 20
3. Weighted jab/cross/hook/elbow 5s
4. Commando jack + commando up angry donkey
5. Squat & press up palms facing in + eccentric lateral lower 10s

1:06 Maybe Julia was “efficient & fast” lol.


About 35min. Suryas & fundamentals. (As with handstands & standing back bends). Also the hanuman & samakona in there b/c not saving anything up.) Then dandasana & paschimo, finishing to fish. Why is that pose the one Sanskrit name I can NEVER remember? Usually I look it up but screw it.

I could feel that left tricep thing in the surya Bs and really tried to bounce my weight past it. Was gonna maybe do Astanga tomorrow but we’ll see. Either that or a rest day I’d say.

2017 Holiday HIIT #5

Couldn’t copy & paste the text so couldn’t do an effective preview (jotting down intended weights for example) so didn’t bother previewing at all.

I guess I don’t mind that I couldn’t do a breakdown because this one, while enjoyable & good for a low energy, tweaky day, isn’t as good of a workout as my baby Astanga (with a warmup).

It got my blood moving though and went by super fast, like Julia says at the end, so I’m glad I did it.

2017 Holiday HIIT #4: Back & Biceps & Cardio by Krisin R

At least I can still blog! Downloaded the iPhone app last night & logged in successfully. (It gets dicey with double authentication sometimes.Normally I copy & paste the YouTube page WO breakdowns into Text Edit, to remove the formatting .Checked my old, slow iPad Mini & it’ll play videos. I’m behind on this fantastic holiday series, but doing them in order. This is one of the scary ones. I decided to change up the order a bit, to make the rep sets a little easier for me to deal with.

2017 Holiday HIIT #4: Back & Biceps & Cardio

by Kristin R

3 Rounds of the 5×5 set Needed to get part of this over with first. Time for just 3 rnds 21:42, Lol. Last 2 rnds took 12min, so about 34 total.

Rep Triset 12, 10, 8, 6 (time 16min)
1. Clean and press 15s 1st round. Way too light but added 2lb wrist weights for 10-round, then 20s.
2. Pull-ups SA Rows rnd 1&2 all w band; rnd 3 – 4 w/out band; rnd 4 – 3 w/out band note 2 self, use lighter, red band next time (4 less help)
3. Staggered burpee to SA concentration curl 20lbs, 6 per arm, then 5,4,3.

HIIT 50:15×2Extra transition time so I could read iPhone breakdown.
1. SSD bent Renegade Rows, 15s
2. Weighted Squat Jump Ski Squat Swing, 10s, Weights OH 2 start. Swing down, back up & then lower down.
3. Superman pushup, T-stand dip and kick-through
4. Bicep Curl to Bicep Hold External Rotation, 10s Curl to 90, rotate out, back in & then lower.
5. DL to Clean & Press, 20s

TabataPairs: (10/20×8, w 30sec bet sets=8:30min)

1. Side plank pull overs, 10 Bring straight arm from OH 2 all the way down by side
2. Around the World, 10s

1. Seated banded Rows, blue band w handles
2. Plank Rows to Rev Grip Bent Rows, 15s

Circuit: 5×5 (Did 1st 3 rounds & beginning of WO).
1. Plank Row Burpee to bent back fly, 10s Push-up row both sides, hop fwd 4 fly. Did the 1st end as all flies, which made it harder.
2. Rev Grip Pushup + wide Bicep Curl, 10s + 2lb wrist weighs
3. Get up press up and slam, 10s
4. Deadlift to Hang Cleans (do 5 deadlifts, then 5 Hang Cleans), 20s changed to sandbag, standing on yoga blocks, for DL after rnd 1. Did all of 1 move then the next.

HIIT 30:10 x4 (8 min)
1. SA Snatch to Lateral Lunge, 20 Hold goblet style when lunging, opp leg from arm 4 the lunge.
2. Staggered Pushup – T-Stand fly, 10
3. Weighted Squat jump to alt SA row in lunge, 20 Hold goblet style 4 squat jump. Step back alt legs 4 SA row.

Time=1:29 Not bad, especially considering my mind body state today.

Tomorrow I’ll do Astanga.

Winter Weight Workout #6: Full Body Standard Lifts and Cardio Tabata OMFG kinda workout


Winter Weight Workout #6: Full Body Standard Lifts and Cardio Tabata

Tabata 20:10 4x each move TEN BRUTAL MINUTES 4X THRU IN THIS WO!!!
1. Side to side stay low Squat jumps
2. Burpee Switch lunges
3. 6 Mtn climbers+Bear Crawl – inhale both feet up to 1/2 Handstand (knees still bent) & hold a beat – hop back down to land in Bear Crawl & back to Plank  2 plank tucks (can do by wall & hop hips to over shoulders 2 balance)
4. Burpee box jumps
5. Lateral High knees (6)+ plank hop, 2 butt kicks

Set 1: 12 reps 4x rnds 1&4 – sandbag (2 small bags filled w/ sand. Today I tried stuffing two towels in, on either end) Kept the SB loaded on shoulders for its 2 rounds, rnds 2&3 – 20s + 8lb vest 

√, √, √, √
1. Back squat 2 pulses
2. Rev lunges 12 ea leg rnd 2-held the weights on shoulders & seemed harder to balance than sandbag. rnd 4-down @ side=better

Repeat Tabata This tabata was SO TOUGH that I caught up w/ the video for the 2nd round. Normally I’d just do it solo but I needed to feel like I had a WO buddy.

