Super slow, restorative Astanga

Shoulders so sore! And I worked on them yesterday. I can’t tell if I made it worse by sleeping wrong again or not. Maybe I need new pillows. I can’t have new pillows.

Get up & open door. Fail to see a cat. Get back in bed. Have a short burst of a dream. Repeat.

Had the strangest, interrupted sleep. It was really stormy and I wanted to open the window, but then I annoyed Henry (by putting the light on to internet). He left and the kitten followed and then I was constantly getting up to open the door, thinking I’d heard one of them outside the door, faintly, underneath the wind and rain.

It rained into the room and onto my bed. I didn’t care! The storm was so magical I just had to let some in.

And, uh, the dreams. I remember the last one. Wouldn’t repeat it here. Probably a good thing I can’t remember any of the rest of it. I have a feeling they were linked though, at least partially. That I’d wake from a dream, look for Henry & Theo & then return to a different chapter of the same story.

Did some static, restorative stretching before I got going with the astanga.

Today, the “work” of the exercise session was more psychological than physical

While still having the effects of a tune-up. I have been neglecting the yoga. If I HIIT as intensely as I do, I should be practicing my “serious” yoga 2x a week, rather than once. So yes, the real work is getting through all the poses that your teacher has prescribed with as much grace and focus as possible.

My teacher is me, obviously.


Random practice thoughts

  1. I love the way that the most basic of things like Surya A and updogs are ever evolving in my body, and that they are highly personalized. It always surprised me meeting long time practitioners who had never even thought of playing with the elements.
  2. The prasarita padottanasanas are my favorite part of the standing sequence and pretty much always have been, whether or not I’m doing hanuman & samakonan in there (yes for today).
  3. Baddha Konasana is a delicious point in primary.




GET PUMPED for Fall #6: lower body focus

I was spraying sweat from my face during my open-mouth exhales during the first circuit set! Have an appointment today. Didn’t feel like working out early but it’s the absolute best mood enhancer (or at least “dire mindset preventer) for me that there is. Also even if I look crappy on a particular day, I’ll look a bit better with blood flow and endorphins.


(extra) Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

GET PUMPED for Fall #6: lower body focus

warm up 30:30
1. runners lunge
2. pike glute raises
3. frog pumps
4. side laying leg lifts
5. side laying leg lifts
6. frog pumps

Hiit Tabata 20:10 4x each move 10 mins
1. Broad jump box jump bunny hop back
2. Curtsy step down20s My knees have been feeling ever so slightly tender, and in this case I immediately do any stepping up or down w/ a cautious weight until I’m thoroughly warmed up & can be sure that everything’s feeling good. 
3. SL DL to forward lunge 20s Hadn’t previewed & so did this move wrong the 1st round but stuck w/ it. Did DL on one leg & then put it down to lunge the other forward. Next round of this HIIT I did it w/ the balancing as per video.
4. Switch lunges Turned toward the monitor for this move & kept pace w/  Julia. Boy did THAT make a difference!
5. Hip thrusts 20s

Circuit set: 4x 30:10 8 mins BRUTAL, in a good way
1. Weighted lat squat jump & return box jump curtsy Lunge 15s
2. Goblet curtsy up and over 15
3. Step up rev lunge and switch 15s

No rest tabata 4 mins +5lb ankle weights Best upper-back thigh tabata set ever!! But I could REALLY, REALLY, REALLY use a set of 25s here.
DL 20s:pike pulses glute raises Pulses worked better w/ 5lbs on ea leg.

Hiit Tabata 20:10 4x each move 10 mins
1. Broad jump box jump bunny hop back
2.Curtsy step down20s Was happy on the floor for 1st set so I kept it.
3. SL DL to forward lunge
4. Switch lunges
5. Bulgarian 15s 2x one leg & then swutch Hip thrusts I just can’t do hip thrusts properly b/c I don’t have a sandbag (and thus can’t elevate shoulders) or heavy enough weight.

Circuit set: 2x 30:10 4 minutes LOVED these moves. If I repeat this WO ever I’d do this one 4x like the first (though it was a relief to hear her say it was 2x through right before starting.
1. Step up SL DL Another 1 I did wrong w/ lack of preview. I stepped up w/ one leg & then did the DL w/ that leg supporting.
2. Pistol to Dighasana A levitating Lunge  Repeated Dighasana A work is awesome on the back of the thighs too.
3. Lateral step up weighted leg lift 15s

No rest tabata Was tired by here & went 1/2 pace from J. Got in one hang clean, but butt on calves & elbows on knees. Like a malasana squat, w/ 40lbs. Hands HURT by end of this set. Another place I could use a sandbag but I wouldn’t go as heavy as w/ legs lol.
Box squat: hang cleans 20s


About 30min.

