HIIT & Yoga, “recovery” wo

I had a rest day yesterday just because I thought I wasn’t going to be busy all day, delayed my workout and then was assigned a task (banner page design update). It was ok that I took one though, as I was due one more for the week and was a bit sore.

However today isn’t exactly high energy and I’ve tweaked my neck out again, a little bit, sleeping wrong. I don’t have the mental stamina for all yoga, a “real” practice, as in my current state of personal Astanga. Halfsie / halfsie. Go for easy everything, but movement and stretching. Melissa! I took her WO and doubled it w/ some barely lifting the feet jump roping.


10 Minute Standing Dumbbell Workout: Fast Total Body Workout

  • (15/50) w/ jump rope before every #d move = a 21:40min set.
  1. Sumo Squat 15s, weights on shoulders. Knees turned way out & squatting low. Moving as fast as possible w/ good form.
  2. Warrior Deadlift-Right 20s
  3. Warrior Deadlift-Left
  4. Bent Over Row
  5. Curtsy Lunge-Right
 20s, leaving the curl out b/c holding 20 in ea hand
  6. Curtsy Lunge-Left
  7. Dumbbell Swings
 35lb kettlebell 29 reps
  8. Lawn Mower Row-Right
 20 I did this the P90X way. Which is dif from the video. 18 reps ea side
  9. Lawn Mower Rose-Left
  10. Lunge to Press 10s Lunge back & then press up w/ both arms as you stand 9 ea side going over by 1/2 a rep

Then I did a search for a thigh band workout & picked one to do w/out a preview. I did it w/ the purple band from the set that Julia recommends (the only one worth having IMO). Was really killer on the upper, outer thighs especially.

Superset 1 = Squat Jacks + Hip Bridge
Superset 2 = Side Steps to Squat Jump + Standing Angled Leg Lift
Superset 3 = Cowboy Walk Forward/Backward + Clamshell


About 30min

  • Standing & fundamentals.
    Only 2 handstands but I used 3lb weights for Surya A, 3-5.
  • Some non vinyasa asana, then a single 10sec/5min headstand, minutes 2 & 4 in a backbend, the first w/ straight legs & the 2nd w/ bent. Also there was a 10sec/3min sarvangasana, so a solid 8min in static inversions.



Michele’s Happy Birthday Freestyle Workout

This was actually a pretty low burn for such a long routine, but Michele talks a lot, and with my pausing for notes & then having to find my place again, I waste a lot of time. That was ok for today!


Michele’s Happy Birthday Freestyle Workout


Circuit 1: 3 Rounds @9:30

  1. Plies Squat w/Front Raise – Turn Right (hold) R. Lunge
    w/Shoulder Press – Twist to L. weight swing up 15x 1st round – 5s w/ 2lb wrist weights, 2nd & 3rd round – just 5lbs, lol.
  2. Plies Squat w/Front Raise – Turn Left (hold) L. Lunge 1st round – 2lb wrist weights & 10, 2nd round – just the 10. 
    w/Shoulder Press – Twist to R. Wood Chop
  3. Alternating Front Lunge – 10lb dumbbell or ankle weights together? up & over
    w/one hand Shoulder Press 15x 2=1 1st round – 2lb wrist weights & 10, 2nd round – just the 10. This was hard even w/ just 10lbs, particularly on left side, which was for some reason more sore than the right from yesterday’s WO.

2x Skier Swing – Hop Back to Plank – Up to Chair Sit & hold
Squeeze Dumbbells back for Row 10x  1st round – 5s w/ 2lb wrist weights, 2nd & 3rd round – just 5lbs, lol.

Circuit 2: 3 Rounds + 8lb vest, whole circuit

1. Right Wide Squat w/Right Side Leg Lift 15x 1st round – ppl band, 2nd & 3rd – orange band
2. Left Wide Squat w/Left Side Leg Lift 15x
3. Band Under Feet 1st round – no band. Rounds 2 & 3orange band & to press ups w/ 10s – Walk Squat (palms shoulder height) Up and press overhead 16x

Alt Front Lunge, pass unders 16x, 15lbs This was really hard with a 15!

Circuit 3: 3 Rounds +8lb vest 1st round only! Took a long notes break after and took vest OFF. 

