1/2 full body reps & 1/2 yoga

Jamie is one of the fitness friends & she posts her WOs in the Facebook group pretty often. I’ve saved a few of them before, meaning to try, but a bit nervous about it. A lot of these women are more extreme than I, which might surprise any old friends from my yoga days. Today though, she posted this one & some people asked about how long it takes her. The consensus was an hour if lifting heavy, maybe 45min if not. But for me? You never know if it’s going to be close to 2 hours! (My endurance is high anyway :))

I wasn’t sure how hard I wanted to workout today. I need to exercise, but I also need to cook for jam night, and my body is still feeling Sunday’s glutes routine. I take stretching breaks while drawing… Anyhow I decided to change up the order of the workout and cut it way down. I’d like to do the full thing some time; I just needed a good amount of stretching today, and I didn’t have time to go for two, full hours.



Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Full body by Jamie 2, halved

  • I halved everything except the ladder, which was 2/3rd. Decided to leave it open whether at that point I wanted to 1) move on to some yoga, 2) do one more round or 3) do two more rounds (of supersets & triset, to make it same rep count as breakdown). Doubtful on the last option. I didn’t want to work out too hard today. Sometimes moderate is good.

Ladder: 1x, time = 6:44

  • Breakdown calls for 3 full sets of this @ the end. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it more than once or twice. I decided to start w/ one round & time it.
    • Rnds 1-4 continuous, then breaks after ea round. Round 7 changed hammer to bicep curl, even tho harder @15 for me, to change it up
  • 15s Movement fluid thru ea exercise.
    Continue adding 1 more rep w/out rest until x8 = 1 set
  1. Plank Thruster
  2. Hammer Curl
  3. Front Squat
  4. Shoulder Press


Superset 1: 2x time = 6:16

  1. Squat (butt to bench) + Good Morning x10 BL sandbag
  2. 1 and 3/4 Lateral Rail x8 10s Raise arms up to lateral, lower 3/4, raise fully again & then lower = 1 rep LOVED this move! I was only lowering like 1/2 way tho, if that, to be able to do the 8 reps w/ 10s, lol.

Superset 2: 2x time = 7

  1. Static Lunge & SA Tricep Kickback x10 ea arm 10s + 2lb wrist weights
  2. InchWorm + Push-up x10 (Kept wrist weights.) Added standing arch even tho it took extra time Replace next time, maybe w/ elevated pike, pike jump burpee.

Triset: 2x time = 5:54

  1. Arnold Shoulder Press x8 15s for all
  2. Upright Row x8
  3. SL DL X12 ea leg

Ladder: 1x, time = forgot 2 set

  • Repeat of 1st set. This time I did hammer alt w/ bicep curls for move 2. That was the only change.

(46:18 when I stopped after 2nd ladder, including warm-up.)

Non-Vinyasa Yoga

About 45min. Threw in a 5min sirsasana & 3min sarvangasana. Felt good.



full body by Jamie 2-01.jpg


Heavy Volume Glute Lift with Squat Jumps

Sandbag / waterbag adventure continues! Haven’t heard back from Iron Core Athletics / Retro Technologies, as to whether or not they’re going to help me out in getting additional, smaller filler bags at less than the a la carte cost. I was able to get more water into it myself this morning. I’d googled weight of quarts & was going to add five. I stopped at four because it already felt way too heavy to clean & press overhead, with straight arms, in order to backload and unload. 

I really do need the other filler bags so I can change out the stuffing for days I wanna backload.


If tomorrow isn’t a rest day it’ll be an EASY, recovery style WO. Would’ve been a higher burn if I’d prepped for the first set with some cardio, but holy shit, what a difference a decent amount of weight makes with this kind of glute work.


13” bench
Weights, Band, Sliders, Ankle Weights, Sandbag: 55.6lbs

Set 1: 5x Hip thrusts:
1. Banded Body weight 15 reps ppl band
2. Weighted 10 reps +bag with however many lbs in it for moves 2 & 3
3. 8 reps with pulses
4. Body weight hip Thrust hold Adductors 15

**20 banded squat jumps* 1x

I was able to follow along with Julia & didn’t pause the video until this point. After this set though I wasn’t continual with the video again until the last set (5).

