Lift Like a Bro #1: Upper Body

Well… I’m sure I will have another HR monitor at some point, but since they do have a limited life span and I need to save money, I thought I’d at least try to make it through November without one. So far… I can say my workouts have been 1) shorter, 2) uninspired and 3) less frequent.

And yes, J says – right after the last tabata pyramid – that the “finisher” is a larger part of the WO

It’s not like I’m lifting to look great in that fantastic, new outfit that’s waiting now is it? I read through the breakdown. Julie likes to put hard & long sets at the end, lol. When I’d see a 5×5 round at the end, I’d maybe split it up & put ½ at the beginning. I read through to the end of this routine & she does the last set eight times. No thank you!

As I was talking myself into merely finishing the last triset, I decided I was doing NONE of the finisher. Took me just over an hour to finish that. If I had my monitor, I’d probably have been inspired to take a break and do ½ of it.

1hr, 12min – skipping the major chunk of it

It’s not like Astanga, where all the parts are crucial, so even if you’re not measuring you wanna finish. I mean, the back bends are the most therapeutic part of it, and they’re close to the end. And then of course you want the blissful finishing poses.

NOTE TO SELF: If u repeat this ever, start w/ 4 rounds of the “finisher”

Lift Like a Bro #1: Upper Body

Tabata Pair Pyramid
1. Alt SA clean and presses 26lb kettlebell
2. Burpee clean and press 20s. I could prolly do 55/60 if I had a bar.

Triset complex 8 reps 3x
1. Lateral raises 10s
2. Hammer front raises (palms facing in) 10s
3. Modified bent rear felt flys palms up (start w/ palms facing back – they end up facing ceiling) 10s

Tabata pair @13
1. Handstand shoulder taps
2. Bear hold shoulder tap angry donkey

Triset drop set 5 reps x3 – 2x thru. Do all the reps for each move before moving on, both rounds.
1. Incline chest press SSD 20s Start w/ weights up. Second round I did a set of 10 & a 5 instead of taking a break after ea 5.
2. Incline Chest fly 15s 1st rnd this as one set of 15. 2nd rnd needed a quick break after 10.
3. Arnold press 20s, 15s 1st rnd a set of 10 w/ 20s & dropped to 15s for last 5. 2nd rnd did 8 w/ the 20s & then dropped to 15s.

Tabata Pair pyramid @30:49
1. Alt staggered Burpee snatch 20
2. 6 way shoulders

Triset: 3x  @38:45

1. 8 Decline push-up plank row 1st rnd – 20s. 2nd rnd – dropped to 15s
2. 10 Chest press flutter kicks 20s, on floor to make it easier (less range of motion)
3. 5 DB hang clean + alt rev Lunge with sa clean 20s

Time = 62min.

Finisher full body complex 5 reps 8x
1. Power clean
2. Front squat
3. Push press
4. Burpee DL


Complete Legs – Jamie Bryan & some yoga

OK… feeling a bit (a lot) unmotivated, sans monitor. Jamie posted this on the FB group… I’d looked at it. I went to just eat a bowl of cereal, even though I wasn’t hungry yet, but the almond milk was moldy.

So I’m like, “I guess I should exercise a little then.” I took the mirror from the end of the hallway. I thought perhaps watching my form might help. I think it did a tiny bit, if only for the novelty.

J’s breakdown is on the left, my weights, comments, modifications on the right.


I surprised myself by finishing in under the estimated time she’d posted, an hour. Took me 35min… That can’t be right!!! See? I don’t know what’s going on w/out the monitor, LOL. Normally I keep an eye on my HR during breaks, for example.

Did some yoga poses after. Exercised about 51min total. Better than nothing. The routine was certainly work! Like I thought the last set would be nothing and it was killer.

The Halloween HIIT Workout

Started this w/ no preview. Was having a great time & then looked over at my monitor app before the 2nd set & saw it’d crapped out again. The new battery didn’t fix it. This means that now one of my main motivational tools is gone.

Time = 1hr25min. Didn’t stretch at all after.