1. Right Side Lunge (Left Hand Weight to Foot) Turn Left Leg in front
(hold) Tricep Overhead Extension then pull to shoulder 15x 10
2. Left Side Lunge (Right Hand Weight to Foot) Turn Right Leg in Front
(hold) Tricep Overhead Extension then pull to shoulder 15x
3. Overhead Tricep Extension 15x 10s ea arm

Alternate Side Lunge to Clean – Hold & Press Overhead to Front Lunge Right then Left 10x 15s This was really hard with a 15s! Became like a double bicep press-up each time.

Circuit 4: 3 Rounds I’m already an hour and 12min into this thing, at this “notes break” point. I waste so much time with these tho, trying to skip certain parts & then having to rewatch & find my place. Got bored w/ video & turned it off in favor of music for rounds 2&3

1. Surrender down & up then hop up on bench 10x or do on floor & do wide, plie squats
& close back. (or on top of box & then to floor) 10x
2. Plies Squat Step Wide w/Bicep Curl 10x/side 10s
3. Squat w/Alternating Side Leg Lift 16x orange band

3x squat & then squat walk forward 4x ppl band +15s Killer w/ the heavy, ppl band & 30lbs.

Bonus: Thighs & Abs 10/50 2 rounds
• Forgot to add the 2lb ankle weights & beginning of 1st round but had them on moves 4-10.
• Had 8lb vest on first two moves of round 1 and then promptly took it off & left it off!

1. 3x Inner thigh Pulse Down to Step together alt feet on sliders
2. Pike abs, feet on sliders
3. Side Plank – Crunch elbow to top knee & reach under elevate feet
4. Seated – Right leg lift to kick out to pull in Paused to get ankle weights on
5. Other Side Plank
6. Seated – Left leg to kick out to pull in
7. Lay on Back – Single leg lower to floor
8. Eagle Crunch – Right under left Supported head w/ hands b/c had weights on. Reached failure too! Short range of motion & I started letting lower back off floor but it felt good so 🙂
9. Seated Russian 10! AND kept heels on floor. Pooped
10. Eagle Crunch – Left under Right

2:03 when she was @ 1:45, with all the note taking breaks I left the video playing but did my own stretches, though not as long as the video b/c I was already over 2 hours.

My body is truly amazing

All these years of zero healthcare and look at me! The yoga was a joy today, after sitting at my tiny computer monitor all day, slouched on my uncomfortable, shitty chair with the hard, plastic cushion. After working out hard yesterday.

We’ll see if I get paid. It took me much longer than I’d estimated, for this first half, but then I’m working on a small laptop, not a 27″ iMac. And I’m doing a lot of pattern heavy things on it. I used to buy the absolute fastest processor each time, but then the last time I needed to replace my laptop I’d just moved cross-country, and had paid all the expenses myself, and I didn’t have a job yet.

Well I hadn’t worked on such pattern heavy planograms since NYC and I can tell you that every bit of extra processing speed and screen space you have can save lots of time. But whatever. This is the gig economy and I’m going to supply a presentation to someone who hasn’t supplied any equipment or software.

Beating the shit out of yourself occasionally can help a lot with boredom & restlessness.

My calves & triceps are sore today. Holy shit. But then, normally a HIIT workout doesn’t run much more over an hour, with the breaks included. To go almost 90min is a big difference. You never know how much specific muscle fatigue is going to affect an astanga practice until you get on the mat. I was surprised to find it didn’t at all, except in the fact that if my calves weren’t so sore I might’ve done a 4min jumprope warm-up and had more of a workout.


Full Body Goals: ERMAN’s BIRTHDAY WORKOUT by Kristin R

I knew this one would be really hard and that’s exactly what I needed today. Did it entirely from the breakdown, because after the first set it was all reps, and started off with a “½ juggernaut” set of 25 reps per move.

I did better on the time than I thought I would, but actually I wouldn’t have cared if it took me twice the video length.



20:10 – 4x per move before moving to the next
1. Squat Thrusters 20s Deep squat & press up. Weights stay @ shoulders
2. Broad jump SA snatch 20s Put 1 at each long end of mat
3. Backload Alt Rev Lunges 20s
4. Pushup + Plank Hop
5. DB Clean & Press 20s

½ Juggernaut:13″ elevation
Time = 17:24 That was SUPER challenging!!!

