Tabata Pairs Workout #1

When I was previewing this I thought, OMG! A Zgym WO would be like 2 of these sets max. Not TEN!

I love how the moves are so simple & I’m so familiar w/ Julia’s style that I only had to partially preview. I looked at each move of set one & checked out the 2nd move of set 4. And then I thought, I better just get going. All those complex, burpee challenge moves in sets of 20! Will take me a long time.

Good thing yesterday’s WO was so teeny-tiny minimal!



Tabata Pairs Workout #1

  • Each 4min Tabata group is essentially a warm-up for the challenge move reps.

Group 1+2lb wrist weights
1. SA chest press on bench Alt single arm pushups 20s Julia does from knees but it’s awkward & I didn’t wanna have that be an immediate move w/out warm-up. So I swapped a more controlled, equivalent move.
2. Switch lunges + rocket

Challenge Move: 20 switch mtm climbers with weights 10s. no wrist weights. Weights on the floor so that hands are in reg push-up position (on weights). Switch feet jump & stand to knee-up. Alt

Group 2:
1. Jack pushups
2. Star jumps

Challenge Move: 20 star jump/jack burpees Ugh! lol

Group 3:
1. Heel clicks
2. Clean and presses 20s

Challenge move: 20 broad jump & 180 jump spin 20s on either end of the mat

Group 4:
1. Tricep pushups
2. Back lunge and chops 20lb weight held in both hands – chop toward outside of front, bent leg 

Challenge move: 50 star tricep switch lunges Switch lunge w/ chop to OH tricep Had to pause to re-review this move. So hard. Made it to 20 w/ 10s & then dropped to 2lb wrist weights & 5s

Group 5:
1. Flying mtn climbers
2. Jugglers

Challenge Move: 50 fast feet up and down off of box 25 leading w/ 1 leg b4 switch. Really pushed it on the pace here.

Group 6:
1. Heavy weight squats 35lb kettlebell & 26lb kettlebell, alt hands per round
2. Box jump

Challenge Move: 20 weighted box squat jumps + squat and press 20s + ppl band. Squat & hammer curl weights while standing. Oh press. Rtrn same way. Hadn’t previewed this particular move but I didn’t wanna jump w/ heavy weights or drop weight for the squat & press, so swapped for a similar Julia move.

Group 7This felt like the first “rest” tabata, lol. I stuck to same supporting leg for the tabata & switched to alt for the (ugh) burpees
1. Pistol roll backs
2. 3 pts knee tucks in plank

Challenge Moves: 20 Pistol down single leg burpees Was so awkward the 1st one I hadda pause my music & consult the vid to make sure I was doing it right. Yes! Julia says u don’t have to pistol back up, but after you get down & rest butt on thigh, you have to (at least I do) come ½ way up to swing that front leg back for the SL push-up. Then sure you jump fwd & come up for a (by now minimal) SL jump.

Group 8:
1. sumo squat jumps bodyweight
2. heavy weight curtsy lunges 20s Normally I’d do BL sandbag. But I didn’t wanna do that much loading & unloading (before every other interval). Also didn’t wanna change first move to a non jumping sumo & keep it up there the whole time. Strains the tendons just a bit & left side is wonkier than usual this week. 

Challenge Moves: 50 curtsy lunge heel clicks Wasn’t sure I was doing this right, but at this point who cared? I think I should cancel Zgym after this month I’m on (I think I just refreshed) & just break Julia WOs into smaller chunks. Like, a quarter of this would be good for after work, lol.

Group 9:
1. Elv pushups + double leg tuck +2lb ankle weights for the tabata only
2. T stands + toe taps

Challenge Move: 20 oblique burpees Was gonna skip the push-up but didn’t. 20 of these seemed cruel at this point.

Group 10:
1. V abs 3lbs bet feet
2. lizard hops and lunges

Challenge Moves: 50 chest press + leg raises On bench – first 20 reps w/ 20s. Chest was tired from the 1st tabata w/ extra weight & big range of motion. So dropped to 15s & 2lbs ankle weights for last 30. Made the abs work harder & gave the chest a break.

Time 1:43 for what was an hour video. And the rest in this series are all over an hour! But ya I felt compelled to finish. Which is why I’d signed up for Zgym, lol. Sometimes better to feel like you’re adding on over cutting short.

