Researching Sock Companies

I was totally bummed out by being on Mississippi and downtown yesterday. The best time I had was at a plant nursery that had some great arrangements and some gorgeous chickens, wandering around their courtyard. I spent mere minutes at my destination and then got back on bus 4 for downtown. There is no THERE, there Well duh – when in or near Portland, just stick to … Continue reading Researching Sock Companies

I’ve become a master of getting back to sleep in the morning

Multiple times! This morning it was four. When I wake from a dream in the early morning, before daybreak, Theodora will usually sense it & come over meowing for pets and attention. If it’s later in the morning, she’ll just come wailing in the room in outrage and wake me up. Henry’s more subtle. He’ll circle the bed clockwise, usually stepping on and pulling my … Continue reading I’ve become a master of getting back to sleep in the morning

2 sets HIIT & a stretching session

Woke up with a stiff neck! Got a shitload of stuff done though. Daily cat care & got ’em both outside for a long stretch (since there’s no one here to get them out during the weekdays for the next 3½ weeks. Did a load of laundry. I’ll put that away tomorrow probably. Fed fish. Cleared recycling in bathroom & kitchen & took bag to … Continue reading 2 sets HIIT & a stretching session

List making #virgorising

My body clock has already been reset to wake between 5:30 and 5:45. Having two cats already used to getting breakfast just past 6am helps in this! I’ve been getting organised. Things accomplished before 10am on Saturday Unpacked art bag. Picked out a WO for the afternoon. Earmarked an inspirational / witchy YouTube clip, by one of my favourites, to watch later. Initial pass through … Continue reading List making #virgorising

LAM Aphorism of the Day: Adverse conditions can be great for your meditation practice

And other spiritual practices too! As per my previous “practice post” three days ago, I do a 22min sit in the morning, followed by a chant that is the traditional 108 repetitions.¹ I’ve been meaning to refresh my memory on why 108 I quite often accompany my chanting with “Trāṭaka”, which is simply staring at a flame. I learned that years ago, in my late … Continue reading LAM Aphorism of the Day: Adverse conditions can be great for your meditation practice

Here’s a rare, NON “exercise-routine-detailing” post

It’s a new moon in Aquarius today, at 1:05pm PDX time. I’d been sitting here, wondering what I’ll do with myself today. I’ve been working in oils… I was actually happy with a sketch I worked on Tuesday. I’d done what was supposed to be a value-tones underpainting already, but then I changed the time of day from late morning to late afternoon. I never … Continue reading Here’s a rare, NON “exercise-routine-detailing” post

Keeping secrets from ourselves

Didn’t intend to take a rest day, but I baked a cake in the afternoon & then it got late… I almost never start a WO after 4pm. It’s past my current biorhythmic window for that now! I really need to get back to my daily, seated meditation… I’m glad I’m staying in tonight, resting up before what will be (for me) marathon socializing. It … Continue reading Keeping secrets from ourselves