More on Mudras – Magick & Meditation Month

I mentioned a few days ago I’d started reading this book on mudras. I’ve pretty much finished it, the relevant parts anyway. I’ll return it on my next visit to the library As I mentioned on Insta 3 days ago, I started practicing a new hand mudra during my seated meditation, Pran Mudra. View this post on Instagram Card of the Day: 4 of disks, … Continue reading More on Mudras – Magick & Meditation Month

Made myself a new mala for my birthday

I’ve been working with Jupiter / Sachiel a lot, and thus the stones are blue lapis lazuli, chrysocolla & amethyst. Numerologically speaking, eight is my birth number. It’s also a big prosperity number. So I threw in eight skull beads I’d bought, randomly, a long time ago in New York. The finishing ornament is a Triskele: The Celtic Symbol of Constant Motion. I’d been meaning to do … Continue reading Made myself a new mala for my birthday

Onto better things (art & design projects, clients, self) in 2018!

I’ve been in a much better mood this week than last. It’s the illustration, though the client is not actually new. I designed her yoga studio logo for a rebranding that started about this time last year. I’ve been meditating and doing my spiritual practice daily: 22min seated meditation, my approximately 4½min, personally designed pranayama and the LBRP. Not necessarily immediately after, I’m also doing daily … Continue reading Onto better things (art & design projects, clients, self) in 2018!

Meditation & injury(?)

I definitely have some sort of tweak in the left side. I felt it during and after my last Astanga practice on the 23rd and it continued to some degree. Then during yesterday’s practice, I have to admit that when I got into the tiny bit of 2nd I do, all workshop-y slow, it got worse and at one point I paused because I felt … Continue reading Meditation & injury(?)

Hermetic Reading & Practices & planning ahead for 2018

I’ve been catching up on reading, sans laptop Been buying all kinds of esoteric stuff on Amazon too, because I’m not free to get the one thing I’ve really been wanting, an iMac, which might well have helped me with proofreading, thus keeping my single, probably gone now client happy. I’m like C- level at proofing, especially since I can’t print multiple drafts of everything … Continue reading Hermetic Reading & Practices & planning ahead for 2018

Morning meditation & a tarot reading

Sat for 40min again, with some brief stretches in the middle (while remaining in padmasana). I really have a tweak in the middle of my left side! Noticed it during yoga and worked it up, like worrying a pimple to redness & a more visible irritation. Chesed, duh, the 4th sephirah. That’d be the placement. Thursday turned bad so inexplicably. Well… I’d been working on … Continue reading Morning meditation & a tarot reading

Meditation, study, killing time

Headache has persisted through 40min sit, pranayama & LBRP, but I just ate something so took Advil immediately. Am about halfway through one of JM’s “casual conversation” videos. Parts of them come off “witchcraft bro”, but that’s 90-95% the guests. Anyway I find them motivating in some ways. Today I decided to sit for 40min, rather than just 22. I used to do that all … Continue reading Meditation, study, killing time

Much needed Astanga practice

Yesterday’s glutes WO is a new favorite, which I’ll try to remember to repeat. (Wish WP had a better search engine.) But I could feel my back getting sore on the right, maybe upper lumber or lower thoracic, about midway through. I did stretch a bit after, but I’d started later than usual and took a long time so… TODAY’S PRACTICE: I put in a Linda … Continue reading Much needed Astanga practice

Astanga! Finally

The last time I did a full Astanga practice was 19 DAYS AGO!!! November 11. I did a a jump rope warm up, to get the blood moving & because it’s cold, and then practiced really fast. By removing some of the poses at the end that caused a lot of stalling, I picked up the pace. I also forgot something I’d intended to do. No matter. … Continue reading Astanga! Finally

Adds new “top level” category to blog: self development

I wasn’t sure I was going to talk about any of this on the blog, but it’s presently important. I was recently inspired by a video (and recent, new stresses), to renew my seated meditation practice. I’ve been interested in Hermetics and planetary / archangel related / ritual magic since… Oh let me check my Amazon purchase history, October 2016! Well that makes sense. It … Continue reading Adds new “top level” category to blog: self development