**Full Body by Jen A & a good opening rant

Nasty-gram from Batshit this morning. First one I responded, tone diplomatic but terse. Second I deleted. I might have to block her again, over the holidays. She gets extra mean.

In other news my subpar computer equipment is driving ME batshit. I think I’m just going to charge up about $4,200 for a 27″ iMac and a Wacom Pro, which would help me work faster, even if no one is paying for it, as of yet. I know the world thinks I’m a bad investment, a female designer of 50, never mind the fact that I worked steadily and supported myself with ZERO family subsidization, with only a BFA, for 2+ decades in New York City. And I kept my job through the worst parts of the 2008 / 2009 bankster recession when I was freelance and the highest paid member on my team. If that doesn’t demonstrate a lack of effectiveness I don’t know what doesn’t. #sarcasm

Fine. I’ll do it myself, like I always have.

This is definitely a WO I’ll repeat when I even have just one more piece of equipment, or two… 25lb dumbbells. Never mind the sandbag or a plyo platform. Each of those two things are around $200.



Full Body by Jen A

6Min EMOM 10 box jumps/ incline push-ups to finish the minute I have a lower elevation than the pregnant J is using here, 13″ to her 16″, though w/ the height difference it’s about the same. I cannot improve on my jumping ability b/c I cannot afford an adjustable plyo platform.

60 box jumps will get you warmed up! I did all my fast & jumping which doesn’t get you a rest in an EMOM.

No rest tabata pair: 20:10 8x
1. Pullover to close grip chest press/ skullcrusher 15s
2. tricep push up+ plank tuck jump/plank hold

Leg Hiit and core pyramid 50:10/40:10/30:10 Paused & got my 8lb vest for 2nd two rounds
1. Backload squat/alt reverse lunge 20s
2. Handstand shoulder tap/ spider knee
3. Backload squat/ at forward lunge 20s
4. FAST Inchworm out +push-up plank hop + 180 tuck
5. Dead lift s/s/double 20s
6. Plank tuck alt kick thru
7. Weighted hip thrust 20s Tried this w/ back on rack & it still doesn’t work w/ using dumbbells, oh well. or wall sit maybe
8. Decline push up clean and press 20s

6 minute amrap Was trying to figure out how to use the fewest amounts of weights & not tax shoulders too much for the first two moves. Decided to add 2lb wrist weights & use mostly 10s. Lost some time switching weights on the MMs & was definitely dropping pace (whereas I’d kept up, up til now in this WO)
2 R Push up t stand and press 10s (12lbs ea arm)
2 L Push up t stand and press
2 Manmaker 15s (17lbs ea arm)
2 tricep makers (tricep push-up + kickback, tricep push-up+ kickback + hop in and double arm tricep kickback) 10s (12lbs ea arm)
2 bicep makers (rev grip push-up + bicurl on both sides +hop up double arm bicep curl) 10s (12lbs ea arm)

No rest tabata 20:10 8x 4 minutes Kept forgetting what I was doing here & forgetting the halo part. Should’ve really put my gloves on b/c weight was SO SWEATY in my hands. Dangerous.
Halo slams/ SA oh press 20
Round the world/ SA oh press

Kb finisher 50:10
1. Swings 35lbs
2. Staggered Push-ups + SA RA bent row & snatch 20
3. Slams 20
4. Wide push ups + double plank tuck jumps
5. Staggered push-ups + SA LA bent row & snatch
6. Tricep push-up to tri ext 10s
7. Tri push + alt t-Stand leg lift
8. LL curtsy SA swings 15
9. Alt SL decline Pike push ups walk out shoulder tap
10. RL curtsy SA swings
11. Decline push ups + alt toe touches
12. Suitcase DL right 20s
13. RA oh rev RL Lunge 15
14. Suitcase DL left
15. LA oh rev LL Lunge

Time = 1:13, including all breaks


GET PUMPED for Fall #6: lower body focus

I was spraying sweat from my face during my open-mouth exhales during the first circuit set! Have an appointment today. Didn’t feel like working out early but it’s the absolute best mood enhancer (or at least “dire mindset preventer) for me that there is. Also even if I look crappy on a particular day, I’ll look a bit better with blood flow and endorphins.


