Summer Shred #12

Slightly delayed because the 96 Suburu I drive to work died on me as I was idling, 5min from home, waiting to turn right.

Was going to do this one yesterday, but then decided to take a break & relax after work with Charlie. Was also going to do another set, but considering… I thought it was enough to get a sweat in at all.


Summer Shred #12

Buy in x2: time = 5:09

  1. Dragon hold x15 sec Get into a downdog w/ toes on ground & feet on wall. Bend elbows & hold.
  2. Double Unders x20 Since I have to do 4-5 bounces before getting a DU & I make a lot of mistakes… but I don’t care how long I take.

Workout Breakdown 

Part 1 – 10/30×6 Upper Body and Arms Was thinking I’d repeat this but my upper body was sore yesterday before my WO.

  1. Plank Row Push Ups 15s. Row-row-tricep push-up
  2. Rocky Sit Ups 10s. Arms in bicep curl position. Sit up & punch w/ both arms.
  3. Plank to squat and bicep curl 15s. I kept my butt lower in the squat than Z & did palms facing up / reg bicep curl (not hammer curls)
  4. Rocky Sit Ups
  5. Power Clean and Press 20s
  6. Rocky Sit Ups

Part 2 – Legs Jump Tuck x10 / Squats & pass weight under – come up on balls of feet in middle –  ladder 10  – 20 – 30 – 20 – 10 35lb kettlebell for all sets except the 30. Could’ve done it then to but… Drop to for the longer sets.

Part 3 – Cardio 10/30×6

  1. High Knees
  2. Criss Cross Mountain Climbers Jumping the fwd foot across in front of other knee.
  3. Double Unders
  4. Ballerina Plie Jump Squats Low sumo pulse onto balls of feet & back down & jump
  5. High Knees
  6. Side Jump Lunge knee up Like lateral touch downs w/out touching fingers to floor. Just lift knee.

A few yoga stretches to close.


1 hour abs extravaganza

I sure wouldn’t have planned an hour WO unless I’d gotten the little, jet engine loud AC in place last night!

Since Zgym doesn’t post the weekly schedules until midnight on Sunday & I’d done all of last week’s that I cared to, I looked around for something else to preview last night.

This didn’t get my HR that high though – as it was mainly abs. Wasn’t my favorite but it’s a new thing doing a longer WO after the office

I put away my equipment, leaving the timer on as I always do, because putting away exercise stuff isn’t time budgeted to anything but exercise. I included dragging the futon back in the room tho! lol. It’s not gonna cool down early enough to sleep in my bedroom.

Didn’t help me get that much rest though. It’s super loud. When I woke in the middle of the night, as I tend to do, I tried turning it off but then the silence was deafening. So I put it on fan only.

Tomorrow back to Zuzka. The next Summer Shred (posted to be today’s WO) looked like a good one, with a first glance at the breakdown. I’ll preview tonight, lol. Exercises. Plans next routine. Better than dwelling on things that bother me, anyway.


