2017 Holiday HIIT #10: All I want for Christmas is Buns and Guns! By Christine C

This was a good full body WO. I’m going to feel all the OH sandbag stuff later in my arms & shoulders, I think…


2017 Holiday HIIT #10: All I want for Christmas is Buns and Guns! By Christine C

Bodyweight Buy in: 4:11
1. 25 squats ppl band
2. 50 split squats left (25/leg)
3. 25 sumo squats
4. 25 squat jumps ppl band

HIIT round #1 (50:10 x2) 12 mins  This set & next w/ video
1. clean press to OH box squat sandbag (vertical straps b/c others too long)
2. Deadlift + bent over row (sandbag standing on block)
3. Alt rev lunge + good morning BL sandbag
4. Deadlift + alt plank row 20s jumping back to plank, no push-up
5. Squat and press + surrender 15s
6. SA snatch + SL deadlift 20s

Swing circuit (30:10 x4, 2 per side) 8 mins @17:54
1. Curtsy swing + SA press 15
2. Halo swing + staggered pushup snatch burpee 20 one side. Snatch weight up & then grab w/ both hands, slam & halo. Then put it down on that arm’s side for staggared push-up.
3. SA swing +SA plank hop + concentration curl in squat Maybe just kettlebell swing next time, or take out the swing. Couldn’t get a good flow in this one.

Mat set (1x) @27 This & next 2 sets from breakdown.
10 pushups
12 chest press + leg lowers 20s on bench
10 pull-ups pushups 4 unassisted I like to vary the pushing & pulling, a bit more. Switched to the lighter (less help) red band for the assisted reps too.
12 chest fly + bridge 15s
10 pushups
12 lat pull over 15s
10 pull-ups pushups x unassisted
12 T stand presses (6/side) 15
10 pushups

Squat tabata set (20:10 x4 each move 8 minutes)
Option of body weight squats during the 10 seconds Did this except for b4 last move where I hadda get my band on.
1. OH squat to good morning x4. Keeping weight on shoulders.
2. ski squat + front raise SSD 10s
3. Sumo squat with t-curl + stand to Y presses 10s
4. Squat jumps ppl band

Lunge set (2x) √,
20 weighted chair lunges 1=1 20
10 Bulgarian/leg BL sandbag
10 curtsy lunge/leg BL sandbag
20 rocket step ups 10/leg
10 deficit rev lunges/leg BL sandbag rnd 1, then dropped to 20s. It was a lot for me to do Bulgarians w/ the sandbag & then the next one! Plus I’d done more clean & press w/ the sandbag than usual, with that first move in the first HIIT set.
10 lunge back touchdown kick /leg

HIIT round #2 (50:10:30:10 x1) 10 mins Back w/ video.
1. SA plank hop +SA clean and press 20
a. Mountain climbers
2. Dragon lunge burpees sandbag
a. Oblique burpees
3. Goblet side lunge + toe touch 20
a. 3 skaters
4. Switch mountain climber + arnold press 15s
a. Wide leg mountain climbers
5. SL tricep push up + step up
a. Lateral box jumps
6. Manmakers 20s
a. Burpees

Time = 1:17. Only 12min more than video w/ breaks & note time included! That’s pretty good for me, but then I had a rest day yesterday. (I could’ve managed a yoga but I wanted to focus on art.)


About 15min


2017 Holiday HIIT #5

Couldn’t copy & paste the text so couldn’t do an effective preview (jotting down intended weights for example) so didn’t bother previewing at all.

I guess I don’t mind that I couldn’t do a breakdown because this one, while enjoyable & good for a low energy, tweaky day, isn’t as good of a workout as my baby Astanga (with a warmup).

It got my blood moving though and went by super fast, like Julia says at the end, so I’m glad I did it.

Winter Weight Workout #2: Full Body Scorcher by Kristin Ritter

Days of yore today, getting up before first light of day in order to caffeinate and get a WO in before work. I’d actually gotten my period while exercising yesterday, and my body was stiff and sore the rest of the day. (I have to admit, I do get some cramping now that I’ve started eating meat again, whereas in the years of ovo lacto vegetarianism I really did not.)