The Halloween HIIT Workout

Part 1: 15/45 2x’s (TRICK OR TREAT) 2nd rnd + 8lb vest. Did push-ups in all burpee moves. Upper body is feeling GOOD today! Have fixed myself up w/ the yoga.
1. ”T” Raise Push-up 10s
2. Reverse Bench Lunge (Alternate – band optional) 1st rnd – orng band, 2nd rnd – vest & 26lb bell
3. Inner Thigh Lunge 26lb bell
4. Clean & Press 20s
5. Kneel Down/Up to Low Jack Burpee
6. Oblique Mountain Climbers
7. Rotational Squat w/Up-Right Row 35lb bell
8. Thigh Burner Burpee
9. Row Close to Rear Flye 15s
10. Plank Down/Up to 2x Plank Jack floor
11. Alternate Squat w/Single Leg Side Lift 1st rnd – 26lb bell, 2nd rnd – 35lb bell
12. Toe Taps (Plank Position) off side of ball, box or to the floor

Part 2: 10/50 2x’s (SPOOKY NIGHTS) @34:12 Orng Xband both rounds
1. Sumo Squat Jump (Hop feet in on toes)
2. Plank Knee Drive (Alternate)
3. One Legged Deadlift to Squat on Floor – right 35lb bell
4. One Legged Deadlift to Squat on Floor – Left
5. kettlebell Frogger – Broad Jump forward – Hold – Sqaut w/alternating leg lift/hop turn 26lb bell
6. Y Amr Front Raise – Lift up Wide – turn and touch palms overhead – lower down to sides
7. Nosebuster 10s
8. Inner Thigh Pulse  35lb bell
9. Good Morning to Alternate Reverse Cross Over Lunge 15s
10. Hammer Curl – band, tubes or dumbbells 15s
11. Toes Down – Heels Elevated Squat 1st rnd – 35lb bell. 2nd rnd – 45
12. Squat w/Alternating Knee Lift

Bonus: Ab Combos 5/30 3x’s each combo
1a. Butterfly Crunch 1
1b. Butterfly Crunch Pulse up

2a. Reverse Table Top – Toe touch – opposite elbow to bent knee
2b. Straight Leg Scissors or Bicycle

3a. Right Side Bicycle
3b. Left Side Bicycle

4a. Low Boat to High Boat
4b. Mountain Climbers

5a. Hyperextension
5b. Reverse Hyperextension

HIIT, abs and arms & a bit of yoga

Wow! I knew this’d be a moderate WO, but it was way more-so than yesterday’s Astanga. I was really sore, in the back, when I first got up today, but in a good way. I worked through some stuff that needed to be “got at”.

Good thing I added in 8 intervals of jump rope today tho! LOL. It was fine. The bar is really low these days. I just like to move my body.


Based on

BodyRock – Full Body At Home Workout

Except she does 37 moves 10/50. I left off the last, overly complicated move for an even set I could split into two. I then added 4 intervals of jump rope to both sets (8 total), and timed my WO to be:

  • 15/50×44, with a 3min break in the middle, for a 50:40, pretty easy set.
  1. Jacks, arms in right angles
  2. Elevated side plank. Top arm straight up & alongside body, 10. Couldn’t stack feet here, tho I usually do in side plank. This weight, 10, is my max for this move tho, and elevated makes it harder.
  3. Other side
  4. Both feet elevated, superman. Lift leg & opp arm, then crunch knee in to elbow, alt.
  5. Jump rope
  6. Knee out to same side arm & then straight under in middle, alt.
  7. Plie squat. Bicep curl while down, rotate out & back in, then stand. 15s
  8. Plank. Row & tricep kickback. All one side 15
  9. Other side
  10. Jump rope
  11. C-sit fly. When arms come down legs come up together & weights come twd ea other under legs 10s
  12. C-sit, holding weight OH. (Do on floor but keep both heels off floor.) Bring 1 leg in & lower weight beyond knee. Repeat 10
  13. Other side
  14. C-sit alt leg raise passing weight underneath 10
  15. Jump rope
  16. Chest press w/ leg lifts 20s
  17. On back, arm toward opp leg, 10 (keep other heel off floor?
  18. Other side
  19. Jump rope
  20. C-sit, press up & then elbows in, 15s
  21. Side plank. Row. Then lateral raise & pull back. Press back out & lower 10s. Feet stacked here.
  22. Other side3min break
  1. Stationary lunge. Bicep curl, press up, OH tricep. Stay in lunge, 10s & 2lb wrist weights
  2. Other side
  3. Crunch, legs go out, hovering above floor & crunch, 5lbs bet feet
  4. Weight pass, 5lbs Take off wrist weights.
  5. Jump rope
  6. Crunch, weight moving over knees, 10
  7. Side plank, reach unders & up, 10
  8. Same side. Lift fwd, lateral, palm to ceiling & lift straight back
  9. Other side – Side plank, reach unders & up, 10
  10. Jump rope
  11. Other side – Lift fwd, lateral, palm to ceiling & lift straight back
  12. Straight abs, to 75%
  13. V-abs, 5lbs bet feet
  14. Other side
  15. Jump rope
  16. Tricep dips
  17. T-arms. Lift up to shoulder level. Rotate hands up to goal post arms & elbows in. Back out & rotate hands down to be level w/ shoulders. Lower arms. 10s
  18. Stationary lunge, traffic director arms, 10
  19. Other leg fwd, arms bent into 1/2 bicep & rotated out. Extend alt arm fwd – serving tray 10s
  20. Jump rope
  21. Standing, arms bent in 1/2 bicep, rotate both out & back in, 10s
  22. Alt rev lunge / Upright rows 10s

