Nameless, LisaM FB WO

  • The opposite of tabata! Was looking around for new stuff. Found some reg length WO’s on Lisa Marie’s FB. 
  • I did 15/50, 5sec added break / transition / scrolling time & added a break in the middle. Lisa did 10/2 but I need time to scroll & read the moves as I prefer to do her WOs from breakdown, generally.
  • I changed a lot of the inverted ab moves, holding onto kettlebell. Better for abs to be on the floor IMO
  1. KB Swing 35lbs
  2. Rev curls Holding on to kb, on floor behind head
  3. Walking out, push-up. Walk back. Grab bell & squat jump.
  4. Bicycle abs
  5. Upright row & lateral walk (ppl band) Lisa does front & back walk w/ no band.
  6. Hand to opp foot 5s
  7. 1/2 burpee / DL sandbag
  8. Roll back to jump squat, touching toes to floor behind head
  9. Pendulum (instead of 1/2 swing as per vid) 26lb kettlebell Hit failure here… Was feeling the lower back in previous move just a bit. I’m just not used to doing 2min of swings so dropping weight didn’t help much. I think I bend too much in this move too. I don’t film anymore b/c upstairs & can’t back up enough to get me in the shot. I’d have changed next KB swings to jumprope, but I’d have to clear everything off to the side… Small room more cramped! lol.
  10. Rev curl, twisting to alt sides 5lbs bet feet
  11. Hang clean / squat & press 20s
  12. Pendulum On back, st legs up in air, maybe holding onto bell OH. Bring legs all the way to alt sides. Rev curl pop in the middle.
  13. Squat & pass under 26lb bell
  1. Plank. Same side elbow, opp side, back to same side & lift straight leg back to glute squeeze. Alt.
  2. Sumo squat down & come up to balls of feet BL sandbag
  3. Knees to elbows & then touch toes On back, legs straight up in air.
  4. Swing & then drop it (gently) a bit in front of body. 35lbs
  5. Crunch in – reach for toes – & extend OH – keeping feet off floor
  6. Standing abs 35lbs. Holding weight in one hand, other hand behind head. Dip to side & return. Switch 1/2 way thru.
  7. V-abs. Switch 1/2 way thru.
  8. Alt SA deadlift. 35lbs
  9. Elbows on bench. Drop hips toward floor & then lift & squeeze. Switch 1/2 way thru to pelvic curls.
  10. Air squats w/ ppl band. Can change to wider stance 1/2 way thru.
  11. Elbow plank, side to side hip dips toward floor. Can change to buzzsaw 1/2way thru.
  12. Crunch 1min & then hold 1min (feet off floor & legs straight, hands under hips)
  13. Sirsasana

Time was like 1hr2min. Then a little more yoga.













Tabata Pairs #3

OK, ya I just started my 3rd month of Zgym, but I put an alert in my iCal to cancel at the end of it. There is just no need! If just one of these five, Tabata pairs WOs can make five Zgym Tabata routines, for instance, I need to put aside my ego issues and start sampling.

I should try joining Julia on Patreon too, only, back to the ego issues – I just don’t have time to do her WO’s 3 or more times a week. I fall short in way too many areas as it is right now. I don’t want to give myself any added psychological pressure.

I probably shouldn’t have done any Julia today though, after a hard routine yesterday in so long it was unfamiliar. I had the clunkiest yoga in recent memory. Dropped myself on ass standing from wheel the first time. Hadn’t done that in years. I’d just ceased to pay attention. Turned on some lights & started again and that helped. I was going to skip the ticks but didn’t them anyway which was good.

Whatever it was good that I did it but doing the few more of the easy 2nd poses I normally do would’ve been better than a longer warmup w/ too much upper body.



Tabata Pairs #3, sets 1 & 2 only

Each Tabata pair is 20:10 8x (4 minutes).

Group 1: 8lb weighted vest & 20s 
1. Front alt curtsy lunges
2. Rev alt cursty lunges + kick

Challenge Move: 50 tornado jump lunges (curtsy switch lunge)

Group 2: @7:45
1. SL pushups & T-stand, alt
2. Skier (L & R plank hop & pushup) burpees

Challenge Move: 50 elv hand pushups to single arm tuck jump Hands on bench. Push-up & then touch alt hands to knees, tuck jumped in & touch.



Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in the 5 Surya As – 3lb weights on last 3. Two 5-breath handstands @ the end
Primary+ Skipping 4 poses of primary w/ added LBH
Ardha Matseyendrasana, var through the legs bind
Kraunchasana Skipped vinyasa out after 2nd side.
Urdhva D come to standing
Dropbacks 3x
Ticks 3x
Finishing with 5min savasana


Tabata Pairs Workout #1

When I was previewing this I thought, OMG! A Zgym WO would be like 2 of these sets max. Not TEN!

I love how the moves are so simple & I’m so familiar w/ Julia’s style that I only had to partially preview. I looked at each move of set one & checked out the 2nd move of set 4. And then I thought, I better just get going. All those complex, burpee challenge moves in sets of 20! Will take me a long time.

Good thing yesterday’s WO was so teeny-tiny minimal!



