A BodyRock HIIT w/ added equipment & a bit of yoga

Wasn’t sure what I wanted to do today. I ended up having a rest yesterday but, ya… I’ve been lazy-ish lately and the day before yesterday, well that Julia WO was just too much for me. I did it but then I was sore and tired and, amazingly, more bitchy. Of course I did it to myself. I could’ve stopped early or picked something easier. BodyWeight HIIT … Continue reading A BodyRock HIIT w/ added equipment & a bit of yoga

Express Summer Shredder #3 & some easy yoga

Total time was 61min. This was a pretty moderate WO, though by accident I’ve been doing a lot of legs lately and could really feel the first set of tabata pairs. That was really enough for me today. Express Summer Shredder #3 Legs, Glutes, and Abs Pulse Tabata 20/10 4x’s/exercise Sumo Squat Pulses. 8lb vest & Orng Xband Squat Pulses L Lunge Pulses. 8lb vest & 26lb … Continue reading Express Summer Shredder #3 & some easy yoga

The Band & BOSU Total Body Workout, 2

Wasn’t sure what to do today. Yoga would be good maybe, but I’m starting to accept that I’m not in the mood for Astanga even just once a week these days. Decided to revisit a new version of Michele’s last WO. I did it in the order of the three videos the first time. Today I shaved off one set in order to make sure … Continue reading The Band & BOSU Total Body Workout, 2

30 minute Workout #3 (kettlebells) & yoga

One of the best things about this new, short workout series from Julia is that I can get intensity but not be tempted to neglect my yoga. Total time was 1hr, 20min, and it was pretty evenly split between the yoga & the strength training. 30 minute Workout #3: KB Workout Bw Warmup: 30:10 2x 4 minutes @53 1. Frog pumps 2. Leg lift hip ups … Continue reading 30 minute Workout #3 (kettlebells) & yoga

30 Minute Workout #2 Legs & Yoga

Hell hath no fury like an uncaffeinated creative I was considering having a pure rest day, but considering how my morning started… My total time = 1hr, 4min. I had a great time doing a bit of non vinyasa after, starting off with a 5min headstand. I didn’t practice sarvangasana / shoulder stand today. Usually I favor the latter, if not doing an Astanga. 30 Minute Workout … Continue reading 30 Minute Workout #2 Legs & Yoga