Set 2: 12 reps 4x √, √, √, √ + 8lb vest
1. Deadlift 1st rnd20s 2nd-4th rnds – sandbag, standing on wood yoga blocks, on top of manduka to prevent slipping
2. Step-ups 12/leg 15s Went lighter here b/c knees have been very mildly cranky this week, earlier, and I don’t want it getting worse. Yesterday’s yoga was good for this too. 
I’d held the 15s thru both sides for move 2 but w/ 20s that wouldn’t have been possible. But anyway rounds 2-4 I took a break bet sides b/c pooped. 48 reps per leg was quite enough w/ the chosen weight! LOL

Repeat Tabata I do believe this is the hardest repeat Tabata I’ve ever done, and I’m not even pregnant! I laughed when I looked at my “add orange band” comment for the 1st move. Nope! Then I’m like, Let me get thru the first round, and by the 2nd my mind was made up this WO was hard enough already.

Set 3: 12 reps 4x √, √, √, √
1. Bicep curl Arnold press 15s
2. Rnds 1&3 Decline push-ups / Rnds 2&4 Tricep Push-ups on floor I hadda alternate these moves, also NOT touching nose to floor for any! I hadda go @ a faster pace just to get thru it, pausing in plank where necessary in order to not take a break mid set.

Repeat Tabata Could NOT f*ng believe I hadda get through another set of this!

Set 4: 12 reps 4x √, √, √, √
1. Chest press 20s
2. SA rows 20

Time=1:42, LOL. Video is 1:18. 

Then I HAD 2 do a little stretching b/c I’ll be sitting all day tomorrow, 4 hours in the car & then 7 or so hours at a cat show.

Winter Weight Workout #2: Full Body Scorcher by Kristin Ritter

Days of yore today, getting up before first light of day in order to caffeinate and get a WO in before work. I’d actually gotten my period while exercising yesterday, and my body was stiff and sore the rest of the day. (I have to admit, I do get some cramping now that I’ve started eating meat again, whereas in the years of ovo lacto vegetarianism I really did not.)

I’d planned to start w/ the 4min of jump rope, but I was also starting much earlier than usual. What my body felt like it really wanted to get ready, was some yoga, really slow. Things needed to be less about heart rate and burn and more about just getting it done.


Yoga warm-up: (not timed – weighted virasana & supta virasana, rack stretch & some other things I used to do before early morning practice, specific bodily adjustments to be kind to my mind/body & have a better time w/ my practice)

  • Surya As, with standing arches- 5, paschimo & hanumanasana variations & then my body felt SO GOOD I did my 4min jump rope warm-up anyway.

Winter Weight Workout #2: Full Body Scorcher by Kristin Ritter

Half Juggernaut Finisher 1: Time = 9:55 (w/ notes) Whenever I see this kind of thing @ the end of one of Julia’s WOs, I always split it up! There are/were 9 moves total, so I decided to get 5 out of the way early.
26 Decline Stacked feet Pushups 13/13 reps
25 weighted squat jumps 10s & ppl band (15/10 reps)
25 DL sandbag (15/10 reps)
25 Chest Press 20s Too easy! Got up after 10 & added 2lb wrist weights
25 Bench Hops (1=1) This was the only 1 I got straight thru, lol.

HIIT set 1: 30:10 x4 (8 min) Joined vid here.
1. Box jump Burpees
2. Decline Pushup Toe Touch
3. Squat & Press 20s Super tough! I was way slowed down by round 3 and groaning on every press-up round 4.

HIIT set 2: 50:10 x1 7 mins
1 Broad Jump SA Snatch 20s
2 RA bench Rows 20
3 Broad Jump SA Snatch
4 LA bench rows
5 Broad Jump SA Snatch
6 Wide pushup + superman reach
7 Broad Jump SA Snatch

No Rest Tabata: (4 min)
DB Clean & Press 20s / Plank hops, hands on weights I went half time on those plank hops until the very last 10 seconds, and then I kept pace with J, lol. Paused 4 this note & 2 c what was left. Oh my! This ended up being a long break.