Set 2: 4x Paused here to do on my own time w/ music and breaks. Also climbed onto bench for the sumos to try to increase range of motion a tiny bit.
16 Squat alt Step ups 20s
15 sumo DL bag

**20 banded squat jumps**

Set 3: 4x @23:57 (vid)
15 Hamstring curls rev plank w sliders
10 rev Lunge weight touchdowns/leg 20 Even that amount was hard on the very first round. Immediately hit pause again to jot this note & turn the music back on, lol. Takin’ mah time.

**20 banded squat jumps**

Set 4: 3x
Deficit curtsy lunges 15/leg 15s Legs dying here! Went light, relatively. Still felt really f-ing heavy and yes, again, first round & I paused again. Music!!!
1 & 1/2 RDL 10 bag

**20 banded squat jumps**

Set 5: 5x 5lb ankle weights
50 frog pumps
15 Donkey kickbacks/leg

**20 banded squat jumps**

Time = 1:11


About 15min, non-vinyasa.

Tues – Full Body Supersets and Tabata HIIT from Scott Herman’s Death by Dumbbells

Looked at this workout awhile ago, but it never made it into the roster because 1) it’s really long in a Julia, beastly kind of way and 2) I’m doing yoga more regularly. This is one of those workouts that has a lot of reps and is nearly 90min in video form. That means it’d be probably 2 hours for me! I was going to save it for a day I was in the mood for that, and split up the most heinous looking of the supersets (#2).

Make it significantly easier!

Instead I decided to halve all the supersets from 4 rounds to 2. I could actually use a rest day, but it’s jam night at someone else’s house. I haven’t gone to one since we got Theodora, and that was July 21st, so I think I’ll accompany Charlie tonight. I definitely didn’t want a balls-out workout.

My time was still 1:18, lol, but at least then I still had the gumption to get in about 17min stretching / yoga. Important! This wasn’t a high burn by my body was/is pretty tired, so I’m satisfied.


Tabata 1: 4x ea move, 10:10min
1. dumbbell squat 20s, hip width, sumo, ski squat – butt to bench, hip width
2. dumbbell renegade row 15s faster pace, bent over
3. dumbbell weighted burpee 10s tricep kickbacks, just b/c it’s the least sore part of my arms today bringing arms up & punching up
4. dumbbell T-stand pushups First round I used 10lbs, staggered push-up. Second round I bumped the weight up to 15.
5. dumbbell cross crunch 10, straight arm to opp str leg, 2 rounds per leg

SUPERSET 12x @11:30
1. SA burpee to SA clean and press (6/arm) 20lbs 
2. Deficit Curtsy lunges 12/leg 15s

Tabata 2: Repeat Tabata @ 22:40

1. Decline burpee 180, box jump 12 HATED this, lol. Ain’t no way I ever want 4 rounds of 12 reps here.
2. ½ manmaker snatches 6/arm Not sure if remembered right but I did a jump back & row, jump forward to snatch

Tabata 3: Repeat Tabata

1. ab weight pass 12 5lbs
2. halo slams 12/side

Tabata 4: Repeat Tabata

1. OH toe taps 12 (2=1) 10s
2. Banded Good morning to box squat 12 15s & ppl band

Yoga: about 17min


Metabolic Resistance Training Day 6

I skipped both the warm-up & cool down & did almost all of the video w/ the breakdown & my notes, after previewing. I might have better time repeating the workout (1:42 in this case)  b/c I wouldn’t have to read the notes & remember.


Circuit 1: 3 Rounds
1. Inner Thigh Lunge 15x, 2=1 15s, lunging fwd & putting alt foot on bench I’m not so sure that placing an elevated foot doesn’t make it easier. Maybe I needed 40lbs? Might do on the floor or change to SL deadlifts if I repeat.
2. Bicep curl – Rotate Hands so palms are down to lower 12x 10s
3. Alternate Bicep Curl 10x, 2=1 15s
4. Circle Around to Crunch up w/Bicep Curl 12x 13lbs ea hand. On back. Fly out & then sit up w/ bicep. 2nd round dropped to 10s b/c it hurt my thumbs holding the 3lb weights

Plank Jack on Floor, alt shoulder tap 20x 1st round on floor. 2nd & 3rd rounds said f-it & elevated. Thought bench was just a little too high but wasn’t & move was much better hopping