25 Decline Pushups 15/10
25 Box Jumps 6 lateral-6 fwd- 6 other side, 7 facing fwd, squatting on the land, standing up & squeezing ass & stepping down
25 Incline Chest Press 20s 15/10
25 In & Out bosu Squat Jumps 2=1 touching floor every landing
25 Arnold Presses 15s
25 Box Squats 20s
25 Deadlift 20s
25 Twisted Plank Rows 15s Rowing up & twisting w/ opp knee toward that arm New move 4 me! I’d planned on 20s but changed my mind immediately! Dropped down & planted the back foot “yoga foot”, flat & sightly turned out, in order to keep good form on the twisted row. 
25 Dynamic SL Pushups moving quick

5 Reps 5x: √, √, √ After round 3 I’m all, “Jesus CHRIST, 2 more rounds,” but really, I have the time. And I wanna be WORN OUT after this. √, √ Time = 15:54

End of the last round ur like “OMFG I made it!!!” This was the first time I ever heard Julia suggest ‘maybe even 4min’ for the mid set pause-rest. I always take that much tho, lol.
1. Clean & Press 20s
2. Backload Curtsy Lunges (5 per leg) 20s
3. Pushup + 2 Plank Rows 15s
4. Bulgarians/leg 15s

Back Set: 3x √, √, √ Time = 15:33
20 SL Stiff Legged DL 10 per leg, 20s dropped to 15s rounds 2 & 3 – spent
15 Renegade Rows (2=1) 15s
10 Straight Pullovers on bench w. Twist 15s
5 Manmakers 15s So I could make it thru a set of 5 continually. Manmakers here was CRUEL! lol

10 Repeater Kickthroughs/side Like a kickthru burpee but the fwd leg stays planted. Moving leg goes from plank touch-down to kick
10 SA Plank Hop / Row / Snatch (5/arm) 20
20 DL & Squats 20s sumo
20 Weighted SL box squats (10/leg) 10
30 Mtn Climbers (2=1)
30 Skaters (1=1)

J gets to this point at an hour!!! FFS. Took me 16min longer, tho that’s better than I thought I’d do.


About 17min

She does a yoga flow after, about 14min I think, but I prefer my own, non vinyasa after a WO like this. I tend to like vinyasa and “flow” mainly when yoga is a at least a 3rd of the whole thing, but mostly when it’s the main focus.







GET PUMPED for Fall #4: XFIT focus

Today could’ve been a rest day, but 1) Charlie’s grilling steaks tonight and 2) we’re getting a surprise houseguest for an indeterminate length of time. This will likely mean even more merrymaking than usual, certainly not any less. And then Julia uploaded one of these shorter gems and it’s almost all time based. Perfect! She tricked me with last, descending pyramid. And I had to stop following along before the box jumps on the 8-round. HR too high! LOL. Took a break & typed this & finished sans video.

This was an awesome burn considering the workout part was accomplished in under an hour.


GET PUMPED for Fall #4: XFIT focus

Warmup: 30:30
1. Down dog plank up dog
2. walk out pushups
3. runners lunge twists
4. kickthroughs and reaches
5. frog pumps
6. squat forward folds

HIIT 20:10 4x each move 10 minutes
1. SA curtsy swings 20!! Challenging for me
2. Decline hang clean burpees 20S
3. Lateral box jump SA snatches 20 I am still a fearful jumper & don’t wanna wipe out on my bench. Changed this to actually box jumping on & off the bench, but laterally, and then doing the snatch.
4. Pistol squat to rocket step up lunge back hop Stay on same leg 2 rounds
5. Jump rope, feet together Staggered pushup sandbag pull Don’t have a sandbag or single, heavy-enough weight for drag moves. And then I always love jump rope. Did feet together b/c that’s more challenging for me / good for 20sec intervals.