Astanga! My body told me that’s what it wanted, during my morning meditation earlier

Same practice as last time but a much higher rev, even though I didn’t do any jump rope warm-up again. Lately I don’t want any bouncing before yoga.


Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in the 5 Surya As, 3lb hand held weights for 3rd – 5th. Held that last standing backbend longer than again, 5 breaths. Two, 5-breath handstands @ the end
Primary+ Skipping 4 poses of primary w/ added LBH
Ardha Matseyendrasana, var through the legs bind
Shalabhasana A, B
Bhekasana, 1/2 & full
Dhanurasana A, B
Ustrasana hips to wall, keeping them fwd
Laghu Vajrasana
Hanuman single intervals of 10/60, foot against wall, 20sec upright, 40 back bending. Final 15sec looking head back
Rack single interval of 10/60
Kapo B
Urdhva D come to standing
Dropbacks 3x
Ticks 3x
Finishing with 2min savasana

Looks like it’s another 4-day week

I’m not that motivated lately. In the past, when in this mood, I’d buy some new workout clothes and/or a new piece of equipment. I might take a yoga class in a non Astanga studio, or sign up for circus training. But now? Eh… I could repeat a Summer Shred, just to get the blood moving, but today I don’t really want to bother.

I did my morning meditation anyway. Given the fact that a bunch of non related people decided to direct their anger at me yesterday, for no good reason, a morning sit and LBRP seemed like a good idea.  I also got in a yoga practice this week. I’ll leave it at that.

#TitanUpin30 Week 4 Workout + HIIT & Yoga

I finally got around to this one! (I ought to have known better than to decide I had a chance of wining an Instagram contest. That’s for people with followers, lol.)

Anyway – Yay the battery change seemed to work! Monitor didn’t drop out!!!! It might seem silly, but working out in the buddy-less, gym-less, studio-less, new clothes-less vacuum as I do, tracking my output is one thing that gives me some motivation.


TitanUpin30 Week 4 Workout + HIIT with Julia

TitanUpin30 circuit 3x J’s time is just a bit over 10min. I looked at this set & thought, “Oh that’s a half hour right there”, lol. Time = 19:21, so better than I’d thought, especially w/ my lowbrow, clunky equipment changes.
1. 12 DB Snatches (6 each arm) 26lb kettlebell – I got a few of these straight up into snatches, @ end of first round. Got 3 again in 2nd round and 2 in 3rd round.
2. 12 Front Squats with shoulder press 20s. Palms facing fwd. I was totally gonna be lazy & do 15s but then I’m like, “Na… You’re just doing this & that’s it.”
3. 10, 8, 6 DB Push Ups with Tricep Extension 10s + 2lb wrist weights. 2 tri push-ups w/ a kickback ea side at bottom. Both arms kickback @ top. ie: this’ll take foEVAH, lol. 

HIIT: 50:15 2x @ 10:50
1. Clean and press to surrender 20s I lowered weights to shoulders for the surrenders
2. Staggered pushup, bent row and snatch 20s
3. Rollback burpee star jump
4. Box squat + forward lunge 35lb & 26lb kettlebells, changing hands for 2nd round. Challenging w/ heavier AND unbalanced weights.
5. Burpee to split lunge snatch 15s Need to be cautious on the right knee w/ this move.

20:10 4x each move+No REST moves
1. DB Snatches (6 each arm) 20 + plank shoulder taps
2. Front Squats with shoulder press 20s + body weight squat pulses
3. 2 tricep pushup + 2 Tricep kickbacks (standing) +jabs and crosses 10s
4. Broad jump box jump bunny back + alt t-stand

Time = 44:39

Yoga Asana

For the remaining time.

Anna’s Birthday Workout


Midway thru WO. The stats are a prime motivating factor, but I can’t justify replacing the monitor right now. I exercised an hour and 43min. Didn’t stretch at all after b/c no stats.