Circuit 2: 3 Rounds forgot to set stopwatch! 2nd two rounds were 15:10, so about 23min for 3
1. Side Lunge Right to Right Front Cross Over Lunge (Hammer Curl) 15x 15lbs Lunge to the side & then cross-over lunge to foot on bench forgot the cross-over part until the 3rd round, oops.
2. Side Lunge Left to Left Front Cross Over Lunge (Hammer Curl) 15x
3. Walk Out to Plank – Elbow Down/Up to Push-Up & Walk Back 10x
4. Tricep Dip / hand to opp foot 12x, 1=1

Toe Tap Hops off Bench 20x Did 2=1  feet elevated, moving fast, hopping toes to other toes

Circuit 3: 3 Rounds about 20min, even w/ putting on & taking off the ankle weights slowing me down a bit.
1. Cross Hand Walking Push-Up to Kick Through 10x Foot steps to the side while arm crosses over the other 1st round brutal w/ just 10 count!!
2. Kick Back to Hold Back and Pulse 15x/reg, 15x/pulse 10s, Rotating hands @ the back
3. Right Side Lunge to Leg Lift 15x 5lb ankle weight, 10lb dumbbell, reaching toward foot & then rotated out to the side 
4. Left Side Lunge to Leg Lift

Thigh Burner ½ Burpee 10x 2nd round wanted to try this w/ the heavy ankle weights. Nope! lol. Not even one. Too heavy 4 jumping. Put on 8lb vest for 3rd round. Forgot how annoying the vest is for burpee moves. Was riding up over my PMS boobs

Circuit 4: 3 Rounds This was the fastest circuit @ 12:32
1. Tube – Bicep Curl Pulse 12x I actually have a variety of Beach Body bands (with one handle) that I have barely EVER used. I bought it as part of the over-priced crap they were selling to go with P90X2, which was the worst of that bunch. The blue is the heaviest of the bunch, I think, and was what the handles happened to be on so…
2. Tube – Tricep Pulse Back 12x
3. Right Foot Elevated – on left toe – Plies Pulse down 15x holding 15s on shoulders
4. Left Foot Elevated – on right toe – Plies Pulse down

3x Fire Walker banded Hop to ½ Burpee 10x ppl band, 3 shuffle hops to the side

Bonus 1x I thought once was enough w/ the ankle weights. 5lbs is a lot for each leg.
Hold in Squat Position / Ppl band Ball between thighs Pulse moving knees out & in 50x I did as a well set 25/15/10 counts. Had to come up & rest twice!
Lay on Left Side – Right Knee in Front & Lift Left Leg Straight Up 25x 5lb ankle weights
Lay on Left Side – Bend Left Leg and Pulse Up 25x
Up, Open, In, Down 15x Bent knee, lift up, extend leg, bend again & down, but not to floor
(Repeat all Lay on Right Side)

Abs: 40/20 3 rounds 3x’s This was the only part I did w/ the video, mainly b/c I was sick of previewing! If I repeat this workout ever, I’ll just do the whole thing for even intervals w/ 10-sec transition time, either 10/30 or 10/40
1. Plank Hold
2. Lay on Back – Flutter Kick
3. Plank – Ab Contraction Change to slider pike abs if repeating this wo
4. Lay on Back – Pull knee in and Crunch then press out
5. High Plank Tap Knees to Floor 3rd round I did side to side hip dip from forearm plank for the stretch. 
6. Flutter Kicks
7. Lay on Back – Lower single leg to floor
8. Hold Arms reach forwards for 100’s

Time = 1:40

Did about 15min non vinyasa yoga to close.

Spartan 3000 by Daniela

Never did this one before b/c it’s all reps. I did the whole thing from a list. Sometimes it helps my pace to try to follow along, but as with most things these days, I realized it doesn’t matter. One thing I’ve got is time on my hands. So… fuck it. It was one of the more tedious routines though – all that damned counting. I wouldn’t do it again but I’m glad I crossed it off my list. This was a good time for it, after an extra rest day, after a particularly apathetic week.