I’d planned to start w/ the 4min of jump rope, but I was also starting much earlier than usual. What my body felt like it really wanted to get ready, was some yoga, really slow. Things needed to be less about heart rate and burn and more about just getting it done.


Yoga warm-up: (not timed – weighted virasana & supta virasana, rack stretch & some other things I used to do before early morning practice, specific bodily adjustments to be kind to my mind/body & have a better time w/ my practice)

  • Surya As, with standing arches- 5, paschimo & hanumanasana variations & then my body felt SO GOOD I did my 4min jump rope warm-up anyway.

Winter Weight Workout #2: Full Body Scorcher by Kristin Ritter

Half Juggernaut Finisher 1: Time = 9:55 (w/ notes) Whenever I see this kind of thing @ the end of one of Julia’s WOs, I always split it up! There are/were 9 moves total, so I decided to get 5 out of the way early.
26 Decline Stacked feet Pushups 13/13 reps
25 weighted squat jumps 10s & ppl band (15/10 reps)
25 DL sandbag (15/10 reps)
25 Chest Press 20s Too easy! Got up after 10 & added 2lb wrist weights
25 Bench Hops (1=1) This was the only 1 I got straight thru, lol.

HIIT set 1: 30:10 x4 (8 min) Joined vid here.
1. Box jump Burpees
2. Decline Pushup Toe Touch
3. Squat & Press 20s Super tough! I was way slowed down by round 3 and groaning on every press-up round 4.

HIIT set 2: 50:10 x1 7 mins
1 Broad Jump SA Snatch 20s
2 RA bench Rows 20
3 Broad Jump SA Snatch
4 LA bench rows
5 Broad Jump SA Snatch
6 Wide pushup + superman reach
7 Broad Jump SA Snatch

No Rest Tabata: (4 min)
DB Clean & Press 20s / Plank hops, hands on weights I went half time on those plank hops until the very last 10 seconds, and then I kept pace with J, lol. Paused 4 this note & 2 c what was left. Oh my! This ended up being a long break.

Tabata Pair 1: (4 min) These pairs were like a nice rest! LOL
1. Wall Handstand Shoulder Taps Wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. I thought it’d be holding the handstand shoulder-tap thru every 20sec interval, not coming back down & all the way vertical after every 2 taps.
2. Commando Plank Jacks

Tabata pair 2: 4 min
1. ½ Manmaker Snatches 20s
2. Step Up Switch Lunges

Reps set 1 Triset: 2x
1. 10 Chest Fly Leg Lift 15s & 2lb ankle weights
2. 10 Russian twists 2=1 15 No problem w/ the ankle weights, keeping feet off floor & legs mostly straight, but it would’ve been if I’d used my 5s.
3. 10/ arm Switch foot swing Kept the ankle weights on the 1st round! Ooof. I don’t think I got it quite right either but s’ok.

Reps set 2 triset: 10 Reps – 2x Turned off vid here.
1. rev grip burpee DL 20s
2. Back Squat sandbag Is a little light. Maybe should shove 5lb ankle weights in there…
3. Pushup + Plank Hop hands on sandbag, so slightly elevated, but was lumpy & imbalanced w/ the 2 small bags. Too bad I didn’t get a medium sized bag!

Half Juggernaut Finisher 2:
25 bench leg drops abs 3lb bet feet
25 slams 20
25 renegade rows 2=1
25 Pushups This was the only set involving push-ups that I didn’t do absolutely full range-of-motion, meaning nose touching mat each rep. I did it about ½ range, moving as fast as possible.

Only a few min of yoga / stretching b/c needed to get showered b4 work.