So ya I just put away my equipment & blogged this w/out stretching @ all b/c had to get ready for a late lunch.

















Glute Building HIIT and Rep Pyramid & Yoga


My time, after unloading sandbag & switching from interval timer to Wahoo app – 1:23:25. Did a little yoga after that. That many good mornings & box squats w/ the sandbag… I’m gonna NEED a yoga tomorrow. It’s been ages.  

Glute Building HIIT and Rep Pyramid

  • 10 reps / HIIT 50:15 Time = 25:15. Julia finishes @ about 24:30. I like to give myself extra breakdown checking & transition time, particularly when dealing w/ bands and backloading. I tend to miss a few seconds of the working interval if I’m doing that & having to check the breakdown. Thought immediately (previewing the first reps set) to time this section as a potential, standalone, for after the office). 
  • 8 reps / HIIT 40:15
  • 6 reps / HIIT 30:15
  • 4 reps / HIIT 20:10

1. Banded hip thrusts with pulse ppl band & BL sandbag
2. Banded good morning to box squat ppl band & BL sandbag
4. Banded bridge + 2 abduction ppl band, 
3. Staggered squats 10 per leg – 1 foot on block, BL sandbag – LEAVE BAND ON THIS FOR ALL ROUNDS AFTER 1ST – MAKES TRANSITION TIME QUICKER forgot to either switch legs 1/2 way thru or alternate the first HIIT round! So I did both legs a full interval & skipped the 10th, cardio move, on the 50:15, first round. Second round I forgot to switch AGAIN & so skipped last move, lol. 
5. Step up rev lunge and switch 1=1, 15s
6. 1 & ½ DL 20s & 2lb wrist weights
7. Curtsy up and over 2=1 for reps, do all counts on 1 leg & switch. For HIIT bounce to switch.
8. SLDL 2=1 15s, all reps ea leg & then switch. For HIIT, alt. Forgot this 1st round of reps. Realised in the HIIT so tacked the missed reps onto the end.
9. Sumo squat down + DL to stand 20s & 2lb wrist weights
10. Deficit Curtsy lunges 2=1 BL sandbag, for reps, do all counts on 1 leg & switch. Alt legs for HIIT 

Strength and Cardio HIIT #5: Glute builder

I’d actually picked out a different Julia WO for my single, hard session for the week, but this morning it looked a little too repetitive for today’s mood so I picked out another. There are so many!!!! Both routines I haven’t done & ones that I really loved & could repeat.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Strength and Cardio HIIT #5: Glute builder

Warmup: 30:30 My hr stayed really high during this set. Normally it’d drop right down but I’d just had a driving lesson. I’m totally going to take classes w/ a paid service if this first test doesn’t go well. It’s such a thoroughly unpleasant experience, every single one of these practices, that I never want to do it. I need a paid, outside party who’s less critical.
1. Frog pumps
2. Fire hydrants
3. Down dog glute raises
4. Squat DL
5. Rev lunge rocket up
6. Lateral lunge and reach

Strength HIIT 50:10 2x 8 minutes ppl band 1st 2 moves, 2lb wrist weights per set
Do 15/50 next time.

1. Banded hip thrust
2. Banded good morning to box squat with pulse BL sandbag
3. Bulgarian to SL pushup and glute raise 15s
4. Rev lunge to SLDL to curtsy DL 20s

Strength Tabata Pair 20:10 8x 4 minutes 5lb ankle weights This felt a little easy / short. I think maybe 4x on each move, LL then RL, might be better. (Then I looked @ the next set & that’s what it is! LOL.
1. donkey kicks +10 weight behind knee
2. straight leg 45 lift

Strength HIIT Tabata 20:10 4x each move: 8 minutes +8lb vest
1. deficit sumo DL 20s
2. deficit curtsy lunges BL sandbag
3. lateral step up leg lift BL sandbag
4. rev lunge toe touch 20 Hold weight in same hand that’s lunging back! I did it the opp way & stuck w/ it for consistency but was hard to balance!

Body weight HIIT 50:10 2x +8lb vest
1. Lateral rockets up and over bench
2. Down dog glute raise 3 to 3 lunge hop
3. Pendulum lunge hops
4. Prisioner UFC (hands behind head surrender down & up alt sides) to squat jump I landed directly back in low squat after the jump for the duration of ea set. It is a quad killer.