Spartan 3000 by Daniela

Part 1: Warm up, 2x = 600 reps 16min

50 squats 25 reg fast / 25 bench jumpovers
50 bridges 25 feet on floor / 25 feet elevated
50 Jumping Jacks
50 Buttkickers 1=1
20 Pull-ups / Chin-ups (with band assist) Pushups
20 Rev Plank Leg Lifts Donkey kicks (10/leg)
10 Tricep Pushups
50 Fire hydrants (25/leg) w/ 5lb ankle weights / then orange band cause my old ankles weights TAKE TOO FUCKING LONG TO GET ON & OFF!!!

Part 2: Bodyweight Circuit: 5 exercises, 20 reps each, 5 rounds = 500 reps √, √, √, √, √ 16:20 / 23:15 Then  a long pause while I changed out of my 6-yr old cross trainers. Started w/ them on accidentally & could really feel the 0 cushion in the mat hops.

1. Burpee (no push up)
2. Jump Squats
3. Yoga Push ups Butt up & chest down to up dog, fast
4. High knee toe taps 1=1
5. Mat hops1=1

Part 3: Strength Complex, 8 Exercises, 10 reps, 5 rounds: √, √, √, √√  26:25
1. Deadlifts 2, 20lb weights
2. Squats 2, 20lb weights
3. Bent over Rows 2, 20lb weights Alt rev grip (3 rounds) w/ palms facing in (2 rounds)
4. Switch lunge weight pass through 15lbs
5. Swings 35lb kettlebell
6. Weighted chair lunges 1=1 2, 10lb weights
7. Chest Press (hips pressed up in bridge) 2, 20lb weights
8. Shoulder Press 2, 15lb weights

Well, I’m already 18min behind by the point & I stopped for a break. What does time matter if there are no rewards or even congratulations? 

Part 4: 5 exercises, 50 reps each (1=1 ea move) = 250 reps 4got 2 time

1. Mtn Climbers 1=1
2. Groiners 1=1
3. High Knees 1=1
4. Squat Jacks
5. Touchdowns Leg goes out to the side laterally, touching down in center.

Time = 1:18 Took another break

Part 5: Strength + Cardio Mix: 12 exercises, the first one for 10 reps, the second for 20 reps 2x through = 20:01

1. Clean and Press 2, 20lb weights // Squat Slams 20lbs
2. Curtsy Lunge + hammer curl 2, 15lb weights, 5ea leg // 1 Arm ½ Burpee  10ea arm Really fucking sick of 1/2 burpees after the 100 of them in set 2! Considered swapping for OH triceps 2nd round but didn’t.
3. Sumo Squats 2, 20lb weights // Sumo Squat hops (1st round do 10 reps & then 20 & rev for 2nd round)
4. SL DL 2, 15lb weights Do all 10 reps one leg & get other on 2nd round // switch lunges 1=1
5. Bulgarian 2, 15lb weights Do all 10 reps one leg & get other on 2nd round // lunge hops 10ea leg

Part 6: Pyramid: 570 Reps 10:59

100 Jumping Rope feet together
50 Left glute raises on hands & knees (w/ 5lb ea ankle weights)
50 Right glute raises
50 Left donkey pulses
50 Right donkey pulses
100 Mtn Climbers 1=1
50 Bulgarians (25/leg) no added weight
50 Frog glute raises with your belly laying on bench or anything else where you can lay down. Your lower body should not touch the bench. Try to do all reps without letting your feet touch the ground. Left ankle weights off
20 Jump squats

25 SL Bridge Left w/ ankle weights
25 SL Bridge Right

Part 7: Burnout 9:28 
100 rocket step-ups (50 per leg) Did 25/25, then the rows, then another 25/25
50 bent reengage rows 2, 15lb weights
20 knee pulls with weight Left 10lbs
40 (20/leg) Runners lunge toe taps
20 Knee Pulls with weight Right
50 SA swings (25/side) 15lbs 15/15/10/10
100 sumo pulses 2, 10lb weights

Time = 2:06, all breaks & interruptions included

No Equipment Full Body Vacation Workout #4

Well, I’ve been having some great success lately in alternating the Julia workouts, which I guess I can call “circuit training” for lack of a better envelope, with my “serious” yoga, the “real” yoga, or ashtanga / ashtangesque. I’ve been enjoying the latter more lately! But the Julia routines… they’re just balls-out in a way my yoga cannot be safely. My knees NEVER want to see 3rd series again, I can tell ya… And that run of arm balances got excruciatingly same-old, same-old after six years. It’s good to let the yoga part be the easier thing, the more fun thing. It’d gotten to be such a burden before I figured that out.

