Yoga, Summer Body Scorcher Pt 2 & more Yoga

My right knee felt a lot better this morning, after having been careful of it the past few days. At first I was going to do a lower body BodyRock I’d recently detailed, but no. Too stiff! So stiff that I wanted to start off with stretching, but not do any more than the introductory part of Ashtanga. I’ve neglected it completely for months now.



  • Suryas, w/ standing backbends, & fundamentals, w/ a Hanuman / Samakona in there, and the two, 5-breath handstands @ the end. First 3 poses of primary.
  • Time = 29:06

Summer Body Scorcher Pt 2

  • Time for this set: 32:03
  • The first set of this routine, which I did last Friday, is definitely the hardest, but it took Julia 37min to my 56. Granted I was using clunkier, slow-ya-down equipment & a heavy weight, for me, for one SA move.

Regular pyramid 5-1 full reps each move. (Do 5 reps moves 1-3, then 4 etc.)
1. Clean and press + star jump 20s (one clean & press & one jump = 1 rep)
2. Decline shoulder taps + face melters 2 shlder taps & 2 melters (alt feet) = 1
3. Pike push-up + plank jack + bear row 20s Bear position was ok on the knee, tho I found this move super awkward

Tabata pairs @ 45:45
1. Pushups + bent rows 20s
2. Alt SA clean & press-up snatches 26lb kettlebell

1. Weighted heel clicks + lateral raises 10s + 2lb wrist weights
2. Dive bombers + box jumps

Leg finisher from JTM Fit 3x @55
DL 10 reps 35lb & 26lb kettlebells, switching hands ½ way thru
Rev lunges x10, alt legs 1=1 BL sandbag
Weighted squat jump 10 reps 26lb kettlebell This was tough w/ only the lightest bell!!!


Virasana, Supta V, Malasana & a few other things.


Two sets of HIIT and the beginning part of Astanga

Ya that was enough for today. Note to self: consuming a large bag of swedish fish in 5min, immediately before a workout, is probably not the best idea.


15 Minute Fat Burn #2

  • Vid is 15/45. Did once along w/ the video, to learn the moves, just b/c it quickly seemed like too much work to make good-enough notes to do from breakdown. Was going to do another round and then I thought, Why not revisit some HIITmax?
  1. Sumo squat jump and clap Start in sumo w/ arms straight out to the side. Jump up & clap hands together OH.
  2. Commando burpees Lower to belly. Come up & knee in. Repeat other side. Lower to belly a 3rd time, jump fwd & then up.
  3. Lunge jump / sumo squat / rockstar jump alt. legs
  4. Flying Scorpio Push Ups
  5. Single Leg V- Ups
  6. One Leg Surrender Jump Squat – left
  7. One Leg Surrender Jump Squat – right
  8. Everest Climbers (x3) to one leg push up
  9. Side jump lunge (x3) to front kick
  10. Side Plank Knee Tuck Burpees
  11. Jump Lunge to Side Kick
  12. Knee hug to plank jump
  13. Mat jumps
  14. Reverse Burpees
  15. Ab Splitters

HIITmax 1


  • Jump rope before every #d move
  1. Squat jumps 
  2. Dead lift, squat, alt lunges – 20s
  3. 10 high knees, 4 switch lunges – 10s
  4. Stationary lunge (down & up but don’t step forward – keep feet in one place) & shoulder press (same arm as leg) – 15s
  5. Other side
  6. Frogger
  7. Burpee / surfer – jump up from burpee into squat, jump up & change direction
  8. Tricep dips
  9. Step up on rack with one leg & kick straight out to the back with the other 10s Super cheat-y & light. Should’ve used at least 15s. 
  10. Other side
  11. Clean kettlebell to one shoulder, squat, put it down, push-up, tuck jump – changing sides 26lb bell Move too complex for 30sec. Change to alt clean & squat / stand.
  12. Swings 45lb bell


Suryas & standing fundamentals, first 3 poses of primary.


























Cardio Shred #36 & yoga


Cardio Shred #36

x2 rounds. Time = 29:50Super intense. I’d have balked before 3 rounds of this! 

