2 sets HIIT & a stretching session

Woke up with a stiff neck!
Got a shitload of stuff done though.

  1. Daily cat care & got ’em both outside for a long stretch (since there’s no one here to get them out during the weekdays for the next 3½ weeks.
  2. Did a load of laundry. I’ll put that away tomorrow probably.
  3. Fed fish.
  4. Cleared recycling in bathroom & kitchen & took bag to bin & bin to end of drive.
  5. Watered – greenhouse, herb garden, roses & strip of grass on that side of house.
  6. Scanned & posted (3 places) latest window film compositional sketch. I had to scan it anyway to use it for drawing at work! We haven’t gotten a flatbed scanner yet & printer scanners just don’t capture nuance. They’re ok if you’ve inked something before scanning, but are terrible for sketches in pencil or charcoal.
  7. Started a new album on Flickr, Surface Design, PDX. I realised it’s really good for me to do this, so I can add periodically, because if few designs make it to production and that takes a long time, it’s easy to feel as if you’re not doing anything! But if I continuously make process images, then I can see my design & thought processes together. I can get a sort of overview idea of my current body of work.
  8. Had a magical find, in the form of something physical. Put it in a safe place for further evolution.


BodyRock – Full Body HIIT

  • Previewed, made a few changes & did from breakdown.
  • WO starts after 11:20. I did it (15/50), broken up into 2 sets of 16 w/ a 2min rest in the middle = 36:40 min (plus however long I took w/ one pause to get wrist weights on)

Full Body HIIT-1.jpg

Flexible Strength #5

  • This was intermediate & she goes much slower than usual. But it was good. I’ll do next time w/ breakdown (probably skipping the warm-up)

Warm Up Flow x 2

  1.  Pass under squat (x5) / Clean & Press X 6 sets 26lb kettlebell – did this faster than vid & had time to make notes. Could use forearm guards!
  2. Clean / Archer’s Squat Slide x 4 alt. sides 26lb kettlebell – very challenging to get back up w/ only strength of the legs but I could do it! Maybe do 3x ea side next time.
  3. Hanging Leg Raise to Push Up x10 5
  4. Uttanasana  2min This’d be better as uttana 1min & ustrasana for 1min
  5. Kneeling Chest to Floor Stretch – 2 min
  6. Hanuman, front heel elevated on block  – 90 sec / 90 sec
  7. Vertical Shin Quad and hip Flexor Stretch 90 sec / 90 sec
  8. Handstand Front Split x 3 5 breaths ea leg
  9. Laying Spine Twist




So happy to be relaxing

Had a “wouldn’t go back there again” happy hour meal at Kell’s on NW 21st. I knew I should’ve gone to Deschutes! They may be pricey, and assemble their crab rolls in asinine fashion, but it would’ve been a much better, overall experience.


Then thought, Screw it. I don’t feel like going to Powell’s. I’ll just stop by Mud Bay for a Rad Cat restock & Uber home from there. I was going to make up for it by starting a subscription to House & Garden UK, starting with the June issue, but then remembered… We’ll see what happens during today’s “sit” at the mailbox. At least there’s a portable, very lightweight chair I can take with me. It’s a long drive! No running back & forth into the house. I’ve gotta stay there to ambush the postman & plead my case for my piece of mail. Wasn’t my choice for how I should spend mid afternoon on one of my two days off, but so be it.

I’m grateful that the dogs aren’t here this weekend. It’s so quiet!! Let Henry outside earlier. Then did the watering & went & got Theo & the long lead. The pricey, human grade CBD oil was worth every penny in getting her interested in food again. That & the Rad Cat. I only buy the small containers, b/c it’s expensive and having it go bad before getting finished would be no good. Henry is willing to take care of any leftovers, but what I often do is mix in baby food if a container’s toward the end and the princess is less interested. [The baby food smells so disgusting, so she loves it. I discovered the practice of feeding the stuff to show cats at the six TICA shows this past season. It’s WAY worse than even mass market, wet cat food, but people with the long-hair cats that require heavy grooming like to spoon feed their cats at shows, sometimes, so they can avoid messing up the poof.]

Anyway I have an illustration / drawing session set up today and my subject is on his way over. I’ll post my late afternoon workout, after I’m done with my stakeout.