Tabata Pair 1: (4 min) These pairs were like a nice rest! LOL
1. Wall Handstand Shoulder Taps Wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. I thought it’d be holding the handstand shoulder-tap thru every 20sec interval, not coming back down & all the way vertical after every 2 taps.
2. Commando Plank Jacks

Tabata pair 2: 4 min
1. ½ Manmaker Snatches 20s
2. Step Up Switch Lunges

Reps set 1 Triset: 2x
1. 10 Chest Fly Leg Lift 15s & 2lb ankle weights
2. 10 Russian twists 2=1 15 No problem w/ the ankle weights, keeping feet off floor & legs mostly straight, but it would’ve been if I’d used my 5s.
3. 10/ arm Switch foot swing Kept the ankle weights on the 1st round! Ooof. I don’t think I got it quite right either but s’ok.

Reps set 2 triset: 10 Reps – 2x Turned off vid here.
1. rev grip burpee DL 20s
2. Back Squat sandbag Is a little light. Maybe should shove 5lb ankle weights in there…
3. Pushup + Plank Hop hands on sandbag, so slightly elevated, but was lumpy & imbalanced w/ the 2 small bags. Too bad I didn’t get a medium sized bag!

Half Juggernaut Finisher 2:
25 bench leg drops abs 3lb bet feet
25 slams 20
25 renegade rows 2=1
25 Pushups This was the only set involving push-ups that I didn’t do absolutely full range-of-motion, meaning nose touching mat each rep. I did it about ½ range, moving as fast as possible.

Only a few min of yoga / stretching b/c needed to get showered b4 work.

60min Tabata, booty burnout & a little yoga

Normally, MH seems a little too hyperactive-gym-guy for me. It’s that rapid fire delivery. Before today I’d done one of his WOs, a single time. Still, I was in the mood for something different today & I’d seen a couple of Fitness Friends saying they’d done it. Plus tabata sounded like a good idea for today. So… No preview b/c no time but the breakdown is on the YouTube page.

And I actually liked it! Interesting going all the way thru something w/out a pause. A lot of these moves would be good done in tabata pairs, maybe w/ bands or more weight here & there. So when he got to the last 3min I did my own stretching (yoga poses).


After that I did another one mentioned recently by my Fitness Friends, a booty burnout by Julia I’m pretty sure I never tried before. It’s one of her rare, short videos. I had a few minutes after that before the 90min mark so I did a little more stretching.

Low Impact Booty Burnout

(10/15) 5lb ankle weights

1. Clams/clam pulses RL
2. Clam kicks RL
3. Clams/clam pulses LL
4. Clam kicks LL
5. Side leg circles clockwise RL
6. Side leg circles counter clockwise RL
7. Side leg circles clockwise LL
8. Side leg circles counter clockwise LL
9. Side leg pluses RL
10. Side leg rainbows RL
11. Side leg plulses LL
12. Side leg rainbows LL
13. Glute Diamond leg raises
14. Glute Scissor legs
15. SL bridge glute raise + lift and lower leg RL
16. SL bridge glute raise + lift and lower leg LL
17. Tabletop cross over knees RL
18. Tabletop cross over knees LL
19. Fire hydrants RL
20. Fire hydrants LL

No Weight Thanksgiving Workout & Yoga

Been eating nothing but processed starch and dairy & egg fat for days! Also had a lot of stress and it’s not gone. Worked all day on some almond crackers on software & product I’m unfamiliar with. Was exhausted & hungry but had to do this.

[This WO would be great to do while traveling. You could pack some bands! Might start happening again. One never knows.]


No Weight Thanksgiving Workout

Plank HIIT 50:10 2x 14 mins
1. Plank hip dips and kick through
2. Oblique plank hops + 2 plank jacks
3. Commando down spider knees commando up kick under
4. 10 wide knee mtn climbers 10 high knees
5. plank walk out shoulder tap walk back 2 squat jumps
6. Down dog 3 way knee tucks
7. Rev plank and alt side plank dip reach under and crunch (or leg lift) would be nice to add ankle weights & bands in places if doing this 15/50

Lower Body Superset 1: 4x √, √, √, √
1. 8 (2) low diagonal side squats (2) squat jumps orange band
2. 5/leg pistol to rocket up to SL burpee OMG this move is HARD but I can do it, slowly, the full pistol too. I turned off the vid in 1st set. “Linda time!!!” lol

UPPER BODY Superset 2: 4x √, √, √, √
1. 8 bear hold shoulder tap to angry donkey And these are brutal on the quads too!!! Aaargh.
2. 8 incline pushup commando down dolphin pushup

HIIT set: 30:10 3x 6 MINS
1. surfer burpees
2. prisioner get ups squat jump
3. handstand kickups Discovered I could change legs in mid-air on this one. I’m close to but not too near a wall, so I can practice reaching full balance w/out danger of flipping (if not warmed up 4 it & I haven’t been doing yoga at all these day. I only tapped it 1x tho.

Tabata challenge 20:10 4x each move 10 mins
1. arms OH toe taps
2. Tricep push-ups 27 reps from toes, nose touching floor every time.
3. 3 groiners to pistol
4. High knees fwd box jump squat walk back
5. Pendulum lunge hops

Time = 1:11 Not to bad for me, especially considering.