(extra) Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

GET PUMPED for Fall #6: lower body focus

warm up 30:30
1. runners lunge
2. pike glute raises
3. frog pumps
4. side laying leg lifts
5. side laying leg lifts
6. frog pumps

Hiit Tabata 20:10 4x each move 10 mins
1. Broad jump box jump bunny hop back
2. Curtsy step down20s My knees have been feeling ever so slightly tender, and in this case I immediately do any stepping up or down w/ a cautious weight until I’m thoroughly warmed up & can be sure that everything’s feeling good. 
3. SL DL to forward lunge 20s Hadn’t previewed & so did this move wrong the 1st round but stuck w/ it. Did DL on one leg & then put it down to lunge the other forward. Next round of this HIIT I did it w/ the balancing as per video.
4. Switch lunges Turned toward the monitor for this move & kept pace w/  Julia. Boy did THAT make a difference!
5. Hip thrusts 20s

Circuit set: 4x 30:10 8 mins BRUTAL, in a good way
1. Weighted lat squat jump & return box jump curtsy Lunge 15s
2. Goblet curtsy up and over 15
3. Step up rev lunge and switch 15s

No rest tabata 4 mins +5lb ankle weights Best upper-back thigh tabata set ever!! But I could REALLY, REALLY, REALLY use a set of 25s here.
DL 20s:pike pulses glute raises Pulses worked better w/ 5lbs on ea leg.

Hiit Tabata 20:10 4x each move 10 mins
1. Broad jump box jump bunny hop back
2.Curtsy step down20s Was happy on the floor for 1st set so I kept it.
3. SL DL to forward lunge
4. Switch lunges
5. Bulgarian 15s 2x one leg & then swutch Hip thrusts I just can’t do hip thrusts properly b/c I don’t have a sandbag (and thus can’t elevate shoulders) or heavy enough weight.

Circuit set: 2x 30:10 4 minutes LOVED these moves. If I repeat this WO ever I’d do this one 4x like the first (though it was a relief to hear her say it was 2x through right before starting.
1. Step up SL DL Another 1 I did wrong w/ lack of preview. I stepped up w/ one leg & then did the DL w/ that leg supporting.
2. Pistol to Dighasana A levitating Lunge  Repeated Dighasana A work is awesome on the back of the thighs too.
3. Lateral step up weighted leg lift 15s

No rest tabata Was tired by here & went 1/2 pace from J. Got in one hang clean, but butt on calves & elbows on knees. Like a malasana squat, w/ 40lbs. Hands HURT by end of this set. Another place I could use a sandbag but I wouldn’t go as heavy as w/ legs lol.
Box squat: hang cleans 20s


About 30min.

Suryas & fundamentals (with back bending, hanumanasana & samakonasana, but no hand standing) to parsvottonasana. Transition to finishing was sitting down for sarvangasana, lol. Went to Matseyanasana. Felt good. Quick savasana.

Lower Body Lift with Cardio Bursts by Jamie B & Julia

last pix is a bit blurry but u can see I spent most of my time in a fitness zone


Lower Body Lift with Cardio Bursts by Jamie B & Julia

No time to preview today so for all these did first round w/ video & 2nd w/ breakdown & my gymboss set to single intervals of 10/60

Superset | 5 sets ppl band & 20s √, √, √, √, √
1. Banded Backload Box Squats x8
2. Banded ¾ backload Box Squats x8 (stop ¼ above bench)
CARDIO **60 seconds chair lunges and toe taps between sets**

Dropset | 4 sets +8lb vest, 20s √, √, √, √ Rounds 2-4 I did the split squats together & then put down the weights to do pulses. Seemed more streamlined.
Barbell Split Lunge x12/leg (barbell under legs)
Bodyweight Split Lunge Pulse x12/leg
**60 seconds switch lunge squat jump burpees between sets**

Tri-set | 4 sets ppl band, +8lb vest, 20s √, √, √,
Banded RDL x10
Goblet Sumo Squat + 5 Pulse x6 (pulse at bottom x5 before rising)
Backload Elevated Reverse Lunge x8/leg (front foot on small step) 48 added lbs was HEAVY 4 me here but I perservered.
**60 seconds of SA plank hop + row + snatch** I alternated arms every round

Superset | 6 sets This was the only set I did along w/ the video all the way thru. Was nice.
Banded weighted Hip Thrust x12
Banded Bodyweight Hip Thrust + pulses x12
**60 second of yoga derived flow **

Time = 1:13

Normally I’d have done some of my own yoga after, but I’d only had an english muffin for breakfast to eat today & finished at 5. Wanted to blog it & be done & get ready for dinner.