What I’ve learned from the cat show experience so far

  • I’m not a total fan of the experience. It’s ok. It’s worthwhile to the extent that this is what I have to do to make the best possible kittens, and the breed is really under represented. I had the ONLY adult Scottish Folds at the show, the largest one all year for this region.
  • am, more than ever, an ambassador to the Scottish Fold & Straight breed.
  • There were many people who were dying to see Folds. I’ve only ever seen them online!!! They really responded.
  • Two days is really “enough” for a show, for both myself and my cats.

I was under prepared. I took names and numbers and/or email addresses. I didn’t have any cards. I felt like there was enough interest for five litters, not just one. But I don’t want to be a volume breeder. I love Scottish Folds & truly believe that wonderful, healthy cats can be bred if it’d done ethically.

Unfortunately with the nature of the gig economy, my being unavailable Thursday and Friday meant the loss of the rest of my measly income for the month, and since I was only booked late it probably amounted to at least half of my total January earnings. I was really hoping the Keynote deck I’d been working on would be reassigned to me for today, but I found out on the way home last night that it wasn’t.

And not only did I pay for Theodora’s genetic testing, but I also bought myself two items of cat lady clothing, which was obviously a bad idea.

When these things happen I get depressed for a bit. I’d been hoping to earn money today… Am I going to immediately change gears and work on a bad oil painting? No. Maybe I’ll upload the clips of Theo with the judges. She only finaled three times at the Portland International Cat Show. It’s much bigger than the two we’d done before, but I was used to missing only one final out of the bunch and getting one “best cat” per show. We packed up about 20-minutes early last night, when we found out we weren’t going to final even once that day for sure.


Meditation & injury(?)

I definitely have some sort of tweak in the left side. I felt it during and after my last Astanga practice on the 23rd and it continued to some degree. Then during yesterday’s practice, I have to admit that when I got into the tiny bit of 2nd I do, all workshop-y slow, it got worse and at one point I paused because I felt something radiating from there. It was a WTF was that? moment. I put my attention there but then it seemed to dissipate, so I carried on & finished. I did my usual back bending and ticks. But later on I wondered if it was therapeutic the way I’d supposed.

It kept bothering me… Was trying to relax and watch Grimm with Charlie. I had to ask for some pressure on there, and that helped, but only when the pressure was being applied.

And then I got paranoid. It better not be something for which one should see a doctor. This inspired one of those utterly exhausting bad dreams where I cannot stop sobbing. Not just crying, sobbing. And I was literally trying to get to the poor person’s doctor, two buses and 2.5 hours away, with a 20-min walk in 90-degree weather at the tail end. I’d visited a doctor close by and they’re all, Uh, ya… YOU need to go over here (pauper). I had no cash. Couldn’t even buy water or a coffee. Nothing to read. #lol

Unsurprisingly, this morning’s sit was not that steady

Because of the discomfort. I did some stretches, while still in padmasana, before my short, sephiroth-based pranayama. Did my LBRP. Perhaps later on today I will just do an unmeasured (via Polar) restorative. I’d been planning to try to keep my five-day quota for the week, getting up early to get some exercise in Friday too. Theodora’s second show is this weekend, for two days this time, and Henry is coming along with again. (I have to figure out what time we need to leave today.) Thankfully we don’t have to get up at 5am to be out the door at 6:30, but the show starts 1ish I think, and closes at 9pm. For our first show which closed at 4pm, we didn’t actually get out of there until after 6. The judges have to finish…

We shall see. Maybe I can get one more WO in today and just take both Friday and Saturday off.

Rest Day! Got the CityKitty cat toilet training tray installed too

It would’ve been worth it to buy the $50 tray system instead of the $30 CityKitty, because with this cheaper brand, after the first week of having no holes in the tray, you cut along the perforated edge to expose the smallest hole, and so on. This means if you’re training more cats later, you need to buy the product again. If I’d gotten the Litter Kwitter, we’d have received different size trays that I could wash, store and potentially reuse. Oh well!

Even though the recommendation to buy this specific toilet lid, with the child seat attachment we promptly discarded was a piece of bad advice, it’s still kind of good that we replaced the old seat. Now Charlie knows how to get old, corroded bolts out & he can fix the wonky one in the downstairs bathroom! That one slides & clunks dramatically whenever you sit on it unless you lower ever so carefully like your butt’s a hovercraft.

I’m going to have to remove & replace this tray every time I use the toilet for quite some time! So this is an investment, but we’ll see.


He made me screw on the new seat so I’m not that spoiled.