Full Body Metabolic Frenzy: Sore or Sorry by Jori

I’m glad I had a fun time working out – sometimes a lot of smaller sets in a workout can make for a great variety and lessening of dread. I’m PMSing now & had a rest day yesterday (bad for mood), along with a SUPER ANNOYING day (really, really bad). I needed the rest though. Any doubt I had as to wether I could go another day was dispelled when I went on a half-hour walk, here on The Hill, to get to a drawing destination. The first 1/4 mile was uphill my legs were screaming at me. I knew the rest day was in order for sure, at that point.


Full Body Metabolic Frenzy: Sore or Sorry by Jori 

Circuit #1: 50:10, 1x
1. Step Up, Step Down, Side Lunge, Curtsy Lunge (R) 20s
2. Step Up, Step Down, Side Lunge, Curtsy Lunge (L)
3. Alt Forward Lunge lat raise to OH raise 10s
4. Squat hold Burpee w/ Front Raise 10s

20/20 Cardio No Rest- 5 Rounds
1. Switch Lunges
2. Curtsy Lunge Hops with pulse L/R

40/30/20: 2 Rounds, No Rest + ppl band
Goblet Squat (40 sec) 20 Squat Jump (30 sec) bodyweight Squat (20 sec)

Leg Burnout: x3 Kept pace w/ video rounds 1 & 2 but had to pause for a rest & HR slowdown before round 3!
5 Box Jumps
10 Goblet Squats 20
20 OH Plate Lunges (1=1) 15s Alt legs, 10 fwd & then 10 rev
20 OH High Knee Taps (1=1) 10s

Circuit #2: 50:10, 1x
1. Alt Spider pushups and (2) plank shoulder taps
2. Dumbbell Battle Ropes x8 (like a milkshake in a sumo squat) + 4 Mtn. Climbers 3s? I did 2=1 both moves
3. Crop Circle Hamstring on Sliders on back in rev curl – pull feet in & raise hips, then push out & fwd in a wide arc
4. Pullover Sit Up to Low Squat Position 15, single weight

20/20 Cardio No Rest– 5 Rounds KILLER!!!! I’ve never before felt a held plank between my shoulder blades. Total mid thoracic burn. Paused after this set and typed these notes while sweat dripped off my face, onto my mat & down my neck.
1. Commando Plank Jacks
2. Wide Mt. Climbers

4 Min. Burpee Gauntlet: 20:10, 8x 2 rounds per move
1. Burpees w/ Push-up
2. Bodyweight Squat (hold squat in the 10 sec rest)
3. Pendulum Lunges 20s
4. Burpees w/ Push-up

Circuit #3: 50:10, 1x
1. LA curl hold – Curl RA 10s This was light on the curling arm but fine for the holding arm. Next time I should pick up the 3lb in addition for 13lbs on the curling arm
2. RA curl hold – Curl LA
3. Tricep Push-up- Pike Jump Feet In- Dolphin Tricep Push-up
4. JM Press- on back w/DBs in hands held straight above chest. Bend elbows toward rib cage so DBs end up directly over shoulders 15s

20/20 Cardio No Rest– 5 Rounds
1. Burpee w/ Tricep Push-up + 4 Cross Punches (at top)
2. High Knees

Upper Body Burnout: x3 Was able to keep pace w/ round 1, but only b/c I’d peeked ahead at the breakdown & started a bit before J, lol. 20s are still a lot for me for presses so I turned off the video for rounds 2 & 3.
10 Shoulder Press 20s
10 Bicep Curls 15s
10 Lateral Raise- to front-back out and down 5s Considered holding 8 for these but after round 1 with just 5 I’m like, “Ya that’s enough.”
10 Tricep Dips

DB Complex – 5 Min. AMRAP 15s
1. Alt Plank rows
2. Push-up
3. Alt spider knees
4. RDL
5. Bicep Curl Front Squat
6. Push Press

Finisher: 2 Rounds (Jori did 4x) 2 rounds. Messed up my time by forgetting to preview all of this & I had to stop & consult video for moves 7-10.
1. DB RDL x8 Sandbag 55.6 – standing on yoga blocks for a slight extra bit of range of motion
2. DB Alt. Rev. Lunge w/ Bicep Curl x8/leg 13ea hand 1st round / dropped to 10 for 2nd
3. Renegade Row x8 (2=1) 20s
4. Push-ups x8
5. Plank Jacks x16
6. alt Windmills x8/side 10s
windmill 1.jpeg

