Man antibiotics make me gimpy [updated]

Gimpy AF I felt a little stiff in the back for hours last night. I’d had the same sort of “seizing up” reaction that I got after Miami 2012, which had never happened before and was unfortunately an indication of a permanent change. Something got pushed too far… Even when things feel fine, my back cracks loudly, quite often, in forward bends that follow my … Continue reading Man antibiotics make me gimpy [updated]

Blog name change & plans for Saturday

I changed the name of the blog, b/c now we’re not at all politically correct, just doing the normal “conceal your true self” thing in the name of job hunting. After four years in Podunk I can confidently say it will NOT help. I totally agree w/ the tip about the University of Oregon, especially if you can find an interviewer’s profile and LinkedIn. This is … Continue reading Blog name change & plans for Saturday

Downloading books, lying around

Watched the clip below. One person said she thinks the majority of those on the streets want to be there. Granted I haven’t been in that situation, although I’m unmarried and without any assets. I’m living with someone who’s eleven years my senior and, as he’s said on more than one occasion – already past his life span. I highly doubt she’s right, though I … Continue reading Downloading books, lying around

This may be only a little bit of a workout blog for awhile…

Rested my elbow yesterday, but it’s just as sore, having progressed to where it hurts or aches when I’m not even “hitting it”. Last night I woke up out of a dream, and that arm was flung overhead. I moved it and it really complained, to the point that I was startled one level more awake. It hurts any time I extend it fully in a stretch… … Continue reading This may be only a little bit of a workout blog for awhile…

Weights workout on an Inverse, Non Holiday

After an unsatisfying, solo excursion downtown yesterday, and way too little food b/c I didn’t want to pay for it, I took the bus home & had a quite dangerous walk home along Dosch, wearing my dark navy coat. The driver told me to be careful. That’s ok. I’ve got a flash light and a death wish, I said. I’d wanted to roast a fucking turkey!!! … Continue reading Weights workout on an Inverse, Non Holiday

Holiday aversion & travel fantasies

It’d be a “Happy Thanksgiving” for me if I were getting on a plane and going somewhere until this & the next holidays are over. I’d miss the cats, but the relief over bypassing the invisibility would help offset this considerably. Maybe someday I’ll get to go to Europe again I’m fascinated by Prague & have been obsessed with this account for a couple years. … Continue reading Holiday aversion & travel fantasies