Magick, Mediation, Motivation – or lack thereof

Magick & Meditation Month was pretty much a bust I don’t feel like I accomplished anything and, in fact, I have regressed terribly in terms of other kinds of personal discipline, like exercise. What I was most hoping was that daily ritual would – yes “magically” – help my real life efforts in the interminable struggle to make ANY sort of money in Godforsaken Podunk. That … Continue reading Magick, Mediation, Motivation – or lack thereof

More on Mudras – Magick & Meditation Month

I mentioned a few days ago I’d started reading this book on mudras. I’ve pretty much finished it, the relevant parts anyway. I’ll return it on my next visit to the library As I mentioned on Insta 3 days ago, I started practicing a new hand mudra during my seated meditation, Pran Mudra. View this post on Instagram Card of the Day: 4 of disks, … Continue reading More on Mudras – Magick & Meditation Month

Mornings are good though

Such an aimless existence. Every morning I wake up slowly, but my first interactions are always positive. Cats! I usually get pillow cuddles from at least one of them, then I get up and get my coffee fixings. I feed them upstairs. I’d have to sit on the toilet in the downstairs bathroom with them if I didn’t, to keep track of who eats what … Continue reading Mornings are good though

Researching Sock Companies

I was totally bummed out by being on Mississippi and downtown yesterday. The best time I had was at a plant nursery that had some great arrangements and some gorgeous chickens, wandering around their courtyard. I spent mere minutes at my destination and then got back on bus 4 for downtown. There is no THERE, there Well duh – when in or near Portland, just stick to … Continue reading Researching Sock Companies

I had a drama-ridden full moon yesterday

Not in a pleasant way, unfortunately! It was a lovely day and things had been going so smoothly, but then… I made the fatal mistake of sharing some beer and a salad I’d prepared, after having forgotten a small amount of cat litter on the table outside. It’d been mentioned once, but until very recently it’d been too cool to eat outside, and the amount … Continue reading I had a drama-ridden full moon yesterday

(half of) 2019 Weight lifting #10 CrossFit Tabata & Supersets, w some yoga

Previewed some of this recently. I only wanted a short WO today though, and not too taxing – warm it up & stretch it out. I had limited time & wanted to conserve some artistic energy / personal prana. This might sound funny, but both driving and using my oil paints are both so mentally challenging I had to save room for it! I’m still … Continue reading (half of) 2019 Weight lifting #10 CrossFit Tabata & Supersets, w some yoga

Double standards & communal living

So, today in amidst my self-promotional endeavors I: went & got the compost bin, clipped the branches that were making parking at the far end of the garage wall sort of annoying, put them in the bin, got two storage things that’d been waiting in the fridge that were C’s and mine & put them in a compost bag on top. Put those dishes in … Continue reading Double standards & communal living

Meditation and Creative Inspiration

I slept in today, which I really needed. Got out of bed at 8:30. Of course this comes with earlier wake-ups from dreams and the kitties, but I dropped back off again every time. Meditation is the bomb I get the best ideas while I’m sitting, when of course I am attempting to focus on an inward, non-verbal attention. A particular meditation practice in Bardon’s Initiation … Continue reading Meditation and Creative Inspiration