Astanga! I should really practice twice a week, not once. I know it.

With this kind of yoga, the low burn practices you manage to get through are the real achievements. Each pose is like a little pill, a dose, a prescription, a therapy.

Painful & gimpy practice. Totally necessary too. The sore spot in behind left elbow was a little better today, over yesterday.



Jacked up Tabata Challenge

42  Manmakers 84 push-ups, 82 SA rows & 42 clean & press… & that was just one of the moves. I can feel my salary growing up already!!!

Original breakdown has 4 sets of 10 manmakers. I decided to break them up into sets of 4 or 2 reps and mix them into the rest of the workout. Four consecutive w/ 20s is about my max before I slow way down and/or need breaks. I accidentally did 2 extra b/c I’d miscounted along the way.


Original Breakdown:

  1. Buy-in
  2. Strength HIIT 1 (5:20min)
  3. Cardio tabata 1 (4min)
  4. 10Manmakers
  5. Strength HIIT 2 (5:20min)
  6. Cardio tabata 2 (4min)
  7. 10 Manmakers
  8. Strength HIIT 3 (5:20min)
  9. Cardio tabata 3 (4min)
  10. 10 Manmakers
  11. Strength HIIT 4 (5:20min)
  12. Cardio tabata 4 (4min)
  13. 10 Manmakers
  14. Buy-out

My Breakdown:

Buy in – 2 manmakers w 20s for weights, after ea move, so 16 of the 40 in the buy-in
My time-14:56

  1. 80 jump rope, feet together jumping jacks Just b/c I like this motion better. Less painful (for shoulders) & gets my body hotter
  2. 70 plank jacks w/ alt hand shoulder tap
  3. 60 weighted jumping jacks 5s, punching straight up
  4. 50 plank jacks w/shoulder taps
  5. 40 knee cross jumping jacks
  6. 30 plank jacks w/toe taps
  7. 20 squat jacks
  8. 10 up/down plank jacks Jumping jack. Hands down & jump feet to plank. Jack feet out.

4 manmakers 20 of 40 done

Strength HIIT 1&2 (10/30×8)-30-(10/30×8)=11:10min

  1. squat and squeeze glutes 20s
  2. deadlift 20s
  3. step up R 15s
  4. step up L

    Put on 2lb wrist weights
  5. push-up / alt t-stand
  6. bent-over rows 20s
  7. lateral raise 10s
  8. front raise 10s

4 manmakers 24 of 40 done

Cardio tabata 1, 2x 4:10min

  1. high knees
  2. tuck jumps
  3. burpees
  4. mountain climbers

4 manmakers 28 of 40 done

Cardio tabata 2, 2x 4:10min

  1. switch lunges
  2. 180 degree squats w/ ½ burpee
  3. jugglers
  4. alt pistol squats switches

4 manmakers 32 of 40 done


Strength HIIT 3&4 (10/30×8)-30-(10/30×8)=11:10min

  1. bulgarian R 15s
  2. bulgarian L
  3. hip thrust R 20 Really fucking wish I had a sandbag for these.
  4. hip thrust L
  5. renegade rows 20s
  6. elevated push ups
  7. shoulder press 15s
  8. chest flies 15s

4 manmakers 36 of 40 done

Cardio tabata 3&4 10-(20/10×8)-30-(20/10×8)=8:40min I’d meant to do the cardios 1 & 2 together w/ a timed 30sec break in bet but I messed it up so stuck some manmakers in there. This time I got it right.

  1. plank in / out jump knees in center
  2. side burpee w/ knee in
  3. frogger knees wide, squatting low w/ fingertips on floor. Hop fwd as many x as u have room for & then back
  4. practice double-under jumps w/out rope heel grabs
  5. side jump lunges
  6. angry donkeys
  7. broad jump fwd & bunny hop back
  8. ninja jump tuck

4 manmakers 38 of 40 done

Buy out: 2 manmakers after 1st 2 moves. Accidentally did 42!!!
10 up/down plank jacks
20 squat jacks
30 plank jacks w/toe taps
40 knee cross jumping jacks
50 plank jacks w/shoulder taps
60 weighted jumping jacks
70 plank jacks Left out the shoulder taps I added for this in the buy-in. Didn’t notice it was a repeated move!!!
80 jumping jacks








Stiff, tedious & somewhat achy Ashtanga

My body was so stiff and sore. I really pushed myself hard this week though, both in workouts and my “general help” job. It was more the workouts though. First I slammed the upper body and then the lower. I was having trouble walking yesterday… slow motion. Not limpy or gimpy just completely & utterly spent.