Body Weight Tabata Pair 20:10 8x 4 minutes
1. Elv SL hip thrusts maybe bender style table-top leg lifts
2. Box jumps

Body weight HIIT Tabata: 20:10 4x per move
1. Rocket Step up Lunge Back Switch
2. Skaters
3. Sumo pulses 3 + sumo hops 3
4. Alt curtsy lunge & hops to plank jack pushup

Time = 1:01, inc warm-up & all breaks


All poses single intervals of 10/60 except where noted. There was a 5min pause moving from the WO to the yoga – not even counting the time I paused the timer – b/c I thought for a moment about doing some lying leg, ass & thigh stuff instead of the yoga I’d planned in the morning. Then I decided to stick to the yoga & was glad I did b/c I got tweaky coming up from the supta v, which only happens if I’m under stretched. Then in the first urdhva d the right shoulder was threatening to cramp out, but I stayed up & eased into it & then it was fine.

  • Virasana, supta v, malasana, paschimo
  • Hanuman, ardha matseyendra (var.),
  • Ustrasana, upavistha K, parighasana (10 breaths ea side)
  • Urdhva dhanurasana – (@ wall) 3x. Equal interval savasana after 1 & 2. Knees into chest for a few breaths after the 3rd.
    • Hands on blocks @ 5¼” level
    • Hands on blocks @ 3½” level
    • Hands on floor
  • Some finishing poses


I wasn’t in the mood but I’m going to have at least a month, probably longer, of only working out twice a week. It’ll be the longest break ever in regular exercise since maybe freshman year at RISD! Will be interesting.



  • 10 reps / HIIT 50:10
  • 8 reps / HIIT 40:10
  • 6 reps / HIIT 30:10
  • 4 reps / HIIT 20:10

1. Burpee wide pushup back fly Reps – 10s 1st  2 rnds & then 12lbs ea arm. HIIT – 10s
2. Bridge hold pull over to fly 15s
3. Back box squat forward Lunge 1=1 BL sandbag / switched to 20s for last 2 HIIT rounds b/c I usually lose a couple seconds in the backloading. seemed like cheating to do only 5 per leg, but maybe I previewed wrong! Dunno – it says 1=1.
4. SL Bosu pushup 3 groiners
5. Ski swing to squat and press 15s 
6. Manmakers F-it I did 15s for the first 3 rounds & only switched to 20s for the last & easiest.
7. Step up rev Lunge 2=1 Reps – did 1 leg 1st then the other / HIIT – alt legs 20s
8. Bosu burpees heel clicks 5s. Tricep style push-ups here. I’d totally failed to appreciate, during my preview, of the crazy-amount of push-ups in this routine. Do punch ups @ top w/ heel click
9. Decline pike pushups+face melter 2nd part melter, 1 leg & switch
10. Sumo dL + squat to stand 20s Could TOTALLY use 25s here. Sandbag is too long for my short arms for this move, no range of motion. In the 8s reps round tho, I tried full release, setting weights on floor before pulling up from squat & that did make it more challenging w/ the 20s.

Time = 1:37


  • for remaining time

Superset Legs #4 and Tabata HIIT, x2

Even slower than the first time, but I’d upped my weights

  • Note to self: repeat this WO doing maybe 3 rounds each superset & MAY also cutting down the HIIT a little too, 3x each move for a 7½min cardio repeat. I only say that b/c I just watched a video on the evils of too much pure cardio.

Doesn’t happen all that often, but when I do repeat a WO, I’m always grateful for my note taking habits. First time was – July 16, 2017 – I’d titled my post with an “OMFG”, lol. It was pre sandbag… I didn’t use bands at all the first time either. But I could see during the 3rd superset that I’d need over 2 hours to finish, and honestly I didn’t think I need it today.


Superset Legs #4 and Tabata HIIT

HIIT Tabata 1: 20:10 4x each move = 10min set +8lb vest
1. (1-4) 2 Switch foot mtn climber 2 front kicks
2.(5-8) Sumo squat pulses 
20 Was gonna raise this by 15, to 35lbs, but hells no! 
3.(9-12) Curtsy Lunge hops on floor, alt in 1st round. 2nd rnd curtsied to one side only but I alternated legs
4.(13-16) Elevated Bulg clap under SL push-ups Alt all rounds
5.(17-20) Bunny hops fwd and back

Superset 1:  4x √, √, √, √ 
1. Lateral step up and curtsy Lunge 12/ leg 1st rnd – 
40lbs, 2nd rnd dropped back to 30s +8lb vest (only 2lbs lighter but easier on the grip strength) b/c I didn’t know if I’d finish even ½ this WO. Did this move w/ two 15s & no vest all the way thru, last time.
2. Sumo squat leg lift 12 (2=1) BL sand bag. 1st round did alt legs but 2nd rnd did all on one side – better for speed & balance so kept that the last 2 rounds.