7. Kick Thru, back to Plank, side plank leg raised x8/leg
8. Hand & knees SA Bicep Curl to Fly x8/arm 10
9. Pike glute raise to knee tuck (Jori did: Abs: Side Knee Crunch (sit on side like V-up) + Toe Touch V-up x8/side 1st round I did all knee to same side elbow & glute raise. 2nd round I did the toe touch v-ups
10. Reverse Plank Hip Dips (2=1) L/R + heel taps2=1

Time = 1:24 (including all breaks)

Only about 5min of stretching after but that’s ok. I’ll make up for that tomorrow.

**Full Body by Jen A & a good opening rant

Nasty-gram from Batshit this morning. First one I responded, tone diplomatic but terse. Second I deleted. I might have to block her again, over the holidays. She gets extra mean.

In other news my subpar computer equipment is driving ME batshit. I think I’m just going to charge up about $4,200 for a 27″ iMac and a Wacom Pro, which would help me work faster, even if no one is paying for it, as of yet. I know the world thinks I’m a bad investment, a female designer of 50, never mind the fact that I worked steadily and supported myself with ZERO family subsidization, with only a BFA, for 2+ decades in New York City. And I kept my job through the worst parts of the 2008 / 2009 bankster recession when I was freelance and the highest paid member on my team. If that doesn’t demonstrate a lack of effectiveness I don’t know what doesn’t. #sarcasm

Fine. I’ll do it myself, like I always have.

This is definitely a WO I’ll repeat when I even have just one more piece of equipment, or two… 25lb dumbbells. Never mind the sandbag or a plyo platform. Each of those two things are around $200.



Full Body by Jen A

6Min EMOM 10 box jumps/ incline push-ups to finish the minute I have a lower elevation than the pregnant J is using here, 13″ to her 16″, though w/ the height difference it’s about the same. I cannot improve on my jumping ability b/c I cannot afford an adjustable plyo platform.

60 box jumps will get you warmed up! I did all my fast & jumping which doesn’t get you a rest in an EMOM.

No rest tabata pair: 20:10 8x
1. Pullover to close grip chest press/ skullcrusher 15s
2. tricep push up+ plank tuck jump/plank hold

Leg Hiit and core pyramid 50:10/40:10/30:10 Paused & got my 8lb vest for 2nd two rounds
1. Backload squat/alt reverse lunge 20s
2. Handstand shoulder tap/ spider knee
3. Backload squat/ at forward lunge 20s
4. FAST Inchworm out +push-up plank hop + 180 tuck
5. Dead lift s/s/double 20s
6. Plank tuck alt kick thru
7. Weighted hip thrust 20s Tried this w/ back on rack & it still doesn’t work w/ using dumbbells, oh well. or wall sit maybe
8. Decline push up clean and press 20s

6 minute amrap Was trying to figure out how to use the fewest amounts of weights & not tax shoulders too much for the first two moves. Decided to add 2lb wrist weights & use mostly 10s. Lost some time switching weights on the MMs & was definitely dropping pace (whereas I’d kept up, up til now in this WO)
2 R Push up t stand and press 10s (12lbs ea arm)
2 L Push up t stand and press
2 Manmaker 15s (17lbs ea arm)
2 tricep makers (tricep push-up + kickback, tricep push-up+ kickback + hop in and double arm tricep kickback) 10s (12lbs ea arm)
2 bicep makers (rev grip push-up + bicurl on both sides +hop up double arm bicep curl) 10s (12lbs ea arm)

No rest tabata 20:10 8x 4 minutes Kept forgetting what I was doing here & forgetting the halo part. Should’ve really put my gloves on b/c weight was SO SWEATY in my hands. Dangerous.
Halo slams/ SA oh press 20
Round the world/ SA oh press

