Got my yoga practice in!

I had the space heater on & the room actually warmer than I wanted (I’ve gotten used to cooler interiors) since I was in there with a wet, outraged, post bath Theodora. So I did my normal practice of late, with the added eka pada sirsasana. My interlude between series poses & back bending was single 10/60 intervals of hanumanasana, the rack and urdhva D … Continue reading Got my yoga practice in!

Easy yoga & a quick upper body

Ended up taking a rest day yesterday, though I did get some sock designing and other stuff done. I couldn’t believe how sore my lower back was though, on the right. I kept stretching and rollering it periodically, during the day. Decided to do the very easiest part of Astanga, for the full body tuning, and something without any jumping whatsoever for today. If wearing … Continue reading Easy yoga & a quick upper body

Excellent Astanga practice today

Had an extra, third rest day this week – yesterday. That’s ok. Even though I was unwilling. I kinda wanted to do legs, but I also knew I’d been neglecting the yoga lately. So I consulted the magic, online coin toss, lol. Warm-up: 10/30×6=4min jump rope Last practice I’d done two 10/60 Urdhva Ds @ the wall, w/ equal rest after each, before doing the … Continue reading Excellent Astanga practice today

A very satisfying & therapeutic feeling Astanga

Previewed a new kettlebell WO that Julia posted a couple days ago. Wasn’t into that hardcore of a routine then & I still wasn’t today, lol. Only her WOs will I modify for easier! Or in some cases, I minimise current favourites of hers b/c I don’t have the right equipment to make them interesting (hip thrusts). Decided I still wasn’t quite ready for it, … Continue reading A very satisfying & therapeutic feeling Astanga

Wow, no full Astanga since December 5th!

I could tell I really needed some LBH, or leg-behind-head, which refers to a bunch of poses in Astanga’s primary, 2nd and 3rd series. I never got to the LBH in 4th, because patriarchal bullshit, lol. Also the chronic, no-fun injuries, of course. I wish I could get myself to do more “extra” stuff, but getting myself to practice at all is hard enough. I ought … Continue reading Wow, no full Astanga since December 5th!

Yoga & HIIT again

OK I’ve gotta aim for a 5-days consecutive exercise run, b/c I missed the two at the beginning of the week. That means I’ve gotta pace myself! Was feeling yesterday’s WO a bit in my triceps (excellent) & the general need to stretch here and there, this morning. Astanga yoga, Suryas & Fundamentals Warm-up: This time I decided to do my 4min jump rope: 10/30×6, … Continue reading Yoga & HIIT again

Recovery WO: beginning of Astanga & then some easy HIIT

I could really feel yesterday’s Julia routine when I got up this morning! Using 60 & 80lbs for the lunges & squats really made a different. Also inside of shoulders are SO maxed out… (Really found this out once I started!) Stretched a bit on my dinosaur prop first & did a virasana & supta v just w/ 15s, quick. (No strap plus 20) Yoga … Continue reading Recovery WO: beginning of Astanga & then some easy HIIT