And then I showed Henry too, but we’re thinking that Theodora will be far more likely to be into this, since she’s the one who’s fascinated with the toilet. She hopped onto the back of Charlie’s so often that he was the one who suggested we try this! Even if it’s one of two cats, we’ll save on litter and mess in the long run. (And when she has kittens… Maybe she will show them without the tray. After all I’m going to be a responsible breeder and keep the kittens for a full three months.)

I took two rest days in a row!

I dunno… Yesterday was a road trip & then this morning I’d committed time from noon and I didn’t feel like getting to it. I must’ve needed a longer break this time. Plus, Julia just announced her 4th pregnancy, which is wonderful news for her family, but the very next workout she released after that? Superhuman Workout #2. It’s zealous to the extent that… I looked at it and had the very opposite of any desire to do it. That’s like Military Mission level and it’s more than I want right now.

I did the first one entirely from the breakdown, swapping out some of the “repeated after every interval” strength moves, push-ups, for pull-ups & chin-ups alternated. I like working those two areas, but right now I’m exercising upstairs & would have to leave the room to go to my bedroom doorway, where the bar is.

Or I could halve the repeated tricep SL push-ups. Julia likes to go really fast but I prefer slower and a bigger range of motion.

Either way I didn’t want to do that one today. That’s one of the “wait for a high energy day” kind of routines.

If J’s going to be on some kind of mission during this pregnancy, I think I’ll do some of the older WOs, lol. She’s the most prolific one out there & I couldn’t keep up with her even if I were just doing her stuff. There’s plenty I haven’t tried.

Might just do yoga tomorrow too. And a smidge of non-workout restorative tonight. Been sitting at a non ergonomic desk for hours today after all. Taking cat walking breaks tho!

Booty Builder #2 : Jacked up Tabata #2 by Lenula

OMG the shin burn after this! I was going to do the routine J posted last, but then I saw this one & it looked appealingly brutal. I’d already done my 30min seated meditation in the magic circle. I felt the solar eclipse – concentrating without dwelling on absorbing collective energy and flooding it through my energy body. When I opened my eyes it was happening. I got both the cats outside.

I did look up at the eclipse a few times… Charlie had some of the glasses. But the feeling was far more interesting to me than the visual. Plus, since the puppy can apparently never be on a leash – like never, ever, ever, ever, even if she’s the aggressor – I was more inclined to hang out with the cats in the safe zone, which was not the viewing zone. That’s around the corner in the blueberry patch.

Two peas in a pod
Eclipses all over my Manduka

FullSizeRender.jpgBooty Builder #2 : Jacked up Tabata #2 by Lenula

Deadly jacked up manmakers set Took me nearly 37min & then a long break 4 notes 🙂
100 jumping jacks  – 10 DL two 20lb weights  – 1 double manmaker two 15lb weights 4 all the manmakers
90 plank jacks w/shoulder tap – 9 DL – 2 biceps manmakers
80 weighted jumping jacks – 8 DL – 3 triceps manmakers two 10lb weights
70 squat jacks – 7 DL – 4 back fly manmakers two 10lb weights Held together goblet style. This was too heavy 4 me! I got thru it but paused video 2x
60 1 arms plank jacks (switch arms after 10 reps) – 6 DL – 5 spider knee manmakers
50 prisoner jumping jacks – 5 DL – 6 spider push up manmakers
40 seal jacks – 4 DL – 7 plank jack push up manmakers
30 toe touch jacks – 3 DL – 8 plank toe touch manmakers
20 up/down plank jacks – 2 DL – 9 plank tuck jump manmakers
10 plank jack to plank hop – 1 DL – 10 regular manmakers

Bulgarian burn: 20:10 x2 two 15lb weights
1. bulgarian R
2. bulgarian hop R
3. bulgarian to fwd lunge R
4. bulgarian hop to fwd lunge hop R

EVEN Pyramid combo: 8-2 reps Followed along w/ the 1st, longest round to get the moves
bulgarian lunge + bulgarian DL + 1-leg push up + 3 way knee tuck + plank hop (R leg)

Bulgarian burn: 20:10 x 2
1. bulgarian L
2. bulgarian hop L
3. bulgarian to fwd lunge L
4. bulgarian hop to fwd lunge hop L

EVEN Pyramid combo: 8-2 reps Did this one from the list as I knew the moves already,
bulgarian lunge + bulgarian DL + 1-leg push up + 3 way knee tuck + plank hop (L leg)

Tabata break: 20:10 2x
1. roll back to jump up
2. tuck jump to plank tuck jump
3. box jumps
4. switch lunges

