Yoga on a chilly Memorial Day Weekend

It’s really chilly here in Podunk, on Memorial Day Weekend! Yesterday I got on the 9am bus to go meet my friend H for breakfast. I was wearing this small, thin T-shirt and a jacket shirt thing. I walked out the door & immediately back inside to grab a scarf, hat, and jean jacket. And today’s even cooler! The outside temperatures aren’t ideal for yoga … Continue reading Yoga on a chilly Memorial Day Weekend

HIIT & Challenge Reps by Julia and Kristin

I hadn’t done a Julia WO in quite some time & was exhausted today. To bed at midnight & awake around 5:30, with the kitties. I had to get one in though. Yesterday I dutifully attended something & then didn’t feel like getting to my exercise later. Took an hour and ten minutes, even with rearranging my equipment all the time, which is necessary in … Continue reading HIIT & Challenge Reps by Julia and Kristin

Jump rope & Abs, 2

Amazingly I got all the things done yesterday, even though I was so tired. This included making a kick-ass spinach lasagna, which we shared with the kidz. That means an exciting lunch today, so I decided to exercise early. “The dead one was probably the Fold.” Ya… thanks. Much appreciated, not that I’m surprised by emotionally abusive comments like that anymore. “Well if you only want … Continue reading Jump rope & Abs, 2

September Jackhammer Challenge & yoga

Man, I am beat today. I didn’t want to do any of the things I’d promised to do today, aside from the designing. I sooooo get into deadlines. I’m a victim of my own, firmly entrenched tendencies toward degeneracy. That and the vocalizing of a somewhat anxious, first-time momma cat. I seriously think she’s already back in heat already & is, not surprisingly, royally confused. … Continue reading September Jackhammer Challenge & yoga

Total Body HIIT Circuit – full workout – 1

I was so happy to see the preview pop up on Insta today & was hoping it’d be uploaded before my WO time. I didn’t have time to preview more than the first circuit. It’s funny how I often tend to take things opposite of the norm. In Astanga, you weren’t supposed to do any warm-up or (a more apt description) “preliminaries”. I always ignored … Continue reading Total Body HIIT Circuit – full workout – 1