Tabata Pairs Workout #1

  • Each 4min Tabata group is essentially a warm-up for the challenge move reps.

Group 1+2lb wrist weights
1. SA chest press on bench Alt single arm pushups 20s Julia does from knees but it’s awkward & I didn’t wanna have that be an immediate move w/out warm-up. So I swapped a more controlled, equivalent move.
2. Switch lunges + rocket

Challenge Move: 20 switch mtm climbers with weights 10s. no wrist weights. Weights on the floor so that hands are in reg push-up position (on weights). Switch feet jump & stand to knee-up. Alt

Group 2:
1. Jack pushups
2. Star jumps

Challenge Move: 20 star jump/jack burpees Ugh! lol

Group 3:
1. Heel clicks
2. Clean and presses 20s

Challenge move: 20 broad jump & 180 jump spin 20s on either end of the mat

Group 4:
1. Tricep pushups
2. Back lunge and chops 20lb weight held in both hands – chop toward outside of front, bent leg 

Challenge move: 50 star tricep switch lunges Switch lunge w/ chop to OH tricep Had to pause to re-review this move. So hard. Made it to 20 w/ 10s & then dropped to 2lb wrist weights & 5s

Group 5:
1. Flying mtn climbers
2. Jugglers

Challenge Move: 50 fast feet up and down off of box 25 leading w/ 1 leg b4 switch. Really pushed it on the pace here.

Group 6:
1. Heavy weight squats 35lb kettlebell & 26lb kettlebell, alt hands per round
2. Box jump

Challenge Move: 20 weighted box squat jumps + squat and press 20s + ppl band. Squat & hammer curl weights while standing. Oh press. Rtrn same way. Hadn’t previewed this particular move but I didn’t wanna jump w/ heavy weights or drop weight for the squat & press, so swapped for a similar Julia move.

Group 7This felt like the first “rest” tabata, lol. I stuck to same supporting leg for the tabata & switched to alt for the (ugh) burpees
1. Pistol roll backs
2. 3 pts knee tucks in plank

Challenge Moves: 20 Pistol down single leg burpees Was so awkward the 1st one I hadda pause my music & consult the vid to make sure I was doing it right. Yes! Julia says u don’t have to pistol back up, but after you get down & rest butt on thigh, you have to (at least I do) come ½ way up to swing that front leg back for the SL push-up. Then sure you jump fwd & come up for a (by now minimal) SL jump.

Group 8:
1. sumo squat jumps bodyweight
2. heavy weight curtsy lunges 20s Normally I’d do BL sandbag. But I didn’t wanna do that much loading & unloading (before every other interval). Also didn’t wanna change first move to a non jumping sumo & keep it up there the whole time. Strains the tendons just a bit & left side is wonkier than usual this week. 

Challenge Moves: 50 curtsy lunge heel clicks Wasn’t sure I was doing this right, but at this point who cared? I think I should cancel Zgym after this month I’m on (I think I just refreshed) & just break Julia WOs into smaller chunks. Like, a quarter of this would be good for after work, lol.

Group 9:
1. Elv pushups + double leg tuck +2lb ankle weights for the tabata only
2. T stands + toe taps

Challenge Move: 20 oblique burpees Was gonna skip the push-up but didn’t. 20 of these seemed cruel at this point.

Group 10:
1. V abs 3lbs bet feet
2. lizard hops and lunges

Challenge Moves: 50 chest press + leg raises On bench – first 20 reps w/ 20s. Chest was tired from the 1st tabata w/ extra weight & big range of motion. So dropped to 15s & 2lbs ankle weights for last 30. Made the abs work harder & gave the chest a break.

Time 1:43 for what was an hour video. And the rest in this series are all over an hour! But ya I felt compelled to finish. Which is why I’d signed up for Zgym, lol. Sometimes better to feel like you’re adding on over cutting short.

So ya I just put away my equipment & blogged this w/out stretching @ all b/c had to get ready for a late lunch.
















Upper Body & Abs Inferno

Well! Another bad sleeping night, but I made it in early, ate lunch at my desk and left at 3. Got in a load of laundry! Woot. That’s an achievement. I wanna have a laundry in my (modern, spacious, clean) bathroom again someday.