EVEN Pyramid combo: 8-2 reps
up/down plank + plank hop + heel grab + switch lunge

Arms pump: 20:10 x 2
1. biceps curls 13lbs ea hand
2. biceps curls to shoulder press 13lbs ea hand
3. biceps curls to shoulder press to triceps extension 10lbs ea hand
4. shoulder press to triceps extension 13lbs ea hand

Pyramid combo: 8-2 reps
front raise + lateral raise + push up + plank triceps kickback + handstand (or pike push up if you can´t)

Tabata finisher: 20:10 x 2
1. jumping jacks
2. plank jacks w.shoulder touch
3. prisioner jacks
4. 1-arm plank jacks

Time = 1:31

Followed this up with about 10min of yoga poses. I’ll probably do an ashtanga again tomorrow.

Monday’s solar eclipse & meditation • Cats >>> Dogs

If you can’t afford things like plane tickets, go off somewhere inside ur own head instead.

Monday will bring the solar eclipse in Leo. It won’t be fully visible in Portland. The traffic to OR places where it will is going to be insane, all these festivals and lots of 2-lane roads. I didn’t consider torturing myself for 5-seconds. I’m not a huge fan of road trips in the first place, and neither of the cars Charlie likes to drive has AC. #fuckthat

It was bad enough that day getting back from the summer fair, when there were three accidents on the I-5 north, and this eclipse thing? You might be on the road 8-10 hours, if predictions hold true. I’ll stay right here! I’ll do a seated meditation outside in my magic circle, from 10-10:30am, and then I’ll practice the LBRP.

Mars energizing a double Leo situation… Hopefully feelings will be in check by then!

This new moon is on a Monday too, which is ruled by the moon & associated with Archangel Gabriel, my personal favorite. Associations: svadisthana chakra / creativity. This is the BEST conjunction for any new moon, never mind one in Leo with a solar eclipse.

In normal months, a new moon marks an opening, a beginning, a shift in your path. A solar eclipse is like a new moon magnified and refracted through the sun. If a new moon is a time for setting intentions, a solar eclipse is a time for opening all the doors and windows and seeing what the wind blows in.

Solar Eclipses
Consider this fact about solar eclipses: A solar eclipse can only occur during the day, on a new moon. This means that you are working with new moon energy, which is great for getting rid of things and letting go.  A solar eclipse does not have to be visible for you to work magic.

Working magic during an eclipse is rather advanced. In order to understand the energy of an eclipse, you must understand the energy of time and of the seasons. You must also be able to raise and focus energy within a quite limited amount of time.

During an eclipse, some people may sense a time of stillness, others experience a feeling of uncertainty. You may experience either of these like the tiny glimmer of time before a pendulum swings back after having swung all the way in one direction. This is the essence of an eclipse, and is a similar sensation to that felt within a magic circle.

Eclipses in Magic

There are a few schools of thought with regard to the energy of the solar eclipse.

Thought 1 – Eclipses always take place during the New Moon when the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign. Together in the sky, their energies are combined and supercharged for the energy of that sign.

Thought 2 – An eclipse gives us the energy of an entire cycle of seasons, or cycle of a day from twilight, darkness, dawn to light, from the waning light of autumn to the darkness of winter, to the growing light of spring and brightness of summer. This is powerful energy to harness to bring about big change quickly.

Thought 3- The moon engulfs the sun, turning the sky bloody, but the sun emerges again in a symbol of rebirth. This makes an equinox a great time practice rites designed to wash away the old to make way for the new, to break down barriers to come out into the light.

Cats >>>>> Dogs

Just hadda rescue Sir Henry from getting accosted by Terror Puppy again. Luckily, with my old, scruffed-up hope chest in front of it, I can get in & out of the dining room window, where I make art and exercise. He went outside earlier, after getting pinned the first time in the kitchen. Guess he wanted to come back in & she saw him… But I heard the noise! I yell at Penny now, or at least I am to-fucking-day, the official command, “NO KITTY! NO KITTY! NO KITTY!!!!” jerking her collar slightly.

One of the puppy people has gone out and the other is sleeping in. She’ll stay outside b/c otherwise she’d poop in the kitchen.



Anna’s Christmas in July Workout Video

Last time I worked out with Michele I basically followed all the way through, except for doing some of my own yoga things in the cool down. This time I decided to skip the warm-up in favor of my usual (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals. And then I skipped the video cool down in favor of my own, ad-lib asana.