Cardio and Strength Workout by Colleen K


Cardio and Strength Workout by Colleen K

No Equipment warm up
30-30 2X ~4 min
1. Forward fold, inchworm out, up dog to down dog, inchworm hands back
2. Cross punches with core rotation in sumo squat
3. Lateral shuffle with touch down
4. Alternating knee drives (RL), with single leg butt kicks (RL)

Bench (13″) Cardio Hiit
50-10 2X ~10 min
1. Step Up, Reverse Lunge Switch 20s
2. Rollback burpee box jump tuck jump
3. Decline Commando Burpee
4. Decline Spiderman PU with Glute Raise
5. Straddle down tricep burpee did 2 tricep push-ups w/ hands on bench as per a more recent Julia WO

NR Tabata 10s
1. Decline burpee
2. Hold last position during 10 sec

Leg Iso Hold Ladder and Plyo Hiit ~13 min
60:10:30:20 2X (right 1st round, left leg second)
1. Bulgarian ladder (do 1 rep then hold at bottom 5 sec, 2 reps hold 5 sec, continue 3 reps, 4 reps until 60 sec up); Bulgarian Hops 15s
2. Curtsy to Side Lunge (hold position in low side lunge); Curtsy Lunge Hop to Side Lunge Hop 15s
3. Forward Lunge toe touch Ladder (forward lunge with hinge at waist and touching floor with weights, hold position is two runners lunge toe taps); lunge back touch down kick 15s
4. Goblet Sumo Squat (hold at bottom of sumo); A$$ to grass Sumo Jumps 20 (could’ve done 2 15s)

Tabata Pair Time Pyramid ~6 min
1. Pistol, Lateral Rocket, fast feet over, Pistol other side Lat Rocket, continue
2. Decline Spider Push Ups with Plank Hop to Ashtanga style utkatasana Crouching Tiger bringing palms together in the crouch & then extending up & thru the mid back, bet the shoulders

Weighted Burpees Set
Increasing reps at top of move only! 1-5
1. Weighted Burpee to clean and press squat and press 20s I stopped the video here. Didn’t want to try to keep up w/ J with 20s. I’m not as tough as her! lol.
2. Weighted SL Burpee to SLDL (Right) 15s
3. Weighted SL Burpee to SLDL (Left)
4. Weighted Dive Bomber Burpee to Bent Over Row 20s
5. Burpee Back Fly 10s

2 min Burnout
-Lateral Switch Lunges to Burpee to Heel Grab

Time = 1:04 all breaks included


  • About 25min. Suryas & fundamentals w/ extra back bending & hand standing, some finishing poses and a 2min savasana

GET PUMPED #5: Back focus, yesterday’s walk WO

Had sort of a rest day yesterday. My upper body was spent and I wanted to get off The Hill and downtown, so I got a trim (disappointing – I miss having one, regular, long-time hairdresser), and a coffee & cookie @ Powells. Then I walked home. I’d have had the tedious 1/2hr (for me) walk up Dosch anyway, and then with waiting for the bus I’d probably only save a half hour. Plus it wasn’t raining! It took about an hour and fifteen and was actually a pretty good workout. Getting up the north side of The Hill, the way map lady suggested, was super steep, unabashed huffy-puffy time.

College Rd, the tiny, narrow & very steep road that seems foot-path wide
House @ the top of College has a really nice view.
And most parts of the “town side” of The Hill have SIDEWALKS!
This is a house on 16th I want to paint. It’s the chartreuse door with the gray house. Now with pumpkins!!

So I had a bit of exercise yesterday anyway. It was much more than just going up to Council Crest Pk and back down anyway. Was wishing I was wearing my lowbrow, plebian, chest-strap HR monitor.