HIIT superset 50:10 2x 4 minutes +
1. Slam to goblet squat and press 20
2. DL Squat drop weight box jump 20s

Circuit 30:10 3x 6 minutes
1. Decline pushups plank hops
2. OH alt rev lunges 15s Dumbbells! This was REALLY challenging for me, holding free-floating 15s overhead. Thought I wasn’t going to make it 2nd and 3rd rounds but did.
3. Front squat to front press 15s Palms stay facing in during press up 

HIIT 20:10 4x each move 10 minutes
1. SA curtsy swings
2. Decline hang clean burpees
3. Lateral box jump SA snatches
4. Pistol squat to rocket step up lunge back hop
5. Jump rope, feet together

HIIT superset: 50:10 2x 4 minutes
1. Shoulder load box squat with 3 pulses 20s This was fucking TOUGH. Oof-a
2. Alt SA snatch with SA plank hop 20

Circuit 30:10 3x 6 minutes 20
1. RL SL DL to squat to curtsy to squat
2. LL SL DL to squat to curtsy to squat
3. Goblet fwd lunge toe touch SA clean and press

BURNOUT: descending evens combo move 10-2
DL pushups plank hop box jumps

Total time w/ breaks = 58min 


Non-vinyasa, about 28min


Full Body Bicep Triceps Shoulders Abs by Kristin R

Ya I took a quick look at the breakdown of the 2nd, post announcement video & thought, Too hard. She’s gotten too tough for me at the moment! lol. That’s ok. I’ve still got a little crick in my neck and I know I should do just a yoga but… it’s cold and it’s the Pacific Northwest kind.

This popped up in “recommended” & it looked like more my speed.


I hadn’t looked at any of the pix Charlie took Monday, when we went to the coast (for the one and only time this year!), until yesterday. At one point he was trying to get puppy Penny next to Rocco for a picture. She kept getting up to go to him, so I held her in place for a bit. I wish my muscles were always popping, lol, but at least when I’m using them even a little bit they show.

My dad once called me “the world’s mightiest midget”, lol

Full Body Bicep Triceps Shoulders Abs by Kristin R

Tabata Pairs: (I alternated moves 1 & 2 for both sets)
1. Touchdowns Bicep Curl 15 / Squat Curl & Press 15s feet sort of close together.
2. Squat Thrust Tricep Extensions squat all the way down / Alt Rev Lunge Tricep Kickbacks 10s +2lb wrist weights 4 both.

Descending Pyramid Combo (10, 8, 6) 8:58min
1. Rev Grip Burpee + Weighted Squat Jumps 15s
2. Straddle Box jump + 2x Tricep Pushups Jump off end of bench

Tri-set: 3x (7:42)
1. 12 Arnold Press 15s w/ bicep curl but I think this was a mistake
2. 20 Goblet Chair Lunges 1=1 20
3. 8 Elevated Pike Pushups

Tri-set: 3x (8:42)
1. 10 Weighted Russian Twist Bicycles (2=1) 15 twisting to the side of the foot that’s going out
2. 10 Plank Tricep Extensions (2=1) 10s
3. 10 Slider Ball Pikes

30:10 x4 (8 min)
1 Kneeling to Stand to SL DL Back lunge, knee to floor & sit back (holding dumbbell w/ both hands) Come to stand lifting knee up, DL (one hand holding) 20
2 Hitch Kick Pistols 2-4th rounds challenged myself to keep my leg out to 90-deg at the end of the switch kick, ie bending & pulling knee in just to extend it again b4 the next pistol.
3 Pendulum Lunges 20s, stay on one leg

DB Complex Finisher: 6 reps – 4x 15s
1. Sumo Squat + Hammer Curls (Curl at top of sumo squat)
2. Curtsy + Shoulder Press (drop one weight after this move) Press weights up as leg goes back. This was challenging by the 4th round!!!
3. OH Swing to Tricep Ext one 15lb weight too light here, so rounds 2-4 changed to OH tricep w/ 10s for 16 reps

3 Min AMRAP – Banded Finisher ppl band, 2lb wrist weights, 10s
Banded DL, come 1/2 way up Tricep kickback, Squat, Curl & Press

Time = 1:03 Only 10min longer than the video w/ my breaks & note taking ain’t bad.


About 26min

  • Suryas & fundamentals, with the hand standing in the As
  • Paschimo & finishing to matsyanasana, savasana


1/3rd HIIT and 2/3rd yoga

OK I needed something other than balls-out circuit training & other than my standard ashtangesque for today. So stiff & sore!!! Oy. My right shoulder was a bit twinge-y last night too, I must point out, a bit like it was w/ the old ashtanga injury, the horrible, 2+year ache. Now I know a lot better about when to ease off, lol, which is not standard practice in The Cult. In ashtanga you keep going until parts start falling off.