If TIKR says I burned 317 I basically burned as much as I would chewing!? LOL. Meh. I did something anyway.


Warm-up: Jump rope 10/30×6=4min. Not that I need to get “warmer” of course, but this particular Zuzka set is a tiny amount of work.

Upper Body & Abs Inferno

x3 rounds added an extra round – w/ the jump rope got me close to 20 working minutes. Ha ha. Too little but oh well.

  1. Elevated Criss Cross Push ups x10 Feet on bench. Bring one leg under body, extended underneath & across the body, toes resting lightly on floor. Alt sides.
  2. Handstand scissors x10 Handstand about 1.5′ from wall, touching w/ one leg. Switch in controlled fashion. Totally NBD & too easy. On my extra, 3rd round I changed it to handstand shoulder taps.
  3. Wide grip pull up / normal grip hanging leg raise / normal grip pull up x3 sets She switches grip from wide to reg grip while hanging. My bar is really close to the ground… Tried putting hands on outer edges of bar first. Nope! Too hard. Was able to change grip mid air bet first 2 parts but I had to put feet down to reset for reg pull-up.
  4. Pigeon slide / frog slide x10 alt. legs Pick up one foot & bend knee, SL pike abs. Then frog slide feet to outside hands. Alt the SL first move.

I did the stretching part, too, which I normally don’t bother with. The hip flexor stretch was good for me! With the wheel push-ups, I came sloppily to standing on the 2nd one, lol. Would’ve been better for me to walk in before each push-up. But whatevs. The wide legged pose (upavistha konasana) is so easy for me. Even w/ tight thighs I can put my belly right on the floor. I got in that, a parighasana var & upavistha konasana A in the same time, at relaxed pace.

Quick, bloody hot tabata & some yoga

Was a super still, muggy 82 in the room when I started. 86 when I finished. Feels hotter than outside temperatures too, where there’s air movement.


17:30 8 Minute Tabata #3

Changed to tabata pairs for a longer set. Also changed the order so I could do 2 things in the (cooler) hall, and not have to run back & forth from office to pull-up bar, for the one exercise that uses that.

  1. Jump Rope – high knees
  2. Pike Burpee (was reg in WO but I changed to pike push-up & pike jump just for fun)
  3. KB Swing 35lbs
  4. Side to Side Hanging Knee Raise
  5. Criss Cross Mountain Sliders
  6. Jump Rope – DBU
  7. Weighted Backward Slide Lunge – L 20S
  8. Weighted Backward Slide Lunge – R



10/60 single interval hanuman both sides, one urdhva do on blocks @ the wall & then I went into the astanga version (3 walk-ins to standing) and did 5 drop-backs. I was really down today… backbends are supposed to be good for depression. Some finishing poses & a twist and a 1min savasana.

Summer Shred #35 & some yoga

I’ve gotta buy a fucking oscillating fan

[EDIT UPDATE] In a better mood now but it took some doing.

I had a mini break for the pull-ups. You even step into the hall & it’s cooler than this room.


Buy-in: 25 competition burpees

Part 1 – HIIT 45/15 sec (4 min) ppl Xband It’d have been good to have repeated this set at the end, but so hot.. didn’t care. 

  1. Side to Side Squat w/Curl 15s
  2. Stay Low Leg Lift w/Overhead Press 10s
  3. Weighted Jump Jack Squat 20s (single dumbbell @ chest)
  4. Criss Cross Jump Squat

Part 2

  1. Jump Jack Squat (x2)/ Power Jack Push Ups X 10
  2. Weighted Wall Sit w/Abd. Press x50
  3. Wall Climbers x20 2=1
  4. Criss Cross Hanging Knee Raises x10 1=1
  5. Wall Climbers x20
  6. Criss Cross Hanging Knee Raises x 10

Part 3 – Pyramid

Frog Slide (wide – feet to outside shoulders)  / Pull Up (x2)

Round 1 – FS x15 /PU x2, Round 2 – FS x20 /PU x2, Round 3 – FS x25 /PU x2, Round 4 – FS x20 /PU x2, Round 5 – FS x15 /PU x2

Buy-out: 50 switch lunges

Time = 27:19

Closed w/ a few minutes of yoga.


