Musings • Remote “work?” and the gig economy

Jobs in the gig economy

Sometimes you’re not even sure if you have one! In the old days you’d interview for a job & get a schedule, whether or not you were full or part time. You’d spend at least part of your first day reviewing & filling out paperwork. You’d be trained. These days? Corporations only hire 20-somethings if they’re not poaching seasoned assets from competitors, while drawing heavily upon a contract army that pays for it’s own supplies, does its training on its own time.

I thought it was strange that Company P would assign me to task that had nothing to do with anything in my portfolio, and on the 2nd day was told outright it was a test. Will I get any money at all during October? You bill at the end of the month and then wait. Posted in FB that I was surprised to be working on website flow design. Do you have a job? Who knows? If you can’t tell if he’s your boyfriend he probably isn’t. 

I completed a 2nd task in record time, but the billing is going to be sparse. In the old days you’d have that job with its schedule, and you’d be paid for your time allotted. There is a certain amount of down time in any job-job. Hell, when I made the most money in NYC, I could most often spend 40-60% of my time goofing around online & still outperform!

With Company P, I enter time that I am available on Google calendar, but it’s not like I get to count on billing even half those hours (never mind getting paid for any of them, at some point next month). When I arrive at my “open” window I’ve indicated, I’ll check to see if I’ve got a task assigned on one app. If I do, then I got to another and hit start on a stopwatch basically. Then I go back & read the notes and get to work, jotting detailed notes in a laptop sticky along the way. When I finish a draft of whatever it is, I upload with any comments, go back & stop the stopwatch & then enter my copied list of steps in the notes.

But if I start at noon and finish a draft around 2pm, I’m not going to be billing for any time until I get a response. Yet I’m beholden by my calendar to be available for a specific amount of time. Say I’m planning on exercising after & I’ve entered on the calendar I’m free until 5pm. It might be 4pm and it’d be much better for me to get started earlier, but I have to wait just in case I might get to bill for something I’m not at all sure I’ll ever get paid for.

Which is probably why they don’t indicate any desired amount of hours or optimal times!

It’s like a game

After I completed Friday’s task in just over 2 hours there was no indication I’d be getting a new one Monday, so when C and I made plans the day before I just deleted it. I’d scheduled myself available at noon today. Was working on a sketch and cleaned up the whole area to log in to see if there was anything waiting. Nope! I had a feeling I’d be working out in the afternoon, lol. It’s fine it just screws with my schedule.

I think I’m going to assume that 1) if they haven’t disappeared already that 2) I shouldn’t alter my own schedule at all, even if I’ve got time in the calendar unless 3) I get a text as well. I’ve only got availability posted as late as this Friday, so…



Man & Dog, Clackamas River #artforsale

Man & Dog, Clackamas River.jpg
Man & Dog, Clackamas River
  • $300 + s/h (est. $20 US)
  • 9×12 inches¹, on Arches Cold Press, 140lb.




¹Inner mat size: 8½x11½ inches & will need to be placed very slightly lower on bottom edge to not partially cover signature.