Last Julia was all HIIT which means all timed which is easier. There isn’t that constant need pressure to try to keep the pace up so I can finish in a reasonable length of time. This workout was all bodyweight and entirely reps. It was harder than the usual. Not kidding! (I took a brief look @ the next one in her vacation, no equipment series & it’s even worse cause it’s all AMRAP. Hells no! For tomorrow I might do my 1/3rd HIIT (any old easy one) and 2/3rd yoga… That format is a recovery routine, in my mind.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


No Equipment Full Body Vacation Workout #4

Superset 1: 5x @ 0:42 √, √, √, √, √  11:31 I knew I was going to hate this set & I was right!
1. 8 SL lateral hop to SL burpee 1=1
2. 10 Commando plank jack and plank hop jack in low plank & frog hop in high plank

Superset 2: 5x @ 9:40 √, √, √, √, √ 4got 2 time
1. 8 rocket lunges & touch downs/leg
2. 10 T stand leg lift and toe taps/leg tap front / leg lift / tap back = 1, count on the back

Superset 3: 4x @ 19:30 √, √, √, √ 4:37
1. 20 Russian kicks 2=1
2. 20 Matt hops 1=1

Superset 4: 4x @ 24 √, √, √, √ 13:59
1. 12 Crab hold toe touches /leg toe touch & knee to elbow = 1
2. 8 Roll back push-up ninja tuck These killed me!!!

Superset 5: 3x @ 34:05 √, √, √ 7:26
1. 10 Bear hold to plyo push-up hop hands forward to push-up & then hop them back
2. 5 Bunny hops fwd (4) star jump high knees back holding arms overhead

Superset 6: 3x @ 39:39 √, √, √ 4:19
1. 20 sumo squat jumps
2. 10 SL pike push-ups + kick under after pike push-up, come to plank, rotate a bit & kick under, 5 per leg

Superset 7: 2x @ 45:27 5:05
1. 10 switch Lunge burpees
2. 10 Jab hook knee drive side jab w/ same arm as forward leg, hook & knee drive w/ back leg

Superset 8: 2x @ 50:42
1. 15 Arms up switch lunges 2=1
2. 10 tricep pushup plank hops

total time, breaks included: 1:09


About 18min












Metabolic Resistance Training Combo Workout Video

Well… Neglecting the yoga again and I found myself 1) super slow and 2) super cranky, at the end of the workout. I took too long! But I succeeded in burning off some anxiety… Our new kitten, Lady Theodora, arrives tomorrow. We have to go to the airport & pick her up in United Cargo. I have empathetic anxiety…


Metabolic Resistance Training Combo Workout Video

Warmup Followed along w/ video.

Circuit 3x Did 1st round of the circuit w/ video
1. Step Wide Squat with dumbbell shoulder press 15x, 2=1 10lbs ea hand 1st round, with orange band around thighs, 8lbs ea hand round 2, moving quick 
2. Chair Sit Burpee 15x 5-8lbs ea hand, Coming to utkatasana w/ weights in hands
3. Plank Jack 30x

5x Full/5x Pulse (5x) 8lbs ea hand OMG It must be the anxiety, or my arms still aren’t recovered, but I could barely manage to do the first 2 reps of these together & then hadda rest after each one! Chose to do that rather than drop to 5s tho.
Side Shoulder Raise (Palms turn up)/Hold Face Up & Pulse


COMBO 10x @ 21:30 8lbs Oh my lord I barely made it thru w/ 8lbs. These dumbbells belong to the kids & I think they might actually weigh more than mine that are supposed to be 10s… #conspiracy (but I’m not kidding I think they do)
Right Turkish Get Up – Hold at top – Left Front Lunge (Hold) press right elbow to left knee. Left Reverse Lunge with Overhead Tricep Extension. Back to kneel and lower to 3x’s 1/2 Side Plank Glute Lift. Lower down.