(@ 39min! LOL. I’m not committed to finishing @ this point.)


Superset 2: 4x √, √, √, 
1. Rev Lunge to front kick 12/leg 1st rnd – BL sandbag, too heavy! Had 2 touch foot bet ea rev lunge & kick too. 2nd rnd dropped to 40s, SO MUCH EASIER to balance, holding weights down by sides. Didn’t have 2 touch down & moved faster. But rnds 3&4 dropped further to two 15s & 8lb vest. This WO could take me 3 hours if I did the whole thing today. I think I’m not eating enough lately.
2. Banded Good mornings 12 1st rnd – 
30lbs & ppl band. 2nd rnd used BL sandbag & ppl band. Switched it up. 

REPEAT HIIT  (Time here 1:27) Was HIGH on endorphins & dancing in the rests bet the bunny hops.

Superset 3: 4x √, √, √,
1. Split Lunge 12/leg 
BL sandbag I did these pulses. Hadn’t re-previewed & didn’t f-ing care by the time I got to this superset, lol. 
2. DL squat 12 
40lbs & ppl band

Time 1:41 here. I just stopped, put away weights & stretched minimally.


Superset 4: 4x
1. 12 kneeling thrusts She does BL sandbag & ya it’s like an ustrasana thrust, from sitting on calves. 
2. rocket step ups 12/leg

Dumbbell Back and Bicep Workout

Well! That was a bit ridic for an upper body WO, but I had some good energy today. If things go like I imagine, then I will only be working out twice a week for awhile.


Dumbbell Back and Bicep Workout

1. a. Bear crawl row to crab press 15, 12, 8 10, 10 +2lb wrist weight, 15
b. iso squat bicep curl SA 15, 12, 8 10lbs, 13lbs, 15lbs 

2. (this was set 5 in the WO breakdown but it looked like one of the hardest @ first glance, w/ the swings, so I swapped sets 2 & 5. I don’t like the hard stuff coming @ the end! And boy was I glad I got this one out of the way early – treating the 1st set as my warm-up. It was killer)
a. burpee back flys 15 – 7, 12 – 10, 8 – 12
b. swings 50 50 50 35lb kettlebell Hadda do these in sets of 25/25 with a rest  ½way thru each round & let my HR come back off the 170s
c. eccentric lateral raises 15 – 7, 12 – 10, 8 – 12 12lbs each arm was tough! Did the last round 4&4 reps.

3.(Video: @ 27:45)
a. 2 upright rows + 1 curl+ plank hop 15 – 10s, 12 – 12, 8 – 15, 8 – 15 Didn’t wanna add the now sweaty wrist weights by this point. Also the 4th round in this set seemed cruel, lol. 
b. pull over butterfly situps 15, 12, 8, 8 10s first two, longer rounds & then 15. Feet together & knees out. Bring weight to feet in the sit-up. This move was a rest @ this point! Sig easier for me than the others.

OK I hadda use both hands to pick up my water bottle after set 3.

4.(Video: @ 40:45)
a. 2 bent over close rows + 2 deadlifts 15 – 15s, 12 – 17 Was gonna bump it up to 20lbs ea hand here but at was challenging doing 15 with 15s in first round, 8 – 20s
b. plank row + rotate and extend 15 – 7, 12 – 10s, 8 – 12 (might’ve bumped up to 15 here but I could feel it a little bit, w/ the 10s, in the problem area of left elbow / tricep) I did this move all on one side & then the other, b/c for longer (first 2) sets in plank I don’t like to have one hand on the weight too long or it starts to hurt my palm.

5. (Video: @15mi
a. Back extension into pike pushup 15, 12, 8, 8 on ground – arms come straight FWD for back extension
b. wide bi curl to hammer bi curl in lunge 15 -8, 12 -10s, 8 – 12, 8 – 12
So 2 curls per each rep while holding lunge Realised a couple into 2nd round I’d forgotten about the wide part w/ the bicep curls, which was unintentional cheating, as those are harder than reg. Oh well. Didn’t matter as my biceps were PLENTY worked today.