Suryas & fundamentals (with back bending, hanumanasana & samakonasana, but no hand standing) to parsvottonasana. Transition to finishing was sitting down for sarvangasana, lol. Went to Matseyanasana. Felt good. Quick savasana.

My body is truly amazing

All these years of zero healthcare and look at me! The yoga was a joy today, after sitting at my tiny computer monitor all day, slouched on my uncomfortable, shitty chair with the hard, plastic cushion. After working out hard yesterday.

We’ll see if I get paid. It took me much longer than I’d estimated, for this first half, but then I’m working on a small laptop, not a 27″ iMac. And I’m doing a lot of pattern heavy things on it. I used to buy the absolute fastest processor each time, but then the last time I needed to replace my laptop I’d just moved cross-country, and had paid all the expenses myself, and I didn’t have a job yet.

Well I hadn’t worked on such pattern heavy planograms since NYC and I can tell you that every bit of extra processing speed and screen space you have can save lots of time. But whatever. This is the gig economy and I’m going to supply a presentation to someone who hasn’t supplied any equipment or software.

Beating the shit out of yourself occasionally can help a lot with boredom & restlessness.

My calves & triceps are sore today. Holy shit. But then, normally a HIIT workout doesn’t run much more over an hour, with the breaks included. To go almost 90min is a big difference. You never know how much specific muscle fatigue is going to affect an astanga practice until you get on the mat. I was surprised to find it didn’t at all, except in the fact that if my calves weren’t so sore I might’ve done a 4min jumprope warm-up and had more of a workout.


Cardio and Strength Workout by Colleen K


Cardio and Strength Workout by Colleen K

No Equipment warm up
30-30 2X ~4 min
1. Forward fold, inchworm out, up dog to down dog, inchworm hands back
2. Cross punches with core rotation in sumo squat
3. Lateral shuffle with touch down
4. Alternating knee drives (RL), with single leg butt kicks (RL)

Bench (13″) Cardio Hiit
50-10 2X ~10 min
1. Step Up, Reverse Lunge Switch 20s
2. Rollback burpee box jump tuck jump
3. Decline Commando Burpee
4. Decline Spiderman PU with Glute Raise
5. Straddle down tricep burpee did 2 tricep push-ups w/ hands on bench as per a more recent Julia WO

NR Tabata 10s
1. Decline burpee
2. Hold last position during 10 sec

Leg Iso Hold Ladder and Plyo Hiit ~13 min
60:10:30:20 2X (right 1st round, left leg second)
1. Bulgarian ladder (do 1 rep then hold at bottom 5 sec, 2 reps hold 5 sec, continue 3 reps, 4 reps until 60 sec up); Bulgarian Hops 15s
2. Curtsy to Side Lunge (hold position in low side lunge); Curtsy Lunge Hop to Side Lunge Hop 15s
3. Forward Lunge toe touch Ladder (forward lunge with hinge at waist and touching floor with weights, hold position is two runners lunge toe taps); lunge back touch down kick 15s
4. Goblet Sumo Squat (hold at bottom of sumo); A$$ to grass Sumo Jumps 20 (could’ve done 2 15s)

Tabata Pair Time Pyramid ~6 min
1. Pistol, Lateral Rocket, fast feet over, Pistol other side Lat Rocket, continue
2. Decline Spider Push Ups with Plank Hop to Ashtanga style utkatasana Crouching Tiger bringing palms together in the crouch & then extending up & thru the mid back, bet the shoulders

Weighted Burpees Set
Increasing reps at top of move only! 1-5
1. Weighted Burpee to clean and press squat and press 20s I stopped the video here. Didn’t want to try to keep up w/ J with 20s. I’m not as tough as her! lol.
2. Weighted SL Burpee to SLDL (Right) 15s
3. Weighted SL Burpee to SLDL (Left)
4. Weighted Dive Bomber Burpee to Bent Over Row 20s
5. Burpee Back Fly 10s

2 min Burnout
-Lateral Switch Lunges to Burpee to Heel Grab

Time = 1:04 all breaks included


  • About 25min. Suryas & fundamentals w/ extra back bending & hand standing, some finishing poses and a 2min savasana

Excellent but unfortunately conflicted astanga practice

I’d just received some confusing news.



  • Didn’t do any cardio warmup but did include the 5 handstands in the Surya As today. I also did the hanuman in the prasaritas, but slightly differently from how I had been doing it. I missed it, after I took it out of the space between laghu vajrasana & kapo b.
  • My HR was 140 in the marichys! Ya, ya that is angst for SURE.
  • Got to finishing at 1:20, to the bulk of the work was that long. Took 10min in finishing poses and then a full 5min relaxation in savasana.

Well, I actually had a good ashtanga

Despite not having done a full practice since the Friday before last and the fact I was stiff and sore. Pretty sure I mostly have that neck tweak worked out now though! At least I did some yoga yesterday, after the upper body.