Left Turkish Get up – hold at top – right front lunge (hold) Press left elbow to right knee. Right Reverse Lunge with overhead tricep extension. Back to kneel & 3x’s 1/2 side plank glute lift. Lower down

Circuit 3x
1. Seated Rear Delt Raise (Bent over or in a plank 15x 8lbs ea hand 1st round, 10lbs 2nd & 3rd rounds
2. Womanmaker plank-row-row-pushup-clean&press So I did only 1 push-up per rep vs the usual 2, Julia style 15x 15lbs ea hand 1st round. Dropped to 10lbs the 2nd round. I’d have done 12s if I had ’em. Didn’t think I could get thru 3 rounds with the 15s… By dropping I managed to get thru the 15 reps w/out taking a break
3. Plank (Tap Opp Hand to foot) ½ Burpee, tuck jump 15x Started off w/ some tuck jumps but honestly, today was just tough for me so switched to squat jumps

5x Full/5x Pulse (5x)
Plies Squat/Plies Squat Pulse 20lbs on shoulders & orange band on thighs

Circuit 3x
1. Squat with kick front and punch front 15x 2=1 3lbs each hand +8lb vest
2. 3x’s Skater Lunge with Tuck Jump or squat jump 14x Started w/ weak tuck jumps on 1st round & then was like “Naaa… / shallow semi squat jump”
3. Walk out to plank, frog hop, push-up, hop up & hop to turn 15x Oy and vey!!! These were so torturous for me that on the 3rd round, I did last 2 moves alt: 5 of move 3, 7 move 2, 5 move 3, 7 move 2, 5 move 3

Time = 1:31 I thought this was the end of the routine but look there’s almost twice as much more!

5x Full/5x Pulse (5x) 2 10lbs This move felt a little rushed & awkward but probably just me
Up & out bicep curls /  Pulse

COMBO 10x OK maybe I should’ve stopped. I watched the first part of the first side 2x. Couldn’t get the end bit. Decided to simplify rather than stop.
Right Side Lunge to Right Front Cross Bench Lunge/Step up Right with left side leg lift – straddle bench – Plant left foot on top & Cross tap right foot off back 5x’s. Right side leg lift to straddle & left glute lift off front (repeat)

Left Side Lunge to Left Cross Front Bench Lunge/Step up left with left side leg lift – straddle bench – Plant right foot on top & cross tap left foot off back 5x’s. Left Side leg lift to straddle & right glute lift to front (repeat)

Circuit 3x 2 10lb weights for all
1. Lying Close Grip Pull over with Close Grip Press 15x
2. Weights over chest Flye (lower to side & then up & turn palms down) 15x
3. Nosebuster with pulse close grip press 15x

5x full/5x Pulse (5x)
Malasana Squat/Halfway (hands on floor) Pulse up

My own stretching – minimal

Tabata & Strength #9 Upper Body

I’d been back bending around the house & yard earlier in the day, so I did the magic, online coin toss to decide between and upper body vs yoga for today’s workout. The upper body routine won so I complied, but I decided to go light. Not that I have much leeway in fudging the increments of upper body. You need adjustable weights for that.

Thank the gods for these women who put out all this regular exercise content. It feels like the only thing that keeps my head from exploding, quite a lot of the time.


Tabata & Strength #9 Upper Body

Strength Moves: Repeat these moves after each 4 minute tabata round.

  • Tricep hold pushup + 20 plank jacks This is the killer move.
  • 10 plie squat held low + Y arm presses 10lbs ea hand Really started to feel these in round 8!
  • 10 around the world lunges + bicep curls (5/leg) 10lbs ea hand forward lunge, forward diag, side lunge, back diag, back lunge

    Tabata 20:10 8x
    1. In out squats + shoulder press 13lbs ea hand (10lb + a 3lb held w/ thumb)
    2. 6 mtn climbers 1=1 + 3 upright rows 15lbs ea hand I changed the counts on this slightly to make it work better w/ my slower speed
    3. elv single arm tuck jump pushups When I read this I thought she meant FEET elevated & a single-arm push-up, lol. I was relieved when it was hands. I did half hands elevated & half hands on the floor. The latter is def harder but that only makes sense.
    4. elv feet plank hop to clean and press 20lbs ea hand
    5. bear crawl row to crab press 10lbs ea hand Could’ve really used 12lb weights here as it was too light but the right shoulder is sensitive enough that I didn’t want to bump up to 15lbs with this particular move
    6. squat hold + SA bicep curls 15lbs 1st two rounds then down to 13lbs
    7. elv pushup + toe touches J was right! I saw this one & groaned
    8. jab/cross/upper + front kick
    9. manmaker handstands 2, 15lbs I omitted the stand up & press & just did 2 push-ups & 2 rows b/c I wanted more hand standing. Fun on the weights. Never tried that before. I went all the way up but used a wall for safety. (Didn’t hit it tho.)
    10. traffic director lunges 10lbs ea hand rounds 1-4. I dropped down to 8s for the rest & still had somewhat sloppy form (but no one was watching.)