Kb finisher 50:10
1. Swings 35lbs
2. Staggered Push-ups + SA RA bent row & snatch 20
3. Slams 20
4. Wide push ups + double plank tuck jumps
5. Staggered push-ups + SA LA bent row & snatch
6. Tricep push-up to tri ext 10s
7. Tri push + alt t-Stand leg lift
8. LL curtsy SA swings 15
9. Alt SL decline Pike push ups walk out shoulder tap
10. RL curtsy SA swings
11. Decline push ups + alt toe touches
12. Suitcase DL right 20s
13. RA oh rev RL Lunge 15
14. Suitcase DL left
15. LA oh rev LL Lunge

Time = 1:13, including all breaks

GET PUMPED for Fall #6: lower body focus

I was spraying sweat from my face during my open-mouth exhales during the first circuit set! Have an appointment today. Didn’t feel like working out early but it’s the absolute best mood enhancer (or at least “dire mindset preventer) for me that there is. Also even if I look crappy on a particular day, I’ll look a bit better with blood flow and endorphins.


(extra) Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

GET PUMPED for Fall #6: lower body focus

warm up 30:30
1. runners lunge
2. pike glute raises
3. frog pumps
4. side laying leg lifts
5. side laying leg lifts
6. frog pumps

Hiit Tabata 20:10 4x each move 10 mins
1. Broad jump box jump bunny hop back
2. Curtsy step down20s My knees have been feeling ever so slightly tender, and in this case I immediately do any stepping up or down w/ a cautious weight until I’m thoroughly warmed up & can be sure that everything’s feeling good. 
3. SL DL to forward lunge 20s Hadn’t previewed & so did this move wrong the 1st round but stuck w/ it. Did DL on one leg & then put it down to lunge the other forward. Next round of this HIIT I did it w/ the balancing as per video.
4. Switch lunges Turned toward the monitor for this move & kept pace w/  Julia. Boy did THAT make a difference!
5. Hip thrusts 20s

Circuit set: 4x 30:10 8 mins BRUTAL, in a good way
1. Weighted lat squat jump & return box jump curtsy Lunge 15s
2. Goblet curtsy up and over 15
3. Step up rev lunge and switch 15s

No rest tabata 4 mins +5lb ankle weights Best upper-back thigh tabata set ever!! But I could REALLY, REALLY, REALLY use a set of 25s here.
DL 20s:pike pulses glute raises Pulses worked better w/ 5lbs on ea leg.

Hiit Tabata 20:10 4x each move 10 mins
1. Broad jump box jump bunny hop back
2.Curtsy step down20s Was happy on the floor for 1st set so I kept it.
3. SL DL to forward lunge
4. Switch lunges
5. Bulgarian 15s 2x one leg & then swutch Hip thrusts I just can’t do hip thrusts properly b/c I don’t have a sandbag (and thus can’t elevate shoulders) or heavy enough weight.

Circuit set: 2x 30:10 4 minutes LOVED these moves. If I repeat this WO ever I’d do this one 4x like the first (though it was a relief to hear her say it was 2x through right before starting.
1. Step up SL DL Another 1 I did wrong w/ lack of preview. I stepped up w/ one leg & then did the DL w/ that leg supporting.
2. Pistol to Dighasana A levitating Lunge  Repeated Dighasana A work is awesome on the back of the thighs too.
3. Lateral step up weighted leg lift 15s

No rest tabata Was tired by here & went 1/2 pace from J. Got in one hang clean, but butt on calves & elbows on knees. Like a malasana squat, w/ 40lbs. Hands HURT by end of this set. Another place I could use a sandbag but I wouldn’t go as heavy as w/ legs lol.
Box squat: hang cleans 20s


About 30min.

Suryas & fundamentals (with back bending, hanumanasana & samakonasana, but no hand standing) to parsvottonasana. Transition to finishing was sitting down for sarvangasana, lol. Went to Matseyanasana. Felt good. Quick savasana.