Anyway at least I got a better workout today than I would’ve if I’d had a bad “all yoga”. Tomorrow is probably going to be a rest day b/c we’re going to the coast.


31:20min HIIT

15/50, with jump rope before every #d move

1min break bet sets

  1. Touch-down squat jack, fingertips to floor on out & in.
  2. Frog hopper / hip stacker
  3. OH tricep
  4. Side plank, top leg elevated, bottom leg lifting
  5. other side
  6. Alt pistol squats
  7. Single arm clean & press, alt 20 This weight is low too light for the SA C&P! Shit.
  1. Frog jumps fwd & back
  2. Feet elevated, tap alt foot to floor
  3. SL switch-kick burpees
  4. Mat jumps
  5. Tricep dips
  6. Swings 35lb kettlebell
  7. Heel clicks


I’d intended on doing some Kapo Bs, Urdhva D and drop backs but I didn’t have the steam today.

  • Suryas & standing
  • Marichy C and D
  • 2nd to laghu vajra
  • Rack A & B, block B –  1min ea
  • Finishing to sirsasanas, savasana


Oh well the warm-up didn’t work this time – another bad yoga

Took my sneakers off & got to the yoga pronto but my heart rate dropped to active rest immediately. The room wasn’t even cold, as the heat is on and the door was closed. Started at 70. (Even without any tapas I bumped it up to 72.) Usually when I’d start a practice downstairs in the dining room, even in the extreme heat of last August it’d be only 63 or 64 . The body knows the difference between planetary & furnace heat. Also I think the humidity of last month helped make yoga more fun than usual.

HR only higher than the last painful practice, withOUT warm-up. But that’s the thing… Usually it works. It doesn’t always. The yoga is so much more unpredictable in bodily & psychological effects than the circuit training style workouts. Still therapeutic tho.

Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope

Yoga: 1:24 Shorter than usual b/c I stopped after the sirsasana-s, before the last 3 poses of finishing. So there was no 25 breaths in padmasana or 5min savasana included in the time. Instead I got ready for a 22min meditation in padmasana & took my savasana after that.

Lower Body Lift with Cardio Burst #3 by Jamie B and Julia 

When you’re out of your comfort zone

Well, I’ll soon be driven out of the dining room again by the fall harvest season, but anyway I sat here chilled over six hours yesterday, including my morning caffeination time. I was just about to get to work on a lifestyle piece (fantasy illustration of a “down shot” in a cafe) when I got notice of the current test project. I went & got my indoor thermometer this morning and discovered that it was colder in here than outside, in the partially open-ended, plastic greenhouse, by 1-degree but it feels more like 5, since it’s also less humid.

Put on a scarf and brought down the space heater. Tried wearing my fingerless, weight lifting gloves for a short time… They’re padded so that wasn’t comfortable.

♦ Anyway, I go moment by moment with this thing. When I was initially contacted about doing something in Keynote, I looked at the app and played around a bit, but not knowing anything about what they’d want I didn’t feel comfortable saying I know the software. It’d depend… I got back to them & said as much, adding, My work is more XYZ with a link to my portfolio. I was surprised and gratified when they said they wanted to chat anyway. My test project, however, isn’t at all within the realm of XYZ. I’m showing that I’m willing to work with them, discounting that 5.5 hours yesterday, even if one of the layouts was useable or satisfactory. This I had to ask about. I made specific notes in my time entry today: 1.15 hours.

So I worked out…


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope. Literally necessary to bring my hand temp above “icicle”.

13″ plyo box (given I’m 5’2″ is about the same as 16″ for someone 5’4″

Set 1 | 5 rounds. Do cardio burst between each set

  1. Sumo Squat DL x10 (barbell in front of body, toes out with feet wide, bend knees slightly while deadlifting down) 20s I could really, really do with some 25s for this & the deadlift burpee in set 2. I can’t spend any money at all though, as now I don’t even have the twice monthly cleaning job downtown & the framing thing didn’t happen.Between each set **60 seconds curtsy up over and switch**
  2. Banded Superset | 5 sets do cardio burst between each set Kept ppl band on for the cardio in rounds 2-5
    1. Hip Thrust x12
    2. Goodmorning x10**burpee DL drop weight squat jump*
  3. Circuit | 3 sets do cardio burst between each set
    *Perform x10/leg each without rest

