My lackadaisical life

Gets up about 8:30. The cats were furious! No, just kidding. That’s not super late. If they were waiting for the female millennial for breakfast they’d wait until 9:30 usually, sometimes an hour later (11:30am!). It got cold though, and the heat’s turned off overnight. I’d stick a bare arm out from under the covers and think, “Nope.” Beauty standards of Podunk Charlie just went … Continue reading My lackadaisical life

Christmas, dreams, what to do today

Merry Christmas! I replaced the Amazon can you feel it commercial music with the theme from Winter Soldier — Omar Najam (@OmarNajam) November 24, 2018 I had some wacky dreams last night The most memorable involved being in the same room with a gargantuan Drumpf and a swarthy, bearded, sort of West Village type sycophant, assisting the orange one in some way that was not … Continue reading Christmas, dreams, what to do today

My cats are the first people I see every day

Up at 6am Back when I got the temporary gig at The Office, Portlandia, I bought a compact coffeemaker with a timer, and installed it in the corner of the sink in my bathroom, next to the inexplicably only outlet. I’d set it up in the evening, before every weekday morning, to start brewing at 5:55. Today I’m not going to sit in an office … Continue reading My cats are the first people I see every day

Saturday morning musings – restaurant review

Lunch at Higgins It was pretty good, a solid B+ IMO. I got  the Whole Pig Plate (which featured sausage, loin, ribs and one strip of bacon). The flavor was excellent. The wild rice was crunchy-chewy though! Way harder than my recent brown rice mishap. BF tried a bite & said, No, that’s undercooked. He got the rockfish special. Said it was ok but could’ve used … Continue reading Saturday morning musings – restaurant review

2 sets HIIT & a stretching session

Woke up with a stiff neck! Got a shitload of stuff done though. Daily cat care & got ’em both outside for a long stretch (since there’s no one here to get them out during the weekdays for the next 3½ weeks. Did a load of laundry. I’ll put that away tomorrow probably. Fed fish. Cleared recycling in bathroom & kitchen & took bag to … Continue reading 2 sets HIIT & a stretching session

So happy to be relaxing

Had a “wouldn’t go back there again” happy hour meal at Kell’s on NW 21st. I knew I should’ve gone to Deschutes! They may be pricey, and assemble their crab rolls in asinine fashion, but it would’ve been a much better, overall experience. Then thought, Screw it. I don’t feel like going to Powell’s. I’ll just stop by Mud Bay for a Rad Cat restock & Uber … Continue reading So happy to be relaxing

What I’ve learned from the cat show experience so far

I’m not a total fan of the experience. It’s ok. It’s worthwhile to the extent that this is what I have to do to make the best possible kittens, and the breed is really under represented. I had the ONLY adult Scottish Folds at the show, the largest one all year for this region. I am, more than ever, an ambassador to the Scottish Fold & Straight … Continue reading What I’ve learned from the cat show experience so far

Meditation & injury(?)

I definitely have some sort of tweak in the left side. I felt it during and after my last Astanga practice on the 23rd and it continued to some degree. Then during yesterday’s practice, I have to admit that when I got into the tiny bit of 2nd I do, all workshop-y slow, it got worse and at one point I paused because I felt … Continue reading Meditation & injury(?)