  • Just occurred to me the battery might need replacing so I’ll try that…

Anna’s Birthday Workout

Warm-up Bonus: Abs (@58:55 in video)
10x Turkish Get Up Right 10lbs One of the few places I’ll go lighter than M. Really not a fan of this move but I’ll do it once in awhile (only in M’s WOs!). It was almost at the end in the vid. I decided to move it to the very beginning, to get it over with. 
10x Turkish Get Up Left

Warm-up: 10/30 2x’s @5:32. ppl band on @ beginning. Pause to remove before 10th move. Changed order of the moves to make the band thing easier.

  1. Clean & Press 20s
  2. Curl to Overhead Press 15s
  3. Chest Flye pulse 15s I did on my back on the bench. Since wearing a band I did an aductor pulse w/ the flye pulse.
  4. Plank Down/Up to 2x Shoulder Tap 2nd hand to press up goes straight to tap
  5. (Arms Parallel) Cross In Front – Extend out & open wide 8lbs ea hand
  6. Band on Legs – Plank Jack to 2x Thigh Burner Squat
  7. Band on Legs – 2x Squat Walk right to Jack/2x SquatWalk left to Jack
  8. OH tricep w/ pulse 10s
  9. Squat, pass under (w/Alternate Leg Lift) 26lb kettlebell. Totally could’ve done 35 but ‘eh…
  10. Kettlebell Swing 35lbs Didn’t do any pre warm-up so…

2 Minute Countdown Right: Around & behind Right – Turn over Right Shoulder to Plies Squat – (Hold) Criss Cross Jack. Step in Right Reverse Lunge (Twist to outside knee) @20:00. Orng Xband & 10lb weight

2Minute Countdown Left: Around & behind Left – Turn over Left Shoulder to Plies Squat – (Hold) Criss Cross Jack. Step in Left Reverse Lunge (Twist to outside knee)

30/30 4 Rounds @25:15 10s
1. Pull Down to Side – Chest Press/Pull down & Press to Twist overhead The outward rotation 2 the top of the OH press, requiring a clink of “outside edges” of dumbbells, was the most challenging part of this no-rest set for me.
2. Wide Bicep Curl twist Back to Tricep Kickback

Circuit 2: 10/1:00 2 Rounds  @30:45
1. (Banded) Right side Lunge (Left hand to foot) Turn over Left to Right Reverse Lunge w/Overhead Press 10s & orng Xband. I omitted the turn b/c on carpeting.
2. (Banded) Left Side Lunge (Right hand to foot) Turn over Right to Left Reverse Lunge w/Front Raise
3. Plank Push-up to Alternate Side Raise – Hop feet in – Bicep Curl/Bend at Waist/Deadlift to Up-right row 15s. Grabbed 10s 1st rnd by accident. Better w/ 15s.
4. Chair Sit Burpee – Hop to Plank Hold 4x Strict Mountain Climbers 10s. Swing weights up & mini squat for chair sit. Hop back to plank. I did a push-up. Strict mt climbers are tapping front toes down.

Circuit 3: 10/1:00 3 Rounds @41:20
1. (Banded) Right Side Lunge to Right fwd lunge (hold). Other knee starts commando down to up. Wide Jack. 1st rnd – orng Xband. 2nd rnd – 8lb vest & 10s, no band. 3rd rnd – just vest
2. Other side
3. (Reverse Lunge w/Overhead Press – to SL Deadlift then Squat Wide w/Bicep Curl 10s

30/30 4 Rounds @53:02 This is an evil, tricky, 4min plank. Hit FAILURE during 2nd rnd. Started tapping foot down on mt climbers. Had to break here & there. WAS SO HAPPY I DIDN’T HAVE TO DO TURKISH GET-UPS RIGHT AFTER THIS!!!
1. Plank Tap Opposite Hand to Opposite Foot
2. Oblique Mountain Climbers

10/40 8 Rounds (2x’s) @1:04. Quick cut here.
1. Slider under Left Foot. Right Hand  holding 5lb weight– Left foot under & right to ceiling/Turn front Plank & press right arm out
2. Band on Right Foot/Hold Left Hand – Right foot under & left to ceiling/Turn Front Plank & press left arm out
3. Band in Feet & Hands – Crunch in & Press out w/Arms overhead
4. (Boat Pose)) Right Knee Crunch in & Twist Left Elbow to knee
5. (Boat Pose) Left Knee Crunch in & Twist Right Elbow to Knee
6. Slow Bicycle
7. Flutter Kick
8. Hyperextension

