My Old Clothes, 1

It started with a tweet, but I think I’ll make this a series. I’ve long been prone to a more “Derelique” form of wardrobe. During my last, lucrative and solid, eleven year gig in NYC, I never had to meet with buyers, ie., be more presentable than normally inclined. In addition to that, once I’d started the decade-long India cycle, I was made well aware … Continue reading My Old Clothes, 1

Today – driving practice, design, art, brownies

Was about 12 (probably at least 14 in my case, since I mostly like to go just a smidge under the speed limit, especially on new and/or windy routes) minutes, going to Live Laugh Love Art, a business in Beaverton. I nearly blew it off, partly because I suspected it’d be another “not worth it” Podunkertunity, but the main reason was I didn’t want to … Continue reading Today – driving practice, design, art, brownies

[updated] I’m getting a lot of practice driving to downtown & back anyway

It was the third trip made to update my eyeglasses. Turns out my $600¹ frames weren’t a very good idea, in 2016, because now the lenses are fatter than the frames. I went $150 cheaper, for lenses at an independent firm. They had a flaw right in the middle of the right. I was going to upgrade immediately but they talked me into giving the … Continue reading [updated] I’m getting a lot of practice driving to downtown & back anyway

Driving, food, cat breeding

Here’s some random stuff b/c I’m still caffeinating and I don’t feel like getting on to anything else. I drove to a vegan pizza place yesterday, to meet my friend. I’m such a freak that I can’t like wait until someone’s hungry. She’d run some errands and had some food already. I was pacing around my rooms in Hill House, growing increasingly nervous. I’d cancelled … Continue reading Driving, food, cat breeding