  1. Wall plank to ballerina twist & jump squat x10 Start w/ feet on wall in pike handstand. Jump to squat on toes. Jump up to twisted position & back down. Other side. Stay on balls of feet. Holy quad death!
  2. KB Step up (knee up) / pass under x10/10 26lb kettlebell, held @ chest w/ both hands during step up. When u step back down, moving leg goes into lunge & pass under. Do all reps one side then the other.
  3. JR high knees – 1minute. Single interval of 10/60.
  4. Frog slide (x3) / DB overhead press / slide back push up x10 20s. Only balls of feet on sliders. Heels are on ground for clean & OH press. I did 2 outside hands, wide slide-ins and then one straight in, to plant the heels after for the lift.
  5. Low jack to plank jack push up (with powerband) x10 ppl band


  • Mostly single 10/60 intervals, non vinyasa. Some 10/30 on the back bending. I did the Urdhva D to standing and 3 drop backs anyway, also Astanga finishing.


Yoga & Full Body Circuit Workout, pt 1

Another mix and match WO! I really needed some yoga. My neck has been stiff in both directions lately, from sleeping on it wrong & not enough stretching. But I’m not into full Astanga practices lately. So I decided to start with yoga, all low key, and then as much of this Michele routine as would fit in desired total length of time.

Wow! My body feels SO MUCH BETTER than it did before my WO. I got a lot of stuff done this morning too, so it’s a happily productive Saturday.



  • Astanga suryas & fundamentals, first 3 poses of primary.
  • Time = 24:12 . I knew this’d be about a half hour.

Full Body Circuit Workout

Circuit 1: 3x’s I didn’t hear the verbal explanation but I couldn’t quite understand the timing of these first parts of the circuit from the breakdown. No biggie tho. I looked @ the moves & set my timer to 15/45×12=12min. @ 6:39 Did the 1st circuit from breakdown.
1. Close/Wide Row 20s
2. SL Bulgarian w/ bicep curl / SL Push-up 10s I changed this slightly Next time do 15s. 
3. Mountain Climbers 10x / Dhanurasana 5 breaths Not sure if I’d changed this while previewing, but 45sec of just Mt Climbers was boring & I was into stretching more today.
4. Surrender to side leg lift orange Xband. Leg that lifts to the side goes back down to bent knee immediately.

10/30×6=4min @ 23. Joined in w/ the video here. This felt really hard
1. Plank, feet on sliders. Cross RL under to side plank & reach up. Back to plank & LA reach out. 3lb weight in moving hand. 2nd round kept only moving foot on slider. 
2. Other side

Circuit 2: 3x’s 15/45×12=12min
1. Upright row /  Bicep Curl / OH triceps 10s Since I cut some upper body out of the lunges I put in more variety for move 1, one move continuous per round
2. RL Fwd lunge / rev lunge RL Fwd Lunge  & shoulder press / LL Rev Lunge & bicep curl 1st rnd – 20s. 2nd & 3rd rnds – BL sandbag (53-55ish lbs) Hadn’t previewed this & just picked up heavier weights & simplified to lower body on the spot. Used sandbag for 2nd two rnds b/c grip strength fatigue. Also I kept one supporting leg per move rather than switching.
3. Commando  / Shoulder Tap Down-down-up-tap. Tapping arm goes directly to elbow.
4. LL Fwd lunge / rev lunge

RL Rev pulse lunge / jump switch & kick (high, straight fwd) out / kicking leg goes back to pulse This move was super fun

More yoga!

About 20min. Felt f-ing great. Stuff after divider line is what I didn’t do from this Michele WO.



Perhaps a Zgym set before this would be good for tomorrow. 