Jori’s Birthday Sweat & Strength Fest! By Kristin Ritter and Julia

Did only the last set with the video, as I’d previewed most of it. Amazing workout. And I was able to do it, in spite of all the moving work, because I got on the mat yesterday, despite my righteous indignation.

Got a long one in! And I’m going to go gather river rocks today.

Jori’s Birthday Sweat & Strength Fest! By Kristin Ritter and Julia

WARMUP: (10/30×6=4min jump rope)

Circuit: Reps – 3x @ 4:30 √, √, Killer first set!!! Time = 16:58
1. Lunge Matrix: 4x per leg 20s, forward-side-rev-curtsy Just holding the weights REALLY worked my grip strength here, b/c you don’t want to rush the 4-way lunges.
2. 10 slider ball Pike slide in, back out to pushup loved this too – got a nice rhythm going
3. 10/leg SL DL to Bicep / Hammer Curl 15s to start (might need to drop down)

HIIT set: 30:10 x3 6min @ 18:30 Another tough set! The burpees were the “rest move” for me, lol.
1. KB Swings 35lbs
2. Heisman to SL Burpees 1-2-3 lat high knees, holding inside knee up @ end for burpee
3. Iron Legs 2 switch lunges, squat jump, 2 criss-cross jumps

No Rest TabataANOTHER very tough set, lol
1. Front Squat holding weights up at the top of bicep curp / Front Press 15s press weights up The press-ups were murder by the end – oof
2. Push-ups & alt side plank reach unders  / Side Plank Leg Lift I did hip dips & leg lifts, by mistake, for the hold part. I did 4 on one side before switching too, the harder way. Holy oblique burn!!

Pyramid Ladder: (do 1 and then 1&2, then 1,2, &3, and lastly 1,2,3, & 4) Time = 15:05
1. 5 DL to Sumo Squat 20s – just do this one 10x to start
2. 10 Mtn Climbers x3 + SL Pushup = 1 rep 3 mtns then extend leg out & squeeze butt for sl push-up, pull knee in & repeat (so 30 push-ups this set)
3. 15 bench bosu banded straddle down in & out, narrow to wide Squat Jumps ppl band touching floor each time
4. 20 SA Plank hop Row + Snatch 20lbs, 10 per arm Could really use some gloves for this weight OH move b/c hand was sweaty ea side by 5th count.

Even Combo moves pyramids 8-2 reps @46:36 4got to time
1. Hang cleans (clean to low squat & stand) to backload curtsy lunges 20s Had to take a grip rest bet the 2 moves for the 8rep & 6rep rounds. So looked @ this move & thought, “List!” but hadda look @ video for a refresher.
2. Bent rows to plank hop and box jump 20s
3. Commando star jump burpee 8 commandos, 8 plank hops, 8 star jumps etc This one I could do as one, continual flow. But then I hadda go back to video to get the explanation for the next, last move.
4. Rev Lunge SL curtsy DL pistol 15s, heel propped for pistols & I tapped down at the top each count & STILL got to failure a couple times. Those first two lets, near the end of THIS workout? Brutal! Glad I didn’t change the move tho.

Body weight Tabata HIIT 20:10 4x each move 10 mins This is the only set I did w/ the video.
1. Frog push-ups kickthroughs
2. Wall Handstand shoulder taps 3 switch lunges
3. Burpee groiner to switch Lunge squat jump
4. Ninja 6 highknee toe taps
5. SL divebombers + 3 way knee tucks

Time 1:42!!! LOL. Video is 1:16, not including her breaks but with the very brief intro. I LOVE how Julia gets right to it, btw. No excessive dithering.

Yoga – about 15min









NO EQUIPMENT Full Body Vacation Workout #7 by Kristin R & Yoga

I’d planned on doing this workout maybe Monday or Tuesday, depending on when the next rest day happens, but to my surprise I didn’t wake up feeling sore at all from yesterday. Also the relentless Portland heatwave finally ended, and it’s cloudy and cool today, the Pacific Northwest, gothic gloom expressed full force, at about four days, according to current predictions.

