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I have never been so obsessed with a weather report #heatwave

I’ve also never faced a weather report this bad while living on the east coast, in the aggressively air-conditioned NYC. I cannot recall one 100+ day streak. Not one!

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Here in Portland everything’s minimally air-conditioned, if there is any at all. We don’t have it at home on the hill. The windows are all the type that swing out to the side… We got one of the standalone kind last year. You have to fit a piece of foam a bucket. It’s big and takes up a lot of space in the office… We got that for me so I could still work upstairs, but it takes up so much room & only takes things down about 10-degrees. It’s become easier to just work downstairs when I want do do stuff in the afternoon. Until now!

Those bitches at Hanna Andersson downtown must be roasting! LOL. After the way they treated me I take great joy in the construction I see on that block. One day there was a noisy machine set up right in front of the store. I cackled. I’m sure it 1) made things pretty miserable inside for the harried minions trapped inside and 2) discouraged a lot of stroller traffic. They don’t have any AC either and high ceilings and vents don’t do much north of 95. Have fun you jerkoffs!

But ya, many of the businesses here, they’ve got the weak AC that takes things down just 2-degrees from miserable. Like you’ll go inside and think, Ahhh…, but then 5-minutes later you’re hot again. Am I going to spend five days alternating between Powells and the Pioneer Place mall? Am I going to spend all the money I made trimming on movies? There aren’t even that many movies I want to SEE. I picked out three so far.

My right knee is definitely tender, but on the other hand, maybe I shouldn’t do yoga today b/c one of those days I’ll probably be sweating my balls off at home & I may as well do it on the mat stretching…

Oregon Country Fair 2017

Missed a workout yesterday as we were at the Oregon Country Fair, returning later than expected because of three accidents along the I-5. A few thoughts:

  1. The food there is not at all special according to our two meals. We tried two ethnic, Afghan and India. Both were white American blandified AF. If both were restaurants you tried you’d never bother returning to either.
  2. I shouldn’t go to Economic Events unless I can participate with gusto. Otherwise it’s a too-depressing reminder of my powerlessness.
  3. People who cannot relate to this have never been in a similar position.
  4. Road trips in the summer require both AC and a good radio. Otherwise, watch a damn movie at home.
  5. An earlier opening would be better, cooler and less dusty. 11am is too late. Over Sunday breakfast with the other inn guests we found that there’s preliminary entertainment starting at 10am, so we headed over, to avoid parking a half hour into the desert of a field. Inching along in an exit line for a half hour in a car with no AC is great fun as well, especially if you wait until your capacity for dust & crowds is gone before making your way to the exit in the first place!

It was good to go once

The people watching is fun. Getting a little lost in the dusty mazes is meandering entertainment for awhile. I think it’s like a New Year’s in Times Square though. Once is probably enough, at least if you can’t participate in the shopping. It’d be a shitton more fun with about $700 to spend, in support of the Creative Stoner Class. This is what previous Linda would’ve budgeted.

The Saturday night market in Goa is waaaaay better. Also that Artjuna shop I dropped some serious rupees in. Loved that place. With more of a budget I’d say one month in Goa, avoiding the ashtanga yoga scene entirely.

The best part of the weekend for me was probably the night at a bed and breakfast. A real bed as in off the floor! Furniture that’s above the level of perpetual grad student! The  C’est La Vie Inn is gorgeous too, and host Jack is very warm and accommodating.

Anyway, making a simple video occupied a couple hours after I got back into bed at 8am. When life gives you lemons… If you’re emotionally exhausted and have no good reason to get out of bed on this particular day… At most my workout will take 2 hours and I can do that in the afternoon.