ABS HIIT at 50 :10 3x Joined in with the video just for the abs burnout.
1. rev curl w/ 3lbs bet feet ball rotations
2. straight abs knees in toe taps Hadn’t previewed this – probably would’ve used siders but ok as upper body maxed out
3. low boat & knee tuck knee tuck press ups Did move as per vid 1st round but decided on a no weight option
4. alt T stand top lower leg toe touches I like to stack the feet in side plank
5. alt plank 3 pt knee tucks

Time = 1:44!! lol. Didn’t bother to stretch. I’ll do that tomorrow.

PURE Strength Workout #7: Chest and Triceps by Jamie B


Didn’t stop working until past 10pm last night & had only previewed only the first set. So did that from the breakdown & then joined in w/ the video for only the first round of each set. I was gonna do yoga yesterday but I couldn’t seem to step away from the project… I’m feeling better about it at this point.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

PURE Strength Workout #7: Chest and Triceps
by Jamie B

Superset | 4 sets √, √, √, √
1. Alt SA Chest Press x10/arm (lay on bench, heavy DBs held in both hands extended straight up, alternate lowering and pressing 1 arm at a time) 20s Added 2lb wrist weights last set. Seemed too easy compared to the triceps move. I should be using 25s here, at least 1/2 the time. Don’t have ’em tho. I did 1 arm then the other by mistake 1st 2 rounds. Switch to alt Rnds 3&4
2. Dropset: Seated Bent Over Tricep Extension x12 (perform with heavy and then light weight back to back) Since I have v limited weights range I did first set standing w/ yellow beachbody band (the kind w/ handles), which turned it into an always-resistance press back, palms facing ceiling. Then sat & used 10s for lighter half. Felt killer w/ 10s after the band.

Incline Superset | 4 sets √, √, √, √
*Perform set with bench on incline if available. 10s w/ 2lb wrist weights. I did alt rounds on my flat bench & in in a backbend on my thoracic yoga prop. Hard on the latter b/c it’s narrow & not designed for movement. Plus I’m on a carpet! Had to spread feet far apart to balance.
1. SSD Chest Fly x8 (lay on bench, fly out each arm singly and then with both = 1 rep)
2. SA Crossbody Tricep Extension x12/arm (lay on bench, 1 arm extended up with DB, palm facing fwd, bend elbow bringing DB down to opposite shoulder)

Tri-Set | 3 sets √, √, √
1. Rotational Chest Press x10 (lay on bench, start with palms facing fwd towards feet, while pressing up rotate palms to face in opposite direction towards head, thumbs pointing out and bringing ends of DBs together over chest, reverse movement back to start) 20s, but I dropped 1 against the other switching to a single, 1st round, and smashed my right pinkie. Carried on thru set & it levelled out. Added the 2lb wrist weights for 3rd round.
2. Single DB Narrow Half Press x10 (drop 1 of the DBs from the previous move, hold DB horizontally by ends, keep elbows close to body, press up only halfway and lower back down- should feel in triceps) 20 1st round. Changed to two 15s, pressed together in center of chest 2nd&3rd. 3rd rnd did 14 reps for fun.√
3. Tricep Push-Up x Double Failure (perform in full position to failure, drop to knees and perform again to failure) I just did 10 of each

Ladder | 3 sets (Reps 2, 4, 6, 8) √, √,  10s + 2lb wrist weights
*Perform each move x2 and add x2 each time until x8 is reached. Use same DBs for both moves.
1. Pullover (2 DBs pressed together)
2. Skullcrusher (separate DBs, lower by ears) hadda keep weights together to avoid the cracky part in left tricep / elbow area.

Time: Just under 57min, including warm-up & all breaks.


  • I actually paused the timer while I picked an abs set out of my folder. Usually I let it run! (10/30×2 w/ 30sec rest in bet rounds = 16:30min set
  1. Elevated feet, knee in to shoulder & then opp arm
  2. Straight abs
  3. Crunches, feet down
  4. Crunches, feet off floor
  5. V-ups 3lbs bet feet
  6. Other side
  7. Reverse curl on bench, 3lbs
  8. Pendulum on floor, arms out to the side, 3lbs, alt sides
  9. Elevated side plank, bottom leg raise
  10. Other side
  11. Ustrasana
  12. Swimmers, Rumi style


About 15min. I’m going to do an Astanga tomorrow early & then get out of the house & off the damned hill… I kinda wanna go tonight, but that’d be an Uber back.

