No Weight Thanksgiving Workout & Yoga

Been eating nothing but processed starch and dairy & egg fat for days! Also had a lot of stress and it’s not gone. Worked all day on some almond crackers on software & product I’m unfamiliar with. Was exhausted & hungry but had to do this.

[This WO would be great to do while traveling. You could pack some bands! Might start happening again. One never knows.]


No Weight Thanksgiving Workout

Plank HIIT 50:10 2x 14 mins
1. Plank hip dips and kick through
2. Oblique plank hops + 2 plank jacks
3. Commando down spider knees commando up kick under
4. 10 wide knee mtn climbers 10 high knees
5. plank walk out shoulder tap walk back 2 squat jumps
6. Down dog 3 way knee tucks
7. Rev plank and alt side plank dip reach under and crunch (or leg lift) would be nice to add ankle weights & bands in places if doing this 15/50

Lower Body Superset 1: 4x √, √, √, √
1. 8 (2) low diagonal side squats (2) squat jumps orange band
2. 5/leg pistol to rocket up to SL burpee OMG this move is HARD but I can do it, slowly, the full pistol too. I turned off the vid in 1st set. “Linda time!!!” lol

UPPER BODY Superset 2: 4x √, √, √, √
1. 8 bear hold shoulder tap to angry donkey And these are brutal on the quads too!!! Aaargh.
2. 8 incline pushup commando down dolphin pushup

HIIT set: 30:10 3x 6 MINS
1. surfer burpees
2. prisioner get ups squat jump
3. handstand kickups Discovered I could change legs in mid-air on this one. I’m close to but not too near a wall, so I can practice reaching full balance w/out danger of flipping (if not warmed up 4 it & I haven’t been doing yoga at all these day. I only tapped it 1x tho.

Tabata challenge 20:10 4x each move 10 mins
1. arms OH toe taps
2. Tricep push-ups 27 reps from toes, nose touching floor every time.
3. 3 groiners to pistol
4. High knees fwd box jump squat walk back
5. Pendulum lunge hops

Time = 1:11 Not to bad for me, especially considering.




NO EQUIPMENT Full Body Vacation Workout #7 by Kristin R & Yoga

I’d planned on doing this workout maybe Monday or Tuesday, depending on when the next rest day happens, but to my surprise I didn’t wake up feeling sore at all from yesterday. Also the relentless Portland heatwave finally ended, and it’s cloudy and cool today, the Pacific Northwest, gothic gloom expressed full force, at about four days, according to current predictions.

Also decided to do my 4min jump rope warm-up before the routine, since it starts with a banded set. Was happy to see it when I first read the breakdown though! I love using these bands.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

NO EQUIPMENT Full Body Vacation Workout #7 by Kristin R

SET 1: 20:10 3x (6 min) ppl band
1. Banded Lateral Walks
2. Burpee Plank Jacks (band on legs)
3. Banded Squat jump Alt Knee to Elbow Cross Crunch
4. Banded Double Mtn Climbers

SET 2: HIIT 50:10 each move 2x before going to the next (20 Min)
1. Lateral Tuck to Plank Thruster
2. Pistol Rollback to Front Kick /Roundhouse Loved this move! I can get back up on the pistol squat pretty much no prob both sides. Put fingers down 1x only on the weaker, left side.
3. Tricep Pushup plank tuck to Alt Shoulder Taps
4. Bunny Hops Fwd Squat + front kicks Bunny Hops back
5. Oblique V-ups to V-up
6. Switch Lunges 3x to Runners Lunge Toe Taps 3x
7. Pushup Alt T-Stand Leg Raise
8. Handstand to Kickthroughs
9. Around the World Abs This is the 1 move I’d change, for some oblique crunch I can feel better.
10. Dynamic SL Pike Pushups Would be good w/ ankle weights!

SET 3: 40:10 2x (5 min)
1. L Curtsy Pulse to Lateral Lunge Leg Lift
2. Alt Pendulum & Kickunder Pushups
3. R Curtsy Pulse to Lateral Lunge Leg Lift

SET 4: 30:10 2x (5:20 min)
1. Commando and flip Cross Toe Touch
2. Tricep Pushup + 2 hip dips
3. Squat Pulse to Failure then do 2 Groiners, repeat
4. Tricep Pushup Alt Supermans (opps arm and leg straight raise)

SET 5: No Rest Tabata Pair: (4 min)(Jugglers in 10 seconds) If I repeat this wo, I’ll do this as reg tabata & with my 5lb ankle weights, skipping the getting up & down to the floor every interval.
1. Supine Oblique Heel Reaches
2. Straight Leg Bicycles

Booty Banded HIIT: 30:10 x1 (4 min) ppl band
1. Right SL Bridge
2. Knee Trap RIGHT Donkey Kick
3. Squat Jumps
4. Left SL Bridge
5. Knee Trap LEFT Donkey Kick
6. In & out Squat Touchdown

Total time so far including warm-up & all breaks: 58:15

I skipped the yoga flow cool down in favor of my own, non-vinyasa yoga. 


About 31min of my own, easy, restorative yoga. Well… not flattering but SO BORING (from the outside – felt good in the doing) no one is ever likely to watch it, lol.