Also decided to do my 4min jump rope warm-up before the routine, since it starts with a banded set. Was happy to see it when I first read the breakdown though! I love using these bands.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

NO EQUIPMENT Full Body Vacation Workout #7 by Kristin R

SET 1: 20:10 3x (6 min) ppl band
1. Banded Lateral Walks
2. Burpee Plank Jacks (band on legs)
3. Banded Squat jump Alt Knee to Elbow Cross Crunch
4. Banded Double Mtn Climbers

SET 2: HIIT 50:10 each move 2x before going to the next (20 Min)
1. Lateral Tuck to Plank Thruster
2. Pistol Rollback to Front Kick /Roundhouse Loved this move! I can get back up on the pistol squat pretty much no prob both sides. Put fingers down 1x only on the weaker, left side.
3. Tricep Pushup plank tuck to Alt Shoulder Taps
4. Bunny Hops Fwd Squat + front kicks Bunny Hops back
5. Oblique V-ups to V-up
6. Switch Lunges 3x to Runners Lunge Toe Taps 3x
7. Pushup Alt T-Stand Leg Raise
8. Handstand to Kickthroughs
9. Around the World Abs This is the 1 move I’d change, for some oblique crunch I can feel better.
10. Dynamic SL Pike Pushups Would be good w/ ankle weights!

SET 3: 40:10 2x (5 min)
1. L Curtsy Pulse to Lateral Lunge Leg Lift
2. Alt Pendulum & Kickunder Pushups
3. R Curtsy Pulse to Lateral Lunge Leg Lift

SET 4: 30:10 2x (5:20 min)
1. Commando and flip Cross Toe Touch
2. Tricep Pushup + 2 hip dips
3. Squat Pulse to Failure then do 2 Groiners, repeat
4. Tricep Pushup Alt Supermans (opps arm and leg straight raise)

SET 5: No Rest Tabata Pair: (4 min)(Jugglers in 10 seconds) If I repeat this wo, I’ll do this as reg tabata & with my 5lb ankle weights, skipping the getting up & down to the floor every interval.
1. Supine Oblique Heel Reaches
2. Straight Leg Bicycles

Booty Banded HIIT: 30:10 x1 (4 min) ppl band
1. Right SL Bridge
2. Knee Trap RIGHT Donkey Kick
3. Squat Jumps
4. Left SL Bridge
5. Knee Trap LEFT Donkey Kick
6. In & out Squat Touchdown

Total time so far including warm-up & all breaks: 58:15

I skipped the yoga flow cool down in favor of my own, non-vinyasa yoga. 


About 31min of my own, easy, restorative yoga. Well… not flattering but SO BORING (from the outside – felt good in the doing) no one is ever likely to watch it, lol.


Bicep and Tricep Burst by Christine Comeau & my own Yoga

Yep, right knee is sensitive. I’d already decided to do more of a split between working out & yoga, and with the situation the former has to be upper body. No problem! Went to J’s channel & did a search. Now I feel awesome, especially since I know I didn’t strain the tender area in any way.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg
A workout that’s roughly split bet the fat burn & fitness zones always feels restorative to me.

Warm-up Stretch,15min: Normally I don’t start the timer if I do some warm-up stretching, which funny enough seems to only happen if I’m doing yoga. But since today is a “recovery workout”, I thought I’d do it. It’s not about the burn today.