Total time: 1:15min

Only did like 2 stretches

And sadly noted I’d miss the first afternoon bus off-a The Hill. #fuckshit #pisswhore

We still haven’t gone grocery shopping & I feel like it’s so obvious that it’s also an unspoken rule that I shouldn’t ask about it. I could use an excursion, even though downtown is by now quite boring. It is still out! I’m limited by the bus but that’s still cheaper than gas & parking, and if I drove I wouldn’t be able to have beer, otherwise known as that substance which makes life worth living, lol.










Anna’s Christmas in July Workout Video

Last time I worked out with Michele I basically followed all the way through, except for doing some of my own yoga things in the cool down. This time I decided to skip the warm-up in favor of my usual (10/30×6=4min) jump rope intervals. And then I skipped the video cool down in favor of my own, ad-lib asana.

Anyway my quads were sore, which I only discovered during the my jump rope warm-up. I felt the strain in the first combo too. I guess tomorrow I might not want to do the legs routine I’d planned… I could either do a real rest day or another more yoga centric something. We’ll see.

Went to find Henry before my shower. He stays outside almost all day if it’s nice out. In that case I don’t feel bad about making Rocco stay outside with him. I don’t worry about a desperate coyote getting brave enough to jump the back fence if she’s out there too.


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Anna’s Christmas in July Workout Video

Part 1: *AMRAP

Michele calls these “combos”, but even tho you wouldn’t be counting rounds (b/c it’s hard enough just to learn the moves & keep the sequence straight) I feel like anything you repeat for a specific length of time is automatically “as many rounds as possible”.

I think the necessity of concentration to get the moves right is actually a good thing – mind-body focus. Anyway you do it is good.

Combo 1 : 5 minutes starts @ 6:54
2x Switch lunge. On the floor. My lowest choice of elevations is 13″ , higher than I’d want here. Sometimes I use a yoga block for jump-overs, but for switch lunges I’d be to focused on placing my feet. Lower back knee 1st to surrender down & back up. 2nd foot steps up knee lift. Reverse lunge down to wide squat to the side. Criss cross jack. Wide squat to heel click. 3x plank jack

5/30 3 rounds
1. Standing Dumbbell Curl 13lbs each hand
2. Kneeling right arm tricep kickback 10lbs each hand
3. Close hand push-up
4. Kneeling left arm tricep kickback

10x Surfer Burpee (Repeat 1 more time, after 30-sec brea) Hadn’t previewed & I realized I was doing these slightly differently but that’s ok.

Combo 2 : 5 minutes (Widow Maker)
Push-up, row, T-stand both sides, reg deadlift (for me) 3x. Bent over row 3x, 1 clean & press 2, 15lbs weights

5/30 3 rounds2, 15lbs weights
1. Virasana Rear Delt Raise 2, 10lbs weights all 3 round
2. Kneeling Overhead Shoulder to Shoulder Raise 1, 15lbs weight 1st round, then 2, 10lbs weights 
3. Kneeling Tricep Overhead Extension (Down 3/Up 1) 2, 10lbs weights
4. Overhead Shoulder Press (Up 2/down 2) 2, 15lbs weights 1st round, then down to 13lbs each hand rounds 2 & 3

10x 2x Squat Pulse to Stand with Overhead Press (Repeat 1 more x) 2, 15lbs weights

Combo 3: 5 minutes +8lb vest
Round house Kick Right to 2x Squat Pulse & Left Reverse Cross over lunge/Left Side lunge to leg lift & Right Side arm out (hold) 3x Right Arm overhead pull with Squat Jacks (repeat with left leg) 10lb weight