Summer Shred #10 & a little yoga

Told myself I didn’t have to work out tonight, as I was leaving the office, and then I did anyway. What else do I have to do?


Summer Shred #10

Workout Breakdown

1. Split Jumps x6, 1=1 / Mountain Climbers (the hopping front foot fwd method) ladder

(reps are 2=1 here) 10 – 15 – 20 – 25 – 30 – 25 – 20 – 15 – 10 (takes Z about 9.5min. Mine was 8:07!)

2. Surya A w/ Hanuman: 10/30 intervals of standing arch, uttana, up dog, down dog, hanuman one side then the other, alt which you start with – 2x, 8min Up dog / down dog / Crescent pose x 10

3. Pendulum to Swing x20 26lb kettlebell. Felt like I was cheating w/ 26, like I should’ve used the 35lb-er & have had to take breaks.

4. Russian twist x 4 / (turning to opp side that u put the bell down on) Kick through (step fwd w/ that side leg) push up to plank jump fwd & back. (turn back to be on butt) x 5 on each side

5. Pendulum to Swing x20. Oh but I forgot there were 2 sets! Went lower in the squat this 2nd set, to challenge myelf.

6. Tabata – 4 min – high knees (jump rope) / commando push ups

buy out: 1 minute handstand I do mine freestanding, but close to a wall so that I don’t run the risk of flipping when not yogically warmed up enough. 40sec first go and then up again for 20+. I can hold a freestanding handstand in the middle of the room but it’s easier in the context of an astanga practice.


My favorite finishers. Took awhile extra on my neck as it was a little sore, past couple days.

Tabata warm-up & a PAINFUL Astanga

OK I lied about not doing any Zgym before. I just didn’t do a 20+ minute set. But it didn’t help. I ought to have just done the 4min jumprope. Tight, sore & tedious prax. TIKR says 623 it was probably, actually half that.

It wasn’t from not having stretched yesterday though. This was a PMS practice. I needed it, in spite of the fact that it was a shitty workout.


8 Minute Tabata #2

10/20×4=8min ppl Xband These are all pretty simple moves so I just watched the breakdown vid & did from these notes.

  1. Goblet Squat 26lb kettlebell, held goblet style @ chest
  2. Pike Abs / Plank Jack pike abs (but kept legs straight, not bending as per vid) to plank jack
  3. Jump Tuck to Side Step Squat, alt sides
  4. Side Step Push Up


Poses Comments
Suryas & Standing Fundamentals w/ standing arches in the 5 Surya As – 3lb weights on last 3. Two 5-breath handstands @ the end
Primary+ Skipping 4 poses of primary w/ added LBH
Ardha Matseyendrasana, var through the legs bind
Shalabhasana A, B
Bhekasana, 1/2 & full
Dhanurasana A, B
Laghu Vajrasana
Urdhva D come to standing
Dropbacks 3x
Ticks 3x
Finishing with 5min savasana

Oh Baby Those Thighs Workout

Was happy to see this posted!! Previewed just one round of the warm-up & then stopped b/c 1.) I know I’ll like the WO and 2.) on the wknd I can pause to preview & make notes & take as looong as I wanna take.


Oh Baby Those Thighs Workout

starts after 1:20

Warm-up 10/45 2 rounds
1. Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press 15s
2. Kettlebell Swing 35lbs
3. Front Bench Cross Over Lunge
4. Bent over – 21’s (Bicep Curl) 15s
5. Sumo Squat to Deadlift 26lb kettlebell
6. Dumbbell Bicep Curl to Overhead Press and Touch Behind 1st rn- 10s.. 2nd picked up a 10 & a 3 w/ ea hand. 
7. Cross Hand Walk Push-up to Jump Lunge w/Squat between