This was today’s WO, shorter than usual b/c I didn’t do my yoga after as planned. I got distracted. There’s a lot of potential work / clients / jobs up in the air right now. I’m busier than I’ve been since I moved to Portland, but no one is paying me yet. Today?

  1. Freelancing for Pixelkeet in SF.
  2. Some light organization for freelance for Crest Brands in NYC.
  3. A phone interview for a contract spot here in PDX.
  4. Contact about potential full-time and relocation back to the east coast (NJ).


GET PUMPED #5: Back focus

cardio warmup: 30:10 4 minutes
1. Squat and squat jump
2. High knees
3. Roll back burpee
4. Pushup t stand
5. Prisoner jacks
6. Angry donkeys

HIIT Tabata 20:10 4x each move 10 minutes
1 Lateral lunge sword pull 10
2 Push Press 20s
3 Renegade rows 20s
4 Sumo DL upright row 15s
5 SA superman row 20

HIIT superset 50:10 2x 4 minutes
1 Burpee back fly 10s
2 Halo slams 1x 20 / Swings 1x 35lb kettlebell

Tabata pair time pyramid 6 minutes

1. Kick through burpee
2. Shoulder stand and Urdhva D (back bend) I

HIIT Tabata 50:10 2x 10 minutes
1 Lateral lunge sword pull
2 Push Press
3 Renegade rows
4 Sumo DL upright row
5 SA superman row

HIIT Superset 50:10 2x 4 minutes
1. Get up press up and slam 20
2. Suitcase DL oblique plank hop lateral tuck jump 20s I didn’t preview this WO and didn’t “get” this move somehow. So I stood in middle of mat & did the suitcase DL, the plank up & just tuck jumped in place, elbows tapping to thighs

Tabata pair time pyramid 6 minutes
1. Alt windmills 15
2. Split lunge snatch burpee 15s

cardio burn out: 30:10 4 minutes
1. Squat and squat jump
2. High knees
3. Roll back burpee
4. Pushup t stand
5. Prisoner jacks
6. Angry donkeys

Time = 58min

Full Body Goals: ERMAN’s BIRTHDAY WORKOUT by Kristin R

I knew this one would be really hard and that’s exactly what I needed today. Did it entirely from the breakdown, because after the first set it was all reps, and started off with a “½ juggernaut” set of 25 reps per move.

I did better on the time than I thought I would, but actually I wouldn’t have cared if it took me twice the video length.



20:10 – 4x per move before moving to the next
1. Squat Thrusters 20s Deep squat & press up. Weights stay @ shoulders
2. Broad jump SA snatch 20s Put 1 at each long end of mat
3. Backload Alt Rev Lunges 20s
4. Pushup + Plank Hop
5. DB Clean & Press 20s

½ Juggernaut:13″ elevation
Time = 17:24 That was SUPER challenging!!!

25 Decline Pushups 15/10
25 Box Jumps 6 lateral-6 fwd- 6 other side, 7 facing fwd, squatting on the land, standing up & squeezing ass & stepping down
25 Incline Chest Press 20s 15/10
25 In & Out bosu Squat Jumps 2=1 touching floor every landing
25 Arnold Presses 15s
25 Box Squats 20s
25 Deadlift 20s
25 Twisted Plank Rows 15s Rowing up & twisting w/ opp knee toward that arm New move 4 me! I’d planned on 20s but changed my mind immediately! Dropped down & planted the back foot “yoga foot”, flat & sightly turned out, in order to keep good form on the twisted row. 
25 Dynamic SL Pushups moving quick

5 Reps 5x: √, √, √ After round 3 I’m all, “Jesus CHRIST, 2 more rounds,” but really, I have the time. And I wanna be WORN OUT after this. √, √ Time = 15:54

End of the last round ur like “OMFG I made it!!!” This was the first time I ever heard Julia suggest ‘maybe even 4min’ for the mid set pause-rest. I always take that much tho, lol.
1. Clean & Press 20s
2. Backload Curtsy Lunges (5 per leg) 20s
3. Pushup + 2 Plank Rows 15s
4. Bulgarians/leg 15s