Also I went to bed at like 8:15pm for whatever reason. It gets dark and I’m like, OK bored now! See ya’all tomorrow.

Today I did the full thing.

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Primary+ with the added LBH but (-) the 4 subtracted, unnecessary poses.
  • 2nd to laghu vajra
  • Difference today is I didn’t do the hanuman before the EPRK. It’d been feeling clunky and not like it was helping the the EPRK… Plus it was feeling like extra procrastination. So I decided to try without and it was fine.
  • Urdhva D, 3 drop backs, 3 ticks. My head got messed up, somehow, before the last stand-up. I lost my focus and fell on my butt when the stand should’ve been the easiest, lol. This can happen sometimes. I did one extra drop back just to fix the mental track.
  • Finishing & a full, 5min savasana.
Felt good even though my HR average wasn’t even 120

1/3rd HIIT and 2/3rd yoga

OK I needed something other than balls-out circuit training & other than my standard ashtangesque for today. So stiff & sore!!! Oy. My right shoulder was a bit twinge-y last night too, I must point out, a bit like it was w/ the old ashtanga injury, the horrible, 2+year ache. Now I know a lot better about when to ease off, lol, which is not standard practice in The Cult. In ashtanga you keep going until parts start falling off.

Anyway at least I got a better workout today than I would’ve if I’d had a bad “all yoga”. Tomorrow is probably going to be a rest day b/c we’re going to the coast.


31:20min HIIT

15/50, with jump rope before every #d move

1min break bet sets

  1. Touch-down squat jack, fingertips to floor on out & in.
  2. Frog hopper / hip stacker
  3. OH tricep
  4. Side plank, top leg elevated, bottom leg lifting
  5. other side
  6. Alt pistol squats
  7. Single arm clean & press, alt 20 This weight is low too light for the SA C&P! Shit.
  1. Frog jumps fwd & back
  2. Feet elevated, tap alt foot to floor
  3. SL switch-kick burpees
  4. Mat jumps
  5. Tricep dips
  6. Swings 35lb kettlebell
  7. Heel clicks


I’d intended on doing some Kapo Bs, Urdhva D and drop backs but I didn’t have the steam today.

  • Suryas & standing
  • Marichy C and D
  • 2nd to laghu vajra
  • Rack A & B, block B –  1min ea
  • Finishing to sirsasanas, savasana


Oh well the warm-up didn’t work this time – another bad yoga

Took my sneakers off & got to the yoga pronto but my heart rate dropped to active rest immediately. The room wasn’t even cold, as the heat is on and the door was closed. Started at 70. (Even without any tapas I bumped it up to 72.) Usually when I’d start a practice downstairs in the dining room, even in the extreme heat of last August it’d be only 63 or 64 . The body knows the difference between planetary & furnace heat. Also I think the humidity of last month helped make yoga more fun than usual.

HR only higher than the last painful practice, withOUT warm-up. But that’s the thing… Usually it works. It doesn’t always. The yoga is so much more unpredictable in bodily & psychological effects than the circuit training style workouts. Still therapeutic tho.

Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Yoga: 1:24 Shorter than usual b/c I stopped after the sirsasana-s, before the last 3 poses of finishing. So there was no 25 breaths in padmasana or 5min savasana included in the time. Instead I got ready for a 22min meditation in padmasana & took my savasana after that.

What a difference 4min of jump rope can make – today’s shitty yoga

It was still good that I did it. I had some unexpected work come in from a new client, so I got started really late. The Darkness has begun for the year, and it was dark, chilly and gothic gloomy all day. I sat at my laptop for 5½ hours. So I didn’t want to bother with jump rope first. I thought I might just do the suryas and fundaments. Instead I did my whole thing but without much heat at all, whereas last time, with warm-up, I at least got a moderate workout. That’s because the cardio got me an average heart rate of 123 (brisk walk) vs today’s 107 (active rest).

Better than nothing! For sure. If only for:

  1. Keeping me busy & transitioning from work (at home) to relaxation (at home).
  2. A good stretch.
  3. Muscle recovery.

I missed getting in a 2nd yoga last week, so for this week’s round 2 I’ll make sure I warm up first.


Restorative yoga

Very tired today because I was awake from about 3:30am on. Unfortunately this makes me useless for focus intensive things, like making art.

Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Asthangesque: So stiff & sore! Biceps from yesterday’s long workout. Clunky. But I still got to finishing in under 1:12. Was done in under 1:28. And I’ll be less sore tomorrow than I would’ve if I didn’t do anything today. I ran through the regular setlist. Interesting how I don’t do any many different formats. Not that I had a lot before, but I’d do the thing with the suryas & fundamentals & tiny bit of second, like an hour’s practice. Lately I just want to make sure I cover all the bases and pay attention to how things are.