Circuit 3: 15/45×12=12min @45:37
1. Overhead Raise to Wide Flye On bench. 15s
2. (Bench on Right) Right Kneel Down up to Cross Over Step Knee Lift/Down Wide Squat to Criss Cross Jack (inside leg moving behind) no added weight
3. Around the world Bicep Curl to Overhead Circle Lateral 10s
4. (Bench on Left) Left Kneel Down up to Cross Over Step Knee Lift/Down Wide Squat to Criss Cross Jack

10/30×6=4min @1:01:45
Tuck Jump ½ Burpee Plank – tuck – jump fwd & tuck jump – no push-up

Bonus: Inner & Outer Thighs 30 seconds work
1. Right Leg – Straight Leg Lift (Toe down/heel up)
2. Right Knee in to Straight Leg Lift
3. Small Circle Clockwise
4. Small Circle Counter Clockwise
5. Right Leg Straight – Tap Heel Front/Toe Behind
6. Right Leg Behind – Left Leg Lift (toe down/heel up)
7. Left Leg Pull in & lift up
8. Clam Shell
9. Tap Top Knee behind/toe to bottom knee
10. Kick ups
(Repeat all 10 on the left side – lay on right side)

Summer Shred #21 & Yoga

The yoga felt amazing today… so healing. Really enjoyed it. So glad I have the skills and knowledge to be independent of teachers and studios. I feel much better! Mind, body, spirit.





Summer Shred #21

Part 1 – Ladder: Weighted Jump lunge 15s These were surprisingly challenging holding 30lbs! / push up with knee tuck Hands on weights. Push-up tricep style & knee comes to outside shoulder, same side (not straight underneath) Was really squeezing obliques on knee pull-in part

  • Time = 9:40
  1. 10/6 √
  2. 15/6 √
  3. 20/6 √ did 10/10
  4. 25/6 √ did 15/10
  5. 20/6 √ did 10/10
  6. 15/6 √
  7. 10/6 √

Part 2 – Plank hold x 1min (Single intervals of 10/60) / Russian Twist with KB (26lbs) x20 reps – 2 rounds Those Russian Twists are hard work for the biceps w/ a 26lb bell!

Part 3 – HIIT 10/30 x6 (4 minutes)

  1. JR high knees
  2. KB Swing 45lb kettlebell My 2nd time using this new, heavier bell, three 30sec rounds was well enough for me today! 

Part 4 – Ladder: Pike slider abs to Plank Jack Push Up feet stay on sliders the whole time & I keep my legs straight the whole time – wide / reg arm push-ups / Ballerina Plie Squats 45lb kettlebell (bodyweight) Why not use the weight – if you’ve got it – in a shorter set? If it were a Julia & she said “bodyweight” I’d be all over it, lol.

  1. 6/10 √
  2. 8/10 √
  3. 10/10 √
  4. 8/10 √
  5. 6/10 √

Total time – 33:20


  1. Suryas & fundamentals. First 3 poses of primary, minus the vinyasa out of the last.
  2. Urdhva D @ wall, Rack w/ 3lb weights, weighted virasana & then supta virasana (this felt DELICIOUS), savasana one 10/60 interval each. Then a lying twist.

A much needed, late afternoon Astanga

When I get gimpy I’m like, “Okaaaaaaayyyyy…”

I really wanted to do Michele’s newest WO today, but my body has spoken. I’m so sore lately and I know a large part of the reason is I haven’t been good about getting any regular Astanga practices in there. As regular as I get! By that I mean addressing all the parts: Suryas & fundamentals, whatever series poses I’m doing, the back bending & finishing sections. When I get gimpy verging into tweaky then I know it’s time to knuckle under and just do it. However bad and tedious things might be from neglect, the process will tune things up & improve them.

Didn’t get to this until 2pm because Charlie and I went on a home improvement, planning quest and then stopped at the bakery after.


Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in the 5 Surya As, no weights, two 5-breath handstands @ the end
Primary+ Skipping 4 poses of primary w/ added LBH. Added eka papa sirsana A in before the Titthibasana A today. Was good to do b/c I hardly ever practice that vinyasa these days.
Ardha Matseyendrasana, var through the legs bind
Shalabhasana A, B
Bhekasana, 1/2 & full
Dhanurasana A, B
Ustrasana hips to wall, keeping them fwd
Laghu Vajrasana
Hanuman 1min, foot against wall, 20sec upright, 40 back bending. Final 15sec looking head back
Rack With 3lb weights. single interval of 10/60
Urdhva D come to standing
Dropbacks 5x
Ticks 3x
Finishing with full, 5min savasana

Yoga, Summer Shred #15, more Yoga

Once again I didn’t feel like doing a traditional Astanga. Had something to do with the fact I designed non-stop my entire weekend.


