Driving, food, cat breeding

Here’s some random stuff b/c I’m still caffeinating and I don’t feel like getting on to anything else. I drove to a vegan pizza place yesterday, to meet my friend. I’m such a freak that I can’t like wait until someone’s hungry. She’d run some errands and had some food already. I was pacing around my rooms in Hill House, growing increasingly nervous. I’d cancelled … Continue reading Driving, food, cat breeding

My lackadaisical life

Gets up about 8:30. The cats were furious! No, just kidding. That’s not super late. If they were waiting for the female millennial for breakfast they’d wait until 9:30 usually, sometimes an hour later (11:30am!). It got cold though, and the heat’s turned off overnight. I’d stick a bare arm out from under the covers and think, “Nope.” Beauty standards of Podunk Charlie just went … Continue reading My lackadaisical life

Christmas, dreams, what to do today

Merry Christmas! I replaced the Amazon can you feel it commercial music with the theme from Winter Soldier pic.twitter.com/rXMcDGoWcJ — Omar Najam (@OmarNajam) November 24, 2018 I had some wacky dreams last night The most memorable involved being in the same room with a gargantuan Drumpf and a swarthy, bearded, sort of West Village type sycophant, assisting the orange one in some way that was not … Continue reading Christmas, dreams, what to do today

The sun is out in Podunk! Cat walk.

Living in a house with a yard is great for the cats anyways. As far as Henry was concerned, I was a raging success, in moving us to The Hill. We’d been in two studios before this: a dorm-room sized hovel in East Village and a larger, cooler space, with high ceilings and a fantastic view, at The Ladd. I’d picked a location near some … Continue reading The sun is out in Podunk! Cat walk.

I’ve become a master of getting back to sleep in the morning

Multiple times! This morning it was four. When I wake from a dream in the early morning, before daybreak, Theodora will usually sense it & come over meowing for pets and attention. If it’s later in the morning, she’ll just come wailing in the room in outrage and wake me up. Henry’s more subtle. He’ll circle the bed clockwise, usually stepping on and pulling my … Continue reading I’ve become a master of getting back to sleep in the morning

My cats are the first people I see every day

Up at 6am Back when I got the temporary gig at The Office, Portlandia, I bought a compact coffeemaker with a timer, and installed it in the corner of the sink in my bathroom, next to the inexplicably only outlet. I’d set it up in the evening, before every weekday morning, to start brewing at 5:55. Today I’m not going to sit in an office … Continue reading My cats are the first people I see every day

Saturday morning musings – restaurant review

Lunch at Higgins It was pretty good, a solid B+ IMO. I got  the Whole Pig Plate (which featured sausage, loin, ribs and one strip of bacon). The flavor was excellent. The wild rice was crunchy-chewy though! Way harder than my recent brown rice mishap. BF tried a bite & said, No, that’s undercooked. He got the rockfish special. Said it was ok but could’ve used … Continue reading Saturday morning musings – restaurant review