    1. Goblet SL Box Squat 10lbs Weak here & wanted to keep pace. Even so, by the 3rd round I took advantage of Julia stretching to start a little before here AND I alternated legs.
    2. Backload Curtsy Lunge 20s
    3. Backload alt Static Side Lunge 15s If I had a sandbag here I wouldn’t need to drop weights. I could also do hip thrusts elevated. Unfortunately I don’t have one.
    4. Goblet Side Lunge + Crunch 20
    5. Static Reverse Lunge + Lift 20s

**60 seconds of alt rocket step ups and box jumps**

Time = 58:45 including warm-up


About 28min

Full Body HIIT, Weights, Plyo and XFit

It was going to be a yoga day, and I’ll miss my goal of 2 full practices for the week, but it’s that time of year when temperatures have dropped but we haven’t turned the heat on yet, and I literally have trouble staying warm. My hands have been chilled for at least an hour, while I sat at my laptop in the dining room, obsessing over Keynote.


Warmup: (10/30×6=4min) jump rope. Needed in a very real way!!!

Even COMBO move Pyramid 8-2

  • This was the 2nd to the last move in the video, but I hate the manmakers, just b/c they are so challenging for me, so I put it first to get it outta the way. 
  • My time = 16:06 Was really glad I got this done early, lol.

Man-makers (8 plank rows, 8 push-ups, 8 rows other side, 8 push-ups, 8 plank hops, 8 push presses, not clean & press) 20s Finish this move before going on.
Cross crunches and v-reach throughs Lie in V. Hand to opp foot. Do center & then go to other side
SA plank hop. Then row and SA snatches 20 Alt arms

Tabata Pairs: 30sec break in between for an 8:30min set
1. Oh toe taps 10s
2. Bear Hold “pop” Pushups hop fwd to push-up & hop hands back to bear crawl – hold there 2 beats
1. Plie Squat + 3 Pulse 15s first 2 rounds. WAY TOO LIGHT!! Switched to 20s rounds 3 & 4, but could’ve used 20 more pounds. (Weights held on upper thighs)
2. Kettlebell Swings 35lbs Halo Slams

Set 1: 50:15 2x (8:40)
1. Decline burpee box jump push-up, jump down, jump 180, box jump, jump 180, repeat
2. Goblet 2 squat jump to staggered push-up and snatch 20
3. Airplane / pistol / 3 switch lunge dighasana A (reaching fwd unlike video, pistol, leg back for switch. LOVED THIS MOVE!!! Must keep it in mind.
4. Sumo squat and upright row 15s

Set 2: Complex 4X 15s – don’t put down weights for entire round √, √, √, √.
• J’s set is about 10min. My time was 10:32I hustled! Took a lot outta me, lol. The complexes give yoga a run for its money in the tedious factor.
10 Butt to bench Bosu squats
8 goodmornings
5/side Lunge
5/leg deficit rev Lunge

Set 3: Reps – 3x My time: 13:03
8 Split Lunge snatch drop weight 3 switch lunges 15s Ski squat to split lunge. Bring back leg fwd & squat 2 drop weight. Step same leg back & 3 switches. Alt sides u lunge back w/. 4 per leg
8 pushups & touch touch-toe Bring leg fwd & touch w/ opp hand. I did alt sides instead of 4 & 4
5/side pike glute raise to lunge and hop 5&5 here Took the time to put on 2lb weights for rounds 2&3. Could’ve used the 5s but that pair is much harder to get on & off.

HIIT Supersets 50:15 2x for a 13min set Decided to do all these moves as a repeating HIIT set rather than supersets. Gave myself 5sec extra transition time.
1. SA tricep kickbacks (switch ½ way) 10s +2lb wrist weights. Did a kick back & then palms to ceiling for pulse
2. Decline diamond burpees
3. Decline clean and press burpee 20s
4. Rev plank alt leg lifts Ball hamstring curl to glute bridge
5. Bent dumbbell row and lateral raise & front raise 10s
6. Chest press 20s

Yoga Vinyasa flow cool down 2x per side Skipped & did my own non-vinyasa stretching. There’s nothing wrong w/ Julia’s vinyasa flows, but after one of her workouts I like non vinyasa, mostly static stretching. All my vinyasa is ashtangesque only.

Time = 1:25, including warm-up


About 12min