But I was sore so I started with some yoga! 31:35, then a break for notes & donning sneakers.

Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ the five handstands & the standing arches in the 5 Surya no weights. Hanuman & Samakona. Two 5-breath handstands @ the end
First 3 poses of primary And vinyasa out

Summer Shred #15

Buy in: Handstand Push Ups x5 @2:22

Part 1 – Butt & Legs – Time Challenge

  1. short squat (x3) / heel raise (x3)/ jump squat (x3) / x10 sets two 20lb dumbells
  2. KB swing / jump tuck x10 35lb kettlebell
  3. Laying Hip Raise with Abduction x20ppl x-band
  4. KB Side to side squat / Squat Heel raise (x2)/ KB Squat twist (x2) / x 10 sets (power band) ppl x-band & 26lb kettlebell No preview & the ppl band was super heavy for this, so I paused the vid & did the reps super slow w/ breaks where necessary

Part 2 – Hiit Cardio – 10/30×6=4min

  1. Jump rope high Knees
  2. Jump Lunge
  3. Jump rope DBUs
  4. Sump Jump Squats Not sure I did this right as I stuck w/ the breakdown but didn’t notice this. I did 2 bunny hops & a deep, butt to calves squat w/ another jump exit.
  5. Jump rope high knees
  6. Burpees rock star jump

Part 3 – Upper Body & ABS x2 Took a break here to get vid just before the 4th move to take another break & prev when I got there. Turned music back on!-

  1. Hanging knee raise to leg raise x10 doubled reps for 2 rounds of this & next move
  2. Plank sliders x10
  3. Chin Ups x5
  4. Plank Slide Knee Tuck Push Up x10 alt.

Have no idea what my time was b/c I had a minutes long gap after the yoga, but no matter.

More Yoga

Two 10/60 urdhva Ds at wall w/ equal breaks after each, then coming to stand & 5 v messy but ok feeling dropbacks. Paschimo. A few finishing poses.


today’s movement: a walk, yoga & legs like a dancer #12

I got so sore from yesterday’s WO, and in odd places, like my forearms, right more so than left. It was the two AMRAPs w/ all the single arms bicep curls. 15lbs was good work for those two, 3min sets.

Got my laundry done and took Theodora for a “walk” up to the park today, which is to say I mostly carried her around in the bag. Charlie, Rocco and Penny came too! Everyone had to go Linda pace, lol.

Henry has a more outward personality than Theodora & was lucky to be exposed to the small parks and gardens in the East Village when he was a maturing kitten. They had little trails, shrubs and grasses around the borders, which is much preferred for cats. They’re not huge fans of vast, open spaces. It was a good adventure for her though and she prefers short & sweet ventures like this to cat shows for sure!

And then I procrastinated!

I’d pulled the blinds because we’re going into a 9-day streak of mid 90s weather. It gets hotter much later in the day in the Pacific Northwest than it does in either New England or New York though. It’s still weird to me that it will quite often continue to get hotter after 5pm, in the summer.

I know I need it but I didn’t feel up to the particular demands of a full Astanga. So I didn’t.



Suryas & Fundamentals, with hanuman & the two 5-breath handstands @ the end. First 3 poses of primary, but no vinyasa between paschimo & purvo – 29:15

Zgym – Legs Like a Dancer #12

  • Skipping video warm-up. WO starts @ 4:45. My Time was about 33min.

