Yoga on a chilly Memorial Day Weekend

It’s really chilly here in Podunk, on Memorial Day Weekend! Yesterday I got on the 9am bus to go meet my friend H for breakfast. I was wearing this small, thin T-shirt and a jacket shirt thing. I walked out the door & immediately back inside to grab a scarf, hat, and jean jacket. And today’s even cooler! The outside temperatures aren’t ideal for yoga … Continue reading Yoga on a chilly Memorial Day Weekend

September Jackhammer Challenge & yoga

Man, I am beat today. I didn’t want to do any of the things I’d promised to do today, aside from the designing. I sooooo get into deadlines. I’m a victim of my own, firmly entrenched tendencies toward degeneracy. That and the vocalizing of a somewhat anxious, first-time momma cat. I seriously think she’s already back in heat already & is, not surprisingly, royally confused. … Continue reading September Jackhammer Challenge & yoga

Total Body HIIT Circuit – full workout – 1

I was so happy to see the preview pop up on Insta today & was hoping it’d be uploaded before my WO time. I didn’t have time to preview more than the first circuit. It’s funny how I often tend to take things opposite of the norm. In Astanga, you weren’t supposed to do any warm-up or (a more apt description) “preliminaries”. I always ignored … Continue reading Total Body HIIT Circuit – full workout – 1

Astanga – complete practice this time

Moral of the story is: don’t add in too many extras if they’re going to get in the way of the basics. I got in my five instead of three, messy dropbacks in and my “still only three” ticks. I cheated a bit on the heat by lowering the blinds before the afternoon. It was 75 when I started and 81 when I ended. Time … Continue reading Astanga – complete practice this time