Double standards & communal living

So, today in amidst my self-promotional endeavors I: went & got the compost bin, clipped the branches that were making parking at the far end of the garage wall sort of annoying, put them in the bin, got two storage things that’d been waiting in the fridge that were C’s and mine & put them in a compost bag on top. Put those dishes in … Continue reading Double standards & communal living

Today – driving practice, design, art, brownies

Was about 12 (probably at least 14 in my case, since I mostly like to go just a smidge under the speed limit, especially on new and/or windy routes) minutes, going to Live Laugh Love Art, a business in Beaverton. I nearly blew it off, partly because I suspected it’d be another “not worth it” Podunkertunity, but the main reason was I didn’t want to … Continue reading Today – driving practice, design, art, brownies

So happy to be relaxing

Had a “wouldn’t go back there again” happy hour meal at Kell’s on NW 21st. I knew I should’ve gone to Deschutes! They may be pricey, and assemble their crab rolls in asinine fashion, but it would’ve been a much better, overall experience. Then thought, Screw it. I don’t feel like going to Powell’s. I’ll just stop by Mud Bay for a Rad Cat restock & Uber … Continue reading So happy to be relaxing