Portland Burger Week 2017 = groupon deal in terms of service #reviews

(U get what u pay for)

And they say you should overtip but staff tends to grant you with “under service”. Both kinds of deals benefit the owners a lot more than the staff, probably, and herein would lie the problem. Even if you tip well, you’re still going to be the last to board the aircraft.

We tried two places for lunch…

First was Lompoc on NW 23rd, and they were totally prepared for the fact that you were there for the burger week deal. That’s the first thing they asked, once we’d seated ourselves.

Anyway, we got a nice booth inside & the burger & fries were good. Not only did they not salt the fries on request, but there were condiments supplied! (faux gasp). No napkins to be seen. I’d have taken some from the bar or another table if spotted. We were sharing a (previously unused) hankie Charlie had with him. But the waiter passed within earshot about half way through our meal & was polite when I asked for some.

Side note: Why do restaurants in Portland hate coasters?

We didn’t get any or see any either place & it seems like the furniture would be better off. I think it’s somehow related to bussing your own table, which is the norm here.

It was initially weird to me, a former New Yorker. I don’t remember seeing it in any of the places I’d lived in the northeast either though. Definitely not restaurants and not even in cafes! In PDX you’ll have something that sort of seems like a “real” restaurant and then you see that… It’s like “extra classy” if someone takes the plates and there’s no bins on display.

We had a good time at Lompoc & tipped 40% because it seemed worth it. Next place got significantly less.

Bring your own napkins & salt! Trust us. Just do it.

Today was Ya Hala on SE Stark. The menu looked interesting, but:

  1. The burger wasn’t that good & neither were the oily, soggy fries.
  2. We never got any salt. Luckily the harried waiter screwed up in another way & brought us an extra side of fries with some sauce that made them edible. They never brought us the salt. No one’s going to ask you if you need anything if you’re there for the sale! I tried to get another waiter’s attention but she was skilled in avoidance. (I know how it is. I’ve worked retail before.)
  3. The waiter didn’t comp us the extra order of fries he’d brought even though he remembered, with a head jolt, we’d said we’d split one.
  4. It’s way east close to 82nd Ave, ie to0 far away to bother with again. I’m sure we can find sub par Lebanese closer to home!

What are the odds of two places in a row not supplying napkins?  I asked C. I managed to steal one, unsullied leftover from a table next to us. We ripped it in half! Then our waiter actually noticed & brought some at the same midway through point as the last place.

If you’re there for burger week, you’re probably going to get sub par to outright shitty service. It’s like trying to use a Groupon, which I did in NYC less than a handful of times when it was a big thing. I ended up losing money though.

I didn’t read the fine print on one Indian place in Chelsea & tried to take a coworker there for lunch, but they wouldn’t accept the groupon for buffet and I never made it back. Too many great Indian places that hadn’t snubbed me in the East Village or Curry Hill. Lost $20 or $25 there.

And I almost always felt a level of disdain when I pulled out the coupon. Wasn’t worth the savings at a time I was making ok money. You’re supposed to tell your server right away that you’re using one, so they can file you accordingly. I don’t bother reading many Yelp reviews anymore, but when I did there was definitely a theme of coupon users complaining about the service, at any place that offered these kinds of deals.


Obviously I’m not even vegetarian at the moment

It’s the path of least resistance I swear! Two days in a row of this kind of eating hasn’t happened since I visited Austin in fall 2014. I ate brisket twice in one day there, lol.

But still agile – good thing

Oh ya today was a rest day from exercise. I almost went into full blown hamstring cramp during the obstacle course I have to use every time entering or leaving the kitchen, throughout puppy gate time (probably 6-10 weeks). My legs are tired! Most of the time I’m good at getting over the fence while carrying cats and / or art supplies. I have to get on a bench, step carefully over the partially broken gate – which has a sharp edge in one place on top – and place my feet carefully on both steps of the stool on the other side, avoiding the diagonal cross bars. Normally I’m fine with it, though if my legs are especially tired I’ll try to limit my trips at least somewhat. I took the screen out of the dining room window, for example, so that I can (some times) place Henry directly outside.