Circuit 1: 2 Rounds
1. Right Front Bench Lunge (Overhead Press)/Left Reverse Lunge (Tricep Ext) 15x 10lb dumbbells + 2lb wrist weights. This was way heavy for using 2 tens but I hadn’t previewed & imagined a SA move for some reason. I stuck w/ it for 2 rounds b/c I’d started that way but 10s would’ve been sufficient!
2. Left Front Bench Lunge (Bicep Curl)/Left Right Reverse Lunge (Press Overhead) 15x Accidentally did both 1 and 2 with the same leg supporting throughout, whereas I was supposed to alt legs in @ least move 2. But that’s ok. I realized my goof but kept it consistent w/ the 2 rounds
3. Squat Thrust w/Overhead Press 15x 26lb kettlebell

Walk Out to Push-up/3x Low Jack/4x Duck Walk Back 8 – 10x Orng Xband

Circuit 2: 2 Rounds Was getting so hot in the room! I’d pulled the shade down after the warm-up but… Did 2nd round @ my own pace w/ music.
1. (Band or Dumbbells) Chest Flye (Start at thighs & touch
in front of Face) 12 – 15x 10s
2. Right Side Lunge (L. Hand to Floor)/Right Front Bench
Cross Over Lunge w/Left Bicep Curl 12 – 15x 15
3. Left Side Lunge (R. Hand to Floor)/Left Front Bench
Cross Over Lunge w/Right Bicep Curl 12 – 15x

Wide Jack/Hop to Plank 10x Mountain Climbers 8 – 10x Orng Xband

Circuit 3: 2 Rounds @ 45:50 in vid. I was past 57. Pooping out in the by now 80-degree room lol. Did 2nd round along w/ music again. Gives me an extra break b/c after I type notes then I have to find the next starting place.
1. Left Side Lunge – Turn to Right & Reverse Left Lunge
(Right Arm Rear Flye Left Arm to Front Raise) 15x 1st rnd – 10s, but I’d been feeling the circuits more in my upper body. 2nd rnd – dropped to 5s but added 8lb vest.
2. Right Side Lunge – Turn to Left & Reverse Right Lunge
(Left Arm Rear Flye/Right Arm Front Raise) 15x
3. Dumbbell or Band Bicep Curl to Front Punches 15x 10s – too heavy for a good extension in the front punch, esp by this point, so changed to alt SA after like the 3rd rep.

(Banded) Hop to Plank (Hold) Plank Jack & hop to Squat Step out Right & tap hand to foot/then left & tap hand to foot 10x Orng Xband

Inner Thigh Finisher: 10/30 2 Rounds @ 56:42 Used Orng band but was way too heavy. Stuck w/ it w/ v limited range of motion, but next time I’ll use a red band.
1. Stand (band at Ankles) Wide Squat right toe points out (touch Right hand To Left heel) then step out left 1st
2. (Lay on Floor) Roll to Left Side (Right foot behind & up on toe) Straight Leg Lift
3. (Same Position as #2) Straight leg to Side and back in
4. (Same Position as #2) 3x Pulse Up & Leg to side
5 Roll to Right Side (Left Foot behind & up on toe) Straight Leg Lift
6. (Same Position as #5) Straight Leg to Side and Back in
7. (Same Position as #5) 3x Pulse Up & Leg to Side
8. Lay on Back/Band at Ankles – Legs Wide & Pulse In

Bonus: Abs 10/40 2 Rounds
1. Plank Knee Tuck
2. Buzz Saw Plank
3. Weight Roll up w/Overhead Press
4. Stablilty Ball Hand Off (No Ball – Scissor Legs)
5. Glute Lift (Ball or Floor) Tap feet wide at floor & together in up position
6. Seated – Heels wide on floor & V-up w/feet tapping together
7. Slow Bicycle – Tap opposite hand to inside of foot
8. Hyperextensions

Time = 1hr 43  So I turned off vid & did like a really quick stretch, lol. Is ok b/c tomorrow’s long WO will be another astanga, this time w/ no Zgym warm-up but, if anything, 4min of jump rope. My left elbow situation is a little pissed at me these days, so…