Back Set: 3x √, √, √ Time = 15:33
20 SL Stiff Legged DL 10 per leg, 20s dropped to 15s rounds 2 & 3 – spent
15 Renegade Rows (2=1) 15s
10 Straight Pullovers on bench w. Twist 15s
5 Manmakers 15s So I could make it thru a set of 5 continually. Manmakers here was CRUEL! lol

10 Repeater Kickthroughs/side Like a kickthru burpee but the fwd leg stays planted. Moving leg goes from plank touch-down to kick
10 SA Plank Hop / Row / Snatch (5/arm) 20
20 DL & Squats 20s sumo
20 Weighted SL box squats (10/leg) 10
30 Mtn Climbers (2=1)
30 Skaters (1=1)

J gets to this point at an hour!!! FFS. Took me 16min longer, tho that’s better than I thought I’d do.


About 17min

She does a yoga flow after, about 14min I think, but I prefer my own, non vinyasa after a WO like this. I tend to like vinyasa and “flow” mainly when yoga is a at least a 3rd of the whole thing, but mostly when it’s the main focus.







Strength + Recovery Workout by Christine C and Julia

She made a yoga flow & lifting workout! It was really nice. I changed some of the yoga moves to be more challenging. Might need a full astanga tomorrow again. I need some deeper stretches and back bending.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope I know this is a recovery workout but I’m a little tired & needed to get the blood moving. Took my shoes off after this tho & joined J in a barefoot routine.

Strength + Recovery Workout  by Christine C and Julia

Yoga flow warmup: followed along.

HIIT triplets 2x each, 5:20 min each set

SET 1:
1. Tricep push-ups and bent tricep ext 15s
2. yoga push ups to dolphin plank, yoga push-up 
3. Prasarita padottanasana B w/ gomukhasana arms Didn’t change the move. Just put it in Sanskrit so yogis will know what it is. 

SET 2:
1. SL deadlift
2.pistol / Dighasana A I could do the full release pistol! Extended my arms forward for the 2nd part of the move, as per the yoga pose. J calls it “airplane” & has arms back
3. humble warrior hold

Threw in a quick prasarita padottanasana C

SET 3:
1. Backload squats to forward Lunge 40s
2. Handstand Down dog squats to kick up
3. Cataranga spider knee balance

SET 4:
1. Switch lunges and alt SA presses 10s
2. Down dog to alt crescent Lunge caturanga
3. Fallen triangle hold

SET 5:
1. Oblique burpees + suitcase DL 20s
2. T-stand dip, reach under and leg lift
3.Vasishthasana Side plank toe hold This was hard to hold for 30sec right after doing a side plank interval for 50sec on the same arm. I could still do it! I was on my hand as per the link. This is the first pose of 3rd series.

SET 6:
1. Ski squat drop weight ski squat jump
2. Chair-forward fold- lengthen-chathuranga to down dog and hop back to chair pose.
3. ½ chair pose

Burpee and flow 50:10 2x Did a bit of my own thing w/ the flows. I should contribute some ideas here!
1. forward fold to caturanga to upward dog back to downward dog and jump in to stand (this should be down flowing instead of holding each pose)
2. Standard burpee
3. SL of the flow from #1 (left)
4. SL burpee (left)
5. SL flow from #1 (right)
6. SL burpee (right)

No rest tabata pair 1 Video: “rest” is flowing from chair pose to forward fold back to chair. I switched to one standing arch about 1/2 way thru.
1. ski squat swings 35lb kettlebell
2. utkatasana hold alt lunges added 15s rounds 2-4

No rest tabata pair 2

1. Overhead pullover to sit up (weight rotating to one side) 15
2. Boat hold + russian twist arms Picked up a 10 for rounds 2-4 & kept legs straight. Still felt easy! I’ve moved up to 15s for this move alread.
“rest” single leg back twist (marcichyasana C w/out the bind)

No rest tabata pair 3
1. Sumo deadlift + sumo squat 20s
2. Active prayer squat hold

“Rest” is wide leg forward fold twist and reach

Time = 1:26

I needed to stretch my neck so did some astanga finishing poses after.