5/30 3 rounds
1. Lay on Right Side (bent knees) on right elbow – knee raise toward shoulders
2. Lay on Left Side (bent knees) on left elbow – knees raise toward shoulders
3. Butterfly legs on floor Crunch up
4. Butterfly legs in air – opposite hand to foot

20x Pendulums or Plank side to side hops (repeat 1 more time) 1st round I did as the bench hops (13″ bench). 2nd round I put on 2 5lb ankle weights & did tap downs, 2=1 for both rounds

Combo 4: 5 minutes
1x Dive Bomber (hold Plank) right knee to right elbow then to center then to left elbow with glute raise between. Plant right foot on floor and kick through. Pull back to a side plank and 3x Side Plank hip raise. Repeat from Dive Bomber with left leg

5/30 3 rounds 2, 10lbs weights for all
1. Hold dumbbell in left hand (45 degree) Curl Right dumbbell
2. Hold dumbbell in right hand (45 degree) Curl Left dumbbell
3. Alternate Upright Rows, 1 hand closer in than the other, alt I modified this slights
4. Alternate Front/Side Raise

10x Thigh Burner Burpee (repeat 1 more time) 2nd round I added my orange band for fun. Was good! Might try heavier / harder purple band next time.

Bonus: Abs 15/45 2 rounds
(during the 15 seconds flutter kick legs)
1. Crunch up
2. Crunch up with alternating knee lift
3. Knees Bent or straight leg/pull in and push out 3lbs bet feet
4. Buzz Saw Plank
5. Elbow Plank – drop knees to floor


Virasana, supta v, malasana, paschimo, bhujangasana, 1/2 bheka both sides, savasana

Full Body Power Through Workout #2

Well this was a serious workout. Felt good to sweat from exertion, not that my determination and endurance counts for fuckall in this financial world run by corrupt morons.

FullSizeRender 2
If this was a fitness app reading the burn would read 950 probably. Polar doesn’t exaggerate.

Full Body Power Through Workout #2

Heavy HIITer lower body 50:10 2x 14 mins 30lbs all moves
*Given my current state of  emotional depletion, I decided to do this whole workout “light”. Hey I don’t have the sandbag, grip-strength preserver.

1. Step up L, reverse lunge L This was a move that we did the fuck out of last Friday. There were 6 rounds on each leg in the workout, and I had to drop weight a couple times. 
2. Sumo squat, shoulder press
3. Step up R, reverse lunge R
4. Pendulum lunge L
5. Hip thrust with a pulse
6. Pendulum lunge R
7. Sumo clean and front load sumo squat

Combo pyramid moves reps 8 to 2 Time = 19:36
1. Jugglers, commando planks
2. Heel clicks, pike glute raises Could keep up all the way thru w/ this move but hadda turn off the video & do my own pace for the next move
3. SA Shoulder press switch lunge burpees 10lbs
4. DL drop and Box jumps 40lbs

Heavy HIITer upper body 50:10 2x
1. Man makers 40lbs
2. Curl and press 30lbs
3. tricep makers 20lbs
4. Staggered pushup toe touch burpee to single arm press (alternating) 20lbs
5. SA Plank hop Sumo squat, curl 15lbs
6. SSD front raise to upright chest press 10lbs
7. Chest fly w leg raise 30lbs

Popping plyo and tuck set 20:10 ( 2x each move before moving to the next) lose vest for speed!
1. Tuck jump, 3 plank tuck jumps
2. curtsy lunge hops + tuck
3. hand stand switch lunge tuck jump
4. sl hop Wide and narrow tuck jumps
5. High knees
6. Plank hip L and R and diamond jump
7. Switch kicks
8. Drop and pop tuck and squat (side to side)

Single sided strength 14 reps one side and then go back and do other side
1. split lunges 40lbs
2. SA curtsy swing 15lbs
3. Full release lunge 40lbs
4. SL dead lift 30lbs
5. SA Shoulder press 15lbs
6. SL decline push up
7. Squat step up 30lbs
8. Curtsy lunge leg lift 30lbs

Obliques and back finisher 30:30 2x
1. Side v up L 3lbs bet feet
2. Side v up R
3. Side plank toe touch L
4. Side plank toe touch R
5. Elbow plank dips
6. Bird dogs

Time = 1:25

Did like 4 yoga poses after. Good enough.