1. Backward Slide Lunge / Side Slide Lunge on Demi Point x 16 / 16
2. Curtsy Slide Lunge / Grand Plie on Demi Point x 16 / 16
3. A la Sebesque Slide / A la Sebesque Battement on Demi Point x 16 / 16
4. Squat on Demi point with ball squeeze (x20) I made a “ball” out of my two, 5lb ankle weights strapped together for 1st time, but it was too slippery to hold w/ arabesque. Sometimes I’ll use up to a 10lb dumbbell behind the knee for hands & knees, but didn’t work here. So put a weight on each ankle & kept them there. 2nd “ball squeeze” I used a 5lb dumbbell the long way, but not comfortable. So after that I substituted 20 on the floor inner thigh pulses per leg – better. / Arabesque Pulse in Attitude with Ball Squeeze (x20) X 4 sets alt. legs
5. Dégage to the back (toes flexed, x 10) / 2nd position plie (x4) / Dégagé a la Sebesque (toes pointed, x10) / 2nd position plie (x4) X 3 / 3 sets orng band – above knees for all the banded moves. Thought I needed ppl band for clams but nope! LOL
6. Side Laying Leg Lift to Knee Tuck/ back to Extension x 20 / 20
7. Clams x 20/20 ppl band
8. Laying Hip Raise Abd. (x20) / Ballerina Hip Raise Abd. (x20) last move was killer


  • Single 10/60, timed intervals

— Virasana, supta virasana, malasana.
— Hanumanasana, w/ strap. Quads
— Urdha D @ wall, blocks on high, savasana

This was enough for me! I did feel much better after.


Tabata Pairs #3

OK, ya I just started my 3rd month of Zgym, but I put an alert in my iCal to cancel at the end of it. There is just no need! If just one of these five, Tabata pairs WOs can make five Zgym Tabata routines, for instance, I need to put aside my ego issues and start sampling.

I should try joining Julia on Patreon too, only, back to the ego issues – I just don’t have time to do her WO’s 3 or more times a week. I fall short in way too many areas as it is right now. I don’t want to give myself any added psychological pressure.

I probably shouldn’t have done any Julia today though, after a hard routine yesterday in so long it was unfamiliar. I had the clunkiest yoga in recent memory. Dropped myself on ass standing from wheel the first time. Hadn’t done that in years. I’d just ceased to pay attention. Turned on some lights & started again and that helped. I was going to skip the ticks but didn’t them anyway which was good.

Whatever it was good that I did it but doing the few more of the easy 2nd poses I normally do would’ve been better than a longer warmup w/ too much upper body.



Tabata Pairs #3, sets 1 & 2 only

Each Tabata pair is 20:10 8x (4 minutes).

Group 1: 8lb weighted vest & 20s 
1. Front alt curtsy lunges
2. Rev alt cursty lunges + kick

Challenge Move: 50 tornado jump lunges (curtsy switch lunge)

Group 2: @7:45
1. SL pushups & T-stand, alt
2. Skier (L & R plank hop & pushup) burpees

Challenge Move: 50 elv hand pushups to single arm tuck jump Hands on bench. Push-up & then touch alt hands to knees, tuck jumped in & touch.



Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in the 5 Surya As – 3lb weights on last 3. Two 5-breath handstands @ the end
Primary+ Skipping 4 poses of primary w/ added LBH
Ardha Matseyendrasana, var through the legs bind
Kraunchasana Skipped vinyasa out after 2nd side.
Urdhva D come to standing
Dropbacks 3x
Ticks 3x
Finishing with 5min savasana


Quick, bloody hot tabata & some yoga

Was a super still, muggy 82 in the room when I started. 86 when I finished. Feels hotter than outside temperatures too, where there’s air movement.


17:30 8 Minute Tabata #3

Changed to tabata pairs for a longer set. Also changed the order so I could do 2 things in the (cooler) hall, and not have to run back & forth from office to pull-up bar, for the one exercise that uses that.

  1. Jump Rope – high knees
  2. Pike Burpee (was reg in WO but I changed to pike push-up & pike jump just for fun)
  3. KB Swing 35lbs
  4. Side to Side Hanging Knee Raise
  5. Criss Cross Mountain Sliders
  6. Jump Rope – DBU
  7. Weighted Backward Slide Lunge – L 20S
  8. Weighted Backward Slide Lunge – R



10/60 single interval hanuman both sides, one urdhva do on blocks @ the wall & then I went into the astanga version (3 walk-ins to standing) and did 5 drop-backs. I was really down today… backbends are supposed to be good for depression. Some finishing poses & a twist and a 1min savasana.