  • (10/60) single, timed intervals
  1. Virasana, supta virasana, malasana, uttanasana
  2. Block A – upper back stretch 2, 5lb weights
  3. Block B – lower back / hip flexor
  4. Hanuman w/ strap, upavistha konasana, baddha konasana A, supta konasana

Bicep and Tricep Burst by Christine Comeau

Tricep Tempo Set (50:10:40:10:30:10)
1. Skull crushers + bridge holds 2, 10lb weights
50 second interval- 4 count down and up
40 second interval- 2 count down and up
30 second interval- 1 count down and up

No Rest Tricep Tabata Pair (20:10 x 8):4 minutes
1. Decline tricep push up (on weights)
2. Tricep kickbacks 2, 10lb weights
No rest move = decline tricep or plank hold

Tricep Burnout 2 min
1. Tricep makers- tricep push up (on weights) + SA tricep kickback in plank + kickback at the top

Bicep Drop Set (15 reps, 12 reps, 8 reps)
As the reps decrease, increase your weight
1. Bicep curl 2, 10lb weights / 13lbs ea hand / 2, 15lb weights

Bicep curl burnout (20:20:20:15 x 6)- based off workout by relentless jake
Go through all 3 moves- 6 times  2, 10lb weights
1. Right arm T- bicep curl + left arm ½ way hold
2. Left arm T-bicep curl + right arm ½ way hold
3. Both arms ½ way hold

Bicep burnout 2 minutes
1. Bicep makers- reverse grip push-up + bicep curl in plank + hammer curl at the top


  • Surprisingly my arms felt fine for Suryas & fundamentals. Did the handstands in the As this time & held the last one 10 breaths
  • (10/30) 3x urdhva D & savasana / ardha matseyen
  • Finishing (sarvangasana to sirsasana & a couple more minutes doing an inner body scan in savasana.

Full Body HIIT & Circuits with No Rest Tabata by Jen A

Finished this workout mid-day, while the new kitten was sleeping. I can’t believe I got through it. I was SO tired. But I did. Thank gods Julia made most of it timed & the few reps sets were not complex & were easy to get through fairly quickly. Otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.


Full Body HIIT & Circuits with No Rest Tabata by Jen A

No Rest Tabata:
sumo Deadlift 40lbs (did 1st round w 30 b/c I’m so tired & then was like No, that’s too light / Swings 35lb kettlebell

BACK 50:10 2x 8 mins
1. Alt Plank Row 2, 20lbs
2. Alt snatches 20lbs
3. Decline burpee Y press 2, 10lbs
4. Burpee Rev Grip Rows 2, 15lbs 

No Rest Tabata:
Swings 35lb kettlebell / Goblet Squat 20lbs

LEGS 50:10 2x 8 mins
1. Right Split Squat 40lbs
2. RL pistol to Rocket Step up + lunge hop Struggled thru these on 1st round both legs & then propped heel w/ dumbbell for 2nd round
3. Left Split Squat 40lbs
4. LL pistol to rocket Step up + lunge hop

No Rest Tabata:
Goblet Squat / Curl to Press 2, 10lbs Started with 15s, um no, I’d have never made it!

BICEPS 30:10 2x
1. SA plank hop sumo curl 15lbs
2. Decline burpee SSD curl 2, 15lbs
3. Bicep makers 2, 15lbs

No Rest Tabata:
Curl to Press 13lbs ea hand / Clean & Press 2, 15lbs Taking it a little easy here cause these many no-rest tabatas… lol

— I pushed pause after EVERY set starting after the first HIIT, lol —

SHOULDERS circuit 2x
10 Decline Pike Pushups
10 push press 2, 20lbs
10 Pushups plank tuck jump

No Rest Tabata:
SA Clean & Press 20lbs / Tricep push-ups

CHEST circuit 2x
10 Decline Pushups
10 Chest Press 2, 20lbs
10 Close grips chest press 2, 15lbs No incline Incline chest press

No Rest Tabata:
Incline tricep push-up box jump burpee//box knee tucks

TRICEPS 30:10 2x
1. Dolphin pushups
2. Tricep makers 2, 10lbs
3. SA tricep kickback 10lbs

No Rest Tabata:
Box knee tucks/Deadlift 2, 20lbs

10 vinyasa flow spider knees 5/leg
10 switchfoot to handstands
10 tuck abs on floor ball pike abs to knee tucks

Time = 1:33

And then a very quick stretch b/c I wanted to get upstairs to check on baby kitten Theo!