GET PUMPED for Fall #4: XFIT focus

Today could’ve been a rest day, but 1) Charlie’s grilling steaks tonight and 2) we’re getting a surprise houseguest for an indeterminate length of time. This will likely mean even more merrymaking than usual, certainly not any less. And then Julia uploaded one of these shorter gems and it’s almost all time based. Perfect! She tricked me with last, descending pyramid. And I had to stop following along before the box jumps on the 8-round. HR too high! LOL. Took a break & typed this & finished sans video.

This was an awesome burn considering the workout part was accomplished in under an hour.


GET PUMPED for Fall #4: XFIT focus

Warmup: 30:30
1. Down dog plank up dog
2. walk out pushups
3. runners lunge twists
4. kickthroughs and reaches
5. frog pumps
6. squat forward folds

HIIT 20:10 4x each move 10 minutes
1. SA curtsy swings 20!! Challenging for me
2. Decline hang clean burpees 20S
3. Lateral box jump SA snatches 20 I am still a fearful jumper & don’t wanna wipe out on my bench. Changed this to actually box jumping on & off the bench, but laterally, and then doing the snatch.
4. Pistol squat to rocket step up lunge back hop Stay on same leg 2 rounds
5. Jump rope, feet together Staggered pushup sandbag pull Don’t have a sandbag or single, heavy-enough weight for drag moves. And then I always love jump rope. Did feet together b/c that’s more challenging for me / good for 20sec intervals.

HIIT superset 50:10 2x 4 minutes +
1. Slam to goblet squat and press 20
2. DL Squat drop weight box jump 20s

Circuit 30:10 3x 6 minutes
1. Decline pushups plank hops
2. OH alt rev lunges 15s Dumbbells! This was REALLY challenging for me, holding free-floating 15s overhead. Thought I wasn’t going to make it 2nd and 3rd rounds but did.
3. Front squat to front press 15s Palms stay facing in during press up 

HIIT 20:10 4x each move 10 minutes
1. SA curtsy swings
2. Decline hang clean burpees
3. Lateral box jump SA snatches
4. Pistol squat to rocket step up lunge back hop
5. Jump rope, feet together

HIIT superset: 50:10 2x 4 minutes
1. Shoulder load box squat with 3 pulses 20s This was fucking TOUGH. Oof-a
2. Alt SA snatch with SA plank hop 20

Circuit 30:10 3x 6 minutes 20
1. RL SL DL to squat to curtsy to squat
2. LL SL DL to squat to curtsy to squat
3. Goblet fwd lunge toe touch SA clean and press

BURNOUT: descending evens combo move 10-2
DL pushups plank hop box jumps

Total time w/ breaks = 58min 


Non-vinyasa, about 28min


Full Body Bicep Triceps Shoulders Abs by Kristin R

Ya I took a quick look at the breakdown of the 2nd, post announcement video & thought, Too hard. She’s gotten too tough for me at the moment! lol. That’s ok. I’ve still got a little crick in my neck and I know I should do just a yoga but… it’s cold and it’s the Pacific Northwest kind.

This popped up in “recommended” & it looked like more my speed.


I hadn’t looked at any of the pix Charlie took Monday, when we went to the coast (for the one and only time this year!), until yesterday. At one point he was trying to get puppy Penny next to Rocco for a picture. She kept getting up to go to him, so I held her in place for a bit. I wish my muscles were always popping, lol, but at least when I’m using them even a little bit they show.

My dad once called me “the world’s mightiest midget”, lol

Full Body Bicep Triceps Shoulders Abs by Kristin R

Tabata Pairs: (I alternated moves 1 & 2 for both sets)
1. Touchdowns Bicep Curl 15 / Squat Curl & Press 15s feet sort of close together.
2. Squat Thrust Tricep Extensions squat all the way down / Alt Rev Lunge Tricep Kickbacks 10s +2lb wrist weights 4 both.

