30 minute Workout #3 (kettlebells) & yoga

One of the best things about this new, short workout series from Julia is that I can get intensity but not be tempted to neglect my yoga. Total time was 1hr, 20min, and it was pretty evenly split between the yoga & the strength training. 30 minute Workout #3: KB Workout Bw Warmup: 30:10 2x 4 minutes @53 1. Frog pumps 2. Leg lift hip ups … Continue reading 30 minute Workout #3 (kettlebells) & yoga

Restorative yoga & part Lion / Astanga / adlib, seated meditation

Posted a day late b/c I went out for dinner right after finishing my 1hr, 20min session. I started off with 7min of timed poses, and then I switched to my ad lib vinyasa. I wanted to do more than I did, like with back bending & such, but I basically made standing extra long, with a lot of added variations & binds, & then … Continue reading Restorative yoga & part Lion / Astanga / adlib, seated meditation

Man antibiotics make me gimpy [updated]

Gimpy AF I felt a little stiff in the back for hours last night. I’d had the same sort of “seizing up” reaction that I got after Miami 2012, which had never happened before and was unfortunately an indication of a permanent change. Something got pushed too far… Even when things feel fine, my back cracks loudly, quite often, in forward bends that follow my … Continue reading Man antibiotics make me gimpy [updated]

Some Astanga, a reps set w/ jump rope & more yoga

Somehow failed to post this Wednesday Was looking at my WOs of the week this morning. Yesterday was an intense upper body. The day before that was an Astanga bail & Bender fitness I somehow didn’t post. [This has happened twice lately, where I remember writing about xyz but there is no draft online.] Monday’s was an intense Julia session. This isn’t important to go … Continue reading Some Astanga, a reps set w/ jump rope & more yoga

Excellent, glorious Astanga yoga practice

I’d had an unintended rest day yesterday. I was downtown all morning and a large part of the afternoon, doing much postponed errands and then indulging in a rare bit of socializing¹ with friends. I’d planned a moderate group of Bender WOs that she’s got posted on her blog’s weekly schedule & thought I might do that today, since I didn’t get to it upon … Continue reading Excellent, glorious Astanga yoga practice

Ad lib yoga

Sore upper body!!! That’s the thing about not taking a rest day. Sometimes your WOs have unintended results. But I wanted to do something for my mindbody today. I’ve been working the chest really hard this week & yesterday’s upper body pushed it, even though it wasn’t a long routine. I’d intended to do an Astanga today but I could tell my pecs & shoulders were … Continue reading Ad lib yoga