So happy to be relaxing

Had a “wouldn’t go back there again” happy hour meal at Kell’s on NW 21st. I knew I should’ve gone to Deschutes! They may be pricey, and assemble their crab rolls in asinine fashion, but it would’ve been a much better, overall experience.


Then thought, Screw it. I don’t feel like going to Powell’s. I’ll just stop by Mud Bay for a Rad Cat restock & Uber home from there. I was going to make up for it by starting a subscription to House & Garden UK, starting with the June issue, but then remembered… We’ll see what happens during today’s “sit” at the mailbox. At least there’s a portable, very lightweight chair I can take with me. It’s a long drive! No running back & forth into the house. I’ve gotta stay there to ambush the postman & plead my case for my piece of mail. Wasn’t my choice for how I should spend mid afternoon on one of my two days off, but so be it.

I’m grateful that the dogs aren’t here this weekend. It’s so quiet!! Let Henry outside earlier. Then did the watering & went & got Theo & the long lead. The pricey, human grade CBD oil was worth every penny in getting her interested in food again. That & the Rad Cat. I only buy the small containers, b/c it’s expensive and having it go bad before getting finished would be no good. Henry is willing to take care of any leftovers, but what I often do is mix in baby food if a container’s toward the end and the princess is less interested. [The baby food smells so disgusting, so she loves it. I discovered the practice of feeding the stuff to show cats at the six TICA shows this past season. It’s WAY worse than even mass market, wet cat food, but people with the long-hair cats that require heavy grooming like to spoon feed their cats at shows, sometimes, so they can avoid messing up the poof.]

Anyway I have an illustration / drawing session set up today and my subject is on his way over. I’ll post my late afternoon workout, after I’m done with my stakeout.


Metabolic Resistance Training Day 6

I skipped both the warm-up & cool down & did almost all of the video w/ the breakdown & my notes, after previewing. I might have better time repeating the workout (1:42 in this case)  b/c I wouldn’t have to read the notes & remember.


Circuit 1: 3 Rounds
1. Inner Thigh Lunge 15x, 2=1 15s, lunging fwd & putting alt foot on bench I’m not so sure that placing an elevated foot doesn’t make it easier. Maybe I needed 40lbs? Might do on the floor or change to SL deadlifts if I repeat.
2. Bicep curl – Rotate Hands so palms are down to lower 12x 10s
3. Alternate Bicep Curl 10x, 2=1 15s
4. Circle Around to Crunch up w/Bicep Curl 12x 13lbs ea hand. On back. Fly out & then sit up w/ bicep. 2nd round dropped to 10s b/c it hurt my thumbs holding the 3lb weights

Plank Jack on Floor, alt shoulder tap 20x 1st round on floor. 2nd & 3rd rounds said f-it & elevated. Thought bench was just a little too high but wasn’t & move was much better hopping

Circuit 2: 3 Rounds forgot to set stopwatch! 2nd two rounds were 15:10, so about 23min for 3
1. Side Lunge Right to Right Front Cross Over Lunge (Hammer Curl) 15x 15lbs Lunge to the side & then cross-over lunge to foot on bench forgot the cross-over part until the 3rd round, oops.
2. Side Lunge Left to Left Front Cross Over Lunge (Hammer Curl) 15x
3. Walk Out to Plank – Elbow Down/Up to Push-Up & Walk Back 10x
4. Tricep Dip / hand to opp foot 12x, 1=1

Toe Tap Hops off Bench 20x Did 2=1  feet elevated, moving fast, hopping toes to other toes

Circuit 3: 3 Rounds about 20min, even w/ putting on & taking off the ankle weights slowing me down a bit.
1. Cross Hand Walking Push-Up to Kick Through 10x Foot steps to the side while arm crosses over the other 1st round brutal w/ just 10 count!!
2. Kick Back to Hold Back and Pulse 15x/reg, 15x/pulse 10s, Rotating hands @ the back
3. Right Side Lunge to Leg Lift 15x 5lb ankle weight, 10lb dumbbell, reaching toward foot & then rotated out to the side 
4. Left Side Lunge to Leg Lift

Thigh Burner ½ Burpee 10x 2nd round wanted to try this w/ the heavy ankle weights. Nope! lol. Not even one. Too heavy 4 jumping. Put on 8lb vest for 3rd round. Forgot how annoying the vest is for burpee moves. Was riding up over my PMS boobs

Circuit 4: 3 Rounds This was the fastest circuit @ 12:32
1. Tube – Bicep Curl Pulse 12x I actually have a variety of Beach Body bands (with one handle) that I have barely EVER used. I bought it as part of the over-priced crap they were selling to go with P90X2, which was the worst of that bunch. The blue is the heaviest of the bunch, I think, and was what the handles happened to be on so…
2. Tube – Tricep Pulse Back 12x
3. Right Foot Elevated – on left toe – Plies Pulse down 15x holding 15s on shoulders
4. Left Foot Elevated – on right toe – Plies Pulse down

3x Fire Walker banded Hop to ½ Burpee 10x ppl band, 3 shuffle hops to the side

Bonus 1x I thought once was enough w/ the ankle weights. 5lbs is a lot for each leg.
Hold in Squat Position / Ppl band Ball between thighs Pulse moving knees out & in 50x I did as a well set 25/15/10 counts. Had to come up & rest twice!
Lay on Left Side – Right Knee in Front & Lift Left Leg Straight Up 25x 5lb ankle weights
Lay on Left Side – Bend Left Leg and Pulse Up 25x
Up, Open, In, Down 15x Bent knee, lift up, extend leg, bend again & down, but not to floor
(Repeat all Lay on Right Side)

Abs: 40/20 3 rounds 3x’s This was the only part I did w/ the video, mainly b/c I was sick of previewing! If I repeat this workout ever, I’ll just do the whole thing for even intervals w/ 10-sec transition time, either 10/30 or 10/40
1. Plank Hold
2. Lay on Back – Flutter Kick
3. Plank – Ab Contraction Change to slider pike abs if repeating this wo
4. Lay on Back – Pull knee in and Crunch then press out
5. High Plank Tap Knees to Floor 3rd round I did side to side hip dip from forearm plank for the stretch. 
6. Flutter Kicks
7. Lay on Back – Lower single leg to floor
8. Hold Arms reach forwards for 100’s

Time = 1:40

Did about 15min non vinyasa yoga to close.