This is going to be a pretty good week

Art Plans It’s suddenly springtime and for all of its deficiencies, the natural beauty of Portland springs are glorious. Yesterday when I got the cats outside I looked ahead at the weather and realized it’s finally plein air painting time again! I’ve really lagged on using my oils downstairs. I can’t get the lighting right. I’ve had to back myself into an awkward corner to … Continue reading This is going to be a pretty good week

(Part of )2019 Weight Lifting Workout #1: Full Body & Glutes

Ended up having a rest day yesterday. Started previewing this last night. Wow! Julia is so crazy fit, lol. Love that woman. But for me? Circuit 2 alone & some yoga would be good, probably. She did circuits 2 & 3 in about 34min, but seriously especially the way I like to work lately I thought 45min – 1hr probably. Adapted from 2019 Weight Lifting … Continue reading (Part of )2019 Weight Lifting Workout #1: Full Body & Glutes

I am fretting, worrying about Theodora

I thought it was a bit early to take her up there Sunday, but no one really listened to me, and then I was also worried about missing it. Turns out the heats are somewhat unpredictable. So far, her handsome match is interested but she just walks away. And I wonder if she’s eating! Like, at all. She is a difficult animal to feed! So … Continue reading I am fretting, worrying about Theodora

Today – driving practice, design, art, brownies

Was about 12 (probably at least 14 in my case, since I mostly like to go just a smidge under the speed limit, especially on new and/or windy routes) minutes, going to Live Laugh Love Art, a business in Beaverton. I nearly blew it off, partly because I suspected it’d be another “not worth it” Podunkertunity, but the main reason was I didn’t want to … Continue reading Today – driving practice, design, art, brownies

Driving, food, cat breeding

Here’s some random stuff b/c I’m still caffeinating and I don’t feel like getting on to anything else. I drove to a vegan pizza place yesterday, to meet my friend. I’m such a freak that I can’t like wait until someone’s hungry. She’d run some errands and had some food already. I was pacing around my rooms in Hill House, growing increasingly nervous. I’d cancelled … Continue reading Driving, food, cat breeding

My lackadaisical life

Gets up about 8:30. The cats were furious! No, just kidding. That’s not super late. If they were waiting for the female millennial for breakfast they’d wait until 9:30 usually, sometimes an hour later (11:30am!). It got cold though, and the heat’s turned off overnight. I’d stick a bare arm out from under the covers and think, “Nope.” Beauty standards of Podunk Charlie just went … Continue reading My lackadaisical life

Christmas, dreams, what to do today

Merry Christmas! I replaced the Amazon can you feel it commercial music with the theme from Winter Soldier — Omar Najam (@OmarNajam) November 24, 2018 I had some wacky dreams last night The most memorable involved being in the same room with a gargantuan Drumpf and a swarthy, bearded, sort of West Village type sycophant, assisting the orange one in some way that was not … Continue reading Christmas, dreams, what to do today