I had a drama-ridden full moon yesterday

Not in a pleasant way, unfortunately! It was a lovely day and things had been going so smoothly, but then… I made the fatal mistake of sharing some beer and a salad I’d prepared, after having forgotten a small amount of cat litter on the table outside. It’d been mentioned once, but until very recently it’d been too cool to eat outside, and the amount … Continue reading I had a drama-ridden full moon yesterday

Double Standards, part 3 – the cutting board

So, because I knew damned well that Charlie wasn’t riding the kidz as hard as he was me, I somewhat gleefully pointed out a cutting board that’d been left out overnight, my birthday morning, with apple pairings on it. I did not “shove it in his face” as claimed this morning. I pointed it out, but without hostile tones. I’m interested in fairness. That’s all. … Continue reading Double Standards, part 3 – the cutting board

Double standards & communal living

So, today in amidst my self-promotional endeavors I: went & got the compost bin, clipped the branches that were making parking at the far end of the garage wall sort of annoying, put them in the bin, got two storage things that’d been waiting in the fridge that were C’s and mine & put them in a compost bag on top. Put those dishes in … Continue reading Double standards & communal living