PURE Strength Workout #8: Full Body by Jamie B & yoga

Normally I’d have taken a rest day, but considering current circumstances I figured endorphins might be a good idea, in and around list making. This WO vid is only 45min long. I took about 22min longer and that was A-ok.

I previewed the first three sets & decided to make the last one a lot easier (since I have limited weights & I’m just getting this one in for the mood boosting, endorphin calming, body centering effects). I decided before starting I’d be extra “luxurious“, if you will, with my break times. Did WO entirely from breakdown.


PURE Strength Workout #8: Full Body by Jamie B

Superset | 4 sets √, √,√, √  Just w/ 20s rnd 1 was HARD. Added the wrist weights for round 3 & HR bumped up to 170 in the first move. Had to pause twice between the clean & the press up. Wasn’t sure if I should try bumping up again but I went ahead & did it.
*Try to increase weight for at least 1 set Rnds 1&2 20s. Rnd 3 add 2lb wrist weighs. Rnd 4 add 5lb wrist weights. Did first move as 5/5 w/ a “put down the dumbbells at least” rest in between. Could handle 30lbs dumbbells or a 60lb bar for DL but no access right now.
1. Clean and Press x10
2. Wide Stiff Leg DL x15

16min w/ all the notes! lol

Superset | 4 sets √, √ ,√, √  +8lb vest
1. Squat Thruster + Double Calf Raise x10 (hold DBs in front up at shoulders and palms facing in, lower into squat and power up while pressing DBs up overhead, keeping arms up perform calf raise x2, lower DBs back down to shoulders while lowering back down into squat = 1 rep) Julia uses a 62lb barbell! lol. I wish I could get a barbell and plates but that is definitely not happening. I started & finished w/ 15s (plus vest). Still struggled, HR running high. And hadda do sets of 5 & 5 w/ a put down weights break in between, all rounds.
2. Seated Static Hold Lateral Raise x10/arm (hold 1 arm up in static hold lateral raise while performing active lateral raise with other arm) Rnd 10s, Rnd 2 immediately dropped static arm to 8 (holding a 5 and a 3). Was awkward holding 2 weights for that arm so I dropped one more pound for Rnds 3&4, holding a 5 w/ 2lb wrist weight on that arm only.

Tri-Set | 4 sets √, √, √, √
1. Goodmorning + Alt Curtsy Lunge x10 BL sandbag – a little heavy 4 me w/ the good mornings!
2. Push-Up x10 Comparatively speaking this was the “rest move” of the set! But then I wasn’t wearing my 8lb vest. 
3. Chest Press + Leg Lower x10 on bench 20s Rnds 2-4 added 2lb ankle weights to make rev curl more challenging. Going so slow anyways the on & off w/ the weights each time made no big dif.

Upper Body DB Progressive Failure | 3 sets √, √,
*Perform each move to failure progressively adding weight each set while allowing reps to naturally decrease. Use challenging weights! I don’t have a huge variety of weights available. I decided to just do 10reps ea move @ one steady weight. My stress level had made this a good enough, “bonus WO” already. HR hit 170 doing bicep curls, lol.
1. Arnold Press 15s Next time I might well add the 2lb wrist weight for 1 or 2 rounds.
2. Bent Over Row 20s
3. Bicep Curl 13lbs ea hand 
4. Bent Over Tricep Extension 10s & 2lb wrist weights. Added a pulse Rnds 2&3

Strength and Cardio HIIT #4, quick lower body burnout & some uncomfortable yoga

But I did it anyway

Doing a push-up heavy / upper body routine with a stiff neck probably wasn’t the greatest idea. I’m pretty sure it’s even worse than yesterday. My tendonitis issue in the left elbow is extra annoyed lately too, as am I.