And so there was no jump rope warm-up today and no “excitement” and my average heart rate was in a resting zone. The yoga was unpleasant, not much of a workout, just physical therapy. But all I need to do is get in one more moderate workout for the week, tomorrow, and then I’ll have made my tally and can have a rest day. Today’s bad yoga should make tomorrow’s workout stronger and more fun. #recovery

  • Finishing @ 1:17
  • Upper back was really tight but I did the new, regular format


Excellent yoga practice! I made the right decision to rest yesterday

I’d sort of screwed myself by not stretching at least 20 minutes after Friday’s workout, but it was an hour and 54 already. I just didn’t want to go over 2-hours. That seems to be the point where I feel like it’s overkill, but inadequate stretching screws me every time. Last night it felt like a lot of work to just get up the five or six steps in the deck out back, lol.

Forgot to finish this post earlier. I was all concerned with getting a pasta salad started, that would get fucked because we picked up an unknown brand of blue cheese – which turned out to NOT be actual blue cheese – for the dressing. Never do that when people are coming over! Oh well.


  • Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope


  1. Suryas & fundamentals The prasarita padottanasanas are my favorite part of this.
  2. Primary+
  3. 2nd to laghu vajrasana
  4. (1:07) – (1:21) Back bending Same poses as last time: 4-pt hanuman, EPRK, Kapo B, the Urdhva Ds, 3 dropbacks & 3 ticks. I think I won’t mess with the format again until the EPRK gets a little freer. Feels like it’s doing good things tho.
  5. Finishing I take the full 5min in savasana these days too, and really practice being a corpse. 


Full Body Shred for Summer 2: 60 minute HIIT & yoga

I was supposed to do this early yesterday morning, before heading downtown to work¹, but though I got up early enough I was unable to motivate. It all worked out. I was actually there 10-4, after which I went to see movie #2 of this Heatwave Movie Festival, The Big Sick.

My burn count matches the “hellish” temperatures this week, lol

Full Body Shred for Summer 2: 60 minute HIIT

SET 1: 50:10
1. Squats 2, 20lb weights
2. Tuck jump burpees
3. Fwd lunges 2, 20lb weights
4. RL lat step ups + leg raise 2, 15lb weights
5. Rev lunges 2, 20lb weights
6. LL lat step ups + leg raise 2, 15lb weights
7. Step up down and switch 2, 15lb weights This got heinous by set 2.
8. SA alt presses 2, 20lb weights
9. Swings Slams 35lb kettlebell Replaced all slams w/ swings this set. Was intending to do that all the way thru but I couldn’t hack it today.
10. Chest press leg lift 2, 20lb weights
11. Squats
12. Tricep star jump burpees
13. Fwd lunges
14. R jab/cross/jab + 2 kicks
15. Rev lunges
16. L jab/cross/jab + 2 kicks
17. Step up down and switch
18. SSD Front raises 2, 10lb weights
20. Decline 3 way knee tucks

SET 2: 50:10
1. Squats This set I did butt to bench
2. Roll back burpee
3. Fwd lunges
4. R crab hold knee and toe touch
5. Rev lunges
6. L crab hold knee and toe touch
7. Step up and down and switch
8. Goblet squat curl and press 13lbs ea hand
9. Slams 20lbs Was gonna do all the slams as swings, but today 1) I’m hungover, 2) I’m really under rested and 3) It’s over 80 degrees in the room.
10. Leg drops + toe touch 15lbs
11. Squats
12. Yoga tricep buree
13. Fwd lunges
14. R later lunge knee up
15. Rev lunges
16. L lateral lunge knee up
17. Step up down and switch
18. Bicurl Arnold press 2, 15lb weights
19. Slams
20. Flutter kicks and scissors

SET 3: 50:10
1. Squats
2. Decline burpees
3. Fwd lunges
4. R Bulgarian to SL pushup
5. Rev lunges
6. L Bulgarian to sl pushup
7. Step up down and switch
8. Bent Lateral raise scarecrow to press
9. Slams
10. High knee toe taps and plank hops
11. Squats
12. SL burpee switch kick
13. Fwd lunges
14. R rocket step ups and touchdowns
15. Rev lunges
16. L rocket step ups and touchdowns
17. Step up down and switch
18. Dive bomber pushups
19. Slams
20. Russian twists 15lbs


About 20min

¹I’ve been doing some cleaning at my friend’s shop, about every other week, since last fall. It’s been good to have 1) an easy driving destination to practice and 2) a solid reason to get the fuck off the hill. Lately I’ve had a little more to do since the business is moving.

