BodyRock Strength & Fat Burn 40 & a very quick Zuzka set

I really think my Wahoo TICKR is on its way out. Granted this was another very moderate, “just to get the blood moving a bit” WO, but a 108 average? Without a gym, a coach, or workout buddies, I’ve really relied on my stats and blogging notes to keep myself motivated. Wonder if I’ll be able to keep going without a monitor. Guess it doesn’t … Continue reading BodyRock Strength & Fat Burn 40 & a very quick Zuzka set

Cardio Shred #24 & Killer Legs #11

No stats today! I started & realized after the buy-in I’d forgotten to put on my monitor. Since I was undecided about working out tonight at all I thought “NBD”. About 75min total. Cardio Shred #24 I think I started right at 6:05, only an hour after eating, lol. Still fine. Buy in: 1min high knees with jump rope 1min Pinca Mayurasana handstand x3 Renegade Push … Continue reading Cardio Shred #24 & Killer Legs #11

Two sets of HIIT and the beginning part of Astanga

Ya that was enough for today. Note to self: consuming a large bag of swedish fish in 5min, immediately before a workout, is probably not the best idea. 15 Minute Fat Burn #2 Vid is 15/45. Did once along w/ the video, to learn the moves, just b/c it quickly seemed like too much work to make good-enough notes to do from breakdown. Was going … Continue reading Two sets of HIIT and the beginning part of Astanga

Cardio Shred #36 & yoga

Cardio Shred #36 x2 rounds. Time = 29:50. Super intense. I’d have balked before 3 rounds of this!  Wall plank to ballerina twist & jump squat x10 Start w/ feet on wall in pike handstand. Jump to squat on toes. Jump up to twisted position & back down. Other side. Stay on balls of feet. Holy quad death! KB Step up (knee up) / pass under x10/10 26lb kettlebell, … Continue reading Cardio Shred #36 & yoga

Lifted Butt Series #8 / Mobility Drills #6

Forgot to post this yesterday. Ended up having a pretty good time last night. Picked up some beer, hung out watching Ch finish up some deck repair, and then we went out for burgers. Came home & watched some The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes. A Brit friend suggested it after I’d mentioned Grand Designs on FB. The latter makes me chuckle because it’s all about privileged … Continue reading Lifted Butt Series #8 / Mobility Drills #6

Summer Shred #21 & Yoga

The yoga felt amazing today… so healing. Really enjoyed it. So glad I have the skills and knowledge to be independent of teachers and studios. I feel much better! Mind, body, spirit.       Summer Shred #21 Part 1 – Ladder: Weighted Jump lunge 15s These were surprisingly challenging holding 30lbs! / push up with knee tuck Hands on weights. Push-up tricep style & knee comes to outside … Continue reading Summer Shred #21 & Yoga