Anyway my quads were sore, which I only discovered during the my jump rope warm-up. I felt the strain in the first combo too. I guess tomorrow I might not want to do the legs routine I’d planned… I could either do a real rest day or another more yoga centric something. We’ll see.

Went to find Henry before my shower. He stays outside almost all day if it’s nice out. In that case I don’t feel bad about making Rocco stay outside with him. I don’t worry about a desperate coyote getting brave enough to jump the back fence if she’s out there too.


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Anna’s Christmas in July Workout Video

Part 1: *AMRAP

Michele calls these “combos”, but even tho you wouldn’t be counting rounds (b/c it’s hard enough just to learn the moves & keep the sequence straight) I feel like anything you repeat for a specific length of time is automatically “as many rounds as possible”.

I think the necessity of concentration to get the moves right is actually a good thing – mind-body focus. Anyway you do it is good.

Combo 1 : 5 minutes starts @ 6:54
2x Switch lunge. On the floor. My lowest choice of elevations is 13″ , higher than I’d want here. Sometimes I use a yoga block for jump-overs, but for switch lunges I’d be to focused on placing my feet. Lower back knee 1st to surrender down & back up. 2nd foot steps up knee lift. Reverse lunge down to wide squat to the side. Criss cross jack. Wide squat to heel click. 3x plank jack

5/30 3 rounds
1. Standing Dumbbell Curl 13lbs each hand
2. Kneeling right arm tricep kickback 10lbs each hand
3. Close hand push-up
4. Kneeling left arm tricep kickback

10x Surfer Burpee (Repeat 1 more time, after 30-sec brea) Hadn’t previewed & I realized I was doing these slightly differently but that’s ok.

Combo 2 : 5 minutes (Widow Maker)
Push-up, row, T-stand both sides, reg deadlift (for me) 3x. Bent over row 3x, 1 clean & press 2, 15lbs weights

5/30 3 rounds2, 15lbs weights
1. Virasana Rear Delt Raise 2, 10lbs weights all 3 round
2. Kneeling Overhead Shoulder to Shoulder Raise 1, 15lbs weight 1st round, then 2, 10lbs weights 
3. Kneeling Tricep Overhead Extension (Down 3/Up 1) 2, 10lbs weights
4. Overhead Shoulder Press (Up 2/down 2) 2, 15lbs weights 1st round, then down to 13lbs each hand rounds 2 & 3

10x 2x Squat Pulse to Stand with Overhead Press (Repeat 1 more x) 2, 15lbs weights

Combo 3: 5 minutes +8lb vest
Round house Kick Right to 2x Squat Pulse & Left Reverse Cross over lunge/Left Side lunge to leg lift & Right Side arm out (hold) 3x Right Arm overhead pull with Squat Jacks (repeat with left leg) 10lb weight

5/30 3 rounds
1. Lay on Right Side (bent knees) on right elbow – knee raise toward shoulders
2. Lay on Left Side (bent knees) on left elbow – knees raise toward shoulders
3. Butterfly legs on floor Crunch up
4. Butterfly legs in air – opposite hand to foot

20x Pendulums or Plank side to side hops (repeat 1 more time) 1st round I did as the bench hops (13″ bench). 2nd round I put on 2 5lb ankle weights & did tap downs, 2=1 for both rounds

Combo 4: 5 minutes
1x Dive Bomber (hold Plank) right knee to right elbow then to center then to left elbow with glute raise between. Plant right foot on floor and kick through. Pull back to a side plank and 3x Side Plank hip raise. Repeat from Dive Bomber with left leg

5/30 3 rounds 2, 10lbs weights for all
1. Hold dumbbell in left hand (45 degree) Curl Right dumbbell
2. Hold dumbbell in right hand (45 degree) Curl Left dumbbell
3. Alternate Upright Rows, 1 hand closer in than the other, alt I modified this slights
4. Alternate Front/Side Raise

10x Thigh Burner Burpee (repeat 1 more time) 2nd round I added my orange band for fun. Was good! Might try heavier / harder purple band next time.

Bonus: Abs 15/45 2 rounds
(during the 15 seconds flutter kick legs)
1. Crunch up
2. Crunch up with alternating knee lift
3. Knees Bent or straight leg/pull in and push out 3lbs bet feet
4. Buzz Saw Plank
5. Elbow Plank – drop knees to floor


Virasana, supta v, malasana, paschimo, bhujangasana, 1/2 bheka both sides, savasana