I have never been so obsessed with a weather report #heatwave

I’ve also never faced a weather report this bad while living on the east coast, in the aggressively air-conditioned NYC. I cannot recall one 100+ day streak. Not one!

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Here in Portland everything’s minimally air-conditioned, if there is any at all. We don’t have it at home on the hill. The windows are all the type that swing out to the side… We got one of the standalone kind last year. You have to fit a piece of foam a bucket. It’s big and takes up a lot of space in the office… We got that for me so I could still work upstairs, but it takes up so much room & only takes things down about 10-degrees. It’s become easier to just work downstairs when I want do do stuff in the afternoon. Until now!

Those bitches at Hanna Andersson downtown must be roasting! LOL. After the way they treated me I take great joy in the construction I see on that block. One day there was a noisy machine set up right in front of the store. I cackled. I’m sure it 1) made things pretty miserable inside for the harried minions trapped inside and 2) discouraged a lot of stroller traffic. They don’t have any AC either and high ceilings and vents don’t do much north of 95. Have fun you jerkoffs!

But ya, many of the businesses here, they’ve got the weak AC that takes things down just 2-degrees from miserable. Like you’ll go inside and think, Ahhh…, but then 5-minutes later you’re hot again. Am I going to spend five days alternating between Powells and the Pioneer Place mall? Am I going to spend all the money I made trimming on movies? There aren’t even that many movies I want to SEE. I picked out three so far.

My right knee is definitely tender, but on the other hand, maybe I shouldn’t do yoga today b/c one of those days I’ll probably be sweating my balls off at home & I may as well do it on the mat stretching…

First blog post • today’s workout

I can’t believe I’m starting yet another exercise blog! Their little lives get shorter and shorter. After I got locked out of my last, public exercise (and other stuff) blog on WordPress, I swore I’d move back to where I started, Blogger in fall 2005, and stay private. Well… after WordPress I couldn’t adapt to the clunkiness of Blogger. It seems somehow like it’s much less reach and/or searchable too, though I don’t have any real sources to base that on.

Anyway I’ve been going with the aimless lately, the path of least resistance, as per Abraham, AH, Abraham-Hicks. Here I am again.

Realized in planning today’s workout that I did ashtanga TWICE last week. That’s unusual. Then I killed myself with a Fit Body by Julia workout yesterday. Today’s going to be lighter. I decided right away to do my 1/3 HIIT and 2/3 Yoga format, first part Ashtangesque and 2nd part more of an ad-lib to my favorite poses of finishing.




Adapted from Quick Total Body Sculpting HIIT Workout, but (15/50) with jump rope before every #d move for a 26min set. Plus I changed the last two moves. I’m sore and sluggish so I decided I’d jump rope as lazily as I like.

  1. Squat Press 30lbs (two 15s)
  2. Spiderman Plank Can elevate feet. Move sort of quickly.
  3. Runner’s Lunge Pulse-Right   touch knee lightly to floor & then extend heel back for stretch. Can hold some weight.
  4. Runner’s Lunge Pulse-Left
  5. Bent Row & Kickback (didn’t wanna do a fly w/ 15s again, right after yesterday, and didn’t want to drop to my 10s) 
  6. Table Leg Press-Right In crab, extend leg forward & then kick up, keeping hips as high as possible.
  7. Table Leg Press-Left
  8. Rock the Boat V-Up Low boat, tuck in w/ knees bent, extend legs straight & up & tap toes
  9. Elbow Tap Side Plank-Right Forearm side plank, tap floor & extend up
  10. Elbow Tap Side Plank-Left
  11. Frog Hopper Hip Stacker I chose a similar move that allows me to work on achieving balance & is both legs @ one time, so I added in one of my favorite ab moves for the last exercise Down Dog Hop-Right 
  12. Pike Slider Abs


  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • some 10/30 intervals