Descending Pyramid Combo (10, 8, 6) 8:58min
1. Rev Grip Burpee + Weighted Squat Jumps 15s
2. Straddle Box jump + 2x Tricep Pushups Jump off end of bench

Tri-set: 3x (7:42)
1. 12 Arnold Press 15s w/ bicep curl but I think this was a mistake
2. 20 Goblet Chair Lunges 1=1 20
3. 8 Elevated Pike Pushups

Tri-set: 3x (8:42)
1. 10 Weighted Russian Twist Bicycles (2=1) 15 twisting to the side of the foot that’s going out
2. 10 Plank Tricep Extensions (2=1) 10s
3. 10 Slider Ball Pikes

30:10 x4 (8 min)
1 Kneeling to Stand to SL DL Back lunge, knee to floor & sit back (holding dumbbell w/ both hands) Come to stand lifting knee up, DL (one hand holding) 20
2 Hitch Kick Pistols 2-4th rounds challenged myself to keep my leg out to 90-deg at the end of the switch kick, ie bending & pulling knee in just to extend it again b4 the next pistol.
3 Pendulum Lunges 20s, stay on one leg

DB Complex Finisher: 6 reps – 4x 15s
1. Sumo Squat + Hammer Curls (Curl at top of sumo squat)
2. Curtsy + Shoulder Press (drop one weight after this move) Press weights up as leg goes back. This was challenging by the 4th round!!!
3. OH Swing to Tricep Ext one 15lb weight too light here, so rounds 2-4 changed to OH tricep w/ 10s for 16 reps

3 Min AMRAP – Banded Finisher ppl band, 2lb wrist weights, 10s
Banded DL, come 1/2 way up Tricep kickback, Squat, Curl & Press

Time = 1:03 Only 10min longer than the video w/ my breaks & note taking ain’t bad.


About 26min

  • Suryas & fundamentals, with the hand standing in the As
  • Paschimo & finishing to matsyanasana, savasana


Julia’s Birthday Workout

Woke up with one of those annoying cricks in my neck. Bah! So I decided to do this WO with my 4min jump rope warm-up. Still ended up being a shorter workout than usual for me. I really liked the format though.

And now I must hustle into the shower so I can get some breakfast before I’m due to start working.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

HIIT set 50:10 2x 20min
1. Decline burpee Split Lunge snatch 15s, alt legs Still SO CLUMSY with this move.
2. Pistol handstand shoulder tap switch Lunge Pistol. Come up & handstand. I did just 2 shoulder taps b4 coming down for the switch lunge.
3. Manmakers 20s
4. Bulgarian to DL 3-way knee tuck 1leg. Bulgarian. Deadlift down & place weights. Knee tuck same side / middle / opp arm. Put foot down & repeat
5. Backload Squat to good morning 20s! This & move 8 were bump-ups for me b/c I normally use 15s. I could feel my neck tweak behind left shoulder blade a couple times in the good morning but was able to wiggle around it.
6. SA plank hop / clean and press 20 alt arms
7. Decline 180 box jump burpee
8. Step up curtsy Lunge 20ss Step up w/ one foot. Other knee up. Same foot that steps curtsies back.
9. Slider Ball pike ball push-up
10. Sarvangasana / Halasana / Urdhva D LOVED THIS!!!

Tabata pair time pyramid 1
1. Decline burpee snatch 15s, alt legs
2. Pistol handstand shoulder tap switch Lunge Kept it 2 handstand shoulder-taps per rep again. It’s better for me to be slower here than to flail around!

Tabata pair time pyramid 2 w ppl band
1. Squat to good morning 15s Kept lighter weight b/c of neck.
2. SA plank hop clean and press 20 alt arms

Tabata pair time pyramid 3:
1. Decline 180 box jump burpee Did it Julia’s way today, making ½ circles instead of full. Still don’t like this move, lol. 
2. Alt Step up curtsy Lunge 20s Kept the higher weight here. As long as my knees are feeling good, this is a good way to continue to work legs when my weights aren’t heavy enough for both legs moves (like a reg deadlift). Single leg moves w/ 40lbs is still challenging.

5 min AMRAP
Manmaker step up rev lunge, both legs 20s

5 min AMRAP
Increasing reps: bulg. DL, glute raise knee tucks

This workout ends @ 54min. Was going to skip the yoga cool down, but I decided to give it a try. Yes I threw in a few of my regular ashtanga finishing poses and my own yoga is better for me, generally, since I’ve been doing it such a long time. I’m happy to see it’s been improving J’s workouts and mindset tho!