List making #virgorising

My body clock has already been reset to wake between 5:30 and 5:45. Having two cats already used to getting breakfast just past 6am helps in this! I’ve been getting organised.

Things accomplished before 10am on Saturday

  1. Unpacked art bag.
  2. Picked out a WO for the afternoon.
  3. Earmarked an inspirational / witchy YouTube clip, by one of my favourites, to watch later.
  4. Initial pass through House & Garden, UK – one of the three magazines I snapped up at Powell’s last night. I had to be quick b/c Charlie was waiting in the car with a full bladder. Started a spreadsheet, of advertisers & their websites.
  5. Deposited check.
  6. Attached passport picture to renewal form & put that plus a check and my old passport into an envelope.
  7. Had breakfast
  8. Emptied trash.
  9. Unpacked portfolio case, to retrieve my Wacom tablet mainly. Now that I’m used to one I find it really cumbersome to use a mouse, for a lot of things, never mind a wonky one. There’s simply too much surface dragging you have to do. You can’t “hop & select”. And if your mouse has tracking issues…
  10. Put away the rest of my laundry from Thursday night.
  11. Mapped route to Post Office. It’s the dreaded driving practice & I need to send my passport renewal via certified mail. Since the nearby PO isn’t open weekends, I’m forced to head downtown.
  12. Applied CBD oil to Theodora’s elbows.
  13. Ordered bath bar soap & post-it tabs (the latter for marking up reference material).

Meditation, study, killing time

Headache has persisted through 40min sit, pranayama & LBRP, but I just ate something so took Advil immediately.

Am about halfway through one of JM’s “casual conversation” videos. Parts of them come off “witchcraft bro”, but that’s 90-95% the guests. Anyway I find them motivating in some ways. Today I decided to sit for 40min, rather than just 22. I used to do that all the time and I have extra time to kill. Also extra motivation to not-think.

It’s easier physically to sit after yoga, but normally I have to do it first to make sure it happens, since I’m prone to exercising mid to late afternoon these days.

I am going to read a little more of this today, since I’ve been squinting at my iPhone for two, solid days now, being sans computer. Just opened up the book at Chesed, the 4th sephirah. It’s the El god name though, associated with Jupiter, the focus of my planetary magic these days.

I wanna read through the lower four with some focus on Hod, the realm of magical workings, so I’ve read. I’d think that would be Yesod.