110 HR average is like a sad yoga day

Strength and Cardio HIIT #4: Chest & tris focus

Warm up: 30:30
1. Rev Lunge cactus arms
2. Lateral Lunge and reach
3. Swimmer arms
4. Down dog to Lunge hop
5. Skaters
6. Walk out pushups

Strength Hiit 50:10 2x 8 mins
1. 1 & 1/2 chest press 20s
2. Upright chest press burpee 10s
3. Incline fly 15s on dinosaur (thoracic back bender)
4. Weighted walk out pushup plank hop walk back 10s

Strength Tabata Pair 4 mins 15s
1. Incline chest press dinosaur  
2. Close grip press headbanger

Strength Tabata hiit 4x each move 8 mins
1. SSD chest press 20s
2. Tricep pushup bent tricep kickback 10s
3. Pushup shoulder tap, plank hop
4. Fwd lung press backs 10s

Bodyweight hiit 50:10 2x 8 mins
1. Tricep pushup to dolphin
2. 4 Repeater kickthrough 4 plank hops
3. decline tricep push-up Burpee
4. Bosu push-up and 3 mat hops (hands stay on weights Bosuhated this move for whatever reason but I’m hating on a lot of things lately. Being hangry doesn’t help that…

Bodyweight Tabata Pair
1. Double bosu bench pushup burpee I did 2 bench hops for my jump
2. Chatharunga up-dog down-dog I did plank-catarunga-updog-catarunga-downdog

Bodyweight Tabata hiit 4x each move
1. Bosu staggered pushup burpees Used weights to staggar
2. OH bench bosu toe taps 10s
3. Bosu plank jack shoulder taps
4. Walk out Pushup pulse plank hop 180

Time = just under 54min

Lower Body Sculpt and Shape

  • 10 reps ea move

1. Plie Squat Press 10s
2. Down Dog Cross (right)
3. Down Dog Cross (left)
4. Side Lunge Lift (right) 20
5. Side Lunge Lift (left)
6. Runners Lunge Kick (right) 20
7. Runners Lunge Kick (left)
8. Leg Series (right)
9. Leg Series (left)
10. Forward Fold Stretch


  • Non vinyasa 4 the remaining time

PURE Strength Workout #6: Booty by Jamie B & a little yoga

This was supposed to have been last Friday’s workout.

I’ll take a shower now anyway, which didn’t happen yesterday. I was SO exhausted I left a couple cans of cat food out overnight. Sometimes I can’t separate the physical from the psychological…


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

PURE Strength Workout #6: Booty by Jamie B

Superset | 4 sets √, √, √, √ +5lb ankle weights
1. Sumo Squat + DL x12 squat & DL = 1 rep 20s & 2lb wrist weights 
2. Weighted Donkey Kick + Pulse x10/leg (on all fours, up & pulse)  5lb tucked behind knee of working leg, upped to 10 for last 2 rounds, so 15lbs total

Superset | 4 sets √, √, √, √ started this set w/ wrist & ankle weights. Moved the 2lbs to the ankles (for 7lbs per leg) and put on 8lb vest for rounds 3&4
1. Wide Stiff-Leg DL x12  20s
2. Eccentric Fire Hydrant x10/leg 5lb ankle weights – lift up & lower on a count of 4.

Superset | 4 set √, √, √, √
1. Curtsy Lunge DL x10/leg (step back into curtsey lunge position, lower into deadlift bending front knee slightly) 20s Hadda break bet sides for grip fatigue here. Also considered stopping TBH. Disspirited. Also considered dropping to 15s but didn’t do that. Just took more breaks.
2. Goblet Static Side Lunge x8/leg (keep feet planted throughout) BL sandbag

Bodyweight Banded Circuit | 4 sets √, √, This was the only set I did one round w/ vid, but she lost me on the last move b/c my old, shitty ankle weights take so long to get on. So I took a not-needed break to write this & then carried on w/ breakdown.
1. 1 and ½ Goodmorning x10 (hands behind head, legs width to feel tension in glutes, lower, raise halfway and pause, lower again and then fully rise)
2. SL Hip Thrust x10/leg (back on bench)
3. 3-way Abduction x10/way (sit on bench, perform leaning back, sitting upright, and leaning fwd)
4. Wide Bench Squat Jump x10 (sit on bench, keep legs wide)
5. Lateral Raise + Kickback x10/leg (lay on ground, raise straight leg up, pause at top, then bring leg posterior, pause, reverse movement to start) 5lb ankle weights 1st round. Rnds 2-4 swapped ppl band for slightly lighter orange one. Quicker. Not that I was worried about timeliness in general. 

Time = 1:17


For the remaining, timed non vinyasa as per most usual.