Bonus: Birthday Butt – 30 Second Work 8 Right/8 Left 2nd rnd +2lb ankle weights
1. Runner’s Stomp Right
2. Kneel on Left – Right Single Leg Lift
3. Kneel on Left – Right Single Leg Pulse
4. Pul right knee to Right Elbow then Right foot to left Elbow
5. Right Leg Bent & Pulse Up
6. Right Leg Cross Behind Left Knee & Kick Out
7. Lay on Left Side – Single right leg lift & lower
8. Lay on Left Side – Right leg out in front – Lift then pull knee to chest
(Repeat on Left side)

(a take on) HIIT Pairs & Burpees by Meghan K, 2nd half

You know, I was thinking in the first half of this WO that I might prefer it w/ double (or more) of the HIIT and half the burpees. Like… 3 rounds of each pair, for six minutes, and then ten burpees. Or… no reps at all! This is much less psychological and physical work, and was good for me on a day I just wanted to move my body, but didn’t want anything super challenging.

Except then I sweat my ASS off but my monitor shorted out somehow, right at the beginning. And I was using interval timer so didn’t notice & no stats.

2nd half, except I changed it to all HIIT

  • 15/50×15. 3 rounds w/ 1min rest in between = 50:45. Then I stretched to make it just under an hour. I wouldn’t have shorted it if there were stats 🙂
  1. Fwd Lunge to DL to Bk Lunge RL
    1. 1st rnd – 15s. 20s 2nd & 3rd rnd.

    . When u do the fwd lunge, the back leg steps fwd b4 the SL DL. Back lunge is a full step too. Front foot steps back.

  2. Forward Lunge to DL to Reverse Lunge LL
  3. Dive bomber burpees
  4. Alt SA snatch 1st rnd – 26lb kettlebell. Didn’t have time to put on forearm guards so 2nd & 3rd rnd changed to 45lb kettlebell, which actually more challenging for me. Just got this heavier one in July, I think it was. 50sec intervals are still a lot for me. I wouldn’t have wanted three!
  5. Decline clean and press burpee 20s
  6. Back Fly Burpee 10s
  7. Chest press leg lift 20s
  8. Switch lunge SA clean and press 20. Put weight on the floor @ front. Switch lunge & grab w/ opp hand from fwd foot
  9. decline burpees
  10. DB Push press + Alt curtsy lunge 20s. Weights on shoulders. Press-up, can bend knees a little & bounce up. 2 curtsies.
  11. Alt. increasing Renegade Row plank and bent. 1st rnd – 15s. 20s 2nd & 3rd rnd. Do one (2=1) bent over renegade row. Put weight on floor & jump to plank. One row ea arm. Next round everything’s 2s.
  12. burpee box jump
  13. RL step up lunge back 15s
  14. LL Step up lunge back
  15. burpee DL 20s


















Deeply restorative Astanga yoga

I took another rest day yesterday. Helped with trimming more instead. Went grocery shopping with Charlie… Today’s been a cooking blitz. I made this lemon & almond flour cake… Messed up following the instructions, but it just may be edible, warmed up and with vanilla ice cream, rather than the lemon & confectioners sugar glaze. I made some rice with leftover mushroom stock & veggies in the rice cooker at the same time. Tonight I’m going to make sheet pan chicken, grapes, shallots & potatoes for the main.

Both the chicken & lemon cake are NYT recipes.

I’m just not that into brutality in my WOs anymore

And then I was going to finish the last Julia WO but I realized there was no way I felt like doing endless burpees. I’d finished previewing the 2nd half, jotting my notes, and she commented, Ya, this is brutal right? If you’re doing the whole thing, like some kinda crazy person! LOL. The person who wrote it is an ultra marathoner, J says at the beginning. The routine is already shortened.

Anyway to each their own. I don’t mind the routine halved, though it’s not one I’d repeat.




Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in the 5 Surya As, 3lb hand held weights for 3rd – 5th. Held that last standing backbend longer than again, 5 breaths. Two, 5-breath handstands @ the end
Primary+ Skipping 4 poses of primary w/ added LBH
Ardha Matseyendrasana, var through the legs bind
Shalabhasana A, B
Bhekasana, 1/2 & full
Dhanurasana A, B
Ustrasana hips to wall, keeping them fwd
Laghu Vajrasana
Hanuman single intervals of 10/60, foot against wall, 20sec upright, 40 back bending. Final 15sec looking head back
Rack single interval of 10/60
Kapo B
Urdhva D come to standing
Dropbacks 3x
Ticks 3x
Finishing with 5min savasana